Realms Of Ancient War Is An ARPG, And That’s Okay

Sure, it looks like everything else. But everything else is great!

REALMS OF ANCIENT WAR! It’s a title that should be shouted, I believe. It’s also a title that needs some tidying up, since we’re apparently supposed to call it “R.A.W. – Realms of Ancient War“. No. No I absolutely won’t do that. Your title doesn’t get to be an acronym and the expansion of that acronym. That’s not how titles work. And you certainly don’t get all those full stops and then a hyphen. Goodness me, no. Your game is now called Realms Of Ancient War, and it’s to be shouted. It is decided. Please redesign your website/game materials. Thank you. Oh, and also your game looks super-pretty.

I don’t care that Diablo III, Grim Dawn, Path Of Exile and Nyrthos are all coming soon. You can’t throw enough ARPGs at me, and this one looks rather nice. And if you dig deep enough through the information, you can eventually find their original angle: incarnation. The larger bads you attack, can, when weakened, be possessed. This means you can charge around as an Ent, Troll, etc, while fighting enemies. Which sounds good.

There’s to be a drop-in co-op mode, and as far as I can tell, no unnecessary online multiplayer version, which in 2012 adds a unique edge. Nothing else looks especially original – it’s pure Tolkien-esque fantasy, with a Wizard, Warrior and Rogue to choose from, and then lots of outnumbered battles. But that’s what I’m after! And this one intrigues purely for being quite so straight. Have a look:

First I bring you a teaser trailer:

Then a video about the Warrior:

And finally one for the Wizard:

There’s no release date yet, but it’s sometime between now and Summer.


  1. methodology says:

    remember the 5million diablo clones that came out after 1 and 2’s release? Are we going back to that again cause I thought we just killed that trend off not to long ago. Also…

    will this dia blo to blizzards bottom line? I swear I’m going to get in on one of these one day.

    • Trent Hawkins says:

      we did get two really good Diablo clones though, so that’s something.

    • mckertis says:

      “remember the 5million diablo clones that came out after 1 and 2′s release? ”

      I will dare say you wont be able to name even TEN, without going to some game database.

      • Kryopsis says:

        – Divine Divinity
        – Sacred
        – Throne of Darkness
        – Revenant
        – NOX
        – Prince of Qin
        Uh… Beyond Divinity? Sacred 2? Damn, you’re right!

        • Tokamak says:

          Don’t forget Darkstone! That’s actually the first Diablo clone I remember hearing of anyhow.
          Also, the environments in this look really quite nice. I’m guessing they’re going for a more hand-designed approach as opposed to the random/semi-random generated dungeons of most other diablo-alikes. That combined with the three class focus makes me feel like maybe this is going to another Nox-like game – which wouldn’t be bad at all.

          • niuwcz says:

            I am going to make an aRPG where the character is a boxset of diablo 3 and the minions are diablo clones.

            Can replace any tattoos!Dazzle on Colored Skin Sticker!Super! link to

          • jaronimoe says:

            and thus the intelligent spambot was born.

          • Phantoon says:

            Actually, those bots have been doing that for a while now.

            No idea why they’re targeting RPS so much.

      • methodology says:

        + all the dungeon seiges + expansion packs
        space seige
        and there were multiple sacreds and divine divinities
        titan quest and expansion

        • Wreckdum says:

          Dungeon Siege 1 was better than Diablo 2 IMO. I F’ing loved that game. Didn’t really care for Diablo 2. Sometimes I feel like the video game community is a bunch of parrots. I’m not saying Diablo 1 or 2 were bad but they definitely were not legendary. Everyone goes into this fanboy frenzy now that Diablo 3 is about to drop and I think many of them never even played 1 or 2 and just mimic the enthusiasm that they hear from their friends.

          • InternetBatman says:

            This is just my opinion, but Dungeon Siege never got interesting. The game offered major mechanical improvements over Diablo, and the donkey was just a great idea, but the atmosphere was just so generic. Even after the awesome skills and skinner box loot, Diablo has really good atmosphere and that’s the real draw of the game.

          • Rivalus says:

            The problem with Dungeon Siege 1 is there are no generated dungeon, character are too generic, and bad news for solo spellcaster.

          • lordfrikk says:

            Are we talking about the same game? Dungeon Siege was most generic game that played itself. How much Diablo 2 did you play exactly?

