Brink Devs Not Ruling Out PC Version Of Rad Soldiers

Aaagh, my beautiful, beautiful clavicle!
Good news! After a period of relative silence following Brink’s splash-that-wasn’t, Splash Damage is back with another game about men shooting other men. However, not-so-good news: iOS, greedy devourer of worlds that it is, swallowed the poor thing whole. And while the Enemy Territory developer also has a free-to-play PC exclusive in the works for later this year, Rad Soldiers – as the iOS-bound strategy is known – looks like asynchronous XCOM wearing TF2’s pants. In other words: delightful. I wants it, precious. I wants it. Fortunately, Splash Damage told us that all hope isn’t lost.

“At the moment we’re concentrating all our efforts to produce a compelling iOS experience. But yes, we thought about bringing this game to PC. How, exactly, we will see in the future. Stay tuned,” a Splash Damage rep told RPS.

And while a touch-based interface and asynchronous, on-the-go turn-taking might seem like rather big bites of Apple leftovers, it certainly wouldn’t be a huge stretch to give the interface a mouse-and-keyboard makeover. Moreover, games like Frozen Synapse have made asynchronous play shine on PC, so this is hardly unheard of.

Elsewhere in Splash Damage land, the developer recently spawned publisher WarChest and online service Fireteam to aid in its goal of crafting high-quality “free-to-plAAA” games and aiding other developers in doing the same. That’s free-to-play plus triple-A, mind – not free-to-play plus falling off a building. CEO Paul Wedgwood told Gamasutra that he’s hoping it’ll evolve into gaming’s HBO equivalent, so fingers crossed for 100 minutes of pointless nudity per game. Apparently, we’ll hear more about Splash Damage’s upcoming PC exclusive – presumably part of that label – “soonish.”


  1. The Dark One says:

    Brink was a crazy mixture of forward thinking ideas and archaic design decisions. I was burned by my pre-order, so maybe Rad Soldiers coming out first to iOS is a good thing. I’ll be able to learn if it’s worth paying for instead of just excitedly shoving my money at them.

  2. ran93r says:

    I have a lot of time for SD and I did get my moneys worth out of Brink. I hope these recent developments don’t bring an end to their online manshoot pedigree.

    • jezcentral says:

      I, too, got my money’s worth. Especially at a LAN party I went to. The bots may have been a bit rubbish, but it definitely clicked in multi-player.

  3. Hirmetrium says:

    After the disaster of BRINK, I wouldn’t complain if they skipped PC.

    • flymore says:

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  4. skyturnedred says:

    I quite liked Brink during the free weekends.

    • Nic Clapper says:

      Same here! Only thing that prevented me from buying was the generally low player count once those weekends ended.

  5. Bungle says:

    I’m quoting a former American president when I say this:

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”
    ~George W. Bush

    • Smashbox says:


      Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
      (Actually, in reality, that’s not true)

    • Phantoon says:

      oh god I imagined that in his voice why did you do this to me

  6. kulik says:

    I hated Brink, then i took the time to learn this game and i have to say that the only reason (apart from technical issues) some people don’t like the game is that they play it horribly wrong. Its not a standard run and gun fps, it wasn’t designed that way. Movement is slow, enemies can soak up a whole magazine before they die, respawn times are long so the standard firefight is a war of attrition and its wined by the team which can stick better together, use cover and have a better teamplay and by teamplay i don’t mean two guys shooting at the same enemy, i mean do your best to stay alive, help holding critical positions, cover your mates revive them and buff them. Hell, its probably the only fps i’ve played where we actually pulled back instead of getting killed and wait for respawn.

    I remember like i’ve entered a server which was full of lone wolves wannabe’s and it was a horrible mess of pointless dying and respawning. After couple of rounds while i played medic and literally only revived and buffet anything around me, teammates started to hanging close to me cause they knew i would revive them and they won’t have to wait till respawn. And then the magic happened, there was no communication and yet the game was suddenly fun. Cover based objective oriented fps of sheer fun. I’ve played through a round with maybe one or two respawns. It’s not really a twichfest, it’s not a sniper-gallery, it’s not a playground, and it’s not rock-paper-scissors. It really is at heart a shooter’s shooter with an emphasis on team synergy.

    Brink may go down in my book as one of the most underrated games of all time cause the gamers aren’t flexible enough to switch off their BF3 brains and adapt to a different play style.

    • celozzip says:


      • Phantoon says:

        Playing it wrong in a game that touted parkour?

        WHAT? Sir, you are apologetic to the level that means people don’t listen to you.

        • kulik says:

          They won’t listen to me? Well then they better take a seat with the other bitches waiting for me to have time to give a fuck. I’m expresing my opinion here and i’m saying that apart of crashes, un-optimalization and lots of hitbox glitches the gameplay mechanic/balance was great.

    • biz says:

      brink would have been fun on some of the maps, but people were too busy comparing it to old games that they don’t play anymore instead of just playing the damn thing. it’s the exactly same thing that happened to ETQW. the criticism wasn’t ‘wrong’, but there was way too much hatred for a dev trying to put more emphasis on teamplay and strategy than on strafejumping infantry vying for headshots. team objective-based FPS games aren’t just diversions from quake and CS. they’re genres of their own.

