Prototype 2 Not On PC Until July, Play Thelemite Instead

GOTY 2012.
Thelemite isn’t exactly subtle about its influences. “Melex Archer is a boring programmer who out of boredom signs up to Free Medical Experimentation at and thus, becomes a mutant ninja,” reads its description. “This game was inspired by AAA title Prototype. It involves fighting off hordes off mutants, military, tearing down buildings, and fighting off giant bosses.” And sure enough, while playing, I karate-screamed through the air and mercilessly punted each and every one of those things. I was also able to scamper up buildings like a teenage mutant ninja squirrel and build up a special attack by sort of, you know, slaughtering innocents. So basically, it’s Prototype, but in 2D and with a goofy, occasionally laugh-out-loud-worthy “story.” The controls can be kind of wonky, but it’s big, dumb fun hit with a shrink ray. So go, play, and mash X until all the bad things go away. Thanks, Hookshot.


  1. apocraphyn says:

    Preeeetty sure this isn’t the first time Thelemite has been posted about, here…

    • Dare_Wreck says:

      At the very least, it’s the first time it’s been tagged.

  2. f1x says:

    Off-topic, ain’t it funny how they will release Prototype 2 two months later on PC and then complain about poor sales and PC piratesyarrr

    Yes I came from the future to tell you that

    • Grimgrin says:

      Cool! Did Diablo 3’s launch cripple the English speaking world Like I thought it might?

  3. DickSocrates says:

    There’s no need to wait, Prototype 2 is idenitcal to Prototype 1. The missions and animations are the same. And the game still has that cheap atmosphere, despite them sticking reflective shaders all over the place.

    • SooSiaal says:

      A graphics wise updated prototype you say? Yes please!

    • Squire says:

      Unfortunately what Rich is saying is that its a big poo, I watched a bunch of reviews and let’s plays, they added some crap ass fog as well so you can’t even climb the tallest building and look out over the city/look for a place to go and cause havoc. Also for more evidence of crapness see QTEs for killing animation and vehicle takeover, the bain of Just Cause 2.

  4. HilariousCow says:

    I like the wall running. I like it a LOT. It feels like a jetpack while you’re next to any walls. Lovely! Nice and simple and feels just right somehow.

  5. kud13 says:

    Dammit Nathan, now I have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme stuck in my head. I hope you’re happy!

  6. KinoftheFlames says:

    Playthrough: link to