My Anti-Heroine: Diablo III’s Wizard Isn’t Very Nice

Clearly, I can afford to wear this highly impractical armor because I'm capable of firing hand lasers. That explains it.

Heroes are generally, you know, heroic. They ride gleaming stallions while flashing their gleaming smiles and riding off into the gleaming sunset. They gleam a lot, I guess, is what I’m saying. Diablo III‘s wizard, on the other hand, is kind of terrifying. She takes a certain sadistic glee in blowing her enemies to bloody ice chunks, which is something well-adjusted human beings only do on very special occasions. Fortunately, she also looks wicked fun to play, what with all her time-slowing and teleportation razzle-dazzle. Kind of takes the edge off potentially dooming the whole of human civilization by potentially going mad with power, don’t you think? Descend into this post’s nightmarish depths for a trailer. Go on now. It’ll be fun!

It’s out – ever more unbelievably the closer the day actually gets – on May 15. Alec will be in space or something that week, so he’s very sad. The rest of us, though, fully plan to spend the time slaying demons and probably telling each other deeply personal secrets, so he’ll just have to live with his bad, wrong choices that are bad and wrong. Well, that is, assuming our Internet connections hold u–


  1. Koozer says:

    …is it me or does it look like she’s just about to puke?

  2. Tei says:

    One can’t negate the influence of games like DOTA in diablo 3. The video serve to educate us about the possible combos, and the ULT of the class.

    I don’t exactly think this is bad. It will help these that like to play a class tactically.

    • Captain_Cowkill says:

      I already thought that Diablo/WoW comparisons were darn stupid, but you just took it to another level with the Diablo/DOTA. There is NO common point between them.

      • simonh says:

        Limiting your number of abilities to a strict 6, rather than the previous Diablos’ and most other RPG’s “however many you choose” seems like a plausible DOTA inspiration.

        • Hoaxfish says:

          “limited choice” isn’t really that pinned down. Guild Wars (1/2) has limited choice (and Elites), and the developers made comparison to Magic: the Gathering in terms of deck/card hand as their reasoning. Other RPGs set it up as a form of “equipment” (i.e. you can’t carry an infinite amount of items). Warhammer has that whole “points buy” construction going on.

          It’s probably more important as to the variety of options (a choice between 3 different coloured damage spells is not much variety), rather than the general amount you can have at any one time.

      • Terragot says:

        yeah every level of each class (with gear stripped down) is on the exact same playing field as each other.

        The lack of progressive choice eliminates any tactical advantage and it has now become all about twitch, and money spent (real money).

        even stocking up on mana potions and health potions has been removed.

        To me, it seems like the perfect formula to get people aggressively buying stat boosting items (or worse, unique skills items).

        Seems like the levelling up in the game will be a pointless tedium, as no matter what, you cannot choose your characters path and for PvP, or harder enemy’s, will be relying on high level gear anyway. Shame, I loved speccing out a class to make me feel unique in Diablo 2. In the Diablo 3 beta, I felt exactly the same as any other class I was playing with.

        But yeah, the comparisons to DOTA are obvious, I think it’s well intended (Blizzard are meticulous at balance), with the possibility to cash out if the game doesn’t sell well, but it makes levelling an oxy-moron. They should have just removed it completely, it serves no purpose now.

        Did anyone else pick up the vibe that levelling up just wasn’t satisfying or needed for the type of game blizzard want to make?

        • Gaytard Fondue says:

          I love the fact that you don’t have to buy potions anymore. It was just plain annoying. Too bad the moronic tetris-inventory made it in.

          • sinister agent says:

            More games need to do away with potions. They’re a nuisance, and wreck the tension of fights.

          • HothMonster says:

            Free spammable town portal that returns you to the place you cast it really negates any inventory concerns. Its full? Go to town clean up and come back and pick up what you left laying around.

            I really don’t know why they didn’t leave in the mechanic that allowed you to send your NPC companion town to sell things. I get to keep killing, I lose the sidekick as a trade off and I don’t get sick of going to town every hour.

          • Synesthesia says:

            the tactical potions of the witcher 2 were kind of amazing, though.

          • Rivalus says:

            You’v got to see what Grinding Gear Games done to Path of Exile potion system. it’s much more innovative that Diablo 3 has done.