      • Lord_Jaroh says:

        Well, I’m kind of an ARPG nut so here’s the ones I’ve played:

        Gauntlet 2
        Gauntlet Dark Legacy
        Diablo II + Expansion
        Dungeon Siege + Expansion
        Dungeon Siege 2 + Expansion
        Dungeon Siege 3
        Space Siege
        Titan Quest + Expansion
        X-Men Legends
        X-Men Legends 2
        Marvel Ultimate Alliance
        Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance
        Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance 2
        Champions of Norrath
        Champions Return to Arms

        The slower end:
        Baldur’s Gate + Expansion
        Baldur’s Gate 2 + Expansion
        Icewind Dale + Expansion
        Neverwinter Nights + Expansions
        Neverwinter Nights 2 + Expansions

        Others I’ve missed:
        Sacred 2
        Akuma: Demon Spawn
        Dungeon Explorer

        Ones to look forward too:
        Torchlight 2
        Realms of Ancient War
        Path of Exile
        Lineage Eternal
        Grim Dawn
        Diablo 3

        I’ve probably missed tons, but at least there’s lots to choose from, and most are good.

        EDIT: Included some mentioned ones.

        • InternetBatman says:

          I think Baldur’s Gate II and NWN don’t really count in the same vein, because they were drawing from different games and systems than diablo.

          • Lord_Jaroh says:

            That’s why I marked them off separately. They may have been drawn from other sources, but they still have a similar feel in some ways, but in others different.

        • level12boss says:

          What, no Dungeon Explorer on the Turbo-Grafx 16? Amateur!

        • BoZo says:


      • Ahtaps says:

        Don’t forget Akuma: Demon Spawn

    • mouton says:

      It gave us Nox, which was a much better game than Diablo.

      • trjp says:


        and Depths of Peril – both are FAR superior single-player experiences.

        Hell, Depths of Peril has one of the best ‘living. breathing world’ systems I’ve seen in any game – stuff happens whether you (who isn’t some God or Chosen One or anything like that) do anything or not – the whole game isn’t “just about you” (this will piss-off most people on the Internet because entitlement is their disease).

    • Lord_Jaroh says:

      I would rather have some good Diablo-clones than the multitude of FPS clones that we get nowadays…

    • lordfrikk says:

      I find it hilarious that people are throwing cats and dogs in the “diablo clone” bag because, apparently, diablo clone is when you click shit to kill it? Dungeon Siege and Darkstone, sure, but stuff like Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate or even the X-Men games? What ARE you smoking?

  2. e82 says:

    Diablo 3, Torchlight 2, Path of Exile, Grimm Dawn, now this? is the gaming industry trying to break my clicking finger?

    • Rivalus says:

      Naah, not just that, that’s too easy. they want to break all of your fingers, and probably your elbow too when they finish with your fingers.

  3. Sigvatr says:

    no one’s going to play it

    • Torn says:

      Certainly not with those animations. I can’t see anything new in there also, I don’t think there’s any reason to get this over D3 and Torchlight 2.

    • HaVoK308 says:

      Considering it is coming to XBL and PSN as well, you could not be more wrong.

      • Phranx says:

        Some parts of this game look nice but others look horrible.
        Did anyone else notice that every attack in all 3 of these videos are AOE? That’s going to get real boring real quick.

        Suddenly your comment about it being a console game make a lot of sense. I would expect making single target attacks function-able on a console would be more difficult.

  4. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Turns out that Logitech has signed secret deals with game developers to build an army of games that destroy mice, pushing their sales up ever more.

  5. Jockie says:

    Why are all the aRPGs coming out the same time as D3? We’ve had a barren decade with Titan Quest, Torchlight and err.. Nox to barely keep us sated and now we have 5 or 6 coming out within months of each other. Madness.

    • frightlever says:

      Um, Sacred 1/2, the Divinities, Loki, Avencast, Depths of Peril et al, Fate, Mythos, Silverfall, Dungeon Siege (arguably) and about a million Asian/European ones including one where you were an Inquisitor and you levelled your weapons.. there was an alternate plane… I enjoyed it but it was universally reviled. Cannot remember the name of it… Kult! Kult: Heretic kingdoms. And when I was looking for that I found this:
      link to

      Oh, Hellgate.

      Yeah. Barren.

