Intrusion 2 Trailer Fires Lighting Guns, Riding Wolves

Told you so.

Are games art? Can we authentically depict emotion in a virtual space? What is the meaning of Tetris? Can we read authenticity into the actions of Master Chief? If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around to hear it, is it the Citizen Kane of games? Intrusion 2 attempts to answer precisely none of these important questions. Instead, it’s a Metal-Slug-esque sidescroller, but with gorgeous physics-based animations and an oddly understated love of over-the-top insanity. Like, sure, there’s prominent trailer time given to dire wolf lightning gun jousting, but it’s all so gloriously matter-of-fact. Also featured: grappling robots, chimeras with swords for tails, and a giant mech snacking on a steel bridge like it’s corn on the very brittlest of cobs. There’s an old demo on the game’s website if you’re interested, but it hardly even gazes into the abyss of gleeful absurdity the new trailer so thoroughly plumbs. Find it after the break.

According to developer Vapgames, “everything concerning gameplay is ready,” so Intrusion 2 should be available soon. And even though the demo’s roughly a-year-and-a-half old, it’s surprisingly robust, which has me feeling pretty optimistic about the full game. Little details, especially, abound, with snowballs increasing in size as I pushed them and boulders toppling (sometimes on top of enemies) when nudged in the right direction. Shooting, meanwhile, felt nicely meaty, and ragdoll jetpack men who buzz face-first into trees like bugs in a bug zapper never failed to amuse.

Also, bonus points to the game for describing itself as “an action platformer with lots of physics.” I look forward to meticulously tabulating just how many¬†physics there are when the final game Rambo-charges into our lives any day now.


  1. 13tales says:

    Oh. Oh my. Yes, please.

  2. Mungrul says:

    Oooo, it’s like Contra mixed with Metal Slug, a dollop of Abuse and a dash of Bionic Commando.

    • kikito says:

      ^ I was going to say nearly the same thing, but your comment says it better.

  3. Premium User Badge

    selkcip says:

    Jaw dropped. It reminds me of Cortex Command, but without the particle physics and with a complete and playable campaign.

  4. Wolf Hongo says:

    Co-op would produce many boners on this end.

    • Dominic White says:

      Not happening, I’m afraid – it’s Flash/Actionscript 3-based and all the aiming is done with the mouse.

      • Wolf Hongo says:

        Ah, that’s a shame, albeit rather impressive. Co-op or not, I’ll probably buy this the second it’s released since I played Intrusion on Newgrounds and was glued to it all the way through.

  5. Dominic White says:

    I was talking with the developer of this yesterday – he’s currently working out distribution and pricing and all that. It’s a straightforward, linear Contra-style romp (in parts directly inspired by the PS3 Contra: Shattered Soldier). There’s an old alpha demo on the official site with (unfinished) versions of the first couple of levels and the first big boss fight. Give it a shot!

  6. Optimaximal says:

    Dear god this looks to be a delicious mash-up of Metal Slug, Capsized, Cortex Command and [insert obscure retro 8-bit side scroller here]!

    • NetsukeMonkey says:

      St. Dragon is the obscure retro 8 bit shooter that came to mind when I saw the screenshot

      • Optimaximal says:

        I was honestly thinking Strider and/or Shadow Dancer.

        • f1x says:

          omg I loved Strider in the Megadrive (or however was the name of the console for the rest of the world)

  7. RedViv says:

    Oh goodness. Riding a wolf while firing a helix laser weapon at a robotic flying snake? Don’t mind that. And in the game.

    • Dominic White says:

      It’s more of a flying squidbot with laser-cannon tentacles. Which is even cooler, really.

      • RedViv says:

        Might be. Reminded me very much of the snake things in Journey. Pleasantly so.

  8. _PixelNinja says:

    The game is probalby great but the ‘Happy Wheels’ style animation puts me off to be honest.

  9. Kollega says:

    I remember playing original Intrusion on some flash games site. It was bloody hard, so i’ve never finished it. Similarly, i think this might be too hard for me.

  10. Eclipse says:

    it’s done in flash :( sceenshots on the site says it runs at 30 fps :\
    and bullets are really really slow, it’s still an amazing work

    • Phasma Felis says:

      Flash? Fuck, never mind. It’s gonna run like a snail on muscle relaxants unless you’ve got a $3000+ rig.

      I really wish people would stop making good games in Flash.

      • Dominic White says:

        The pre-alpha demo ran at 30fps solid (the cap at the time) back when I had a first-generation dual-core CPU. It’ll run well, don’t worry.

  11. MadTinkerer says:

    You know, the physics simulation, AI, and procedural animation in Vessel was impressive when it was released a couple months ago. Far beyond anything any big publisher had done in their fancy 3D games, though Valve’s fluid simulation in Portal 2 wasn’t too far behind.

    And then this happens. Holy cow, do you guys realize what kind of math is going on behind the scenes here? The dude’s animations are all affected by physics. Everyone’s animations are affected by physics. Bullets that can collide in mid-air with objects and affect those objects’ momentum. ROBOT ENEMIES THAT CAN GRAB OBJECTS AND THROW THEM IN YOUR DIRECTION.

    No, think about it. It’s like the torches in Minecraft. It seems like it’s not a big deal, just that no one’s done it before. But the reason no one has done it before is mostly due to technical hurdles. If you’ve ever done programming on an engine level, or are studying programming on an engine level (like me), this is beyond mind blowing.