        • tetracycloide says:

          Every level of each class with gear stripped down was on the exact same playing field as each other in D2 as well. Some skills available and the same quantity of skill and attribute points.

          There is no lack of choice. In fact there’s more choices available without skill trees. Tactical advantages are gained the same way they were always gained, picking which skills to use and when. Real money is neither a novel way to acquire gear nor is it the only way to acquire gear. Time commitment is still an option, as it ever was, and money was an option in D2 as well.

          Potions were always stupid and tedious. They took up space and more importantly time to manage without being rewarding at all. The only potions that even required any kind of skillful use, rejuvenation potions, are back anyway.

          It is the perfect formula to get people aggressively acquiring stat boosting items. This is also no different from before as the name of the game was always getting the best items. You keep saying buy as if it’s the only option though and as if it was never an option before, both are false.

          Leveling up in the game serves the same purpose as before: new skills become available and stats go up. Players have more control over skills than before but less control over stats, an equitable trade. You couldn’t choose the path before either, level 30 always made the exact same skills available the player merely chose which skill to use which is unchanged. Feeling unique by specing a class in D2 is positively laughable.

          The only major difference between the new system and the old system is the time it takes to respect a character. Before it was a huge time commitment that grew exponentially as you leveled, you had to start over from scratch and level back up to the point you were at. Now it’s a much better system were experimentation only requires a few seconds. This system is better because the cost of experimentation is so much lower. Experimentation will lead to uniqueness and emergent gameplay. High barriers to respecs discouraged it and lead to the vast majority of players sticking to cookie cutter builds because they didn’t have the time to try anything novel.

          • Rivalus says:

            ” High barriers to respecs discouraged it and lead to the vast majority of players sticking to cookie cutter builds because they didn’t have the time to try anything novel.”


        • Coriolis says:

          “To me, it seems like the perfect formula to get people aggressively buying stat boosting items (or worse, unique skills items).”

          You know that neither of those things exists in the game and that blizzard has explicitly stated right in the AH FAQ that they will not be selling items and only allow player to player transactions? Right? Oh forget it, obviously making up shit so you can bitch up about it is what comment sections are all about.

          To me, it seems like adding pink princess dresses and playing dress-up with your characters will be the core of the D3 experience, and blizzard will make money hand over fist by destroying the dark legacy of D2 to sell pink bunny slippers. With polka dots.

          • aepervius says:

            You (and other defending the AH) keep missing the point. Blizzard having a take in the sales transaction, potentially that measn that design decisions on drops will be influenced to maximize the profit : aka maximize the number of sales. If Blizard had NO take in the AH, that would be another matter. Indeed it would not make much sense financially to have all the infrastructure implemented at high dev cost, and not profit from it.

        • HothMonster says:

          You can go ahead and feel unique by googling the best D2 spec and leveling a character with it. I will go ahead and feel unique by switching out a plethora or abilities with a ridiculous amount of rune choices to match the situation I find myself in. Everything else you said is equally ridiculous.

      • Steven Hutton says:

        Top down camera, click to move, qwer for abilities, click to attack.

        They’re largely the same genre of games. In that they’re both actionRPGs mostly. Dota is competitive diablo.

        • sinister agent says:

          DOTA is WOW with Starcraft’s UI. I’m not even a Diablo fan but I’d still take it a hundred times over that.

          • Ostymandias says:

            Nope. Just because you have a bunch of fantasy characters running around shooting spells and swords and whatnot does not make the game World of Warcraft.
            If anything, the game is closer to Starcraft with the WoW UI.

          • Zelos says:

            Honestly, it sounds like you haven’t played either game.

            DOTA is nothing like WoW.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Or Diablo III and Starcraft. But I’m not complaining at all about that. :D

  3. BULArmy says:

    The third best class in my opinion after the Barb and Demon Hunter. It looks very nice, packs a punch and it is helpful when playing with a friend.
    I really miss the original heroes, but mostly Paladin, because the game really need second good melee hero, but with magical knowledge.

    • Belsameth says:

      Like the monk? :)

      • BULArmy says:

        I really didn’t like the Monk with all its martial arts combat. Playing with him frustrated me a lot and felt really underpowered.