      (edit: I played all of those. Any fucking wonder I have carpel tunnel syndrome?)

  6. Syra says:

    All hail the return of the diablo clone! The evil minions spawned in the wake of the burning hells gaping maw flapping open.

  7. The Greatness says:

    So is its full acronym RRAW?

  8. CaptainBritish says:

    I can’t take Focus Interactive seriously because of their video intro. They didn’t even TRY to make it look different to the VideoCopilot tutorial they followed to make it.

  9. says:


    Do I have to turn in my PC gamer card for saying I prefer the non-clickfest controls of Bastion? These games still kind of interest me, but having a big boy job that requires day-long mouse usage has me poo-pooing on Blizzard’s usual clickity click.

    The next one of these might as well be named The Tunnels of Carpal. We need better control schemes for this genre.

    • fish99 says:

      I agree Bastions skill based combat was really cool, but it also played great on mouse/keyboard.

      Best game of last year IMO.

      • says:

        Yeah. The keyboard & mouse controls allow you to move with the WASD keys, which means you’re already doing *at least* 50% less clicking. That’s a good thing.

        • Ninja Foodstuff says:

          I found Bastion just had too many keys in active use at one time to make keyboard enjoyable. You need to move (diagonally mind), block, aim, dodge and shoot two different weapons more or less at the same time. I can see it working with a multi-button mouse, but I found a gamepad much easier.

    • Balm says:

      link to
      Allowing WASD would provide an unfair advantage over click to move in some situations. We could of course make WASD the default control scheme, but we feel click to move is integral to the Diablo legacy and gameplay. We have no plans to add WASD or allow it.

      Not Bashiok:
      I personaly feel that click to move is a relic of the past of same nature as Dune2’s inability to select multiple units

      • Syra says:

        That’s funny in the D3 QA at blizzcon last year jay wilson was essentially like ‘we tried wasd and it just didn’t feel good to play, and it’s so hard trying to get one control scheme perfect that doing two wasn’t worth it’ though he also said back then that he had no plans of doing control pad control scheme until console version shipped. Which contradicts something he said around the same time of thinking diablo was better suited to a gamepad (and he wants gamepad supported at launch) than a keyboard/mouse scheme.

        Oh my head hurts.

    • InternetBatman says:

      Bastion works beautifully on mouse and keyboard. I was able to complete all the dreams on the keyboard without an input problem at all. The slight diagonal disadvantages are well compensated by the mouse.

  10. Freud says:

    I have no idea why anyone would not love this genre. Stop denying your inner Asperger.

  11. f1x says:

    My question is, look at “THE WARRIOR” video…ain’t this….really….maybe… too similar to Diablo3?
    I know diablo3 aint the zenith of originality but really that warrior is very much the twin bastard brother of diablo 3’s barbarian

    • Rivalus says:

      Maybe he’s his younger brother. Their father must have teach them the same moves.

  12. fish99 says:

    Man that looks pretty, however I’ve just read on their forums it only has local co-op, which would be a big downer IMO.

  13. Brun says:

    Sigh, can’t any of the Diablo clones at least come up with interesting classes like Diablo does? Or at least more than the standard three Warrior/Mage/Rogue that have all been done to death? At least Diablo II had interesting classes like Necromancer and Druid, and Diablo 3 has things like Witch Doctor and Monk.

    • Hug_dealer says:

      nothing you mentioned interested me, and who says the wizard cannot spec into necromancy, or hoodoo etc. Basically becoming the same thing.

    • Wizardry says:

      I’m pretty sure Diablo didn’t come up with any of those classes.

      • Brun says:

        Never said it did. But it at least has them, and they feel and play differently than the traditional trinity of Warrior/Mage/Rogue. Unlike Torchlight or this game, apparently.

    • lordfrikk says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Or even remove classes altogether and do something different for once, like Path of Exile. I am still not sure if I like it but I love the devs for going off the beaten path.

      Slightly relevant, but I also hate that many games can’t even come up with interesting skills. After installing Silverfall and glancing over the skills I just lost interest, not to mention it being as generic as they get.

  14. gschmidl says:

    That soundtrack on the trailer is awesome. Very Clint Mansell.

  15. karumpa says:

    I am going to make an aRPG where the character is a boxset of diablo 3 and the minions are diablo clones.