    It’s all realtime combination of physics and procedural animation. Everything works with everything else and the AI can handle all the stuff that’s going on.

    “Intrusion 2 attempts to answer precisely none of these important questions.”


    EDIT: Okay, yes, Dog can pick up the ball and throw it at you in HL2. But he doesn’t really. There’s a canned arm-stretching animation, and then the gravity gun in Dog’s arm moves the ball to Dog’s hand.

    This is a robot which actually figures out the math needed to move it’s limb to grab something and then throw it at you, without using canned animations. THAT has NEVER been done before.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      As an animator, it’s stuff like this that’s gonna put me out of business. I was seriously impressed too with how this seems to play. I mean look at that dragon thing scrambling over those boxes then do the flip thing. Unreal stuff. And to top it all off it was done in Flash with AS3. Good Lord.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        I’ve always felt the term “canned animation” is unjustly used to paint hand animation as inherently inferior to procedural. Neither is better than the other, they each have weaknesses. The best interactive animation happens when you combine the strengths of both, procedurally adapting bits of handcrafted movement into a living breathing dynamic character.

        Shadow of the Colossus did some interesting things along these lines:

        link to

        That said, I agree, this looks damned impressive.

        But @Mad Hamish I don’t think tech like this will put animators out of business. It will just change the job, where you’re less authoring entire scenes and more creating smaller elements and nudging systems into shape so the movement feels right.

        • MadTinkerer says:

          There’s nothing wrong with “canned animation”. In fact, when I was a kid I wanted to be an animator for television or movies, and I have great respect for all graphic artists. I just use the term to distinguish from procedural or physics-based animation.

          I don’t think canned animation will ever go away completely. There’s always situations where a particular movement is too tricky for physics, and not worth implementing in procedural because it’s only supposed to happen one way. And then there’s situations where you want to combine one or more techniques.

          This game is like the Unreal Engine of 2d physics animation. There will probably be physics heavy 2d games like it in the future, but there will still be engines where none of what’s seen in the trailer is possible because the designers have different priorities.

          • Premium User Badge

            Ninja Dodo says:

            This seems to often be the case in both 3D and 2D though, the priorities. Very few designers, these guys and Ueda-san obviously excepted, try to push interaction with intricate movement in any real dynamic way. Compare this or Shadow of the Colossus to boss encounters in most games where you mostly just deplete a health bar from a distance or Press X To Not Die.

            I wish more animators and designers would push in this direction…

    • Reapy says:

      Check out farseer for xna or box2d for some good 2d physics engines that can assist making something like this. They get you a lot closer than youd have to be from scratch. Still you need the artistry to animate and draw all those sprites, and you have to pick good weights and force values to get everything to play right.

      Very nice looking game for sure, lots of graet work going on there.

    • Zyrxil says:

      This reminds me that the one thing that impressed me the most about Saboteur was when the main character took a hat and put it on his head, it actually looked right. It didn’t look like he reached for the hat, it slightly jumped to his hand, and then slightly jumped to his head. To think about it, the only other game I can think of that did something like that animation-wise was LA Noire.

    • Geen says:

      If you like physics, play cortex command. And get a few of the mods, some of them have gravity-distorting stuff.

  12. westyfield says:

    I like that he’s crafted the most generic looking dropship available, and then gone ‘fuck it, let’s give it MASSIVE ROBOTIC ARMS!’

    • Dominic White says:

      It even disapprovingly wags its giant robot finger at you when you damage it.

  13. Ephaelon says:

    Seeing the image simply made me go, “sweet.” Watching the thing in motion has given me diabetes.

  14. Urthman says:

    My only problem with this video is that there wasn’t nearly enough of that glorious lightning gun.

  15. Shooop says:

    That’s really impressive – especially how the player’s shots push enemy ones back.

    Will be watching this one.

  16. Zyrxil says:

    That is really quite an amazing looking trailer, and yet, there’s something about it that bothers me. The art style is very clearly nostalgic, recalling the era of 2d side-scrollers, however, the impressive animation engine is incongruous with all that. We’re all very clear on what those old systems could do and my brain just will not stop screaming that none of what’s in that trailer is possible, so why does it still look like that.

  17. Yuri says:

    Want. Very much so.

    That is all.

  18. Jupiah says:

    Where can I pre-order this?!

  19. noodlecake says:

    Wow! I don’t think a game trailer has ever made me grin so much. This looks IMMENSE!

  20. cappstv says:

    I played the first game and thought it was a pretty bland yet fun shooter. It was really good for what it was.

    This sequel looks like so much of an improvement that I am having a bit trouble comprehending that it is indeed a sequel to the first game.

  21. SmittyBit says:

    I don’t mind a game being differnet in the way it’s pesented, but to do it as a gimmick or because you fancy yourself a visionary, bring art to the gaming masses is too much.

    I enjoy indie games, hells yeah I do, but riding a wolf?? may take some convincing to get me playing this one..

  22. kzrkp says:

    Shame on you, RPS! The splash screenshot on the article was crappy so I avoided clicking. Ran in to the trailer elsewhere. This is AMAZING. It is a little like Cortex Command with the physics, but more than anything I’m seeing Metal Slug. A wonderful physics-y Metal Slug. YES.