        • Lajcik says:

          I think the monk is the slowest to develop, he felt the most sluggish during the first levels and started showing sings of flexibility and fun only when reaching the level cap of the beta. But i still wouldn’t compare him to the paladin, rather to a paladin/assassin hybrid. Still, I think you’d be able to build a character that plays a bit like the old paladin if you put your mind to it. With the variety of skills available in later levels it might be doable :)

          • RaytraceRat says:

            I must say I’m really amazed how different people view classes in Diablo 3. I think it’s a good sign.

          • Ruffian says:

            I played the monk the whole demo, and loved him. He’s like melee paladin with more crowd control.

        • Eversor says:

          Did we play the same class? I slaughtered everything in the beta with the monk by right-clicking randomly around the screen and talking to my roommate, while the monk was teleporting all over the place and turning everything into a mash.

          • Syra says:

            Indeed I found him to be teleporty faceroll. They all were by end of beta but I would argue that he is actually the weakest of the 5 at level 13, however he is consistently powerful, unlike wd or dh who start slow and become insane.

          • Corrupt_Tiki says:

            Man, I concur.

            I played to the end with all of them, and I have to say, for absolute carnage, I found the monk was the best. Especially once I got some better items, it just destroyed everything, and I loved the teleporting, oh god do I love it.

            The sorc was ok, but being beta, I couldn’t play with the skills and runes very much :( So only got to see a fraction.

          • HothMonster says:

            I agree the monk was fun and powerful but for pure carnage the barbarian was amazing. After I figured out how to put any skill in any slot I had the two primary attacks (stuning and sweeping) on my mouse and jump and aoe stun on 1+2. The man was a slaughter machine.

  4. JackShandy says:

    Hmmm. It’s dissapointing that there’s no system where the unstable magicks actually run wildly out of control and consume you.

    • unique_identifier says:

      I suspect that would be a very difficult mechanic to get right without it making the game less fun. E.g. if there was any random element to critically failing I reckon that would be infuriating. But perhaps something like heat levels in mechwarrior games might work, if the interface and controls provided the player with a clear means of evaluating how risky “pushing the limits” would be, and what consequences would result if they made the wrong decision.

      • JackShandy says:

        Damaging yourself to do super moves would be easy to implement, and give the flavour some bite. Ideally there’d be flashier stuff; spells that are as dangerous to you as they are to the monsters.

        It just annoys me to see fluff out of step with mechanics. I’d like to play a character who unleashes uncontrollable powers.

        • Meldreth says:

          Indeed, it’s annoying how we sometimes hear people talk about ” mastering the flows or arcaninc energy “, or ” unleashing this unstable raw power “, and in the end it all comes down to a mana pool. And the only thing that could possibly make you fail is that pool being empty. If there’s any mastery involved, it certainly never reflects in gameplay, but sure, maybe that between the moment you pressed a button and the moment your character unleashed that super-cool fireball, this character went through a terrible struggle, hopefully managing to keep his magic from taking control of him, or outright killing him. Maybe
          We’ll never know.

          ( Sorry for the lack of style )

        • Grygus says:

          You ever check out Bright Wizards in Warhammer Online? Sounds like you might enjoy their mechanics.

        • HothMonster says:

          I am all for this as long as their is no FF, the amount of grief that would bring to co-op…

  5. Godwhacker says:

    I think she’s specced to appeal to the Old Street startup crowd.

  6. JonathanStrange says:

    I’m probably behind the times on this, but did they remove mana from the game? That’s the impression I got from the video, at least in the sense of mana in the same style as Diablo 1 and 2. It also looks like they’ve vastly reduced the number of skills available on the toolbar.

    I’d heard Blizzard were making some vast departures from the original games, but I didn’t quite realize how true that was till now. Not sure how I feel about it…

    • caddyB says:

      Each class has a different resource system. I can’t really explain better than that because I only played the beta until level5, and that with a wizard.

    • Nesetalis says:

      no, still has mana…
      though they changed the mechanic quite a bit. Wizard has a shallow manapool that regens very quickly.
      Demon hunter has two mana pools, one that regens slowly, another that regens quicker, and is also regenerated by certain attacks… These both are used for different types of abilities.
      Barbarian has rage (i think) didn’t get a chance to play him.. don’t know about the monk. witch doctor has a larger manapool, and many abilities don’t even use it… but the bigger ones do.. and it regenerates at a slower rate than the wizard. It is also deeper.

    • Subatomic says:

      The only class with “traditional” mana is the witch doctor, all other classes have resource systems that work slightly different. Also, Diablo 1 & 2 didn’t even have a toolbar, only 2 active skills that could be switched via keybindings, so I don’t see that as step backwards. Diablo 3 has six skills available at once, that’s, depending on character build, more or about as much as you used in Diablo 2.

    • f1x says:

      Its something they learnt from WoW, the mechanic where you have 100 mana points, each skill consumes 20 mana points, 1 mana potion restores 50 mana points, in the end gets flat,
      plus you are depending on mana potions in the end you are not using your mana tactically, just spending it as fast as possible and popping pots like mad
      instead Diablo 3 focuses on dynamizing mana/rage/energy, you are supposed to use your skills in a way your resources keep replenishing, etc

      thats the theory of the design, I have yet to play it to see it in action

  7. wodin says:

    I’m surprised there is so much excitement about this release considering most of the reports i read from the Beta where less than satisfactory. Is everyone holding on to a vain hope the game is loads better? If so your fooling yourself. A poor Beta at this stage means a poor game. However like myself with RO2 when your a fan you cling to the hope the Beta isn’t like the full product. Only to realise your hope was merely that.

    I have fond memories of Diablo mainly as it looked stunning for the time, the music was great and the gameplay was more or less original. However times move on, clones come and go and what made Diablo unique at the time no longer stands.

    It’s long protracted development is never a good sign either, no matter how it’s dressed up.

    Still I do hope it lives upto the hype for you Diablo lovers, however I have this sneaky feeling….

    • Aethelberht says:

      Why yes, what a most strange situation to be in, with “less than satisfactory” beta feedback followed by all these people (some of them, in fact, having played the beta) expressing their excitement for the game.

      The more likely scenario is that you have a bone to pick and cherry-picked the negative feedback to prove your point.

      Also, please learn the difference between “your” and “you’re,” for god’s sake.

      • wodin says:

        I have no bone to pick. I really have no interest in the game. You seem very defensive though.

        Also Grammer police are the bane of the net. Go seek an Aspergers diagnosis. Twat.

        Oh and while where at it please learn where to put your quotation marks. Or ,

        • Aethelberht says:

          Hey, if you want to be wrong for the sake of being wrong and generalize the feedback of hundreds of thousands of players with a single stroke, be my guest. Don’t be so surprised that you get called out on it, though.

          Also, it’s cute how the poster accusing others of Asperger’s is repeatedly editing his post for more worthless insults.

        • HaVoK308 says:

          No interest you say, yet here you are. Nobody cares that you do not like it. The article nor the discussion is for you. Move on to something you do like. Perhaps, someone will profess just how much they dislike something you like then. Essentially telling you how wrong you are for enjoying something. Silly and obnoxious, is it not.

    • Syra says:

      Beta was amazing frankly. Lot’s of vocal minority up in arms over RMAH, always on and DRM of various sorts trashing d3 all over the internet. I played the beta weekend with all five classes to 13 and I loved every minute of it.

      • wodin says:

        Well it just felt like most of the comments where so so. As with everything it you get lovers and haters.

        I have no opinion on the game either way. Really not interested no matter what the pleb above states (talking about Athelbert here).

        Just sometimes mixed messages seem to fly around and it’s difficult to work out what is what.

      • Vorphalack says:

        ”Lot’s of vocal minority”

        Quote of the week.

      • aepervius says:

        1It is difficult to evaluate if it was really a small/tiny minority or a “large” minority. On all the gaming forum I was where feedback was asked by the forum owner “what did you think of the beta threads” there were lots of people saying they were itnerrested, but an awful lot saying they were not anymore after the beta. My estimate was 75% interrested / 25% not interested, but I am biased (found the gameplay bland and the AH thing makes me warry) so I might overestimate the “not interrested” minority, and certainly the “negative feedback on game” rules apply (people with a negative feedback are more likely to give it or visit forum to give it, than people with positive feedback).

        I would say wait and see before juding if it will be a sucess or not.

        For me, *shrug* I am not interrested anymore, except in seeing the AH model crash and burn. If it is a sucess, single player game will become poluted by it.

    • simonh says:

      The most disappointing things about the beta was the limited content and the server instability, but that’s hardly something you can pin on the real game. While it’s not personally my favorite kind of game I’ll probably have a lot of fun with it, and I see no reason why fans of Diablo 2 wouldn’t love it.

      • Vorphalack says:

        I can give you a few. It’s on 2.0, which is a horrible featureless wasteland. It contains the RMAH, which despite the views of those who have not thought it through, will impact on your game regardless of weather or not you use it. They cut so many features that made Diablo 2s loot game interesting, such as socketing runes and gems, and gave us the blacksmith who unapologetically obsoletes most of the item drops. PvP wont be implemented at launch. You cannot manually assign stat points anymore, and every skill / upgrade rune is handed to you on a plate. There is a lot of nannying in the game, such as the basic tool tips and locked action bar being on by default.

        I wanted to like this game, but I don’t.

        • f1x says:

          There is one thing I don’t understand,
          you say Blacksmith obsoletes item drops, yet you say RMAH will affect gameplay no matter what,
          Then you must mean that what is gonna be sold (by players) its Blacksmith materials,
          but yet have you advanced deeper than level 13 to see how it really will affect top difficulty games?

          This are sincere questions, because I still can’t understand some points:
          1.- I don’t see the harm in RMAH, I don’t see how I’m forced to use it, and I don’t see how its negative that I can put to sell the items I don’t want, in the RMAH, as far as I know the RMAH is not as the stores in Pay2win games, its just an action house with player items but with money instead of gold (which mind you, will grant the game is free of gold farmers)
          2.- Craft obsoletes Drops, Do you have access to nightmare difficulty drops and craft to compare? Because actually if craft is interesting enough that I’m able to gear my char with craft items I’ll be happy because crafting is something I love rather than waiting for an item drop, it feels more satisfying when you make it even if you have to grind materials

          • HothMonster says:

            From my experience with the crafting. I maxed out the beta crafter. I looked like you could make better items then the blue level drops. However you get the mats from melting down enchanted items and the stats on crafted items are random. So it may take a lot of recycled items to get what you want.

            I stumbled across a few really low level yellow items. There were significantly better than higher level crafted items. If the game follows the wow philosophy the crafted items will be good but not nearly as good as end level drops.


            I agree with you that I can’t see the negative side of the RMAH on a personal level. I may try to dump some rare items I don’t need or stuff I level past. But I don’t see how its existence will negatively effect me playing with my friends. If you were looking at this game for pvp you might see it as harmful because the top pvpers will always have the top items. BUT they would always have the top items anyway what difference is it if the wasted days farming or wasted money buying the items? But this is a co-op game and didn’t Bliz say they were not too concerned with balancing pvp?

          • f1x says:

            HothMonster – Thanks, yes that quite clarifies some points probably yes, yellow items will be better than everything else in the end
            about PVP, yep don’t think they are too concerned, after all its not gonna be a strong point of the game no matter what they do,
            on a personal level I’m only concerned about campaign and co-op

        • Syra says:

          Yup lots of repetitive posts from a vocal minority like this guy. See?

          If many of the complainers had played d2 they would realise much of what made it great long term came in the expansion. plenty of time and room for improvement. Always on wasn’t even an issue in 2002, I recall constant coop online back then.

          • Vorphalack says:

            I don’t like the game. I have a right to tell a guy that asked why I don’t like the game.


            Why does this upset you.

          • f1x says:

            Actually I was really sincere about getting more elaborated opinions, because I’ve had no chance to play the beta so far (that open beta weekend I was outside home)

            but in the end I guess we are all too passionate, me included :p

          • Syra says:

            Must have something to do with your insufferable whining in every diablo thread, vorphallus. Haters gonna hate.

    • Stromko says:

      Actually I feel the same way, underwhelmed by Diablo 3, though I was never really hyped in the first place. I don’t feel it’s really advanced the genre in a gotta-have-it way, and I say this having played and enjoyed most of the major names in APRG (Diablo 1, 2, Dungeon Siege, Titan’s Quest, Torchlight, a few others).

      A few days after the Diablo 3 beta weekend (where I played it for about 8 hours, trying out the classes), I went back to playing Torchlight and found it just about as enjoyable, in that ‘turn off my brain and just whack monsters’ way. Diablo 3 has some improvements, like some really nifty and dynamic attacks with some of the classes, and I liked breaking down items into bits to make new (and better) items, but it also gives you a pretty small list of powers you can access at any given moment, and it will never support mods.

      All in all it doesn’t feel like much of a leap forward to me, and there’s a lot of other games I’d like to put my time and money into right now, especially as the other games I want cost between 20 – 30$, not 60$ (for the basic box).

      Even though I don’t have strong feelings, I think I’ll say I do have a horse in this race. I think it would do the industry some good if Diablo 3’s launch flopped, and Actiblizzard learned they can’t just print money with HD versions of their old games saddled with onerous DRM and high prices. It’s probably going to do extremely well though.

      • drinkingjacket says:

        I just don’t understand this kind of thinking. This is not a single player game. You can play it by yourself, certainly, but it is not single player. Nor was D2. Yes you could play D2 offline, on your own, but you missed out on all the wonderful trade chat and SOJ glitching and the joys of DSL modems, as well as the experience of killing Baal 900,000 times. Time moves on, technology changes, you guys need to understand what it is you will or will not, be buying.

        Just like WoW and Starcraft 2, Blizzard will surely make the entire game downloadable, for free, from their launcher, probably on day 1. I’m sure you will probably be able to play to like level 8 or something, quite soon after release, for nothing. The $60, is the price to have an active account. That’s it. Period.

        This isn’t DRM or OMG LAG IN MY SINGLE PLAYER, this is Blizzard ensuring they get paid for everyone who experiences their game. If demand is high, the price of the account will remain $60. If it tanks, I’m sure the price will drop. They are unique in the industry in doing this, having a one time price for entry in essentially limitless play. If you don’t think Microsoft, Sony, the other arm of Activision, EA, even Valve look at this with some envy, then you should probably refrain from posting on gaming forums.

        Blizzard doesn’t really innovate in their games, what they do is polish the things until even the bad bits are barely visible, and are easily the number one game company to support their products, post release, ever. I have never seen a Blizzard title that didn’t receive, even years after its release date, a balance patch, an expansion, a server update. It might take them 6 years to do it, but they will eventually do it. That’s what the $60 is for. D2 is still running, Blizzard hasn’t turned those servers off, and I doubt they will shut D3’s off anytime before 2025 barring some kind of cataclysm. (lol?)

        To me its a no-brainer. Its $60 for as much demon killing, loot casinoing mayhem as I can stand at a sitting, for the next decade. I won’t have to wonder if the latest operating system supports the game, if the servers are still on, or if there’s even anyone playing it anymore. I can’t think of another game from another company that would fulfill those criteria. Demon Souls, for instance, is shutting its server down on May 31st (not pc, but relevant.) EA has already booted out a few years of FIFA among other titles from its servers. Complaining about Blizzard’s “DRM” is to complain about everything Steam is.

        It’s 2012. The things we, the gamers, consider single and multiplayer are going to continue to change. Complaining about a lack of single player in the forthcoming game from the 800lb gorilla of PC multiplayer gaming is a bit ridiculous.

        As far as the RMAH, I really don’t care. This is Diablo, not WoW. I don’t need 39 other people (or 24, or 14, or 9, or 4…) to go fight the biggest demons, I can do it alone, with randoms, with my friends. Meaning, I don’t need a “gear score” to be allowed to participate, with that barrier to entry gone, its only our own human insecurities which will demand succor from the loot gods. If people are utterly obsessed with items, they can sell and buy from one another and Blizzard will laugh all the way to the bank, I don’t see how it affects anyone who isn’t a participant in the RMAH, at all. If Blizzard was actively selling items, like most microtransaction models, I might feel differently, but they aren’t, so I don’t. To me its just their way of trying to control the inevitable item price inflation that “economies” of these kinds of games always have, and skimming some off the top.

        I am not a champion of all Blizzard does, I would certainly love to see them create a new IP, for the first time in 2 decades, but, to complain about some of the things I’ve seen here are truly mind boggling.

    • Velvetmeds says:

      Beta was great. “less than satisfactory” reports only come from indie-loving hipsters. pew pew to their Turdlight 2

      • Eversor says:

        Yes, to dislike a popular thing you are required to be a hipster, despite all shortcomings the said popular thing might have. Great argument.

