I Call Shotgun: Ghost Reconline’s Specialist Trailerfied

Someday, I'm going to write a headline that's all made-up words. Mark my not-made-up words. This will happen.

“You make the impossible a reality.” Usually, that’s the sort of job description I expect from theme park designers, Las Vegas magicians, or anyone fortunate enough to call themselves a “fungineer” in an official capacity. But, according to a new trailer, Ghost Recon Online‘s Specialist can now count himself among those hallowed ranks. Which is a bit odd, seeing as the rather unfriendly ghost seems extremely proficient at breaking other people’s toys. I mean, Blackout cases tech to sputter and die, and A.E.G.I.S. forces bullets to veer off-course, making even the head-poppingest of marksmen feel like lowly Storm Troopers. He is equal parts insult and injury: first he kills your self-esteem, then his shotgun finishes off the rest of you. Here’s hoping the next trailer introduces a magical theme park fungineer to offset all the sad. Until then, though, the Specialist is skulking around after the break.

So he seems pleasant. Honestly, between the armament loadout and weapons of mass annoyance, he also seems like the class I might end up gravitating to the most. Is anyone in Ghost Recon Online’s closed beta? How does the Specialist actually play? Does he contain as much raw courage¬†as the trailer says? Does he occasionally cross the street before the light changes just because he can?


  1. Fumarole says:

    The more I see of this the less I want to play it; at least I still have the original game. For current games, hopefully Ground Branch will live up to its potential.

    • Apocalypse 31 says:

      Same! This trailer looks TERRIBLE! At least they had the sweet Ghost Recon music in the background. Thats probably the only thing that made it…

  2. Jiminy Crikey says:

    I’ve been in the beta for awhile but I’ve just barely advanced past the first level. That said, all I’ve done is play specialist, mostly using the shotgun. I’m used to FPSs so the mechanics take a little getting used to but the combat has great potential. The only equipment I’ve gotten the chance to use was the A.E.G.I.S system, which pretty much makes me invincible. It would be imbalanced if you didn’t have to buy it continually with RP, which are the points you earn ingame by killing enemies and completing objectives just like all other online shooters. If you can consistently do well in games you should be able to afford a healthy supply of special ammo, equipment uses, and grenades. Or if you have the money to throw around you can buy those things using real currency. My best experience with the game so far has been flanking the enemies and finding them blindly staring down the center of the map through their sniper scopes and carefully oneshotting five of them consecutively with the shotgun, which by the way, is extremely powerful if used properly. It’s a lot like the Spas-12 from Modern Warfare 2, which was my favorite weapon.

  3. FakeAssName says:

    I always gravitated towards the engineer in Quake Wars (the only online FPS I have ever really gotten into), sounds kinda similar ….

    GRO is about the only thing remotely clicking my radar wile waiting for Warface.

  4. siegarettes says:

    My experience with the beta was not particularly good. When I first got access it took me many tries to recover my Ubiplay account, only for it to not log in properly on the GRO site.

    When I finally did get access there was a game there that did a few novel things, but nothing that I felt made it seriously stand out from the pack. The presentation was muddy, and there were barely any graphics options to tweak.
    The guns were your standard fare, the intel system, where aiming at an enemy will allow them to show up on the HUD of any connected teammate was interesting, but the paths that showed what teammates you were connected to felt intrusive.

    Really the only thing I can really say in its favor is that the weapons and unlocks felt like they could be obtained with a reasonable amount of playtime, rather than the furious grind of most F2P titles.

  5. sneetch says:

    You know, they could have taken the various classes and mechanics they’ve shown, made a far more interesting third person fantasy game with wizards and paladins and elven archers and whatnot and I think it would have been a far better game. They could have called it Might and Magic Online!