ARMA III Announces New Island, Incredible New Video

Flipping. Crikey.

Arma III has announced a new island for the game, Stratis, adding another 19 square km to its already huge expanse. And with that comes a new video and six new screenshots of brain-hurting graphics, that will make you scream “BUT THAT MUST BE REAL-WORLD VIDEO!” and then fall down. You can do that below.


The game, due this Winter, is already looking quite extraordinary, with each video making us blink. Now there’s more to blink at in the North Aegean with an enormous island. The website somewhat contradicts itself, claiming it’s both 19 and 25 sq km, but let’s just go along with “very big”. It’s to be mountainous, and sparsely populated. You can find out all about it at the dedicated site.

It’s also to be the site for the forthcoming community alpha, a neat way of restricting players to a confined space, rather than having them sprawl over the whole 300 km2 immediately. Creative Director Iva Buchta says,

“The fact that Stratis is relatively small, compared to the gigantic Limnos area, should not fool you; the island has enough space to facilitate all kinds of gameplay, including massive multiplayer battles. Just know, once the Community Alpha is out, I’ll be watching from the best sniper spots!”

Here are the new screenshots, which you can click to embiggen.


  1. Stevostin says:

    I want a STALKER game with that engine. Why can’t we have that ?

    • John Walker says:

      Because of all the bad things you do.

      • Solidstate89 says:

        I’m glad John has finally called out Stevostin for all the prostitutes he murders. That bastard thinks he’s the next Jack the Ripper or something.

    • kzrkp says:

      link to Close enough? :)
      Namalsk is a beautiful island, too.

    • Gap Gen says:

      So I learned that STALKER is a great game that is a fascinating contrast to most shooters, which showcase American exceptionalism, but you might not want to bring that up on a date.

    • Snuffy the Evil says:

      I don’t know of many missions/mods that are distinctly STALKER-ish free roam, but Namalsk is an excellent island that recreates the feel of the Zone.

      Other than that, have you tried Day Z? It might be closer to what you’re looking for- it’s an MP mod/mission based around a zombie apocalypse. Has survival mechanics, persistent world/stats and amoral mercenaries who may or may not be looking to murder you for your things.

      • malkav11 says:

        I haven’t played them myself, but there’s a whole series of mission mods called Conspiracies which, at least in later installments, appear to be heavily influenced by Stalker. Anomalies and mutants and whatnot.

    • Tegutei says:

      Check out DayZ. It’s an ArmA II mod that is about the closest you can get to that at this point.

  2. brulleks says:

    I’d like any game that had even vaguely intuitive controls with that engine.

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:


    • scut says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only person who wants more user-centric design in these games. I think it’s absolutely brilliant that Arma exists, but it’s so obsessive in its details that it becomes too /granular/. All that obession over ‘realism’ in sims that never seems to account for the fact that the player is interfacing through a mouse, keyboard, monitor, comfy desk chair etc.

      What’s needed is a gameplay customizer that’s on the same level as current graphics option utilities. Allow the player to setup how unforgiving they want the experience to be.

      Design moaning aside, that really does /look/ fantastic, and it’s a lovely benchmark for scale that the industry can’t ignore. I could have lived without a megatexture or two if Rage had been on a big open map like that instead of barely concealed canyons that convey you from map to map.

      • psyk says:

        “What’s needed is a gameplay customizer that’s on the same level as current graphics option utilities. Allow the player to setup how unforgiving they want the experience to be.”

        like armas

        • scut says:

          Yeah it has tweaks available but not at the level that allows the core gameplay to be shifted into a more streamlined form. At least not enough for me. I’m sure there modding community has already created exactly what I want and I’m just unaware of it. If so, please post a link :)

          • psyk says:

            Then I misunderstand what your saying. As far as I can remember (been awhile) you can pretty much turn it in to a cod clone or you can go to the opposite end of the scale. Apart from difficulty settings, what more do you need in this sort of game?

          • DrGonzo says:

            The new Operation Flashpoint is probably more up your alley then. It’s a more arcadey version, and not bad as such just a bit boring. But the dullness came from it being less realistic. It’s not as tense hiding in a bush from a tank if the game isn’t quite as unforgiving.

          • Unaco says:

            If the Core Gameplay isn’t to your liking… then maybe this isn’t the game you are looking for?

          • Meusli says:

            There are a million and one games out their that you should go look at instead of trying to make one I love into something it is not. Sorry if I come across as rude but ideas like that usually get games discontinued because they lose the core people to gain the “new” players.

          • Curry the Great says:

            It’s not a matter of “making ARMA 3 into something it’s not”, it’s a matter of making ARMA 3 not be utterly overwhelming when you first start it up. I really wish there was a setting that would just lessen the huge complexity of everything. Where you’re not using the mouse awkwardly to switch weapons and reload a rocket launcher and you could actually play a public online game with in-game voip. ARMA should be able to have a more smooth experience for the player, but deep realism in the gameplay. Like Project Reality for BF2. With sacrifices of realism for gameplay, but not too much.

