Cursors w/o Borders: End Of Nations’ Liberation Front


Are you playing the End Of Nations beta? I DEMAND to know. So I can label you accordingly. “END OF NATIONS PLAYER” I’ll write on you, with pen. Eventually I plan to do it for all games, but I’m starting with this one. Um, er, crap, why am I posting about a strategy game again? I’ll tell you why – Adam’s too busy bashing all his teeth to bits, leaving me to try to fill up enough space before I tell you there’s a new trailer out for the Liberation Front class and you can watch it below phew I made it.

Gosh, those tanks are cross with each other! Also, this music reminds me a bit of Doctor Who. Um, I like juggling. Light blue is a good colour for a wall. Can I go now please?


  1. Durkonkell says:

    Oh, John! You are rubbish with strategy games. You could’ve at least talked about how many graphics it had or explained WHY Adam is smashing his teeth to bits.

    Anyway, don’t you have some kind of new news-writer who you can command to write posts with trailers in them?

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      Adam Smith says:

      Watching the Leveson inquiry and grinding them to stumps.

      • Durkonkell says:

        Ah, I see. I haven’t been monitoring this which is just as well as I require my teeth for other things, such as talking and eating.

      • Booch says:

        Adam? You seem to be lacking a certain #FBF2F2 in your post…or have I misunderstood what that color signifies?

  2. MythArcana says:

    Not to be confused with Rise of Nations…which was a pretty good game I recall.

    • hypercrisis says:

      I don’t think there’s any danger of someone confusing this with RoN

  3. hemmingjay says:

    As soon as you give me a beta key you can call me whatever you want! I applied on day 1 and still am not in. Could use some help!

  4. somini says:

    BOOOkake I say…

    • ColOfNature says:

      Booo, cake? What kind of monster are you that you jeer so at delicious confections?

  5. squareking says:

    Is it in open beta?

  6. hemmingjay says:

    closed beta

  7. wodin says:

    One day we will get a game that does away with the rock paper scissors mechanic.

    • Nintyuk says:

      Well it’s more Rock, Bigger Rock, Paper, Scissors but yeah.
      Aren’t we still all under NDA? And I thought it was ALPHA not BETA.

      • Josh Wanamaker says:

        I’m rather confused. I grabbed a beta key from Twitter back in Feb and have yet to receive a single email or notice of any kind that the beta testing had actually begun. I just logged into my Trion account and aside from the fact that it says I have beta access to the game, I see no client to download, I seem to have no access to any kind of beta forum, or ANYTHING.

        What the hell is going on? Can I PLAY this game? Have I been able to play it for MONTHS?

      • Luke says:

        It says Beta on the main public site. But Alpha on the…er… alpha site.
        And the client says alpha. So I’d trust that over the marketing bumf.

        And yeah the NDA is still active.