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The RPS Bargain Bucket: One Free

Lewie’s away being fitted for birthday hats and I’m all alone in the Savy Tower this weekend. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I was racing the bargain-bots down the endless stairs when Lewie appeared to me in a text message. Tony, you should probably find cheap games’ he said – in an impressive hat – so here I am. If you are in London on May 4th, please do come celebrate five years of Savygamer, more details and daily deals are on Hats welcome.

In the bucket today: Syndicate (the fab one), Gratuitous Space Battles, Total War packs, Serious Sam 3 and, oh, all sorts.

Syndicate £1.84/$2.99/€2.26
As part of GOG’s EA promo, you can grab Syndicate for the price of a coffee. I’m going to defer to The Gillenman:

‘Syndicate positioned you as commander of four cybernetically enhanced goons of a global corporation. Your task was building a new world order, one hostile take-over of a country at a time. After receiving your mission and being left in the city, it’s up to achieve it by any means possible. Normally, this will be wiping out opposing corporate agents, but other things to see and do in the near future include rescue, escort, brainwashing and assassination. It distinguished itself by being one of the earliest examples of a convincing living city. People wandered the streets, going about their daily business before having their routine (and often fleshy bodies) exploded by corporate conflict in the high street. Cars patrol the street, and can often be commandeered with a burst of UZI fire. Cops desperately try to keep the peace…’

They should remake this.

Gratuitous Space Battles £13.99/$18.99/€17.99
I am not a good space Captain. My splendid ships are politely lined-up as their crews think of distant families and probably discuss rumours of my poor command while they stare down the equally politely lined-up enemy. This time, I have compensated for their stratagems and the holes in mine. This time, I am ready. I sip my tea and yell ‘make it so’ at my computer, before remembering to actually click the button.
This time, I lose again. I am bad at Gratuitous Space Battles but I still love it – the idea of setting up a battle and then watching it unfold is a brilliant one and the space battles are so lovely that I don’t much mind being beaten. This pack includes lots of new species for you to lead to glorious victories or amusing defeats.

Total War sale
You don’t have to be in space to line up men to hit other men, war is a tradition as enduring as Morris dancing and at least as violent. I would suggest scooping up Empire Gold (£4.99/$7.49/€7.49), Napoleon Imperial (£3.74/$4.99/€3.74) and Medieval II Gold (£2.49/$2.49/€2.49). I’m sure Total War: Morris Dancing will be announced any day now.

1C Amazon Sale
It would have been enough for Amazon to reduce 73 1C games to $5 (£3.07/€3.77) each but they will also give you $5 credit toward another 1C game for every one you buy, essentially making this ‘buy one get one free’ on quite a lot of brilliant games. I would personally recommend the Men of War, King’s Bounty and Space Rangers games but you may want to have a rummage and fill your boots. Those not from the land of dot coms can order through their normal Amazon account and add any valid US address as the delivery address, nothing will be sent there, and you can access all your games through their website. Just make sure your mean old bank doesn’t throw its hands up in the air and charge you extra fees purely at the site of a dollar sign.

Serious Sam 3: BFE £10.19/$13.59/€13.59
Is this week far too strategy heavy for you? It’s ok, everyone knows the best defence is a good offence and the best offence is a gun that shoots cannon balls. Get Games have cheekily priced this a penny less than Steam’s sale and – since it comes with a Steam key – you can take advantage of the cheap upgrade to the deluxe edition that includes the original versions of the first two games. Steam’s four-pack is still your best bet if you can assemble three trigger happy friends with bad attitudes in the face of an alien invasion.

Also of note:
Civilization V £4.99/$7.49/€7.49
The Indie Gala Bundle Pay what you want for A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda and Alien Shooter. Minimum $5.62 for Disciples II, Altitude and Wake with more games due to unlock in the future.
Humble Indie Bundle is still a great deal. Pay what you want for Botanicula, Machinariumm and Samorost 2. Minimum $8.83 for Kooky and Windowsill.
GamersGate Mac Week for our Mac chums.
Modern Warfare 3 free weekend That’s a direct Steam link to the modern multiplayer manshoot.
Crysis Maximum Edition £5.99 using the pcgamer20 discount code. Might be UK only.
Mount & Blade Collection £9.27/$14.99/€11.33 For a collection of mounts and blades.

Don’t forget – maintains a
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