            I think that would make ARMA a lot more popular and open the way for new players to go through the relatively less complex public games to incredibly complex and realistic games. As it stands right now it looks like an awesome game to me, I just can’t get my friends to play it because the game has such incredibly unintuitive controls. Hop in a tank? First ask an experienced person 20 questions about how you stick your head out, switch weapons and positions, finding out how to zoom. Selecting weapons? Awkwardly using some ammo box and your weird inventory. It takes a long time to get accustomed to it, and I don’t think it’s needed.

            There’s a hole in the market for an intuïtive realism-based shooter, especially with the failure thus far of Red Orchestra 2, and ARMA could fill it if they spend some time on a mode that did just that.

        • DrGonzo says:

          Yes, these comments are a bit strange. It’s interface is entirely designed around using a mouse and keyboard, loads of context sensitive actions you access using the mousewheel. And as psyk said, you can customise the difficulty and ‘realism’ of it entirely with a bajillion different sliders.

          The only other interpretation I can make of it is you want Arma, but simpler and not a sim. Which would mean you don’t want Arma at all.

      • Dwarden says:

        i can assure You that our ARMA 3 will have even more settings available for the user than ARMA 2 serie which already out-shined most of titles in that part ;)

        • scut says:

          I have recently played the new Operation Flashpoint game, and it has moments of lovely play that scrapes the arcade boundary but the complete lack of sandbox is such a shame. I guess what I’m dreaming of is the tools and flexibility of an Arma with the ability to tune it for some casual run’n’gun. Especially in the single player realm where the limits of AI compound the frictions brought on by complex control schemes and insta-death bullets.

          I hope nobody takes my comments as a desire to shift Arma away from what has been a successful core model, but I see a platform that could fill more roles than it already does.

          Also, Dwarden, your comment has my interest piqued!

        • Izzan says:

          Have you changed the way aircraft throttles work and also helicopter rudders?
          I love Arma 2 but the throttle on the planes irritates me to no end.
          In case you don`t know what i mean; top 50% of the throttle is acceleration, bottom 50% is airbraking!
          As for the rudders – I understand that you lose control as you gain speed but it seems to totally cut off.

          • Dwarden says:

            check updates for Take On Helicopters, also OA 1.61 betas have some of the control improvements merged from TOH …
            and all of them shall end in ARMA 3

          • Izzan says:

            Good news, then. Thanks!

      • Love Albatross says:

        I’d like that too. I appreciate and understand ArmA is a deep milsim, the controls suck a lot of the fun out of it for me. It’s not due to the sheer number of buttons or the layout being unintuitive, but the way the game feels. Movement is awkward and laggy, I’d just like some options to tighten it up.

        • derf says:

          Precisely why I couldn’t play the game, despite the joy I had with the original OpFlash and Resistance expansion.

    • notjasonlee says:

      i’d prefer an engine with a decent sound system. from the guns shooting in that trailer, i can tell we’re going to have the same garbage sound setup as arma 2.

    • malkav11 says:

      For basic movement and shooting the controls are pretty much the same as any other shooter you may have played, just with a few more options. Once you start messing with inventory and vehicles and squad commands and such, yes, it gets more complicated. But then, there are a lot of systems at work in ARMA, and I certainly couldn’t tell you how to make an intuitive, comprehensive UI for all of them simultaneously.

    • le soldat purdu says:

      I just started playing Arma 2 last week, after a 6 year hiatus from pc gaming, during which I played a fair amount of console titties. My last pc maxed out with counter strike, Arma 1 was a no-go.

      I thought playing the Arma franchise would be like re-taking the bar exam or something, and it is certainlny not. Whatever “difficulty” inherent in learning all the commands was offset by the pleasure of using the commands, and playing with cool military hardware rendered well in a sandbox setting.

      Seriously, I was playing Bad company before this, and acclimating to some “complicated” controls was quite fun- FINALLY I had that granular control I had craved while playing more “arcade” type games.

      I really fell for Arma 2. Its really quite something.

  3. tehsorrow says:

    Any word on whether it’ll have different voicework than the older games? It does everything to pull you into the most realistic war sim out there then blows it right out with “enemy MAN spotted NORTH – EAST”

    • jonfitt says:

      I love Arma 2 but:
      link to
      1..5..ENGAGE…ENEMY… MAN
      ENEMY…JEEP..TO..OUR..FRONT… 500m

      • mikmanner says:

        The music also goes completely against the game and pulls you out of the world just as bad as the voice acting.

        • Dwarden says:

          what You mean? our music since original Cold War Crisis and Resistance was always quite good …
          i suggest listen to these 100+ songs in ARMA X: Anniversary Edition
          and did You heard the new Carrier Command: Gaea Mission sountract?

          • Izzan says:

            The music is very metally and i always turn it off.
            Have you got better voice actors? The BAF actor for Brian Frost was just horrible. I cringed whenever he did his little verbal diary at the start of missions. Also, not all UK soldiers are Geordies.
            I don`t mean to sound very negative, i love the fact that you make these games at all. I`d be lost without my simulations.

          • Dwarden says:

            the actors for BAF were all real brits ;)

          • Izzan says:

            Yeah, i can believe it – they were just terrible readers/actors and were a bit contrived. It`s not a major thing, really, apart from its appeal to some people. I don`t play Arma for the acting particularly but i can`t deny that it detracts from the game a bit.

