Tearing It Up: TERA Open Beta This Weekend, Too

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The teams behind TERA must be sighing at the news they’re going up against the Diablo III open beta this weekend, but that’s nevertheless what they’re doing. If you’re not bash skeletons in Blizzard’s forthcoming sequel, then perhaps you might want to nose at the freshly-converted “action” MMO, TERA. Converted, that is, from its natural Korean state, where it has already been running for some time. To sign up for the beta get an account here. I understand the client is a whopper too, so you might want to get downloading.


  1. wccrawford says:

    They’re doing it on purpose. They probably had no intention of making this a beta weekend until Diablo announced theirs. They’re just riding the publicity/scandal wave.

    • Velvetmeds says:

      But the Tera beta was announced first, despite RPS being “late” to the party. Got my email yesterday, half a day before Blizz made their announcement. Might have been related to the SWTOR beta weekend though… But not D3.

    • briktal says:

      It seems more likely that it happened the other way around. Earlier this week they opened up character name reservation for preorders and this weekend is actually some hybrid open beta/head start. Characters will persist through the retail launch and preorders were able to access the beta weekend yesterday.

    • Grygus says:

      TERA scheduled theirs at least two weeks ago. Blizzard announced theirs 14 hours before it started.

    • kraken says:

      I got my email about TERA beta April 12th.
      So yeah, Blizzard definitely announced his later.

    • SexualHarassmentPanda says:

      That theory is a bit rediculous. They have been in closed beta for some time now.

  2. tres says:

    So who announced this weekend is “their” betas weekend first anyways?

    Just wondering who’s challenging who here.

    • El_Spartin says:

      Tera announced this weekend as an OBT on the 12th of April, eight days ago. Blizzard announced their OBT yesterday (technically, today, this morning).

      TERA got it first but it doesn’t really matter since Diablo 3’s Beta content is like an hour or two.

    • tungstenHead says:

      The TERA beta schedule (including the date for the open beta) was announced at least as early as Feb 1st.

      link to tera.enmasse.com

  3. alm says:

    I’ve already decided D3 isn’t for me. I will try TERA.

  4. Blackcompany says:

    I beta doesn’t matter. With the weather on the US East coast this weekend, I beta lot of people show up for all of them.

  5. caddyB says:

    I’ll make one of those lolicon characters and see how it goes!
    FOR SCIENCE ( and also to terrify the girlfriend/mother/sister )

    • Gasmask Hero says:

      What. all three in one? I’d say lolicon was the least of your issues.

      • caddyB says:

        well it’s a whole weekend to get them to see what I’m playing as :D

      • Blackcompany says:

        He’ll be playing the game in a remote location. Like a cafe with wi-fi. Or a bunker.

  6. noexes says:

    Umm, can you guys stop promoting a game with loli in it? There is a race of characters in the game that look like children, but have heavily sexualised clothing. Child pornography is kind of a big deal, and a big budget MMO that virtual versions of that kind of stuff is way too normalizing of some really disgusting behavior.

    • TCM says:

      I don’t want to open up a can of worms here, but suffice it to say that child pornography is reprehensible and completely unacceptable primarily because it victimizes children. I do not believe pixels can be victimized.

      (Which isn’t to say the Loli subculture isn’t creepy as frig, but again, can of worms.)

      • LionsPhil says:

        Section 69 (hurr) of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 disagrees.

        And now, a huge flamewar about if they’re “indecent”.

        • Blackcompany says:

          Despise the Loli race. And the little furbi-alikes, too. Kind of ruins immersion in the game world when you see one swing those enormous weapons. Which come to think of it also kill any sense of immersion in the game world.

          All of which would matter if the game featured something (other than combat) that I can’t find in higher quality MMO games right now.

        • noexes says:

          I love that people argue that they are indecent because “those characters are actually thousands of years old, they just look like children!” Of course, the problem is actually entirely limited to the fact that they look like children. Which is a huge problem in and of itself!

        • malkav11 says:

          How is that law relevant to any discussion currently ongoing? We can assume that no content in TERA has been found to violate federal child pornography law or it wouldn’t be saleable in the US. And laws have nothing to do with a discussion of morality, only legality.