        The very worst part of the beta was constant disconnects and lagspikes for my SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN. Lagspikes, in singleplayer. That is unacceptable even before you pull the “it’s just a beya/stress test” card. It’s not Diablo. It’s a simplified MMO with Diablo’s face and without the “massive” in massive multiplayer online part.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      I played the Beta with several friends (only over the open weekend)

      We beat that one beta level/area with all 5 classes.
      Thoroughly enjoyed it.
      Horses for courses.

      Seriously I felt almost everything was an improvement, sure the art/style is different, but I put that down to it being a truly 3D environment.
      Where Diablo 2, and LoD were a lot more 2D? That’s what I thought anyway.
      The joy of differing opinions!

    • RedViv says:

      Just… Just… Just this, folks: link to

    • HothMonster says:

      “It’s long protracted development is never a good sign either, no matter how it’s dressed up.”

      Yes when devs take the time to get a game right it always ends horribly….? do you listen to yourself?

  8. Hoaxfish says:

    Perhaps I’ve missed something but why do all these class videos seem to emphasis how “this class is a unique sole individual who rebelled from their group and has run off to fight in diablo 3”

    • Nesetalis says:

      I noticed that… :P guess they want to appeal to the “no one understands me.” crowd.

    • Subatomic says:

      Well, I guess they need some way to explain why these five people from all over the world came to one little town. Though as far as I remember these videso, it’s only the witch doctor and wizard who have split from their organisations in pursuit of loot… er, I mean knowledge of course.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      Indeed, my suspicion is they’re trying to establish your char as the rogue element who in D4 will have succumbed to the madness and be the new arch baddy for the sequel.

    • Captain_Cowkill says:

      Because there has to be a reason for those characters to wander all alone in a small town.

      And they are not all described as “rebels”. The monk and the barbarian are described as lone saviors for instance, but didn’t left their civilisation simply on “rogue” purposes.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      I guess my second thought is… if they’re all “one person”… does diablo 3 allow you to have more than one player per class (e.g. two “ran off” wizards)?

      Haven’t played it so I’m not sure.

      • Syra says:

        Yes it does, they are just introducing them this way to give some flavour and motivation to the characters. There’s a male and female variant for each class too.

        • davidgilbert says:

          Which is good, as its fun to say, switch between a female barbarian who rounds out mega melee damage (and I’m talking turning people into kanga chunks here) and a male demon hunter who is more focused / direct with his attacks class wise.

      • HothMonster says:

        Yeah you have 10 character slots and there are currently only 5 classes so you could have 2 of each.

  9. suibhne says:

    I’m sure her barks will never get old.

  10. TehK says:

    “Well, that is, assuming our Internet connections hold u–”

    …and the servers (or BattleNet respectively). That’s what I’d be more concerened about. After the open beta weekend I predicted that for the first two days noone will be able to play. Somehow I’m really interested to see if I’m right or if I hugely underestimated Blizzard.

    • HothMonster says:

      They did have the entire world playing on just part of their US server network. I think they wanted to fail so they could work on optimization. Its easier to find problems and areas of improvement when they purposely handicap themselves like that. The managed ok when 12 million people logged on for the last wow expansion. I have some faith that they know what they are doing and they know what they are up against and they certainly know a few things about running servers.

      Though I don’t think I have ever known a server dependent game to due well at launch, which is why I took off Friday instead of Tuesday :D

      • Brun says:

        This. Out of all of the major publishers out there, none have repeatedly proven their ability to provide a reliable and robust server backend at a very large scale for as long as Blizzard. server problems are actually the least of my concerns with Diablo 3.

  11. Skeletor68 says:

    Really enjoyed the beta but hoping the always online won’t cause any rage. CE pre-ordered, can’t wait!

  12. f4stjack says:

    As long as she doesn’t say “Fuego” when doing kablooey fire spells I am not sold.

  13. Tom De Roeck says:

    As long as she has reasonably sized breasts, and not the figure of a skeleton, I can live with the character design. Atleast it sortof fits the character that theyre more showy than filled with the desire to protect their gender bits.

    • lowprices says:

      It’s Diablo, so it’s par for the course for the character designs to look like frank frazetta art as drawn by a horny 14 year old. I am glad, however, that Blizzard have continued the recent tradition of given heroines an item of clothing that can only be described as an “arse cape”. It serves no practical purpose, and I’ve never seen them anywhere except videogames. See also, Lighting in Final Fantasy XIII-2, and the courtesan in AssCreed Brotherhoods multiplayer.

