Bows Are The New Guns: Crysis 3 VideoTrailer

I think his knee is intact

The hunted becomes the hunter! The ruined city is reclaimed! Stealth, bows, arrows, BWAARRR, painfully pretty pictures of a world in ruin. Crysis 3 has all this and more. Granted, the ‘more’ is mainly guns (which are also the new guns), explosions and aliens being punched so hard and so far that the lead character might as well rename himself Punchy McFist Airlines. Heck, for all I know he is called that. I probably wouldn’t even lose my monocle when a companion shouted to him, “McFist, these bugs are everywhere, you need to suit up and boot up!” I wouldn’t know what any of it meant but I’m used to incoherence in shooterland. Here’s the trailer.

If you haven’t been naughtily snacking on games news elsewhere, you might not realise that there was actually a teaser trailer for this trailer. Funnily enough, none of us felt particularly inclined to write anything about that.

There’s talk of a return to the more open nature of the first game and if the player is as powerful as the trailer implies, leaping, sneaking and clobbering through the remnants of New York could be jolly good fun. I tend to enjoy the tension that a vulnerable protagonist brings to proceedings but sometimes it’s cathartic to flick a switch and become a superhero for a little while.


  1. Moni says:

    I totally called it since the Prometheus trailer: “Steadily rising klaxon” is this year’s “BROAAAM”.

    • wodin says:

      Really looking forward to that film. Hope it lives up to my anticipation.

      • DrScuttles says:

        Yeah, I’m really looking forward to Ridley Scott returning to the series. Even if it does turns out pants, it’ll be better than everything Resurrection onwards.
        But then I think that Alien is almost perfect, so I dunno. Been avoiding all Prometheus publicity anyway.

        • Torgen says:

          Wait, how many movies has there been? I stopped at the second one, but was aware of the third one (heard about the ending.)

          • westyfield says:

            Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection. There’s also the Alien vs. Predator series.

          • Tmoore says:

            Alien3 was fantastic. I recommend watching the extended directors cut – really makes a huge difference. It’s the most bleak of the series, but artful, scary and poignant.

          • DrScuttles says:

            Aye, Alien 3 is great too; far more interesting than Aliens, especially with that extended/assembly cut. Really appeals to the nihilist in me. I heard they rerecorded the ADR on the added scenes for the latest Bluray/DVD release which means I need to buy it again. Buggrit.
            Not saying that Aliens is a bad film, though. But Resurrection was very poor. And the AvP films play out like a pre-teen fan fiction writer’s fever dreams.

          • lurkalisk says:

            If you, for whatever reason, like Alien 3, just imagine if they’d kept Gibson’s script, and Fox hadn’t interfered relentlessly with the creative stuff, and then dismantled and reworked it further after completion, to a point where Fincher generally refuses to associate himself with the project.

            Fox make me sad…

    • woodsey says:

      When combined and interlaced with wub wub, we’d no doubt have the greatest trailer of all time on our hands.

      • Benny says:

        I felt they were teasing some wub in there at points. Almost dipping their toes in the water and saying ‘Hey guys! We’re cool too, but obviously not following that trend or anything. Of course not.’

    • Syra says:

      I thought mass effect 3 continued the BROAAAAM sound into this year.

  2. HisMastersVoice says:

    Well, the way they edited this makes it look like more of Crysis 2, rather than a return to Crysis 1 in terms of gameplay, which, if true, would be a deal breaker for me. C2 was a decent game, but it was a lousy sequel to C1.

    I’ve just looked at my Steam stats for both games. I’ve got about 25 hours on C2 and 350 hours on C1. Yeah…

    • enobayram says:

      Same here, no pre-order this time. I’ll let others play and tell me that it’s more C1 than C2. Then I might buy depending on how much more.

  3. Pea says:

    Not impressed.

  4. ThatGuy says:

    I just hope they stick true to their word and it’s more in line with the first, and on that note I also hope they bring back more human enemies as the aliens were definitely the weakest part of the first.

    The environments in the ship and the frozen jungle were both fantastic looking and to explore, but the gameplay took a nosedive since stealth went out the window for the most part. The fact that 2 decided to follow on from the weakest part of the first and remove the large maps in exchange for more linear levels still confuses me.

    • Squire says:

      Yeah I felt the same, surely one of the major reasons they did that was because Crysis 2 was on the consoles as well. CryEngine 3 appears to be a step back IMO, they had to “crappify” the engine for consoles.

      Crysis 2 [Played it on PS3] turned off all those little extra graphical enhancements that made Crysis 1 look amazing [And computer melting], to get it running on the 360. Those huge expansive, destructive levels wouldn’t work on the 360, its too much for its arse amount of RAM to bear. And the physics were poo compared to Crysis 1.