      • noexes says:

        I thought the same thing for a while (that loli was a victimless crime), but it is clear that collecting loli often leads to collecting the real thing, and it makes an association in the mind between children and sex, the existence of which is why the whole cp industry functions in the first place.

        You are right that a games site really isn’t the place to discuss this, but I just wanted to make it clear that loli is more than just creepy, it is potentially harmful. While TERA may have other aspects that are good, this kind of poisons the whole pot, and if the developers had any sense they would have scrapped that whole part of the character designs instead of just slightly altering it (though a sexy child in stripper pants is just as bad as a sexy child in a bikini).

        • alm says:

          Not that I am going to play as the child like race but:

          “but it is clear that collecting loli often leads to collecting the real thing” – Source?

          It sounds as bad as saying that people who play gta will turn out violent.

          EDIT: Ok I’m sorry I just found out what loli means. I don’t think TERA contains loli, as you said.

          • noexes says:

            That’s a valid question, and studies about this are not as common as they are for video games and violence. That said, consider the fact that, with the exception of a very depressing case involving a comics collector, there have been no arrests for loli that haven’t also involved possession of actual child pornography. There is a very strong link between the two, stronger than between real world and virtual violence.

          • TCM says:

            That’s honestly as spurious as saying that everyone who has shot up a school in the last decade owned video games.

            I am not defending here, as I don’t feel in any way like it’s a culture worthy of defense. But you need to seriously examine the evidence before making a big, leaping correlation like that.

          • alm says:

            I agree that child pornography is wrong. And I also agree that drawn child pornography is wrong. But I don’t see the characters in TERA as pornographic. Just because someone may find it attractive doesn’t make it pornography. Whether or not it is tasteful is another matter, I just object to the words you are using in relation to this game. I don’t think it’s as black and white as you are making it sound.

          • Zyrusticae says:

            I really don’t feel like getting into this – in fact, I feel the fact that we even have debates over such relatively tame content in the first place to be a bigger issue in and of itself – but you may want to consider that people who show pedophiliac tendencies also to happen to collect drawn materials, but it is not necessarily so that everyone who collects drawn materials will collect the real thing. Or pursue the real thing, for that matter.

            And yeah, what the above two said.

          • MaXimillion says:


            It hasn’t occurred to you that maybe people who possess loli but not actual CP don’t tend to get arrested for it?

            Not to mention the fact that child pornography legislation tends to be completely broken in the first place.

          • skittles says:


            “there have been no arrests for loli that haven’t also involved possession of actual child pornography”
            Oh really. Then have not those arrests been for child pornography and not loli?

            Blatantly spreading misunderstanding simply because you believe it leads to – as one thing put a while ago “bad religions”. You didn’t stop and think about what your are saying at all?

            Certainly a lot of people arrested for CP have had loli material. But all that is saying is that a lot of people who are paedophiles also like loli material, not really the difficult to think why. You did not think that a person collecting CP could find out about loli and then start collecting it?

            However it says nothing about the loli community. There is no research currently done on this. I will not argue one way or another for the community, but stop putting opinion as fact.

        • MaXimillion says:

          It hasn’t occurred to you that maybe people who possess loli but not actual CP don’t tend to get arrested for it?

          Not to mention the fact that child pornography legislation tends to be completely broken in the first place.

        • lordfrikk says:

          but it is clear that collecting loli often leads to collecting the real thing

          Own experience? /facepalm

    • SexualHarassmentPanda says:

      Oh please, It is a FANTASY game. You can also be a freaking panda with an axe. There is no nudity in this game, so how you came up with child pornography is beyond me. Get your head out of your ass, it is just a game.

      • trjp says:

        AND we can track down anyone who chooses to play as a childlike boy/girl in skimpy clothing and send Sun readers around to their house ;)

    • Jar says:

      The Elin are creepy little midgets and IMO a bit lame, but they hardly show any skin and aren’t sexualized at all. The fact that you make this (even creepier) logistical leap right to ‘child pornography’ shows that you either have a really skewed (and frankly uninformed) view of just what kiddy porn is, or you have some incredibly deep seeded issues you need to work on.