        • sinister agent says:

          Got to agree. I honestly forgot Arma 2 even had music, as it was so cringingly bad and misplaced that I muted it forever seconds after it first started.

          • Harlander says:

            “Arma2 has bad music.”

            You’re all wrong.

            Indian Summer.

            That is all.

      • sneetch says:

        I thought the voice in that video was a bad “Let’s player”! I was waiting for the voice acting and ENGAGE to start, I mean… damn! That’s terrible, terrible voice acting.

  4. Njordsk says:

    All that for an average of 3,6fps, YAY

  5. Unaco says:

    Nice. Looking forward to this even more now. ARPS will be doing their very best impression of Dad’s Army in this location when the game is out, no doubt.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Maybe 2-3 years after it’s out I’ll be doing this. Only managed to be able to run Arma 2 acceptably late last year and now they are upping the specs even more.

  6. Maldomel says:

    This looks really good, but “realistic” isn’t the word. I don’t know what the word is actually, it’s like it tries it best to be real, but somehow I can instantly see it is not. Still looking very very nice.

  7. Khemm says:

    Can’t wait. I’m a huge Operation Flashpoint and ArmA 2 fan, hope the campaign will be a bit more polished like in OP.

  8. jonfitt says:

    Pleasepleasepleaseplease be remotely optimised and stable at launch!

    • DrGonzo says:

      This is probably the most requested thing in their games, but we never get it unfortunately. It will require at least an i5 and a monstrous graphics card.

      • Wisq says:

        Yessss, an excuse to upgrade and have an awesome system overpowered for all the other games. :)

      • Unaco says:

        If an “Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 or ATI Radeon HD 5770 with Shader Model 3 and 896 MB VRAM, or faster” is considered monstrous, then sure.

        • Alex Bakke says:

          I’ve found that you should always take BI’s recommended specs with a very large pinch of salt.

        • Dwarden says:

          think more about DX11 cards with 1GB VRAM as minimum, that’s safer (so HD5770 and GTX460)

      • Grape says:

        I have all that, and it still runs like shit.

      • Ephaelon says:

        OFP and the ArmAs were always my benchmark-“gonna need an upgrade soon” games. Every time I’d upgrade my RAM, CPU or GPU, i’d load the game and check the improvement. Looks like ArmA3 will continue this tradition.

    • Shortwave says:

      The second one still doesn’t run on my more than average gaming computer.
      I bought the game two years ago and don’t think I’ve played it for more than a half hour without it crashing.

      So as beautiful as this new one is, I’m just going to assume it’s terribly optimized also.
      Hopefully there will be a BETA or a demo I can try out anyways to prove me wrong.

      • Ruminator says:

        You know, I hear all this jazz about how poorly performing Arma 2 is, but I have never experienced it myself.

        I’ve put off upgrades on my PC for a long time now (aside from getting a gt470). I’m still running a 3 core Phenom 8750 (2.4 ghz) with the usual 4 gigs of ram. The game runs like a dream and never crashes. I have the graphics on high as well.

        The only problem I ever have is that the campaign is glitchy.

        • soldant says:

          Are we playing the same game? Because even today the game is a pain to run smoothly with everything on high at native resolution. It punishes the CPU and GPU in equal measure: right now I’m on a i5 2500K, 6GB RAM, 570GTX and it’ll still chug in some areas (ARMA2’s scenery is worse for this than OA). Back when I had an i7 920 I still had issues.

          I’d gladly sacrifice eye candy for a smoother, more playable gameplay experience. They can keep their pretties, I’ll take stability, speed, and IMPROVED DRIVING AI.

    • quintesse says:

      I remember not even being able to finish the training because this jeep would come up each time and they would start shooting at me, even with a bazooka or rocket launcher! And poor me still in the middle of learning how to pick up a weapon. Definitely took the fun right out of it. Uninstalled it after a dozen or so tries. Pity, I really wanted to like it.

  9. Shooop says:


    But will it be a game too? ARMA 2 was impossible to get the hang of.

    • Latterman says:

      oh lies. you only need a few keys to play arma 2 properly, everything else is for showing off or doing fancy stuff no one really needs. (unless you really want to play that god-awful singleplayer and send incompetent AI around)

      • Shooop says:

        The single player is how you learn the game’s basics – if you can’t figure out the mechanics in that then no way to do multiplayer.

        I couldn’t deal with the clunky interface you had to use the mouse wheel to navigate. It’s not an interface that for quick decisions – which in a war game you have to make.

        • DrGonzo says:

          I learnt the games basics in multiplayer, it’s a lot easier that way. Arma single player is how you put yourself off the game entirely, not how you learn it.

          And no, it’s not so much about quick decisions. That’s not how a war game should be, it’s how an action game should be which Arma is definitely not.

          Also, the only time you are using those menus is in context sensitive situations, switching weapons, getting in a chopper etc. They don’t require quick reactions so I’m not sure what the problem is.

          • Shooop says:

            Arma single player is how you put yourself off the game entirely, not how you learn it

            …SHIT. Well only about a year or so too late.

            Problem is where do you find a server of players willing to deal with a newbie struggling to figure out how to dial in a scope properly?

          • Unaco says:

            Certainly not ARPS. That’s for damn sure.

          • egg651 says:

            Certainly not Unaco. We only accept the most experienced incompetent fools to join our ranks.

          • malkav11 says:

            I had great fun with what I’ve played of the campaign. But yes, the game is certainly even better in multiplayer.

          • neofit says:


            Find a coop server running the Domination mod. It’s like a roaming capture the island game, with dynamic objectives, and somewhat persistent between two server reboots. Read the manual that you get with in the map/settings area. Please don’t skip this step. While people usually mind having a newbie run around, they usually don’t like when people are ruining their efforts.

            Some things are total no-no’s unless you really know what you are doing. If you see a vehicle that is hidden in some bushes, it is not a CoD/BF2 vehicle that you simply MUST ride onto the target and get blown within seconds. It’s a spawn point and resupply vehicle that other people carried there from the main base on their own time. If you see a helicopter on the main base, it is not there for you to make a quick suicide run on a target, it’s a means to transport people to the target. Watch what people are doing and follow them. Don’t show too much initiative in your first hours and you’ll be fine. They don’t care that you’re struggling with the mousewheel (that btw I remapped to the cursor keys + Enter, you can remap anything to almost anything in Arma2), as long as you don’t teamkill or start ruining precious vehicles before you know what they are for.

  10. Cytrom says:

    If only they could make a user interface designed for human beings, this game could be a smash hit. In their previous games, the UI was about as dry and convoluted as browsing a busy excel spreadsheet and the control mechanics were about as convenient as running in QWOP.

    • sturgeon says:

      There’s really nothing wrong with the UI, or the controls, or really anything else. They accomplish what they set out to do about as efficiently as possible. They are milsims with significant depth. They aren’t “meant” to be intuitive or easy to grasp any more than DCS or Steel Beasts are because they are targeting a specific audience that expects certain features, and it is an audience that is willing to put in the time required for the payoff. I won’t say that BIS’ games aren’t obtuse, but they’re designed for people that understand that such things come with the territory and don’t mind them.

      BIS really has no reason to even care that people outside of their audience don’t like it, either. They sell their technology to various militaries and make quite a bit of money in the process, so they’ve no real need to worry about capturing any segment of the Battlefield audience. I think that is a good thing.

      I’m fairly certain Arma 3 will be as convoluted as the past 3 games. And it will be a fantastic game because of it.

      My only wish is that they go back to OFP and look at what made that campaign so great. Arma/Arma 2 were great games, but the shipping campaigns were lacking.

      • liquidsoap89 says:

        You can still have depth while creating an easy to understand control scheme. Saying it isn’t necessary or too hard to do isn’t an excuse.

        • foobar88 says:

          Agreed. They can still cater to their traditional audiences and hire a few guys to make a better interface. Those positions will easily pay for themselves with the new market share that the game will reach as a result. Plus, it will give the industry an incentive to stop spitting out COD clones for the 14 year olds constantly. There is a huge market of mature gamers out there without a home.

        • DrGonzo says:

          It IS an easy to understand control scheme. Mouse wheel over to whatever it is you want to do. It’s not a particularly quick control scheme, but it’s not confusing or difficult to get the hang of. Especially considering the amount of stuff you can do in the game.

      • cqdemal says:

        From a technical and/or design perspective, your argument kinda holds. But when you consider that ARMA’s biggest focus is simulation of INFANTRY combat, a lot of holes appear. You have to learn the controls of a helicopter. You have to master flight techniques of a plane. Do you, as an adult, have to reach for a complicated control panel to tell your mate to stop shooting and walk over there?

        And I’ve tried ARMA 2. Had fun with it too, but could never escape the limitations of the controls.

        • Unaco says:

          You don’t HAVE to learn the Chopper controls at all. Unless you want to fly a chopper. Same with planes. You only have to learn them if you want to use them. Hell, even ARPS’ pilots haven’t learned to fly yet. Well… they can fly, maybe. Just not land.

          • neofit says:

            Actually cqdemal has a point, though I suspect it is unintentional. You DO need to learn helicopter and tank controls. For some reason, in the INFANTRY sims that were OFP/ARMA1/Arma2, the main campaigns as well as the Arma2 DLCs always have some missions where you have to fly a helicopter or drive a tank. Not command, but actually fly or drive. Thank god for the “skip mission” cheats. I really wish that they put an end to this dreadful tradition in Arma3.

          • Shooop says:

            You’re either a colossal idiot or liar who’s never played the game.

            Probably both.

          • neofit says:


            Get a freaking clue. I’d go sift through the *campaign* missions to list all those that make you fly a chopper or drive a tank, but you’re not worth it, I’d rather see you stay the amusing cussing little tard that you are.

          • Unaco says:


            What the f*ck? I’ve never played the game… right… that’s why I’ve got about 400+ hours tallied on Steam, most of them with ARPS and associates. If I don’t know how to, and don’t particularly want to, fly a chopper… guess what? I don’t have to learn chopper controls. We have plenty keen pilots to do that. Same with tanks and Jets/Planes. If you want to keep your feet on the ground, in the mud, then you can.