      FPS that aren’t just about aim are basically dead. QL is dying (CA is the only popular mode). tribes might be worth playing, but I doubt it’ll stay fun in the long-term unless the teams are fully balanced. that doesn’t happen very frequently yet. W:ET is still played, but everyone has played it to death memorizing everything that can happen so aiming skill is what differentiates the teams.

    • SockDog says:

      Had little to do with playing it wrong, many people from W:ET, RTCW, ETQW backgrounds who knew exactly where this game was coming from found it a little off. And that little off apparently applied to the many fresh gamers they pulled in too. If I had to sum up the game it would be by saying it became a schizophrenic mix of old SD ideal with new popular flavours, the end result was pleasing/holding very few people. A few examples

      The persistent player building, something the unlock junkies found too limited and the old school felt got in the way. It also had this nasty side effect of undermining the whole switch to the needed class mechanic that SD’s games rely upon.

      The single unibutton failed more often than not, a necessity for consoles perhaps but it just broke the experience on the PC.

      Other stuff like the SMART system also suffered under the weight of the rest of the game to the point of it being, well, pointless.

      I also have to say that the game lacked any of SD’s humour and flair. By far the trailer for Rad Soldiers alone drips with more of a developer unleashed than the entire game of Brink.

      I’m glad for SD. I think the Rad Soldiers concept is a sound one (if they get it out on Android sharpish). And look forward to see what they’re doing on the PC.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      The teamplay mechanics were poorly implemented, the maps were horribly designed, the online performance was jittery, the unlock system was paltry, and the game crashed more often than a seizure-prone alcoholic lorry driver.

      I’d swear you’re describing a totally different game because the Brink I experienced was nothing like you are gushing about, even taking into account the fact that the players I usually joined up with weren’t shy about using proper team tactics. Brink just plain ol’ sucked.

      • SST_2_0 says:

        I remember playing BRINK and having teammates just whine about not having ammo. I had just joined and most of the team was going medic, because like most people anymore they just heard that was the best class and would just use heals on themselves. They were all convinced the game sucked, till I started handing out ammo and throwing grenades. Suddenly they weren’t just stalling at a door trying brute heal/force their way past. The only class I didn’t get was the spy like class, though I saw some who seemed to know what to do :P.

        The maps were fine, Team Fortress 2 maps are built nearly the same way, with three ways to get a courtyard area. In fact its one of the best points as to why people played this game wrong. The idea was that only the lightest players could get to the loftiest areas, that requires some good jumping from wall to wall. I think had the game made this more readily a single button scenario, more people wouldn’t have said the maps were bad because they could move over them like they should. The other thing was people were not understanding the buffs from the consoles were HUGE. They were meant to be fought over and instead one or two people from a team would get them all and make the game feel unbalanced and result in 90 percent of players going through one place.

        I didn’t think BRINK’s unlocks were spectacular but they made you better they and also made you change up the way you played depending on how you built between your class and the global abilities. I have/had two soldier load outs one more super soldier, so only soldier talents, buffing and tanking, the other mostly global abilities with grenades from soldier talents, flanking and bombing. Even in the class based talents there was customization, like with engie and going between turrets or mines or going both but being highly bland fighter. The idea wasn’t you play to progress anyway, that’s why you could just play offline but transfer to online.

        Game never crashed on me, just bad connections early on, which seemed to also kill the community at the start. And I saw that happen to two other games after BRINK in different companies *cough*Space Marine*cough* and I blame the people who are investing in games, strictly looking for quick profit, like a Call of Duty sees, but not realizing its been awhile since CoD1.

  7. airtekh says:

    After Brink, I’ve become extremely wary of anything Splash Damage do.

    Brink has crashed to desktop, without fail, every time I’ve ran it, and no fix I’ve found on any forum has been able to prevent that. It’s sad that the game is in this state so far after release.

  8. rocketman71 says:

    Let me add my voice to those that lost faith on Splash Damage with Brink. They squandered all the good will they had amassed in the last 10 years.

    The release state was just abysmal, which is especially painful given that they released a month early since they were boasting that they were finished. And the support post release was laughable. They didn’t release even a third of the things they promised.

    I’m not even looking at a Splash Damage game anymore unless it’s 75% off in a Steam Sale. And even then, I’ll be really careful.

  9. wodin says:

    Consoles where never a threat to PC gaming. Tablets and mobiles however are, coupled with consoles (esp when the new consoles come out) we could be in trouble.

    Very few games came out on a console I wanted, yet I’m seeing alot of tablet games I’d like.

    • Shortwave says:

      I signed in just to say this..

      No, lol.

    • JFS says:

      I’ve always wondered what Tablets are actually good for, what they can do better than the existing devices. Attracting nice gaming ideas, it seems.

  10. celozzip says:

    i hadn’t heard about their new game. they should’ve put more effort into patching brink instead. looking forward to their new free-to-play though, hope it still uses the enemy territory formula. an et/bf hyrbid would be perfect.

  11. RegisteredUser says:

    Pleasepleasepleaseplease have the upcoming F2P be a better visually made, but otherwise similiarly if not identically awesome RTCW:ET…

    I have yet to find a game remotely as engrossing as that.

    • celozzip says:

      no, etqw-style with bf2 sized maps and a conquest mode. perfect.