      Poppori are the master race in this game anyways, does that make me a furry? By your logic it’s to be assumed that people only play characters that they want to sex.

      • Hanban says:

        Them wearing hotpants/panties is not sexualizing them?

        All female characters in the game are sexualized, which is in itself really really really boring.

      • The Guilty Party says:

        I think calling the Elin child pornography is inaccurate in both the ‘child’ and ‘pornography’ parts, but they *are* very much sexualized. They show tons of skin and wear tiny little panties as clothing and tops that look like lingerie.

        That said, they also have ears and a tail and facial features that are not human, and body proportions that are not child-like. They are very anime-child-like though, but I dunno. What crosses the line? If they had big breasts (like all the other females in the game), would that make it ok, because they’re just like short women then?

        • vorvek says:

          I don’t know if everyone here is aware that the Elin were modified quite a bit to show them less skin in the western version of the game. Just saying.

          link to 1.bp.blogspot.com

          • Bondagefai says:

            Yes, it was done so intentionally because they knew it would be an issue to the western playerbase.

            It was never an issue to the eastern playerbase.

            In fact, it was never an issue in any the versions of the game that were released in Korea and Japan, both countries that have some of the lowest pedophilia/sex offender crime rates in the world.

            This is purely a western thing. I find it interesting that as a culture we seem to idolize violence and death so much and yet act like total 17th century puritans when anything slightly sexual comes up. Killing people is totally fine, but talking about sex isn’t.

            I don’t really have anything for/against the Elin, I just find this irony hilarious. I also feel like some of these comments could very well be pissed off NCSoft employees/payed workers trying to dirty the game’s image after they lost their lawsuit against Blue Hole Studios.

            NCSoft also opened up a new lawsuit against the company publishing this game in the west, citing “significant damages” it would do to their last MMORPG, Aion. Because somehow players deciding what to play equates to “significant damages” amirite?

          • caddyB says:

            Well Aion is pretty bland so I guess if a better game comes along it does significant damage indeed.

    • Baresark says:

      Meh, that’s quite a stretch. I think the OP needs therapy.

    • turkleton says:

      I hope you are not hypocritical and watch anime. There are lots of those which have children that could, by western standards, be considered sexual in nature. If it’s not your cup o tea than so be it. It’s just a silly game from Korea.

  7. ninjapirate says:

    Since so many people are having trouble even logging into D3’s open beta, who knows – they just might flock to Tera instead, for the time being.

  8. trjp says:

    I got an invite to this earlier in the week – I finally tried it today and I really don’t get it.

    I’m a massive bloke with a huge hammer who’s already Level 20 and has a tonne of spells and I seem to have all the damage capabilities of a wasp with aspergers…

    Good News is that it’s a bit different from other MMOs in the combat dept

    Bad News is that it’s otherwise a stock Asian MMO with fluffy panda-like creatures, nymphette female characters and swords bigger than your house – original, it ain’t.

    After 20 mins I don’t think I cared 1 jot about it.

    • Jar says:

      What class are you playing that has a hammer? If you are level 20 with an axe, that makes you a berserker, and if you aren’t shitting out damage at this level then you probably aren’t great at these games.

      • jrodman says:

        This sounds like “lol, ur bad”. Please dont sound like this.

      • trjp says:

        I would have been challenging to notice details like weapons as the game takes a week to load textures for anything.

        In the ‘starter area’ (for this demo at least) there must have been 100+ people but I only know that because their names moved around – actually SEEING them would have taken longer than I cared about.

        But yes, it’s an axe, I’m a Berserker and the combat has zero weight or rhythm to it IMO Even when you suss the controls, there’s just no feeling of “I hit him with an axe the size of Luxembourg” – some of this may be down to the quite mind-bending lag I suppose but I find the whole “not 1 iota of originality” setting and slightly crass dialogue too offputting to continue…

    • The Guilty Party says:

      You know, everyone goes on about the combat, but it’s … it’s not that different really. It takes a bit of getting used to, but then you’ve got an optimal rotation of skills (that automatically pop up on your spacebar). Repeat them (for quite a while) until the monster is dead. You just have to make sure you’re pointing in the right direction now as well.

