A Wake’s B-Side: American Nightmare PC-Bound May 22

He has a new shirt! Sequel: justified.

Everyone, hold onto your hats. I have some shocking and unbelievable news for you, and they may use your brief window of vulnerability as a chance to escape. So, remember when Alan Wake’s American Nightmare not-so-silently planted its flag of star-spangled terror in Steam’s registry? Turns out, that wasn’t just some incredibly unlikely fluke that had to pass across the desks of many intelligent people! It is, in fact, coming to PC – on May 22 no less. This has probably never happened.

The pseudo-sequel sees Wake battling tooth, nail, flashlight, and gun against Mr. Scratch, who’s described as “a supernatural serial killer fixated on Wake’s wife, Alice, and even more horribly, Wake’s demise.” In the process, he’ll “learn to control reality itself and unravel the secrets of Night Springs” – which sounds pretty roundabout to me, but then again, all my supernatural serial killers have just turned out to be Old Man Jenkins in a costume attempting to frighten gullible kids away from the Mummy’s Gold.

The requisite “high-resolution graphics and enhanced PC features” are also in the cards, as is a “Fight till Dawn” mode – which is basically horde mode, but with more whooOOOooOOO [sounds of chains rattling]. Oh, and this bit sounds nice:

“In celebration of the impending launch, Remedy is offering gamers a motherload of discounts on Alan Wake. Pre-orders of American Nightmare on Steam or GOG will receive 10% off their purchase. For purchasers of the original Alan Wake, an additional 15% off is available! Alan Wake is now part of Steam’s Midweek Madness (only 72 hours!) available at 50% off. This offer is also available on GOG.”

And yes, that does mean American Nightmare will soon be living the DRM-free dream on GOG as well. So, in short, good news all around. Well, mostly. Alec enjoyed the original’s setting well enough, but found every waking moment of Wake action to be rather flat as far action-heavy horror games go. And apparently, American Nightmare puts action in the monster-disintegrating spotlight even more often, so hopefully Remedy’s added a few extra pumps of intrigue to Mr Wake’s coffee this time around. We shall see. In the meantime, put down your flashlight and pick up your, er, air guitar with this tonally inconsistent trailer.


  1. Kohlrabi says:

    “Horde mode” is the laziest and boringest game mode invented in the last decade.

    • Blaaaaaaag says:

      I’m in partial agreement with you… the second most boring game mode might have to be ‘running-through-the-woods-for-an-hour-between-each-creepy-macguffin’. By that I mean to say that the first “Alan Wake” could’ve been interesting, if they made it shorter and more to the point. I lasted 5 hours; between being inundated with what seemed like the same level over and over again, and my skepticism about whether any of it was going to add up to an interesting story, I couldn’t go on any further.

      • snappycakes says:

        How long is the first Alan Wake? I’m two an a half hours in and am partway into Episode 3. It’s already getting tedious.

        • Xocrates says:

          Steam tells me I got 13 hours logged on for the main game + DLC, so about 10 hours to finish it.

          The plot starts to pick up around chapter 4, but I do agree that the game would have benefited greatly from a faster pace and less running in the woods for endless amounts of time.

        • jaundiceclosure says:

          yes tedious seems to be the resonant theme in many new games. It’s tedious to make, tedious to play. Let’s copy that game! Let’s copy our first level and make it our second level, and so forth! Just run them through our earthquake algorithm. Copy this quest, but change the names and places. Make them fetch longer distances!

          The next time I have amnesia, I will be certain of only one thing: I’m about to save the foggin’ world! I just have to collect five pieces of something. I just have to wait for it to be stolen, shattered, scattered, and then someone will panic and let me know. Until then, I’ll just keep diligently walking to every point of interest and press the same button like a secretary having fun on her first day on the job.

    • Xzi says:

      I disagree. It’s rather perfect when you have several, ahumm…skill/talent deprived mates who want to play a game with you but don’t find getting their asses repeatedly handed to them by other players online all that enjoyable.

      I liked the Hero Siege custom maps in Warcraft 3 quite a bit, and that’s probably one of the places from which the “horde” mode originated. I would like to see different takes on co-op, though…I especially enjoyed ‘Splosion Man’s required synchronized acts of ‘Sploding with my buddies.

  2. baby snot says:

    We finally get flannel technology.

  3. Oozo says:

    One question, since everyone seems to agree that there is potential for a great game in the thing sold as “Alan Wake”, but few actually think that the thing sold as “Alan Wake” is all that great a game:

    Are there any attempts to mod the game, or to make it moddable? Did Remedy ever say something about it?

    I think that with the right number of tweaks (get rid of hot beverages etc.), I’d very much like to play it. As it is, not so much, though.

  4. Secundus says:

    alan wakes american skateland

  5. byteCrunch says:

    Alan Wake and American Nightmare for £16 on GOG, thank you very much.

  6. UncleLou says:

    So, just a few months ago, Remedy were not allowed to say that this add-on would come to the PC. Who, did Microsoft think, would wait 7 years for the PC version of Alan Wake, only to then immediately buy American Nightmare for his 360 because it is not announced for the PC?

    This industry is so silly at times.

  7. Hoschimensch says:

    American Nightmare is really good. Thanks to more hints on the story and good writing. Mr. Scratch is possibly the best villain in a videogame so far or at least the best one I can remember.

    Played both games on the 360 but will buy them now on GOG thanks to the DRM-free revolution and so on.

  8. MichaelPalin says:

    Hear ye, hear ye!

    Alan Wake, what could be considered as a triple-A game and that has been released less than three months ago, that is, the kind of game that has had DRM for the last 3-4 years, is now on gog, DRM free. With this, three things are recognized:

    1. gog has made it. They have managed to have a big, recent, non CDProject title DRM free and this may open the door for many future similar releases.

    2. Remedy has definitely redeem themselves as a PC developers. Now let’s hope the story of Alan Wake doesn’t end up like a Lost-ish mess.

    3. Mid-size developers (see Double Fine) and maybe mid-size publishers (what are you waiting for, Paradox?) are building an interesting segment in the medium to be able to produce mid-size games, while retaining independence and IP rights and while acknowledging the opposition to DRM by an important part of the gaming community.

    Hear ye, hear ye!, Good times are coming.

    • f1x says:

      I think so yes,
      the market had to evolve, flooding it with either mediocre overpriced “triple A” console games or casual family games (also overpriced) was not going anywhere,

      Like always its small developers/publishers, indie studios and initiatives like GoG who made it possible to bring an initiative of change (And to some degree, Steam, because of digital distribution and PC support)

  9. f1x says:

    Actually I have Alan Wake on my Xbox but never could get to play it after the prologue, not because of the game but because I simply cannot stand Xbox anymore, I played a lot on the box before but those times are gone
    games are ugly (resolution and texture thats it) on the box, interface is ugly and sometimes it feels like it takes forever to get to actually play something

    on the other hand, oh PC how much I love you, oh joy with your keyboard and mouse and ocasionally also a gamepad….
    ….so….basically will be picking up Alan Wake + American’s Nightmare and playing it on the PC,

  10. andytizer says:

    For people coming to the game for the first time from the sales, this is a list of bugs, fixes and workarounds for Alan Wake: link to pcgamingwiki.com – if you discover a new fix, take some time to add it in (no account required).

    • PoulWrist says:

      I never encountered any problems or bugs while playing through it. Maybe I’m blessed?

  11. foda500 says:

    $26 for AW and AN. Thanks Remedy!

  12. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    Well that was a bit condescending, wasn’t it? Silly Remedy, crawling to the glorious PC market on its knees, who’d have thunk! Has it really been this long since we started getting more and better PC ports that we should now take it for granted?