      • JackShandy says:

        It serves a very practical purpose! It’s like a bib for your arse.

        • lowprices says:

          A bib? Interesting thought, I assumed it was simply to accentuate the curve of a lady’s backside.

          But, what would be falling on the lady’s backside that it would need to be protected from…?

          Actually, never mind. I’ll be much happier if that question goes unanswered…

      • Soon says:

        Bustle skirt. Or the more modern re-invention: hi-lo skirt.

        Diablo, eh. Raar.

      • Reddin says:

        I really like that the female barbarian is actually a hulking beefcake of a woman.
        I’m sure there’s people who love that, but you cannot really accuse Blizzard of sexing her up for mass appeal.

  14. f4stjack says:

    ooh breasts… that is somewhat of a catch I agree…

  15. cai says:

    I half expected the “exotic singing” at the end to be replaced by Chris Remo’s “wizaaaaaaard!”… Slightly disappointed that it wasn’t.

  16. McTerry says:

    <3 Monk

  17. Freud says:

    So I decided to play a bit of Torchlight to tide me over until May 15th. I have a new computer but I copied the Documents folder from my old computer to my new computer so I should be good. I start looking through it and I can’t find any save games.

    Some googling reveals that Runic decided having save games in such a boring place such as Documents/my games was a bad idea and instead put them in AppData/Roaming/runic games/torchlight/save so my saves are lost.

    I’ll just have to treat it as my character dying in hardcore mode, I guess.

  18. hassanisahba says:

    I get pissed off when I’m that hungry, too.

  19. Cooper says:

    “Wicked fun”

    “Wicked fun”?

    What is it about American colloquialism that makes you lot sound like you are 13 years old?

    What pains me the most was that I couldn’t detect a hint of sarcasm in the use of that phrase. I think we need to start a “fly Nathan to the UK” (or “fly the hivemind to the US”) fund to instil the necessary love of puns and constant undertone of sarcasm…

    • Brun says:

      The “wicked” epithet is actually quite region-specific even within the U.S. – it sounds very strange to most people outside of New England (Northeast U.S. coast).

    • Smashbox says:

      your so sephistikated mr. Brit plez teach us wat the right whey to xpres urself is taht would be brill

    • ukpanik says:

      “A pun is the lowest form of humor, unless you thought of it yourself.”

      Doug Larson

    • Skabooga says:

      What is it about American colloquialism that makes you lot sound like you are 13 years old?

      What is it about British colloquialisms that make you bunch sound like petty thieves and street urchins? Prejudice and stereotyping, mostly.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pa’k my ca’ in the ya’d and go see a wicked awesome Red Sox game.

  20. Brun says:

    My favorite class, and the one I intend to play post-launch. I especially like that tanky-wizard builds (or even melee wizard builds centered on Magic Weapon and Spectral Blade) are viable – boring, traditional glass cannon FTL, indestructable archon tank FTW!

  21. Smashbox says:

    Wait, when she’s out of mana she can turn into an glowing, floating archon. That sounds vaguely familiar…

  22. Wisq says:

    “If you have the skill and brilliant intellect to harness …” <- the point at which I started laughing out loud and had to stop the video.

    There's supposed to be, what, millions of people playing Diablo 3? And there's five classes? And if we assume they'll be roughly evenly split, that's probably a million wizards? Glad to know there's so many geniuses playing Diablo 3 that they can populate a whole fifth of the game with them!

    Seriously, talk about sucking up to your audience.

    • HothMonster says:

      “In a world of evil its up to your skinny pasty white ass to to stop crying in the corner long enough to….actually you know what just cry that is all your good for. Diablo wins you fucking pansies.”

      I guess that would be a better trailer…

    • Freud says:

      I’m not sure the player has to possess the attributes of the in game character for it to work.

      That said, a lot of horny guys did play Geralt of Rivia.

  23. Radiant says:

    You really have to ask yourself.
    Am I going to have more fun playing 4 player Magicka or this?

    disclosure: I’ve never played diablo 1 or 2.

    Or WoW.

  24. MythArcana says:

    Nobody puts lipstick on a pig better than Blizzard these days.

  25. Rei Onryou says:

    …so he’ll just have to live with his bad, wrong choices that are bad and wrong.

  26. CommentSystem says:

    “The Wizard”!