Portal 2’s Perpetual Testing Initiative Initiates Next Month

See, you can manufacture your own puzzles. It's a visual metaphor. I am tired.

As hinted at March at GDC, Valve have now announced the imminent release of a puzzle creator for Portal 2. It’s going to be called the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative, it’s going to be out on the 8th May, and most of all, it’s going to be free.

It’s a puzzle creator that will allow the easy sharing of creations to other Portal 2 players, via the Steam Workshop, with options to publish, vote, and download. And a download will automatically install it within the game. I’d like to see that integrated entirely into the game, so you don’t have to switch out to access it. If not, they’ve got two weeks to fix that. Get to it, Valve.

Edit: An anonymous source tells me that I’m an idiot, because it’s all integrated within the game.

So that’s more free content just over a year after release. How dare they treat us this way!


  1. Suits says:

    Awaits devious puzzles

  2. MuscleHorse says:

    They really do put the rest of the industry to shame. Having said that, I do appreciate no other developer has their kind of resources but money-grabbers like EA should take note on how to build a loyal customer-base.

    • John Walker says:

      (Portal 2 was published by EA)

      • CMaster says:

        No, the retail box was distributed by EA. No EA resources were used in development, or even (I think) used for marketing. EA’s decision making didn’t and doesn’t come into anything about Portal 2 beyond logistics.

        • Smashbox says:

          This – distributor not publisher. I.e. loaded boxes into trucks and ships.

          Valve was the publisher.

        • Thermal Ions says:

          Given that EA handled the classification process in Australia for L4D2, I’d surmise that their involvement with “distribution” of Valve games to retail is in fact a bit broader than loading and unloading boxes on trucks.

      • FalseMyrmidon says:

        Except that all they did was publish it (ie handle the distribution of boxed units to stores). They didn’t do any of the other things publishers often do such as financing, advertising (pretty sure Valve handled that themselves), direction of the product of any kind or own any of the IP.

      • kad136 says:

        EA’s the retail distributor. It was published by Valve.

      • TsunamiWombat says:

        Something something your wrong John EA is evil here’s why something something Valve is unblemished by EA something something denial

        PS: I actually agree i’m just taking the piss because the chain of NO YOUR WRONG responses was too good to pass

        • RabidZombie says:

          While I agree that the number of “NO UR RONG” replies was both numerous and humerous, your comment was no less ridiculous either; he is actually wrong. EA didn’t publish the game, they were merely the physical distributor, which is a whole different beast from publishing it.

        • Delusibeta says:

          Doesn’t mean that he isn’t wrong, of course.

      • Amun says:

        *angry fist shaking*

      • Doesn'tmeananything says:

        Sterling journalism yet again.

      • mjig says:

        Please stick to raging about white male privilege and leave the real journalism to the professionals.

        • seventhrib says:

          Jeezy Chreezy what did the man do to you, eat your mother?

      • Williz says:

        John, I expect better of you. It’s your job to know these things…

    • Mr. Mister says:

      Meh… I bet they waited on working on/releasing these tools until the Steam Workshop was developed AND it gained popularity.
      It won’t give as much liberty as Bethesda’s modding tools though, those things are almost at developement tools’ level (user friendship apart).

      Oh man, memories of Portal: Flash Map Pack and Portal: Prelude (now THAT was a decent bossfight), the last one giving me one of the biggest trollfaces I’ve ever seen.

      • MuscleHorse says:

        Well… that’s sort of the point. The hardcore modding tools for Portal 2 are still out there but this will be a My First Eezee Map Maker that anyone can use.

        • Mr. Mister says:

          Ok, thanks for the reminder. I remember now seeing a video like months ago of what the idea of the modding tools were.

      • Phantoon says:

        Trollface? Saw it? What, did you play it with a mirror next to you?

    • radioactivez0r says:

      I think CD Projekt Red does a pretty good job of treating their customers like customers, as well.

    • Kadayi says:

      Really? At least when EA announce a game it turns up. Valve stated that Episode 3 would be done by the end of 2007. Even accounting for a bit of slippage 5 years and not a peep is hardly a model any developer not being propped up by Steam money can afford to follow.

      • Brun says:

        They also have since stated that they’re no longer following the “Episode” model, thus there won’t be an Episode 3.

        “Not a peep?” They’ve been quiet, yes, but as recently as this very week there has been some (admittedly cryptic) news on Half-Life 2’s successor.

      • Thermal Ions says:

        Really? I seem to remember EA cancelling a significantly progressed Command and Conquer game last year.

  3. djbriandamage says:

    I was unimpressed by all but one of the Portal 1 community-created levels (I LOVED the Portal Flash Map Pack). I didn’t really give a toss about this announcement until they mentioned Steam Workshop. Having the community rate and filter maps will hopefully help me wade through the crap.

    P.s., to prospective buyers, Valve usually reduces the price of their games when a new feature is released so I recommend holding off on purchasing this game until then.

    • Dervish says:

      I find it implausible that you played all of the community-created levels. But yes, there is a lot of trash to sort through.

    • povu says:

      Portal: Prelude was pretty awesome.

  4. MrLate says:

    I seriously hope they make it possible to put custom maps made with Hammer to steam workshop as well!

    @djbriandamage: You should check thinkingwithportals.com

  5. WeltEnSTurm says:

    “I’d like to see that integrated entirely into the game”
    It’s AT LEAST going to be as good as Garry’s Mod. There you can access the Workshop via the Steam Overlay, and if you subscribe to something the download immediately starts. After downloaded, no restart of the game is needed.
    Of course there are players who disable the in-game overlay, and I think a complete in-game solution would be prettier than that.

  6. Blackcompany says:

    Based on Steam’s hiring history this could well turn out to be a job application in the form of a downloadable map maker.

    • wccrawford says:

      Which would be awesome, of course. I hope they find some seriously talented map designers and make Portal 3 and a dozen other puzzle games. If not 2 dozen.

  7. Big Murray says:

    Portal 2’s Perpetual Testing Initiative.

    The initials spell “P2PTI”.

    Half Life 3 is coming.

    • Ridnarhtim says:

      OMG. Valve are releasing Texas Instruments calculators with peer-to-peer functionality!

    • TechnicalBen says:

      LOL. I love the reference there. You know what Portal 1 Plus Portal 2 equals? Half Life 3!!!

  8. InsanityBringer says:

    I can’t wait to try out this thing, it will hopefully make making Portal II level creation much nicer. I’ve never really been a big fan of Hammer, especially when compared to similar editors such as Radiant/GTKRadiant or whatever other variants there are. The idea of a nice repository of Portal levels is pretty nice too, currently I can really only go off of what others recommend, and I’ve found some nice things (I’m pretty glad I caught Rexaura from here, as it was a fun experience). Honestly, it feels like some of the portal level sites at the moment are rather low-volume in terms of users providing reviews, and I’m not sure if the steam workshop archive will be any better.

    I’d also love a Portal 1 version of all of this, but given that I’m one of the few people who think that the Portal 1 theme was a bit nicer than that in Portal 2, that isn’t happening. :P (probably would be too much for such little gain)

    • Donjo says:

      Can’t wait to try it out too, I made one map before but I just don’t have the time to do more… this should really speed things up! Really looking forward to a big surge in new, quality maps aswell.

  9. Antonius says:

    Bugger. That’s me done for then. There is no possible way I can resist this.

  10. MrSing says:

    Here’s the trailer for the DLC link to youtu.be
    There is a little easter egg in 1:15 :)

  11. Yglorba says:

    Unless they somehow package Ellen McLain with the editor, I just can’t imagine it being the same.