          • fatchap says:

            His point was a counter point to the comment that said “They aren’t “meant” to be intuitive or easy to grasp any more than DCS or Steel Beasts are because they are targeting a specific audience that expects certain “

        • DrGonzo says:

          Press Space, then click where you want them to go, now I don’t think that’s all that complicated is it?

          It can definitely be improved and I’m sure it will, but it’s a complex game with lots of actions and must be kept this way.

    • Dwarden says:

      UI gets massive update, wait for the surprise :)

      • derbefrier says:

        good its the UI and clinky controls is why i never bought ARMA 2. I see no reason i have to fumble through some menus just to enter a vehicle. I never even left basic training in the demo because of this stuff. I dont mind a sim but i never understood why being a sim has to mean difficult to control or do the most basic functions.

        the game looks beautiful though and i havent had a good FPS in a while and the CoD clones are not doing it for me anymore so i have been looking at sims. i tried RO2 but the lag and hit detection in that game ruined it for me. I will most likely give this game a shot

        • Dwarden says:

          then i’m sorry, we will be still more complex than average simplified arcade … we offer users the variety not limits …

  11. Raziel_Alex says:

    So is Arma a “true” battlefield sim? If so, is it very annoying, buggy or too hard? Why aren’t more people playing it?

    I’m asking because I’m pretty disappointed in BF3 and looking for something “sim enough”, where team-work truly counts (I’m getting a partial fix for this with Tribes:Ascend) but friendly and intuitive enough.

    • DrGonzo says:

      It’s not anything like BF, it may be what you are wanting. If you want to crawl on your belly across a field for 20 minutes only to get shot in the face at the other end achieving nothing.

      Another thing to try is Project Reality for BF2. It’s a lot quicker and more of an ‘arcade sim’ thing. They both require team work and are both great.

      Then there is RO2, which is currently my go-to multiplayer game, especially since the recent Classic mode has been added. It’s also a bit more arcadey than Arma, but still more ‘realistic’ than BF3.

      • Raziel_Alex says:

        So what you’re saying is that Arma might actually be pretty annoying.
        I wanted to try RO2, but I absolutely despise WW2 stuff, I’m completely sick of it. So I’ll search some PR for BC2 on Youtube.
        Oh, that’s for BF2. bummer.

        • Izzan says:

          Why don`t you try Arma 2 Free?
          link to

          • Raziel_Alex says:

            I thought about it, but I don’t want to install it just to delete immediately, that’s why I was asking for some opinions. I’m looking for something where team-work is essential for winning the match (that’s what I love about the new Tribes, even DM is dependent on team-work because you always have to try to protect the guy with the flag), a bit less run-and-gun then BF3 but not annoyingly “realistic”.

          • Izzan says:

            Fair enough. Unless you`re restricted by your ISP though, i`d say it`s worth a shot. It is hard, it is “simmy” and it can be glitchy at times but it has some of what you`re looking for. It can be as complicated as you want to make it, control-wise.

          • egg651 says:

            ARMA is excellent. If you’re crawling on the floor for twenty minutes doing nothing, you’re playing a bad mission. Evidence of how ARPS (The RPS ArmA group) plays can be found all over youtube. See here, here and here. FOLK, the slightly more tactical group we play with on Sundays, have their videos here.

            Anthile summed it up like this: “The average ARPS session plays like a mix of Apocalypse Now, Four Lions and Arrested Development.”

            Edit: It’s worth noting that the fustercluck of an experience on the average public server is a world away from playing with a semi organised group of people. (Even if they are the blithering idiots we are)

    • Dwarden says:

      we are working on improving things, new OA beta soon with more fixes

    • neofit says:

      Arma is a game where you are (well, *I* am) actually afraid to look behind the corner, tree, ridge, whether you are doing pvp or playing coop against the AI. Nothing better to get the adrenaline flowing, I can’t play any CoD-type run-and-gun game with a health bar after that. It’s a game about shootouts at realistic ranges in the hundreds of meters between people trying to find cover, not guys bunny-hopping around each other in the open at near melee range :).

      Even the part about “crawling 20 mins”, even though it does not happen often, is fun as in the Thief games. Trying not to get killed is just as fun. IMO.

  12. felisc says:

    i’d love to see an interview of recorders and sound designers for this game. Oh the sweet gun sound bank they must have.

  13. Mage says:

    Arma 3 reveal on my Birthday? Best, Day, Evar

  14. mikmanner says:

    Not sure of those gunshots or the music. Audio has never been Bohemias strongest feature. Especially the voice acting!

    • Dwarden says:

      real guns sounds recorded with profi equipment sounds differently than done by hand camera or ‘make up sounds’ by some game companies using lion roar for engine etc. :)
      anyway look at our devblog about recording e.g. .50 cal rifle including firing it by some of our developers

      • Harlander says:

        I misread that as “firing it at some of our developers.”

        Now that’s dedication! :D

        • Shooop says:

          How’d you think they got the accurate sound of bullets whizzing past you?

    • Shooop says:

      That is how many guns really do sound. Sound designers make up their own for movies and games because there isn’t a lot of aural difference between them in reality.

    • Tams80 says:

      You wouldn’t want to play any game with completely accurate weapon sound effects. Unless you’d like to have your ears ringing.*

      * OK with ear defenders you don’t get much/any ringing, but it still would put most people off playing a game.