      Thanks Xbox 360 [PS3 to a much lesser extent], you penis, thanks for forcing PC versions of multiplatform games to have their graphics stay the same or god forbid WORSE [See L.A. Noire’s character models for best example, obv not the faces ha] than they were in 2006.

      • Resonance says:

        Crysis 1 is on console [and pretty much intact]. In some areas it looks worse, others better.

      • Dervish says:

        CryEngine 3 is technically superior to CryEngine 2, regardless of how you feel about their respective games.

      • OptimumSlinky says:

        Dude, really? I love how you talk about all the sacrifices that Crytek made for the poor Xbox 360, when it’s the PS3 version that ran at a lower resolution, it’s the PS3 version that was utterly crippled by it’s lack of RAM (which is why they couldn’t offload GPU tasks to the Cell), and it’s the PS3 version that was the biggest technical leap for Crytek to clear. Don’t get me wrong: consoles (BOTH of them) forced Crytek to make huge concessions in design and technology. But blaming it all on the 360 is retarded fanboyism at its finest, especially since the 360’s memory system is by design flexible while the PS3’s is fixed. Get your facts straight:

        link to

      • Max.I.Candy says:

        2006 called, they want their console wars back.

  5. Phinor says:

    Why so dark? I’m a bit of a fan of the previous three Crysis games and visually what I liked most was the fact that there was plenty of light and bright colours as opposed to grey, brown and dark.

  6. NYMinuteMan says:

    I have exactly one issue with Crysis: the aliens. I love fighting enemy soldiers, but as soon as aliens popped up, the game was done for me. Same thing with Far Cry. Totally awesome game, but as soon as mutants become the main opfor, it loses every appeal to me.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Can I add Return to Castle Wolfenstein to that list, especially those head-stomping ones with electricity instead of legs.

      The undead monsters were fine though.

    • brulleks says:

      Yup, same here. At least Crysis had more build up with possibility-packed open levels and human opponents before the aliens turned up and ruined the gameplay mechanics (although the alien ship interior was gorgeous).

      I bought Crysis 2 because the prospect of bipedal aliens promised to be less annoying than the floaty nuisances of the original, yet they still managed to corrupt the mechanics by being bullet-soaks that simply extended the combat to an exhausting extreme. I found myself losing interest very quickly after their appearance.

      Having seen the marketing bumph for both Crysis 3 and Far Cry 3, I hold far more hope for the latter. Despite its respawning problems, I found the combat in Far Cry 2 was always engaging and still return to it from time to time for a bit more ‘splode and burn fun.

      • TsunamiWombat says:

        I rather liked the flying squid. They were irritating but, at least alien. Down with Bipeds! Bring back flying squids with ICE BEAMS!

        • Vesuvius says:

          This is pretty much what I think- that yeah, the Aliens in general aren’t as fun as humans, but if you’re going to bother to force us to fight stupid aliens, then make them freakin’ ALIEN, not bipedal with human-style weapons.

      • PoulWrist says:

        Crysis 2 aliens might be bullet soaks, but you could just sprint up to them and hit f for a one hit kill…

  7. max pain says:

    More like Crysis 2.5. I’d rather replay Crysis 1 than play hi-tech motion-blured Robin Hood.

  8. Kollega says:

    Delay between Crysis 1 and Crysis 2: four years. Delay between Crysis 2 and Crysis 3: two years. Even if we count Warhead, which was out a year after Crysis 1 (in 2008), it still paints a picture somewhat resembling the transfer to Call of Duty model.

    Well, at least it’s “coming 2013” and not 2012.

    EDIT: I just read the alt-text, AND I LOVE IT.

  9. diebroken says:

    Looks like a mash-up of Unreal 2 and Turok…

  10. suibriel says:

    A couple of flashes of guns shooting nothing is “gameplay” now, apparently.

    • Vorphalack says:

      Glad someone else noticed that. Between the size of the weapon models, low FoV and the flourescent particle effects I couldnt see a damn thing.

      • Highstorm says:

        Aye, that was a really unimpressive trailer.

      • Shadowcat says:

        Ditto. The opening pull-back shots were lovely, but I’m assuming that was all pre-rendered. The ‘gameplay’ bits were completely incomprehensible.

        It reminded me of movie fight scenes — in a good fight scene there are fewer cuts, because the fighters can actually do what they are portraying; in a bad fight scene the camera cuts constantly because they need to fake everything, and therefore you don’t really see anything.

