Save This: Lewie Procter Is Five Years Old!

It’s true. The Bargain Bucket man has been around for five years, and to celebrate he’s running an extravagant bargain-based games sale from his Savygamer site! Here’s the link, just for you. The games on sale include A.Typical RPG, AI War: Alien Bundle, Blue Toad Murder Files, Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, Democracy 2, Eufloria, These Robotic Hearts of Mine, Fate of the World, Time Gentlemen, Please!, Planet Stronghold, Gratuitous Space Battles: Collectors Edition, Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD, Super Meat Boy, and Civilization 5. That’s some games, alright.

And happy birthday, Mr P.


  1. mentor07825 says:

    Happy birthday!! In celebration to you getting older, I have dredged this video up from the tombs of YouTube just for you! link to

    • thecat17 says:

      And I hereby declare this song to be Today’s Highly Relevant Song of the Day of Which I Heartily Type Out a Friendly and Cheerful Message of Support To!

  2. Jimbo says:

    Happy Birthday, Bargain Bucket! xXxXx

  3. Duckee says:

    Thank you for the bucket!

  4. Tom De Roeck says:

    Just bought AI War from this offer, as well as several other things Ive found through, so Im extremely grateful there is someone that does this. Good luck to you in the future!

    (Ill keep on recommending the site ;D)

  5. MajorManiac says:

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat it anyway; Bargain Bucket has made a huge change in the way I purchase games.

    Thanks for the great work. You’re the solution to, and cause of my thin wallet.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      This. Does anybody remember when you bought/preordered things full price?

      Now, I’ve got both Max Payne and Diablo 3 pre-ordered at under £23 each. Thanks Lewie!

  6. Njordsk says:

    For a 5 years old dude you aged pretty bad I’m sorry.

    Can’t imagine you at 30.

  7. JB says:

    Congrats to Lewie and the BB crew! Here’s to many more years of cheap games!

  8. fearghaill says:

    your Mum & Stepdad must be so proud.

  9. Carra says:

    Five years old? Damn, I’m aging fast, been following it since the start.

  10. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:


  11. El_Emmental says:

    Happy birthday, Best Bucket ! =D

    You’re constantly and greatly helping me finding super deals for 2 years now (in my case) ; thanks to you, Buckety Bucket, I could catch up with many titles I missed, or titles I’m planning to play soon.

    Wish you the best, plenty of Daikatana cases and neutrally interrogating gazes :)

    Long live the Bargainy Brain !

  12. drewski says:

    Was waiting for a decent Fate of the World sale. The complete version including all DLC for $5.70?


  13. RegisteredUser says:

    Happy Birthday Lewie!

    Keep bucking the trend!

  14. Somerled says:

    But because of all your hard work at SavyGamer and here, I already own all the games in the anniversary sale.

    Y’know what, that’s flippin’ awesome! Thanks Lewie! Let’s make it 10 years!