  16. dysphemism says:

    For shame, Mr. Walker! R.A.W. – Realms of Ancient War follows in a rich tradition of ridiculous, superfluous naming conventions, and it’s one we must all respect. I mean, really, would you speak this way of KKND: Krush, Kill ‘N’ Destroy?

  17. Sinnorfin says:

    Crossing bridges.. The Game!

  18. S Jay says:

    The warrior has a lol of wizardry too.

    And I see the discrimination against the rogue.

  19. Hug_dealer says:

    i’ve noticed in the videos, it seems like positioning is a key to dealing mass damage. lots of aoe attacks, but the mobs seem to be able to take a beating compared to diablo mobs that drop like flies.

    ill wait til i see a demo, the graphics are nice and the spells and attacks look meaty, if thats a word.

    I dont know why, but these trailers have me more interested than anything ive seen out of the diablo videos. Even though they are the same thing.

    Last thing. They arent diablo clones. More or less Diablo was an improvement over the older games like gauntlet and such. It combined gauntley and your more traditional rpgs.

    • mouton says:

      This IS interesting. One of my biggest issues with Diablo is that it is too damn easy until you reach Nightmare or Hell, and I tend to be quite burned out by then.

  20. Snoken says:

    Having played Path of Exile and Diablo 3 Beta I have to say I am really looking forward to this. Btw there is nothing new to any of the classes in D3, Witchdoctor still is a necro (he just looks like a moron throwing around jars of spiders…bitch please!), the wizard still is a sorceress (somewhat she learned to kameha though, yes that is kinda of funny but doesn’t really fit the genre), barbarian still is boring like he was in D2 (retard class), don’t even mention that silly attempt to combine the amazon and assasin in that mindnumbingly boring bitchhunter class, seems to me that only the monk seems to be new (wait a minute wasn’t that already in that not so blizzardish Sierra fiasco of a not so official diablo add-on?).

    I just want a game like that to be fun, have a dark atmosphere, loads of buttugly hordes to bash, an interesting and challenging skilltree and for crying out loud I want to be in charge of my attribute points (no d3 casual moron gamer bullshit).

    Path of Exile has shown that you don’t need millions of dollars of assets and a million years of developing time to make a good hack and slay with endless amounts of tweaking possibilities for every single of the playable classes. I loved the passive skilltree and the idea of socketing skills and leveling them in your gear, something the bland linear skillunlock crap in D3 just won’t cut. Plus the graphics in PoE even look better than D3’s…

    Why reinvent the wheel or pretend to do so when you can just have a set of basic fantasy characters that have old-school skills and maybe a couple of new ones???

    • Palehorse says:

      But the jars of spiders are just hilarious! The first time I threw one I was bemused. Then I threw a whole bunch. She just kept on producing these jars! I had to laugh everytime I had a swarm of spiders, zombie dogs and a templar all pounding away on enemies.

      Tell me that’s not entertaining!

    • Syra says:

      While I vehemently disagree with you on almost all counts (particularly barbarian, how dare you sir!), I furiously nod my head in agreement that the bitchhunter is indeed perhaps the most boring class I have played, in any game, in the history of mindnumbing boredom.

      @palehorse – My fave move was spam frogs, bats and spiders with dogs out…. funny thing was in beta you could just hold frogs down because he takes a step every time he uses them and walk slowly around the maps preceded by a wave of exploding green amphibians with the ocassional giant firey bat spawned out of his arse (with a grunt!). C’est beautiful!

    • lordfrikk says:

      You apparently like Diablo 3, don’t you?

      To say something relevant, though, I like that Diablo 3 isn’t just a Diablo 2.5. I fucking hate skill trees and I puke at the sight of uninteresting skills. You can say that Witch Doctor is reskinned Necromancer but where is the point between being a reskin and being something different? If you just wanted Diablo 2 why not just, you know, play that and stop whining when they change things around for the rest of us who don’t like to play the same game until the end of time.

      Or if you want skill trees, hordes of monsters to bash and classic Diablo-like gameplay then there’s Torchlight 2. Maybe the game just isn’t for you, not all games are for everyone.

  21. Snoken says:

    Did I forget to mention that I want a paladin in D3? FUUUU Blizzard for taking one of the most fun classes I ever played out of my favorite game. :P

    • Syra says:

      Oh I only just noticed this, your favourite class is the second most boring class in the history of anything (okay okay he was a powerhouse at endgame but whatever :P)..

    • pipman3000 says:

      sorry only one black dude at a time is allowed in their games :(

      • Snoken says:

        Yeah, know that you mentioned it, you’re probably right about that. The question is: “Is the witchdoctor the one that dies first in every party?”. If that should be so then I am guessing they are a big fat bunch of racists over at Blizzard’s… xD

  22. Hoaxfish says:

    Can someone point me towards a sci-fi ARPG? the only one I can think of is Space-Siege

    As much as I find myself playing fantasy settings anyway (Grimrock for one), I can’t help but want something that is not “in the fake past”.

    • Hug_dealer says:

      i got nothing for ya man :(.

      its not an ARPG, but keep an eye on shadowrun.

    • Syra says:

      I want one of these based on WH40k! Specifically with classes like Inquisitor (with force melee weapons), Bounty Hunter (lots of gadgets and role flexibility), Ecclesiarch (divine powers and a big old chainsword), Sanctioned Psyker (warp related pew pew), Imperial Guard Veteran (heavy – armour and ranged weapons), Rogue Trader (lightly armoured with some badass dual wield hecuter autopistols).

      There’s already a wealth of lore and enemy classes and boss types out there to fight! Most of it can be picked up clean out of the rule books and lore, and abilities and all are already animated in DoW…

      I’ve been dreaming of it for a decade, WHY DOES NOONE MAKE IT SO?!

      And why, if they did, would it have to have spacemarines in it =(?

      • Hug_dealer says:

        now that you mention it. I totally forgot.

        Dawn of war 2 is basically an action rpg. for single player, you lead a 4 guys of your choosing in your squad gather new loot and leveling up various skills. You can also play it coop with friends.

        I totally forgot about that, i guess over 1000 hours playing multiplayer can make you forget about the single player campaign.

        • Syra says:

          It doesn’t FEEL like an ARPG though, more like a tactical shooter with rpg elements. It’s a bit too autoshooty imo.

          And yeah I too forgot singleplayer exists also having 1000+ hours in the brilliant multiplayer, I assumed someone would mention last stand mode but that’s preposterous!

          • Hug_dealer says:

            I would say any sci fi arpg is going to be shooty. Look at space ssiege. Dawn of war 2 simply has you controlling 4 guys instead of 1 ala dungeon seige. There is still lots of clickabke skills and. Melee combat. The game throws massive amounts of loot at you against hordes of enemies etc. Its a sci fi arpg.

            Last stand is merely an arena mode. Not worth mentioning. it isnt arpg in my eyes.

    • gschmidl says:

      Greed: Black Border.

      link to

  23. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    Convention would dictate that it be introduced as “Realms of Ancient War (RAW)” in the first instance and could then be referred to as “RAW”, but only for the duration of that piece of writing.

  24. GreatGreyBeast says:

    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

    …Though that one still doesn’t reach for the hyphen. I don’t know of any precedent for that.

  25. Baresark says:

    Ehhhhhh, it’s hard to invest in a new ARPG at this point. Invested in Torchlight 2 and Grim Dawn. I’m especially looking forward to Grim Dawn because I honestly felt that Titan Quest was a fantastic game, even though it wasn’t randomly generated.

  26. Aankhen says:

    That’s not a hyphen, silly, it’s an en dash. You want U+2010 or the much more common (by virtue of its ubiquity on computer keyboards) and horrible hyphen-minus.

    I really love ARPGs, but I’m still on a break from Kingdoms of Amalur, which I had to stop halfway through because it made my fingers hurt so much. I need to get me some bionic hands, stat!

  27. Shadowcat says:

    we’re apparently supposed to call it “R.A.W. – Realms of Ancient War“

    The traditional “recursive acronym” way of incorporating the acronym into the full name would be to name your game something like “RAW is Acronym Wankery”.

  28. Tritagonist says:

    The incarnation sounds pretty fun, if perhaps not a feature that has very long-term appeal. I’ve always liked the ability to (temporarily) change your player character’s relation to the game-world (Messiah was great in this regard, the Hitman games did a nice job of it as well). Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will be the case here.

  29. Foosnark says:

    Your title doesn’t get to be an acronym and the expansion of that acronym. That’s not how titles work.

    Please retroactively tell that to “RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive”… and get them to hire random English speakers off the street for their voice actors while you’re at it. Even Australians would do.