        This trailer was a bad fight scene.

  11. wodin says:

    I also agree about the aliens. I really go fed up killing the same aliens over and over again in C2. It was the weakest part of the series.

    • Trent Hawkins says:

      Yeah this game has the smallest monster manual ever. Remember when bestiaries had varieties and each monster played a role?

  12. Turbobutts says:

    Mite b cool if they give you the actual option of stealth approaches like in Crysis and don’t force you into full on firefights all the time like in Crysis 2.

    • NicoTn says:

      I completed 65% of crysis 2 in stealth, what game were you playing?

    • woodsey says:

      The problem with stealth in Crysis 2 was that it was so bloody easy. Instead of building levels that felt natural, they instead created ‘prescribed routes’ to take – the stealth ones generally involving cloaking and running slightly to the left of everyone.

  13. boywithumbrella says:

    did I see zealots in there?

    • f1x says:

      Na, those are the same aliens of crysis 2, which yes, ressemble zealots

  14. gganate says:

    I liked Crysis 2 and thought its campaign was well done, but it was missing the giant levels of the original, and the new aliens weren’t as fun as the Koreans to kill. There was nothing in Crysis 2 that compared to the chaos and sheer awesomeness of the Assault level. Even if they bring back the larger levels of the first game, the Ceph aren’t very interesting to fight. They look funny and there’s no sense of weight to them when you’re shooting at them.

    • felisc says:

      I just can’t understand why crytek continues to feed us this alien bullshit. Ok reusing assets is quick but grrr. Just give us space koreans or something.

  15. byteCrunch says:

    I feel slightly ill, the fov looks very small.

  16. woodsey says:

    Seems the neutered Nanosuit is still featuring. Eh… very hard to get excited about this.

    And if they don’t fix the weapon upgrade system from C2 I will scream: what was the point in making 2 versions of every gun, one tactical and one stealth, and then limiting attachments?

    If I want a silencer and a grenade launcher strapped to my gun I’ll ruddy well do so!

    The first game understood that, at least.

  17. Dowr says:

    Wow, they revealed Crysis 3 with actual gameplay rather than some fancy CG Cinematic? Amazing.

  18. Tridae says:

    Crysis is an EA game hey? I smell an Origin only release. . . .guess it’s a no buy then

  19. virtualmatrix258 says:

    “Let’s show tidbits of images so the PC gamers don’t see how small the areas are because of console limitations.”

    • Jamesworkshop says:

      Crysis is on both PS3 and 360

      link to

      Level size isn’t a problem otherwise GTA games which are much bigger wouldn’t work on consoles, ever heard of streaming….or Skyrim

      • Brun says:

        Neither Skyrim nor GTA push graphics limitations to the extent that Cryengine does.

        But you’re right, level size isn’t really the problem – it’s LOD and draw distance. GTA, like Crysis 2, is mostly set in a city, meaning that draw distances will be limited (except when flying, and then you can see how bad the LOD is). Skyrim’s LOD is noticeably poor-quality, even on PC. The fact that Crysis 2 had to switch to cities to reduce draw distance (for console performance) tells me that Cryengine 3’s LOD is inefficient.

        • Jamesworkshop says:

          No they don’t push but since crysis fits perfectly on a console the idea that crytek were forced into a city is false, The console version of crysis might not stack up to my GTX560, Graphically, (levels haven’t magically changed in size since it’s 2007 release) but compared to my 2007 7900GTX computer it matches it pretty well.

          • Brun says:

            On a 7900GTX Crysis 1 was probably running at mid-range specs AT BEST. Its visuals were comparable to the console version you say – which makes sense. Crytek simply dumbed down the visuals enough to make it work on a console. In Crysis 3 they didn’t dumb down the visuals nearly as much (even on consoles) – the tradeoff was the more constricted map spaces to cut down on LOD. We also lost things like destructability and (most) vehicles.

            The cynic in me also believes that part of the reason for the more closed maps is Crytek’s desire to pander to the COD audience, which is apparently more comfortable with alleyways than jungles.

      • virtualmatrix258 says:

        I guess you didn’t notice all the fog in those games lol.

  20. Setheran says:

    Kind of skeptical about the return to the more open nature of the first game. I think Crysis 2 did far better than the average shooter when it came to giving you different ways to approach things, but it was still a long way off from the enormous open expanses the first one presented you with. I didn’t get the same feeling that I was playing my own way, just choosing between options the level designers had already laid out and labeled for me.

