Yes: Roar Rampage Now Playable

Remember Roar Rampage? You know, the dino demolition masterpiece John spotted a few weeks ago? Well, you can play it now. I just hopped in the ring and put in a few rounds of space-lizard-vs-an-entire-city boxing action myself, and was surprised to discover a subtly nuanced, brain-bendingly strategic experience. OK, I’m lying. But I was able to block bullets and missiles with my XXXXXXXXL boxing gloves, so it’s a bit more than physics-based structure uppercutting (structurecutting?) – but thankfully, not much. Sometimes, all I want out of my games is to punch helicopters into other helicopters. Roar Rampage approached me – a look of oddly stern determination plastered across its face and elbow pads fitted just so – and granted that innermost of wishes. Then it patted me on the back, said everything was going to be OK, and lumbered off into the sunset. Then it punched the sunset – right in its big, dumb face.


  1. Moni says:

    Ha! Placed second first try. Now wish I chose a better name than “poopieplop”.

  2. TheWhippetLord says:

    I say this from the bottom of my heart:

  3. Vandalbarg says:

    Like Hajime No Ippo, Godzilla, and that old arcade boxing game in one delicious package.

  4. grundus says:

    I was talking to my brother the other day about how there’s only one Flash/free internet game that you’d actually choose to play over other actual games, and it was Happy Wheels. I think there are now two.

    It’s just a shame it tried to crash my PC on the third level, but I’ll try it again soon.

  5. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Roar! Punch!

    Simple happiness.

  6. ZyloMarkIII says:

    The turrets are quite annoying and the controls aren’t as tight as I would like it, but it is a simple joy to punch out helicopters with oversized boxing gloves.

    • Bobby Oxygen says:

      Yeah, the controls let it down quite a bit.

    • Universal Hamster says:

      I think if this had a fullscreen mode it would sort the control problems out massively. Its hard to keep your pointer inside the window in the thick of things.

  7. merkwuerdigich says:

    Ganbare Goemon 3 rip-off.

    link to

  8. kzrkp says:

    Stuck. There’s a building with 4 turrets on it and I can’t punch it down faster than they can kill me. :(

    • kzrkp says:

      Figured it out! have to flail glove up and down to block all of it :D

  9. Geen says: