RPS Asks: What You Are Up To?

It’s a rainy bank holiday here in the UK, which means that the RPS writers are left to regenerate in their pit for another twenty-four hours. Worry not, though, because you guys are going to tell us what games you’ve been playing, and why. Still embedded in Skyrim? Playing Test Drive Unlimited for some reason? Found something no-one has ever played before? Speak your brains!


  1. Wodge says:

    Dungeon Defenders and TERA.

    • Poddington says:

      Got up at 4:30 and played some Dungeon Defenders NH Shipwreck while watching Sanctuary. Stopped playing at 6:00am and considered going back to bed, but then remembered Game of Thrones was out so got that and watched it and then had a shower and made my lunch and I’m now whittling down the minutes until I have to goto work.

      Yep work :(

    • f1x says:

      I’ve been playing TERA aswell, its surprisingly fun plus it has boobs everywhere

      • Belsameth says:

        Which is the reason for the fun, I am sure!

        Also, Warhammer 40K: Retribution here…

        That and Band Hero 3 on the Box of X

      • Ringwraith says:

        Don’t forget the exposed chests!

        • iunxczvc says:

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  2. gunny1993 says:

    I saw this link to damnlol.com ….. then completed portal 2 again

  3. Meneth says:

    Modding Crusader Kings II, and playing Civilization 4 (Rise from Erebus mod).

    I tried out the demo of Warlock (and subsequently preordered it), and as it reminded me of the Fall from Heaven mod for Civ 4, I decided to play it some again, and then a friend recommended the Rise from Erebus modmod.

  4. stahlwerk says:

    Botanicula! It’s a great game [ed: experience], although I have no idea how far I’m in, and I feel a bit like I’m missing bits and pieces here and there because points of no return are not really signposted.

    • Jackablade says:

      It’s not the longest of games. I completed it in 5 hours making an effort to try to get everything. The ending is a bit “oh, that’s it then, is it?” but it’s definitely a worthwhile experience.

    • Skabooga says:

      Ah, I just finished Botanicula yesterday! I had a big stupid grin on my face the entire time I was playing it.

    • Dozer says:

      I got Botanicula after reading about it here, but it doesn’t really engage me. The artistry is very nice, but the gameplay is just undirected exploration and clicking on everything which can be clicked on. I must have got halfway through in one sitting a few weeks ago, but forgot where I installed it to and haven’t looked for it since then.

  5. Dlarit says:

    I sadly have to work but i’ve been back to Skyrim recently after a few months break, decided to start again as a Archer and enjoying it more than a 1handed/mage hybrid, Of course its now running 20+ mods so its almost a different game!

    • The Dark One says:

      Hey, that sounds like my character, except I didn’t start over from scratch. What changed everything was getting my hands on a pair of Achery-boosting gauntlets, some sneak-boosting shoes and an enchanting skill high enough to buff the hell out of my ebony bow.

      I’m sniping dudes who can never find me. It’s glorious.

      • Wunce says:

        Don’t get good at Alteration whatever you do-

        I learnt archery isn’t as fun when you do it point blank to a paralysed opponent.
        Although using telekinesis to assassinate the emperor with a wheel of cheese was pretty hilarious.

  6. Driadan says:

    I’l be trying to make something for pyweek – http://pyweek.org

  7. Magitek says:

    Majesty HD and multiplayer on Port Royale 3. Addictive stuff.

    I’m also having a blast playing MegaTF co-op on Quake 1. Feels a bit like Serious Sam, in terms of fast pace and challenge. Only with team fortress classes and experience points!

    • philbot says:

      Majesty HD… MAJESTY HD!?!?

      Purchased it already- you just made my week! I love this game.

      • daggerbite says:

        Holy carp!!! And I’ve just bought the standard Gold edition for about £1.xx dammit!!

        • Belsameth says:

          More money to Majesty is good. Hopefully they make a proper followup to it, instead of that *horrid!!!* Majesty 2.

  8. jon_hill987 says:

    Lots and lots of Dota 2.

    Also baking Parkin.

  9. JayArr says:

    Heroes & Generals pre-beta. I think it’s fair to say that I’m starting to get addicted.

    • Meldreth says:

      Oh, I got beta access a month ago now, but at the time for some reason I didn’t manage to log in. Maybe i’ll give it another try.

  10. mr.ioes says:

    I could say I’m currently playing Dota 2 and since yesterday Warlock – something of something. But that’d be too mainstream. So in the hopes of other fellow gamer’s acknowledging this epic Bit-shooter (you may call it Binary Domain – The Proper Version), I’ll say I’m playing Star Wars: Republic Commando.

    Oh, and it’s time to write up an article about the lack of imagination storywriters have when it comes down to naming a universe.

    Majesty – Heroes of Ardania, Defenders of Ardania, Arcania: Gothic 4, sigh, alt-f4.

  11. In Zod We Trust says:

    Skyrim again as my murderous Illusionist who can’t be bothered with the Greybeards and their malarkey. Lots of new mods there as well to mix things up a bit. Only 20 I think.

    The pre-release of Endless Space is fun and looks very promising. Excellent UI and sadly way more advanced than SoTS II is after… how ever long it is since I gave them money.

    Looking forward to Warlock in a few days and gearing up my clicking finger for Diablo the week after.

  12. Flibberdy says:

    I picked up Batman Arkham City in the steam sale so that’s taken up any of my free time.

    • Tacroy says:

      I got Arkham City for free with a new graphics card a while ago, and I decided to start playing it. According to Steam, it took about 30 minutes of in-game time (and according to the clock, about 2 hours of out-of-game time) to manage to log in to GFWL with an account that already existed.

      When I logged in, GFWL tried to update itself but failed due to some meaningless error code. It sent me to the GFWL support site, from which I downloaded the manual GFWL installer. The manual GFWL installer did not in fact manually install GFWL (despite being named gfwlsetup.exe, and coming directly from Microsoft), it installed some bullshit Steam ripoff marketplace thing that didn’t help me play my game.

      After some fruitless searching and restarting my computer, I gave up and installed all the pending Windows updates. For some reason, at this point GFWL was able to update itself and finally let me in to my game.

      And they want to put this crap in Dark Souls for the PC?

      • RaveTurned says:

        I got Arkham City in the Steal sale this weekend. I don’t think I’ve used a GFWL game since Arkham Asylum, so I was expecting similar shenanigans. Loaded the game up, up pops the GFWL screen and… it signed me in and worked first time. I nearly fell off my seat in surprise!

        I do keep Windows up to date, so perhaps that helps (as updating did in your case). Then again, perhaps it’s keeping a special surprise for me when I go to play the game again, like telling me it’s lost my saved game or something.

  13. Drayk says:

    I am back to Skyrim for the last few days: I finished the empire quests and moved a bit forward in the main story and in Thief guild quests. This game is huge. Level 49 and 110 hours + in and I haven’t done half of it I think.

    I played some dota 2 too. I bought Batman AC, but won’t play it till i finish Skyrim. And D3.

  14. Fenixius says:

    Magicka has inserted its vile tendrils into my brain once again. The raw power and flexibility is addictive, and I’ve been running survival challenges by my lonesome whenever I get 10 minutes to sit.

    Assassin’s Creed Revelations has also been getting some playtime; I’m slowly whittling away at my pile (Steam account, same difference) of shame.

    • deadly.by.design says:

      Probably my favorite title of 2011 (if Skyrim didn’t exist).

  15. weego says:

    Was hoping for my invite for dota2 by now, but no joy so I’ll start off with my win of the day bonus win in LoL then this afternoon is Skyrim new character ( battle mage this time, going conjuration for weaps and destro/heal/shield offhand depending on fight )

    • filmguy007 says:

      I’ve got a couple of Dota 2 invites lying around. My steam ID is artofwot. Friend me or message me somehow and I’ll hook you up.

  16. jensb says:

    You should build something beautiful in Blockscape of course.

  17. Konig says:

    Over the weekend I’ve introduced a couple of mates to Crusader Kings II. We’re fairly small counts and dukes of Ireland and Wales, early in our multi campaign, yet I took advantage of their relative noobishness to declare myself King of Ireland over them. They were none too happy about that.

    • Drakale says:

      Crusaders 2 with friends is the best. The drama never ends.

  18. xdarestx says:

    SMNC, Thief GOLD. Some Diablo 2 in the mix.

  19. DM says:

    Wargame EE because it’s awesome.

    Endless Space alpha because I love the ships design and it’s promising.

    Melty Blood ’cause I still suck at it.

    And Vindictus cause I ‘ve still too much time on my hands and I ‘m too dumb to use it in a more productive way.

    • roethle says:

      Wargame EE is utterly fantastic and takes up quite a bit of time.

  20. Sceptrum says:

    Mass Effect 3 coop with fellow RPSers and Kingdoms of Amalur (on PS3 though).

  21. Spiny says:

    Skyrim, yes. 28h in and only 2 of those into the main quest. I guess it’s something you keep installed and dip into over a course of months :-)

    Also, I made myself a steam category of “pile of shame “

    • P7uen says:

      This is a superb idea. I’m going to re-organise when I get home (or see if I can do it on my phone on the bus home).

    • wodin says:

      I played 90 hours and only got to the third or fourth main quest. I think I’d completed about 120 side quests. That however was my downfall, as I got well and truly bored. I soon realised that 99% of quests where exactly the same as each other and then it starts to recycle old caves\dungeons\lairs.

  22. xMindlessMass says:

    Playing Trials: Evolution

  23. Jonith says:

    A whole lot of Crusader Kings 2 and thats about it. (And a bit of Co-op Sanctum with some mates)

  24. NathanH says:

    I had my May Day last week so right now I am playing incomprehensible mathematics.

    When I get home I will be playing Baldur’s Gate (Durlag’s Tower is pleasingly brutal), Tidalis (makes my head hurt), and of course Duels of the Planeswalkers.

  25. calibro says:

    Casual WoW, daily heroics + an alt.
    Tribes: Ascend, i play 100% Jug and 100% Capture’n’Hold, love it.
    Another great game i play: searching the net for any info on D3 and counting the days.
    And some D2 coop, to further hype myself up.

  26. iaguz says:

    Praying as hard as I can for Company of Heroes 2 to come out faster.

    It’s coming, hadn’t you guys heard yet?

    Other then that, shitloads of Starcraft 2 multiplayer and a little of E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy that my brother suggested. Couldn’t get into it sadly, some interesting ideas being thrown around but poorly presented, very hard to digest properly.

  27. Morte66 says:

    At a bit of a loss, TBH.

    Finished becoming a “God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals” in Guild Wars last week. There’s no GW2 beta, which is what I really want. Got bored with Skyrim, spamming the same 4 skills all the time, give me something with tactical depth like a party based D&D game. Fallout New Vegas crashes within 5 minutes of starting, like clockwork. Stuck in Limbo, can’t get past the crate floating in water. Got bored with that indie horror game full of swaying staircases RPS was so keen on. Had my Portal 2 ration for the day (one level per day to make it last longer).

    I could put my rain gear on on go for a walk.

    • Squishpoke says:

      That you, Thorek?

    • Morte66 says:

      Just realised that my earlier post about having nothing to play didn’t even mention EVE Online. Maybe I’m finally breaking the dependency.

      • Crimsoneer says:

        Try the A Valley Without Wind demo. You might hate it, but it’s huge. I enjoy it :)

        • Lycan says:

          Bastion FTW! Thank the Steam gods for giving me another chance last week to pick this up for cheap (after I stupidly passed up all the myriad opportunities to get it last year)

          I guess “Kid ain’t as cynical and jaded about gaming as he thought he was…” :D

    • TheBuff1 says:

      Ah I got stuck at that bit in Limbo for a while too, spent ages trying to balance on the crate!! Want a hint??!

  28. Morph says:

    Kingdom of Amalur. It’s oddly addictive and tedious at the same time. It’s repetitive and grindy and I wouldn’t recommend it but I am compelled to play another couple of hours right now.

  29. KauhuK says:

    Got hooked into Terraria again. This time I’m playing alone. Also waiting for Diablo 3. I also need to finish my Thesis soon.

  30. nabeel says:

    20 hours into Mass Effect 3. Shit hasn’t quite begun to get real yet, but I’m still enjoying it, especially for the combat. Thinking of starting Sword & Sworcery but I don’t want to get too distracted.

  31. Namey says:

    Slowly going insane waiting for Diablo 3. Nothing else is fun anymore.

    • Lycan says:

      Ha ha ha :D I was in this space too till Bastion saved me… And to think it was the action-rpg mechanics that convinced me to get the game !

    • Lamb Chop says:

      I’ve planned builds for my first five characters. And then some more builds. And then some other ones that I’ll probably do when I get bored with those.

      And I’m desperately trying to finish all the games that will inevitably fall by the wayside when the incessant clicking starts. Botanicula, Legend of Grimrock, Mass Effect 3. Still trying to get a few Starcraft 2 games in every once in a while but I’ve gotten to the level where the erosion of my skill from not playing occurs faster than my improvement ramps it up, and I’ve given up on ever breaking into Grandmaster, so there’s not a lot of reason to play anymore.

  32. Njordsk says:

    Max payne 2 + counting seconds until diablo III

  33. Sami H says:


  34. cuc says:

    Finally getting to actually play the Touhou series of bullet hell games after constantly hearing about it since 2003. The game design is solid, the music is sublime, and the writing and underlying fiction is much sharper than the usual chaff Japanese media industry keeps churning out.

  35. x25killa says:

    The Sims 3, Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword, ARMA 2, Skyrim and CS:GO

  36. Metonymy says:

    Playing SFxTekken, Sonic Gen, Skyrim, all terrible. Still have some GBA roms to try out. DS remains the inferior system. TF2 and Minecraft fill in the gaps.

    Watching Mad men, GoT, avengers cartoon, legend of galactic heroes, Accel World, the new Lupin.

    Reading on astronomy, discussing news with political radicals

    Working at worst job I’ve had in my entire life, have to find a new one soon or chimp out at an inconvenient moment

  37. phenom_x8 says:

    Replaying the first Dragon Age! Its still great though! Reaching Lothering now (what an epic battle before)
    And for RPS folks, where is the WiT for :

    1. Ridge racer unbounded
    2.Risen 2 dark water
    3.Sniper Elite V2

    Eurogamer gave no 2 and 3 6/10, still dont believe them though because the differences with half of the reader comments. If all of them flops, I will blame RPS for not told me earlier whether I have to buy it or not

    • RogerMellie says:

      Me too :)

      No idea why either. Going for an Arcane Warrior build for a change (always seem to do rogue DPS).

      Working too though so it’ll have to wait for now.

      • Lycan says:

        It’s a bit like The Matrix movies. Just pretend there were no DLCs, expansions or sequels to the original and you’ll remember Dragon Age fondly :)

    • phenom_x8 says:

      Hooray, I recruit Sten (the caged qunari) in my second playthorugh after an hefty debate with those chantry leader (and a bit of rudeness, maybe I was to kind with her on my first playthrough). :cheers

  38. Robin says:

    Playing / Trying to play DayZ mod for Arma 2.

    • Cael says:

      same, mod is absolutely brilliant, RPS should definitely do some coverage of it

      also arma 2 is now one of steams top sellers, probably because of DayZ

    • mikmanner says:

      Thank you sir, you have introduced me to something which looks fking incredible, I will be spending my entire day on this.

    • joebucksvoice says:

      If I were not at work I would be playing Dayz. It pulled me right away from playing Tribes as soon as I got into it.

      I posted a few impressions if anyone wants a little more flavour before you dive in.

      link to desolateshroud.blogspot.ca

  39. Xari says:

    I’ve been mixing it up. Played some mandatory Tribes: Ascend and did particularly well this weekend, I started playing Bastion which I picked up during the sale this week (brilliant game). Started playing Bulletstorm as well which I picked up during a different sale, which has turned out to be surprisingly good. And to top it off, I revisited the excellent zombie survival mod No More Room In Hell, which is one of the few games that really nails down a good mix between satisfying gunplay and a lingering atmosphere of desperation. Especially love the way ammunition is handled in that mod.

  40. Azhrarn says:

    Nothing special really, just playing some Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion beta. :)
    Love me some Discord class battleships with the Advent.

  41. doktorfisch says:

    Tribes:Ascension all the way. After I got my VIP status the game suddenly became much more addictive.

    • BarneyL says:

      I’ve been playing a lot of this too lately, it’s good to find a multiplayer FPS I don’t suck at for a change, the different classes cater well to multiple playstyles.

  42. WarpRattler says:

    Mostly been playing PangYa (Korean golf MMO) and League of Legends (NA, I’m WarpRattler on there as well), or games like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Bayonetta, and Espgaluda II Black Label on not-PC. Fun times all around.

  43. Mr. Mister says:

    Still addicted to Nitronic Rush. I challange anyone to beat my score in Ruby without WASD-hacking.

  44. Discosauce says:

    I’m about half way through a second crawl through of the excellent Legend of Grimrock. I’m finding plenty of things I missed on my first go through, and am enjoying the (slightly) harder challenge of hard mode. Unfortunately I’ve found myself quick-saved into a corner of the Fighter’s Challenge room with my only backup save an hour back. Hopefully I can find some way to survive the countless little green bogeys surrounding me.

  45. Tom De Roeck says:

    Ive joined Perpetuum. Also ME3 was big before that, will be getting back to it.

    Gave up on Tribes though.

    • Skabooga says:

      I too gave up on Tribes: Ascend. It had me hooked for a couple of days, but before I knew it, the siren call of TF2 had lured me back again.

  46. Beanchilla says:

    Playing X-com! Gettin’ excited for the new Firaxis one and considering purchasing Xenonauts.

  47. michaelfeb16 says:

    I’ve just started my first real Skyrim playthrough. I’ve touched it a bit before to see what it was like, but I’ve held off for hardware, drivers, and mods. I’m happy that I did – the 30 mods I have installed have made the game significantly better than before. My 5970 running 6024×1200 is elaborately gorgeous. I just wish that crossfire didn’t have negative scaling – then I could probably press up to ugrids 11.

  48. Land says:

    German Truck Simulator. Yes. Waiting for Diablo III, and while browsing through my games this weekend I suddenly noticed GTS and decided to try it out again. Been trucking ever since. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is looking to be quite awesome also. These sort of sims are truly my guilty pleasure.

  49. PearlChoco says:

    I’m finally continuing my first playthrough of Kingdoms of Amalur.

    Just finished the awesome Widow quest in Castle Yolvan. Game is great so far!!!

    • fish99 says:

      I’m 32 hrs into Amalur and really enjoying it, and I guess I’m about 10 hrs beyond where you are up to. My build is faeblades/bow/magic and I’ve just reached the Fae city Ysa.

  50. TormDK says:

    Work work (We had last friday as a public holiday here in Denmark)