    I think two of the biggest things missing for me were driving and destructible scenery. There wasn’t really even space to drive vehicles in Crysis 2, and minor obstacles would just block your way instead of being smashed aside. There was none of the fun, goofy stuff, like entering buildings by punching a hole in the ceiling, or picking up random objects to throw at enemies. At one point in the first game I was able to drive a truck off a cliff above the quarry area and leap out right before it exploded against the ground, landing me just in front of the entrance of the mine and skipping a big chunk of the level. It’s hard to imagine pulling off any kind of stunts like that in a cramped jungle dome.

    • Pazguato says:


    • Monchberter says:

      Indeed this.

      Has the 2007 ‘flavour of the month’ term ‘sandbox’ been irreversibly replaced with ‘shitbox’?

  21. Radiant says:

    “the greatest city on earth” oh they’ve set it in Londo… wait a fucking minute…

    Also just realised I have no recollection of what happened in the second game.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:


    • BrendanJB says:

      That’s easy. You… because when y… and then there was that scientist who wa..s…

      Oh and then your suit turned out to be the black man!

      And theeennnn….


  22. kzrkp says:

    Origin. :(

  23. jonfitt says:

    Hmm. Lots of squid aliens (squaliens?). They got a bit tiresome by the end of C2. I was hoping they’d been written out since they got the plague last game.
    Also, that is not a bow it is a Transformer.

  24. rivalin says:

    *cough* spirits within *cough*

  25. sneetch says:

    Hang on, the only thing let to do is “hunt them all down and take back the city”? The city that’s now “a spawn of jungle and ruins”? Erm… why bother? It’s just jungle and ruins now.

    • Schwerpunk says:

      Also, why ain’t they just nuke ’em, if’n this is really the future. Seems straightforward enough.

      No, sir – this is simply about a bunch of rich, nanoed up cowboys wantin’ to get them some alien trophies for their fake fireplace mantles, before the poor sods are all extincted.

      • RakeShark says:

        Plus, it’s New York City! Can you imagine a world without New York City!? No Yankees!? No Central Park!? No Times Square!? No paper-thin cardboard-n-ketchup pizza!? No slowly-becoming-irrelevant landmarks!? Imagine the horror of future video game developers, having no New York City to set their games in!

        Yeah, in this universe and mine, New York can go fornicate a large herbivorous mammal with a less than stellar picture of sexual health.

        • Walsh says:

          Did New York City kill your mother or something?

          (As a United Statesian on the east coast, I too am sick of hearing about fucking NYC)

      • Tyraa Rane says:

        Also, why ain’t they just nuke ‘em, if’n this is really the future. Seems straightforward enough.

        Well to be fair, they did try that in Crysis 1, and that immediately caused shit to impact against the fan at a very high velocity. I believe the fact that nuking the aliens just gives them more energy to work with and wreak havoc is the one thing about them that wasn’t retconned to hell by Crysis 2.

        …I am only mildly bitter about the direction Crysis 2’s story wandered off in. Really.

        • Vesuvius says:

          What made me so bitter about 2 was that Warhead was so polished and fun. 1 was great, Warhead was better in many ways (although could’ve been more open), and then it became utterly awful with 2, with totally different and less interesting aliens, corridor shooter stuff, spirits living in your nano suit, nano suits becoming alien artifacts, and just totally ignoring the end of 1 and the questions it raised. Plus, come on, 1 had some badass giant aliens that made the pingers look pretty lame in comparison.

  26. Schwerpunk says:

    The description sounds amazing, but the trailer showed me not even one thing to get excited about.

    Somehow, they even managed to make the bow look boring.

  27. Tom De Roeck says:

    I wish the goal of the game really was “kill all aliens”. and you had a kill count, and you had to run all over Jungle NYC killing the aliens. Ultimate Exocide.

  28. Baresark says:

    Wow, this whole game is shot in found footage style, that is terrible. Also, I notice the emphasize the things I turn off in the game. There was not a single scene without motion blur. I hate motion blur. Also, there is no reason for a Bow when you have guns that are much much more accurate and take a lot less skill to use.

    I’m a bit pessimistic about this game. I have even gotten over the whole Origin thing. That simply means I buy it on Amazon when it is no longer $60 and then register the key. I still won’t buy anything directly off of Origin. But, meh. Crysis was fun but not that great. I personally enjoyed the Far Cry games more. But, I’ll obviously withhold any final judgments till release and few reviews are floating around. I did enjoy the urban setting of Crysis 2, and I always thought a post apocalyptic jungle overgrown city would be awesome. We’ll see I guess, haha.

    Edit: It’s been a while, but is that Prophets voice? He died in Crysis 2…

    • Brun says:

      Also, there is no reason for a Bow when you have guns that are much much more accurate and take a lot less skill to use.