  15. foobar88 says:

    EDIT: in response to SCUT’s comments above

    I think I get what he’s saying. He wants a more accessible, less intimidating way to get at all the awesomeness that is in the ARMA games but that he feels he will never be able to enjoy. At least that’s how I feel. I bought ARMA 2 and all the expansions even though I knew I would hardly play them because I wanted to support what BI is doing here. It seems that their first priority is to dedicate all their resources to making the game as comprehensive and realistic as possible, and that’s fine with me. I just wanted to do my part to get them more resources that they could dedicate to making the game a bit easier to get into so that you can then enjoy all it has to offer.

    For me, the absolute ideal game would be something like the original Ghost Recon (with a narrative, persistent story mode as well as open, versatile multiplayer) that takes advantage of everything ARMA has to offer.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I think the problem with that is it goes away from what Arma is at it’s core. It’s meant to be intimidating, realistic and jam packed with an overwhelming amount of content.

      Although I too would love a new game like the original Ghost Recon, the reason GR was so accessible in comparison was because of it’s scope. It was a small scale infantry sim, when that is only a teeny tiny part of what Arma is.

      I’m reading a lot of these comments saying, I want to play Arma but it’s not accessible or the UI is too complex. To me that says that possibly don’t really know what Arma is.

      • psyk says:

        Agreed, I don’t think a UI is going to help them once they realise they die all the time and can’t hit the side of a house.

    • iZen says:

      Grow some balls! Seriously, you wanna play an adult’s game, you gotta put in the effort. Ever played X3? Learning curve from hell, 12 hours of playing and wikipedia-tabbing will not in the SLIGHTEST be somewhat of a tutorial, if you get what I mean. In comparison, Arma is relatively easy to learn. You cannot do a game with 20x the possibilities of a game like CoD with only 10 buttons that fit on a controller.
      However, I agree that the interface could be more streamlined and some options get dedicated buttons.
      Esp. in Arma2 they went a little over their heads, where the old number action menu overlapped with the context sensitive action menu. If you didn’t know the numbers by heart from the previous games, I already thought it must be hard and very incomprehensible to a newcomer.

      • Shooop says:

        If you’re putting so much effort into a game then it’s no longer a game now is it?

        Now sit in the corner and be quiet. You read just as bad as the CoD gamers insisting their game is harder than it looks with this diatribe.

        • Izzan says:

          I wouldn`t call it diatribe, he`s kind of right. The game requires some time to pick up the keys but they`re not incomprehensible. They ARE too complicated, as he stated.

          I miss the days of keyboard cutouts with all the keys printed on. Ohh … Microprose, where for art thou?

          • Shooop says:

            He took a running leap over the line between fair point and diatribe when he used phrases like “Grow some balls!” and “This is a game for adults!”

            Thing like that are the same embarrassing and childish trash talk often heard on Xbox games. Yes the game is difficult, no one doubts that. The problem is it tends to be difficult for the wrong reasons – the limitations of the controls.

          • Izzan says:

            Fair enough, if that`s how you feel but don`t discount the content based on that. What he says is fairly accurate, actually.
            Lots of people seem to be discounting Arma 2 due to interface when it`s as complicated as you want to make it. There are issues, it`s true. I suppose that frustrates some people to see, time and again.

          • Shooop says:

            It’s frustrating to me because I can tell there’s a rich, brilliant game that I can’t quite get to. And it’s because ARMA demands I be able to do things like fly helicopters and command entire armored battalions without accidentally telling them to exit their vehicles thanks to a horribly convoluted command interface.

            It says you should be able to play it your own way, but the game really outright refuses to let you unless you make your own maps/scenarios. But I’m not a level designer either.

        • Ruminator says:

          Some might say that you’re right – It isn’t a game, it’s a sim! But how do we define game? An interactive piece of software that we enjoy spending time with? Perhaps a complex sim might be a game to me, but not to you.

          In any case, I agree that the UI is obtuse, but I don’t believe it’s impossible, or anywhere near it. It could use improvement, yes, definitely! But it is workable, if you’re willing to spend some time on it. IMO it’s well worth it.

          • Shooop says:

            My biggest problem with ARMA is it demands me to be able to do everything or find someone else who can.

            It’s like CoD but with an astronomical difficulty – you’re expected to be able to do pretty much everything: drive trucks, fly helicopters, drive and command an entire battalion of APCs and more. It doesn’t give me any choice to either let the AI do it and let me do something else (like being the gunner for a helicopter instead of the pilot) or simplify the section so I can actually get through it.

  16. Ernesto says:

    So you can dive now?

    • Dwarden says:

      yes and much more :)

      • Ernesto says:

        That’s great. But what is the task of a diver in Arma? Defusing sea mines? SAR? Surely underwater battles a’la Thunderball are out of the question…

        • El_MUERkO says:

          Squuuuueeeeeeee, ARMA3 is my most anticipated game of the year, really cannot wait for it and the first ACE release.

          I hope BIS work in an improved cover mechanic, not cheaty third-person, just something that allows easier peaking around corners. Also improved AI that can’t see through grass!

