Ten Years Of Weekends: Ludum Dare 23

The venerable 48 hour game design competition/jam that is Ludum Dare always manages to tickle my curiosity bone but that’s usually when hundreds of games suddenly sprout up across the internet, as if some manner of imagination/caffeine downpour had filtered its way through the digital dirt. This time around, for the 10th anniversary event Ludum Dare 23, I’m writing before the theme has even been announced. It all takes place this weekend, beginning in just over 12 hours, and there’s an interactive keynote to introduce the concept, energise the participants and demonstrate the basics of iterative design.

Given Brendan’s punkish call to arms, perhaps some of you will choose to participate, either online from wherever you are or at these locations worldwide. There’s even one in Mancunia, fairest of cities!

The theme will be announced on the twitters soon. Even if you don’t want to make a game, the keynote is a fantastic introduction to the concept and a smart piece of design in itself. Do take a look.

As always, there will be some big names entering but the aim is to have more games from every corner of the world than ever before and given the 700+ that the judges had to pick their way through last time, I can only assume they are extremely committed and possibly soon to be committed.

Here’s to the creators. I’ll report back on my findings next week.


  1. menderslan says:

    It’s awesome that you fine folks at RPS give coverage to Ludum Dare. It just warms my heart! I, along with what will hopefully be over 1000 other people, will be working this weekend to make a game.

  2. pkdawson says:

    I’m participating for the first time (PyGame, Paint.NET, maybe sfxr if I have the time to add sound effects), currently looking at the list of potential themes and trying to come up with a vague idea for each. Regardless of the theme, my only firm idea so far is “turn-based”, to be a little unusual and do something I like.

  3. CMaster says:

    I’m planning to take part. Unity, Blender and Paint.NET, ho!

  4. Maldomel says:

    10 years already! That’s like, a lot of games.

  5. hench says:

    Oh.. Ludum DARÉ…

    • pkdawson says:

      Well the first word is obviously Latin, so the second one probably is too (and you don’t have silly silent letters in Latin). That’s always been my logic.

      Aside from the pronunciation guide and the source code, that keynote is pretty annoying and useless. But I guess people like that sort of thing.

  6. rustybroomhandle says:

    Me too, first time. 2am start time… yay. :/

    • Gemberkoekje says:

      Be smart about it. It’s better to go to sleep around 10, make sure you’re up both good and early, but also SHARP. It may feel like you’re losing 6-7 hours, but if you start at 2am you’ll burn out after at most a day, and you’ll lose more time trying to stay awake compared to just forcing yourself normal sleep times and crunch time outside of that.

      • JamesTheNumberless says:

        I’ve done two Ludum dares (Ludums dare?) and will do this one too – I can vouch for the strategy of getting an early night on Friday, getting up at 8 and having a good breakfast while you mull over the theme away from your PC.

        Oh and Ludum Dare means something like “giving a game” :)

  7. scoopsy says:

    To be honest, the “Punk’s Not Dead” articles have been one of the biggest motivators for my entering this year’s Ludum Dare.

  8. MCRgamejam says:

    Manchester Game Jam, checking in!

    Brilliant to see RPS covering the event, it should be a great weekend. We’ve got fifty people coming to our event, running lots of bonkers mini-jams over the weekend too. People will be making board games and all sorts, we’ve even got some pervasive gaming folks in the house (they’re the nutters who run around the city and whatnot).

    Can’t wait to get stuck in, good luck folks!

  9. Zeno says:

    Ludum Dare on the same weekend as the Diablo 3 open beta… this is Blizzard’s attack on indie gaming.

  10. jwoozy says:

    I hope the indie renaissance never ends

  11. Ovno says:

    I’m entering using unity :)

    • Ovno says:

      Just finished my first Ludum Dare entry, well chuffed with it and had a great weekend, definately doing it again.

      And for anyone who cares…

      Ant Farm Simulator!

      Care for your very own ant farm in Ant Farm Simulator.

      The Queen demands to be fed on only the best leaf grown fungus, leaves can be acquired from the surface and must be taken to the fungus farm lest no fungus be produced and The Queen starved.

      Grow the colony to the mighty size of fifty loyal ant servants to satisfy Her Royal Antness’ lust for power.

      link to ludumdare.com

  12. Kynrael says:

    Judges are those that enter games actually ! Everyone that enters a game goes around after to mark and comment other people’s games.

    I entered two (using flash) and it was a great experience, I don’t think I’ll have time for this one though :(

  13. Gabriel Pixel Cows says:

    I’m in, with Multimedia Fusion 2! I’ll be posting my progress here: http://www.pixelcows.com

    Since it’s my first time, anything better than total humiliation will be considered a success. :D