      • sneetch says:

        Suppressors work well if you want stealth. Or turning invisible and stabbing them.

        • Brun says:

          1) Suppressed weapons still make more noise than bows.
          2) Stabbing requires getting close to your target, bows or guns are standoff weapons and therefore safer.
          3) And in fact, with nanosuit-boosted strength, the range on a bow would be increased substantially, with no sound or muzzle flash to give away the position of a long-range shooter.

          • sneetch says:

            Does it make more noise? Possibly but I do know that bows make considerable noise, the more powerful the bow the louder the noises, the sound of the bow string snapping back into place, not to mention the “thunk” of the arrow hitting and the noise of the person falling over (and if you’re being realistic the sound of them screaming from their probably not-instantly-fatal wound). And if those arrows use nanosuited strength then why haven’t they either shattered or punched straight through the targets?

            But anyway, we shouldn’t be talking realism here, this is a game, if they want a bow to be completely silent and kill unsuspecting enemies silently for that “First Blood Part Two” feeling then why not.

          • Tams80 says:

            This is a game with nanosuits. Anything is possible. Therefore you are both wrong and right.

          • Vesuvius says:

            I want to use my nano-strength to throw spears super powerfully

  29. Craig Stern says:

    “Punchy McFist Airlines: cheap because we don’t use fuel.” I’d book it.

  30. engion3 says:

    Woohoo, hope there’s people playing multiplayer longer than 3 weeks after release. I really enjoyed the MP and their map design is great. Several multi-tiered stories with the ability to jump really high added another layer of skill and making sure to save enough energy before a battle to quick switch into armor mode really added a layer of micro.


  31. Tyraa Rane says:

    Well, that was a terribly boring and generic trailer. All it did was remind me that I never bothered to finish Crysis 2, even though I pre-ordered it. Glitches out the arse on the PC version forced me to restart the game twice, got stuck by a glitch again with a looping sound bug on one level, stopped playing, got a new HDD a few months later and then could never be bothered to reinstall and try again.

    Which is a real shame, because I adored Crysis 1 and Warhead. But the aliens were the weakest bloody parts of those, and retconning what was awesome out of them didn’t help. The distinct lack of any characters I cared for from the first game and the constant feeling that the new writer took a look at the script of the first, went “nah, don’t like any of this; not gonna work from it” and rewriting everything to suit himself probably killed my interest in C2 faster than the bugs did.

    So since Crysis 3 seems to be continuing in the same direction as the second…meh. On the plus side, it will probably require Origin like ME3. At least that’ll make it easy to pass up, despite my nostalgic warm fuzzies for the first couple games. Thanks, EA!

    • KenTWOu says:

      The distinct lack of any characters I cared for from the first game and the constant feeling that the new writer took a look at the script of the first, went “nah, don’t like any of this; not gonna work from it” and rewriting everything to suit himself probably killed my interest in C2 faster than the bugs did.

      They’ve changed ts writer again, it’s Steven Hall now. And that fact almost killed my interest in Crysis 3. I’m part of the small minority who think that Richard Morgan did a very good job with C2.

      • Tyraa Rane says:

        They changed the writer again? Oh dears. That’s getting into “too many cooks” territory.

        I do think Richard Morgan wrote a good script, for what it’s worth. It’s just that it wasn’t a good script when attempting to form a coherent narrative with the first two games–then it was more like a train derailment. If it were a standalone game I probably would’ve enjoyed the story a lot more. Good script, terrible retconning.

  32. Tams80 says:

    I can almost see the corridors. ¬.¬

    It seems like all Crytek took from “we think Crysis is better” was ‘we like the jungle (setting)’.

    Just to nitpick more, although it’s a game and therefore logic need not apply; why would you even bother ‘taking back the city’? It’s not worth much if it is ruined and has a jungle growing in it. Plus ‘the greatest city on Earth’…

    Edit: Ninja’d

  33. Peanut Noir says:

    It makes me sad to think that we probably won’t see anything similar to C1’s sandboxes for a while.

  34. bhlaab says:

    Two things:

    Will it require Origin
    Will the guns still take up half the fucking screen for no reason

  35. magnus says:

    Hopefully with checkpoints and the ability to save where you want to.

  36. ThomasA says:

    I did a little research and I found the full list of Crysis 3 weapons:
    Bow and Arrows, Alpha Jackal, C4, Ceph Plasma Destroyer, Hammer 2, Jaw, Scar, Scar 2, Typhoon, Scarab, Majestic-Six and Feline.
    was written by Crysis 3