      • neofit says:

        You mean sunken ships containing chests with phat loot like green/blue/purple M-16s of teh Snipering, that we’ll have to fight Murlocks over? Ooh-some!

  17. CaspianRoach says:

    It’s pretty. But not Battlefield 3 or CryEngine pretty.

    • MordeaniisChaos says:

      It looks decent, but the LoD is pretty gnarly. Up close, it’s pretty to be sure, but considering that ARMA 2 looked pretty good in some ways, but ran like shiiiiiit, I’d say we need to know more than “it’s pretty” before we find ourselves pleased at all by the visuals.

      • Dwarden says:

        if You think old ARMA 1.0x build then maybe but did You ran OA 1.60 or 1.61 betas?
        now imagine it even better …

    • Shortwave says:

      It’s a close call for sure.. I honestly don’t think it beats BF3 but then again I’ve never really seen what that engine is fully capable of yet anyways.. >.> The only reason I don’t think it’s as good as BF3 is the terrible vegetation in it. It’s really quite scattered and not dense at all. I love me good lush veggies…

      Though Crysis 2 is definitely not the ideal showcase for what cryengine 3 is capable of..
      Lots of games will be coming out in the following years on it that will blow people away.
      Or even check out Casus Bellis, a new mod for Crysis Wars. (Free to play also)
      It’s on the old Cryengine and easily has better visuals than Arma II, and easily on par with BF3.
      Of course the maps are smaller than Arma but are about the same as BF3, more likely larger.
      It’s really impressive maxed out with forced AA. Love it, servers are starting to pop up and more regulars are coming daily now.. Oops, I’m ranting.. K’ BYE.

  18. Hoaxfish says:

    How much money do you think ITV will pay me for “exclusive pictures of terrorists gearing up for the Olympics”?

  19. Jimbo says:

    ITV has no chance now. Just like my PC.

    • Tams80 says:

      Do you think we could convince them that there’s a war going on on some Greek islands because of the austerity cuts?

  20. MordeaniisChaos says:

    Maybe they will fix the damage modeling and the AI and make it control less like shit. Trying to get through all of the command menus was so awful. I know it’s a lot to navigate, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just give a mouse controlled option that put more out up front or something.
    Looks pretty though, that’s for sure. And there were parts of ARMA that were top notch, so I’m looking forward to how this turns out. It’s pretty telling that most everyone I know who plays it seriously basically plays a similar sim based on the engine in that they play HEAVILY modded ARMA.

    • Dwarden says:

      the damage model and AI s*** was improved by us each major iteration and each update … please read the changelog and what can community use now compared to what was there decade ago …

      • sinister agent says:

        I appreciate this, as though I am impressed by Arma’s graphics, I have no interest in buying another one just for some pretty pictures. The scope of the UI and AI improvements will be the only factors influencing my decision to buy it.

    • Unaco says:

      The ARPS and FOLK communities play with no mods required* for their major weekly sessions (Tuesday and Sunday nights) and regularly see 25-35 people, more some times. With joint events, bringing in a couple other groups (CiA, LDDK), we can see numbers hit the 64 mark and max the player slots on the server. We play it somewhat seriously (not MilSim style, but using some organisation, letting a CO make a plan and try to follow it, use roles properly, work together in fireteams and not try to Rambo it) and don’t even have a lightly modded game. There are plenty of communities NOT playing a heavily modded game.

      *Client side mods that just change the game for you are allowed, things like STHud or sound/graphics replacers/mods. And we do occasionally have mod sessions – I44, some ACRE, even some ACE, but not regularly.

    • Unaco says:

      The ARPS and FOLK communities play with no mods required* for their major weekly sessions (Tuesday and Sunday nights) and regularly see 25-35 people, more some times. With joint events, bringing in a couple other groups, we can see numbers hit the 64 mark and max the player slots on the server. We play it somewhat seriously (not MilSim style, but using some organisation, letting a CO make a plan and try to follow it, use roles properly, work together in fireteams and not try to Rambo it) and don’t even have a lightly modded game. There are plenty of communities NOT playing a heavily modded game.

      *Client side mods that just change the game for you are allowed, things like STHud or sound/graphics replacers/mods. And we do occasionally have mod sessions – I44, some ACRE, even some ACE, but not regularly.

    • Unaco says:

      Bah! Comment is getting eaten.

      ARPS and FOLK regularly get 25-35 people on their regular weekly sessions (Tuesday and Sunday nights) and run an unmodded game. Some special events even see the player count hit 64! There are plenty of communities that don’t play a heavily modded game.

      • Shooop says:

        Bah! Comment is getting eaten.

        Don’t worry, they’re your comments so no one misses them.

  21. Robbeh says:

    If you have ArmA 2 and OA or the combined operations packs check this mod out : link to
    They have a 100man pvp server that regularly has 80-90 people on in the evenings!

  22. Jim9137 says:

    So will it still play like Operation Flashpoint, but just sluggier and with more impromptu comedy?

  23. defunkt says:

    I guess this will cause offense but I still think it needs to be said. For a supposedly PC-centric readership all your griping suggests you’re actually a bit of a bunch of lightweights and have barely made any effort to master ArmA 2. For all it’s ambition entails inevitable and significant flaws, it is what PC-gaming should be all about. This includes bringing your budget gaming GPU to its knees (that something with such scale could be made to run at all was always a minor miracle), requiring you to invest weeks or months in learning it and also in the form of the amazing support BIS always invest in their releases.

    • sinister agent says:

      The PC’s greatest strength isn’t that it can force you to spend thousands of pounds or take weeks of ‘investment’ before it starts being fun. Its greatest strength is that it can do anything.

      Arma is terrific fun if you’re into multiplayer war sims, and it certainly has its place. But it’s not all that PC gaming should be about, any more than Plants Vs Zombies is.

      • defunkt says:

        Of course those aren’t end goals (honestly I didn’t think I needed to spell that out) but if it isn’t doing those things then it isn’t doing anything you couldn’t do on a console. Curiously, the ability to *do anything* (in the editor, via modding or interacting with executables running outside of the dedicated server) is ArmA 2’s greatest value to me.

        • sinister agent says:

          Fair enough. Sorry if that was a bit pedantic of me, but there really are people who seem to subscribe to a very prescriptive view of what PCs are for.

  24. municipalis says:

    I’ve been a fan of the series since the first one came out, so there’s no chance I’m missing this installment. That said, I agree that the series always skirts so closely to absolute brilliance, but always falls short in the polish department. Asides from some concerns already addressed, I have two major improvements I’d like to see:
    1) Camouflage that actually works. Right now enemies past the foliage draw distance are incredibly easy to spot – much easier than those 100m from you. I don’t know how to best implement it (knowing the limitations of the technology), but some form of naturalistic blending and blurring would be ideal.
    2) AI that can make use of cover, especially within urban environments. Zargabad was a wonderfully detailed urban environment, but the AI is basically stuck making use of open-country fighting tactics. I’d love to see an AI make use of buildings/windows/walls.

  25. egg651 says:

    If Dwarden is still watching from the shadows: Any word on what the equivalent of the Sopwith Camel and AN-2 will be in ArmA 3?

  26. cpeninja says:

    I can’t say I loved Arma 2, but I did play a lot of it. The lack of a save feature finally killed the game for me. I managed to make it through the first couple of parts after numerous restarts. The only issue I had was when I finally managed to track down one of the bad guys, and he’s sitting there in front of me with his hands up… and nothing happens. He’s surrendered, but there’s no obvious method to capturing him. I ended up moving away until he ran off and shot him. Completed the mission, but ticked off the CO. The next mission had to finding this woman walking through town, arresting her, and bringing her to be picked up by helo. After a disastrous ambush, the helo arrived…. and crashed into the trees.

    I stopped playing after that. I see where the devs were going, but it was a lot to ask of me – a lot more than I was willing to put in.

    I’ll keep my eyes on this one though – I have a lot of respect for the non-US PC game makers these days, and really want to encourage their success. At some point I should actually install and play Witcher 1 and 2…

  27. yourgrandma says:

    I could never really get into arma 2 because most of the community was on operation arrowhead and its incredibly boring desert landscape. This looks awesome though and hopefully they don’t split the community again with a stand alone expansion.

  28. neofit says:

    Ah, well, I bought my GTX-480 for Arma2 (or was it OA?), I wonder if I will have to upgrade for Arma3? I don’t care about the min or recommended specs, the Armas are games that I HAVE to play with all bells and whistles, AA, and as much visible distance as I can.

    I wonder if it will be GPU or CPU bound, and whether I’ll have to upgrade my i7-920 too.

  29. Awesome sarcastic robot says:

    Lol… only reason that kept me playing arma 2 is the Chernarus Life mod… not saying the base game is bad, cuz its awesome, but i find the mod alot more enjoyable. sometimes i do however go into a CTI or Co-op mission and it is enjoyable, but then i find myself wanting to play CL mod.

  30. Ham Solo says:

    Awww yeah, Fennek!

  31. wodin says:

    If the TacAI for AI squad mates was better then it would be superb. At the moment I enjoy being a common soldier, can just about cope as a squad leader (however I’m not 100% keen due to the rubbish friendly AI) and I detest the high command aspect. The high command turns it into a odd RTS type game. Really don’t enjoy it at all and it’s the main reason ARMA and ARMA 2 where eventually taken off my hard drive. I played loads of user made single player scenarios but they where hit and miss mainly due to your AI squad mates getting wiped out on first contact.

  32. Shooop says:

    Big question for Dwarden: Will we be forced into things we’re not comfortable with like commanding an entire squadron of APCs or using an old AA gun to shoot jets a SAM would have been better suited for?

    One of my biggest issues with previous ARMAs is that they force you into doing everything under the sun like a CoD game (except opening doors of course), only with a massive difficulty curve applied. Being able to tackle the same mission in ways the player is more comfortable with would be a great idea instead of slapping them in there and expecting them to operate a $6 million war machine they probably haven’t mastered in the tutorials.

    Or at least assign them an AI who can do the part the player can’t – the chopper assault mission in Operation Arrowhead would have been much more bearable if there was an option to be either the pilot or gunner instead of it just throwing me into the pilot’s seat.

    “Unforgiving” applying to bullet damage is perfectly fine. “Unforgiving” applying to the game’s interface and script however is a problem.