      • Bondagefai says:

        The spacebar skills are just chained attacks, they’re not necessarily optimal. you can also disable them/mix your own chains

    • Styrium says:

      The start is fairly bizarre – the “Prologue” has you playing at a level 20 version of your character and, when you complete it, you’re back to level 1 and the game starts as you’d expect.

      On one hand, it lets you see the class you just played at mid levels to give you a better idea of whether or not you’ll like it, however, it’s extremely jarring, doesn’t really make sense, and isn’t explained. I almost stopped playing during the prologue, but it ended just in time and I stopped playing around level 5 instead.

      The combat they keep advertising is no really different to any other MMO I’ve played, except you have to hold down the left mouse button to autoattack. Then there’s the questing, which would have been a step backwards if it was released 5 years ago.

      Quest 1: Kill some trees
      Quest 2: Kill more of the same trees and loot them
      Quest 3: Kill some deers
      Quest 4: Kill some “elder trees” – which are identical to the previous trees
      Quest 5: Kill some “sick deers” – which are identical to the previous deers

      That’s as far as I got.

  9. jrodman says:

    Anyone know the download size?

    • SexualHarassmentPanda says:

      Gigs upon gigs, 20 if I remember correctly.

    • trjp says:

      Not 100% sure but it was downloading at full tilt (for me that’s about 6Gb/hour) when I headed to bed last night and it seems to have taken between 2 and 3 hours which would put it well north of 10Gb…

    • Styrium says:

      It’s a 25GB download, and you need 50GB of space to install it.

      • ffs_jay says:

        A 25gig download must be bordering on commercial suicide for this kind of thing, surely? Especially when most of the better stuff is gravitating towards streaming clients with painless installs these days. It just reeks of bad design. Even if you can’t implement some seamless system, you could at least initially download the starter area and set the rest to tick away in the background somehow.

        For all its problems, Free Realms absolutely nailed it on the front. Tiny initial download (literally a couple of minutes even on a terrible connection, a matter of seconds on a good one). Web-based character creation even while you’re waiting for that little thing. Then stream the rest while you’re running through the tutorial zones and the first area or two. Now, I understand it’s a pretty graphically light game and not everything could get away with this to quite that degree, but this has to be the way to go, at least as much as developers can for this kind of project. All I know is I’ll try anything with a streaming client, I’ll try most stuff in the “couple of gigs” range if it looks vaguely interesting. Over that? Life’s too short.

        Yeah, it’s partly your usual priviliged gamer complaining, but I don’t know, it makes business sense too. Get people in the door as fast as you can. The more people try it, the more people are likely to stick around. A subscription MMO with a 20+ gig client seems insane in this day and age.

  10. HaVoK308 says:

    Got the Diablo beta downloaded and installed but cannot connect.

    Can’t get TERA to work no matter how many times I download it.

    I wont be playing either on their respective launch days.

    Remember when downloading a game client was simple? It’s not even a simple process on consoles anymore. Both EA and UBIsoft expect you to register with their service as well now.

  11. wcanyon says:

    I’m getting about 425kBs on my 12MBb connection — it’s gonna take 13 hours to download :/ … can’t companies do CDNs in these instances?

    • fish99 says:

      Getting a solid 1.15 MB/s here (the full speed of my connection).

    • Bondagefai says:

      I had this problem as well. If you disable the p2p option in the launcher the speed shoots right back up.

  12. jwfiore says:

    Can anyone who’s played this draw any comparisons to Monster Hunter? I absolutely adored the Wii version. Grindiness isn’t really an issue for me provided the grind is challenging and meaty. For Monster Hunter players, I typically used Greatswords/Hammers in the game, mostly because your poor bloke could barely lift the damn things and it felt amazing getting a solid hit off. This anything like that?

    Also, I’m amazed there are so many people raging about child pornography here. I’ve watched lots of porn (not child porn, but I imagine it’s the same general concept). This doesn’t look anything like porn to me. Not enough, you know, sex and nudity.

  13. Burning Man says:

    Sorry, can’t participate. Apparently, I’m a gold farmer. And so is my Dad. And Mom. And my neighbour. And the kid at the end of the street. And the city mayor. And the country’s president. AND THE REST OF THE FRIGGIN CONTINENT.