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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Get It

There’s nothing I like more waking up on a Saturday morning, consuming a bacon sandwich, arming myself with a massive mug of tea, scouring the internet for the best deals on digital entertainment software for computer boxes, and then sharing the results of my research with you, the good readers of RPS. Are you ready for a figurative bucketful of cheap games? I hope so, because that’s what you’re about to get. You can rely on for more of this sort of thing throughout the week. Here’s this week’s bargain bucket:Botanicula, Machinarium & Samorost 2 – Pay What You Want
The assorted beautiful point and clicky output of Amanita Design, and their wonderful soundtracks, all for whatever price you happen to see fit. Also available as part of this bundle if you beat the average price is Windowsill, which looks a bit lovely, and feature film Kooky, which I’ll lazily describe as the Czech Toy Story (with everything that entails). To get Steam keys you have to pay $5 or more, which is a new move from the folks at the humble bundle. I gather it’s because Botanicula is a brand new game. Find out wot John thought of Botanicula by reading his words here.

The Witcher – £3.09/€3.77/$4.99
Some bloke called Kieron did something called a review of this over at a website called Eurogamer. Here’s a extract of it:

It’s the only PC RPG of the last couple of years which has committed to a high level of production values (at its best, the game is genuinely beautiful) to a traditional design (heavy on the conversation) with enough twists to make it feel novel. The setting being so nasty is a prime one – after a mass of sanitised RPGs, playing one where characters happily call each other abusive names makes a welcome change.

The rest can be found here.

Just Cause 2 – £3.49/€4.99/$3.74
Registers on Steam.
That’s some pretty harsh regional pricing bollocks, huh? Even if it is far cheaper in the USA than anywhere else, it’s still an excellent price for an excellent game in other regions too. Joh n said this about it:

Get it because you can steal planes from airports and ditch them into the sea. Get it because you can fly a helicopter up to unimaginable heights and then freefall for minutes. Get it because you can tether an enemy to the back of your boat and then drag him behind you. Get it because you can watch the sun set behind the mountains, as you fire a rocket into a water tower and see it cascade over the town below.

I think he thinks you should get it.

Hitman: Blood Money – £1.49/€2.50/$2.49
Jim said:

Blood Money is, like all the great puzzle games, about bettering yourself. You’re not just completing the game, you’re doing so with style. Also, as if you needed another reason to go back and dig out Blood Money, there is no other game to which, while playing, you can respond to the question “what are you up to?” with the answer: “I’m waiting on the sidewalk until the clown comes out of the house. Then I’ll strangle him, put on his clothes, and put him in the boot of his own van.” At which point your girlfriend leaves your cup to tea and backs away rather too quietly. No sudden moves…

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Saints Row: The Third & Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – £20.55
Add this, this & this to your basket, and apply coupon “MCVWINNERS”.
This is likely only available to buy if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, although since all three of these games register on Steam, there’s nothing stopping you foreign types from recruiting a Britisher to take care of your purchasing for you, and then passing the serials your way. Here you get three of the games that you might want to play from the last year or so. One where you get to shoot men in a city, one where you get to shoot orcs, and one where you get to shoot or talk to men. It’s a diverse selection, and at £6.85 per game, it’s great value too.

Also of note:
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – £2.49/€3.74/$3.74. Registers on Steam.
Ballistic, Depths of Peril, Inferno+, Slydris, Tobe’s Vertical Adventure & Unstoppable Gorg – £2.95/€3.60/$4.76 at time of writing.
Tropico 3 – $4.41
Wargame: European Escalation – $26.79. Registers on Steam.
Alan Wake – $20.09. Registers on Steam.
Alan Wake [Collectors Edition] – $23.44. Registers on Steam.
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition & Monkey Island 2: Special Edition – £3.56/€5.09/$5.09 is where all the other cheap games live.

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