Scope And Gory: Sniper Elite V2 Demo

The demo for Sniper Elite V2 is now available on Steam, having previously been holed up in consoleland, waiting for a chance to break from cover and dash across to nestle inside your tower. Once there, it’ll scan the room for enemies to gratuitously shoot in the spleen. The level provided, which has been specially tweaked for demonstration purposes, does contain some sniping, although I can’t comment on the amount of elitism. There’s apparently a lot more running between cover than I expected, non-sniper gun rattling away, and there’s a bit of sneaking and stealth-killing as well. Then everything blows up.

I’d give an opinion without ‘apparently’ in it but Steam claims its servers are too busy to serve Sniper up. Plenty of people seem to have the same problem but hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Anyone managed to download it yet?

Along with the demo comes the news that the PC version of the game will have a team deathmatch mode, whereas the only multiplayer on the consoles will be co-op. Competitive play should support up to 12 players. Rebellion are able to include the extra mode because they are self-publishing on PC, while the console versions are arriving via 505 Games who hate it when snipers turn on one another.


  1. CaLe says:

    I wish there were more ways to approach situations.. The demo feels extremely linear. That said, the slow motion X-ray bullet kills are almost too satisfying!

    • ran93r says:

      Already played it to death on the PS3, and agree.
      The game itself feels quite nice, even on the toysticks.
      Slow enough that it’s playable on the console but I will be checking out the PC demo when I get home tonight to see if their claim that it’s not a shitty port holds up.

    • Arca says:

      You don’t need more when you can shoot their nuts off.

    • Khemm says:

      Linear? They completely don’t understand the basic concept, then.
      I was hoping for something similar to Death to Spies Moment of Truth, not another on rails experience.

  2. Echo Black says:

    It keeps on saying the Steam servers are too busy to handle my request. This has been going on for a while.

    • g00seberry says:

      Yep, the Steam servers have been busy busy bees all morning.

    • TroubleGirl says:

      I started downloading last night close to midnight, got quickly to 60%. After that the download kept stopping a and resuming every 10-20 min, so I got to 90%. However from 1am till 1pm, no download got through at all. I think they fully stopped the download. It seems this demo is not the only one with no download.

    • CheesyJelly says:

      Still no luck for me. Have been able to download the Vessel demo though, so seems SEV2-specific.

  3. Kaese says:

    An error was encountered while processing your request:

    This item is currently unavailable in your region

  4. PoulWrist says:

    link to

    A disturbing game.

    • Shortwave says:

      I just seen balls exploding, in this video game.
      I just seen that, yea. That is awesome.

      I came back to edit my post with this..
      There was a Nazi, who only had one testicle.
      My mind has been blown.

    • Shooop says:

      It’s a sign that life just might be worth living.

  5. Shooop says:

    Figures my home computer just went out of commission.

  6. Baytor says:

    Say goodbye to your Nazi balls![/Stiglitz]

  7. ZIGS says:

    I just ended up downloading the demo from a torrent site. I was entertained by it, will probably buy since they actually priced it reasonably for Euro zone 2 players (35€)

  8. Meldreth says:

    Well, now it’s all good. Not sure how long it’s been though.

  9. CheesyJelly says:

    Seems like the Steam download is finally working!

  10. Shortwave says:

    Yup, downloaded for me quickly now. The server issues seem to be sorted.
    The game is actually quite fun, but unlike that hilarious video with the Swedish guy ranting about balls..
    I did NOT see a single nut-shot x-ray killcam the entire demo on PC.. I TRIED MAN.
    I shot so many nuts, nothing.. I was sort of disappointed about that. Exploding balls is sort of the selling point of this game for me. Other than that, it was still quite fun and seemed well polished. It doesn’t feel like a port at all and the graphics are quite lovely but not over the top. Which is good sometimes! The AA is a bit meh, I still see me some jaggies. I tried to overide the AA settings with CCC but it didn’t seem to take. But yea, as long as they can guaranty that every time I shoot balls I get to see them explode it’s a def’ purchase for me. For SP alone. MP is just the icing on the cake for a 3rd person game for me, but yea’ good to have.

    Any news on mods? Shouldn’t be that difficult of a game to mod at all.. AT ALL.

  11. Shooop says:

    Has anyone been able to get a nut shot on this? I’ve tried for over an hour using YouTube videos as guides and just can’t get one.

    There’s been talk on the Steam forums the kill cams don’t activate as often as the console versions, I REALLY hope this is just a demo hiccup because if I can make the testicles of SS troopers explode from the comfort of my desk chair for only $50 I will die happy.

    That aside, I really appreciate some of the little things like visible exit wounds on dead soldiers and even more spectacular, how the bullets are deformed and tumble when leaving their targets in kill cams. If nothing else the animation team deserves an award for that.

    Also, PR guy from Remedy says it’ll have public server files. Not sure if TDM in the game will be all that great but I support that kind of thing on principle.

    • bdd458 says:

      I had shot the charges too early, not stopping the convoy. However, I decided to take a few potshots at the soldiers in the truck. The first one was a nutshot on the German soldier sitting down, X-Ray and all.