Pro Cycling Manager Is Back, Back! BACK!

The many thousands of you – for it is indeed many thousands – who relish the management of imaginary teams of real cyclists will be pleased to hear that Pro Cycling Manager, Le Tour de France returns in June for another season of frantic pedaling. The game, which is developed by Cyanide in between the Blood Bowl reboots, looks like it will be getting the standard sort of treatment for a year sports franchise: updated teams and slightly improved visuals. Not that you care about the graphics, eh cycling team managers? It’s all about the er cycling team management for you, isn’t it?



  1. marlin says:

    These things are always…err…cyclical

  2. Chap O says:

    I, for one, am pretty spoked about this.

  3. Bonedwarf says:

    Have always been interested in this, but Cyanide have a habit of using heinous copy protection on earlier editions. (They were still using Starforce long after intelligent publishers had dumped it).

    A great example of how DRM hurts sales, as I know at least two other people who refused to buy the title purely down to their choices in that regard.

    Huge shame as this title is so far up my boulevard I can taste it.

  4. Radiant says:


  5. Lambchops says:

    This is the kind of game I might have sneered at before but thanks to actually properly getting in to the Tour De France (a combination of a knowledgable house mate and the excellent ITV commentary team managing to explain what the hell was going on) in recent years I can see how this sort of thing could actually be very compelling as management sims go.

    I’d definitely at least give a demo a shot.

    • pazmacats says:

      The demo is called Pro Cycling Manager 2005, Pro Cycling Manager 2006, Pro Cycling Manager 2007, Pro Cycling Manager 2008, Pro Cycling Manager 2009, Pro Cycling Manager 2010, Pro Cycling Manager 2011 and Pro Cycling Manager 2012. All gameplay features are fully included in those demos.

  6. tangoliber says:

    I like watching Tour De France, but I’ve always never understood what the purpose of teams are. Why do the announcers act like someone has an advantage because a teammate is leading, or because they have a teammate with them when they break away? Why does it help for a teammate to chase down a breakaway? Is it just psychological, or what? I can see teammates protecting a cyclist from dangerous situations, but thats about it.
    Can anyone explain?
    Also, will we get to blood dope in this game?

    • edwardoka says:

      It’s not like football where there’s a single objective that the team is working towards. Teams are comprised of many different roles. Sprinter, lead out man, climbers, general classification, domestique etc.

      Bearing in mind that it’s a LOT easier to ride in the peloton than it is to ride in a breakaway, both psychologically and physically, on the long flat stages, the purpose of a team is to
      a) keep their sprinter fresh for the sprint across the line
      b) give them the best run in to the sprint (the job of the lead out man)
      c) ensure that there actually will be a sprint finish (if there’s any significant breakaway there won’t be)

      As far as the general classification is concerned, the team has to ensure that no contenders are allowed to escape in a breakaway, as that’s where most time differences are made (particularly in the mountain stages)

      Each rider in a given group gets the same time at the end of the stage, even if you’re at the back, so the gaps between groups make up all the difference.

    • ate says:

      If you’ve got somebody in the breakaway you have an excuse for not riding on the front of the peleton. Your team has a chance of winning. If you’ve got no teammates in the breakaway it is in your interest(often) to catch the breakaway(for example if you have a sprinter with you).. The difference in effort between following and leading is huge, just riding behind one other person saves 30% in energy, this increases with more people before you.

  7. edwardoka says:

    I’ve poured way too much time into a couple of iterations of this series. They’re not as immediately gratifying as Foot-to-ball Manager, but they’re diverting enough if you start with a diddy team and try to work your way up.

    The DRM is pretty heinous, though.

  8. pertusaria says:

    But does it have Out of the Park Baseball’s in-depth historical treatment of its sport? I want virtual cyclists with handlebar moustaches.

  9. Kdansky says:

    And I still think it’s a shame that they are not cynical enough to make a cycling manager where you spend 90% of your time choosing the correct drugs. Because lets face it, that’s how cycling really works. But people really like the fantasy of clean cycling, and prefer to wallow in self-delusion instead.

    • cptgone says:

      agreed! also, having to smuggle the drugs to (and through) France might be fun (if done well of course). a few years ago some participants were caught using a mixture of heroin and various other drugs. i guess a realistic rendition of a cycling (or any other sports) game would end up as Great Theft Bicycle :)

      i’ve wasted time playing one of the very 1st editions of this game, it was near unplayable because it didn’t allow a clear overview of the race due to lack of proper zooming. eversince i’ve been interested in newer editions, but i haven’t found one at a low enough discount yet. the release of the newest edition may change that :)
      i don’t care for new stats anyway, as i’m only in it for the gameplay, not the sports.