Important RPS News: You Are Numerous (And Best)

RPS isn’t shy, which is fortunate because it had over 2.1 million unique browsers staring at it in March. That’s you guys. There’s so many of you! But don’t just take our word for it. We had the site independently audited by ABC, and you can see our shiny certificate of traffic enormity right here. Yes, we’re very proud. But not too proud to admit that the real reason that RPS has been a success is because you lot love PC games as much as we do. So thanks for sharing our enthusiasms, and thanks for reading the site.

We love all of you.

Except that guy. Sheesh.


  1. SiHy_ says:

    Sorry. I’ll try harder in the future, I promise…
    Love you RPS!

    • gnodab says:

      Why don’t we all? If everybody of us gives a 1$/€/idonthaveapundsigncausenoonecares tip, that’ll be 2.1 million!
      I’m so excited. Maybe it’d be enough to get Kieron back, from writing for men in tights!

  2. Ephaelon says:

    We are legion. Am I?

  3. Nim says:

    We also love quality.

  4. Cooper says:

    I can see Wally!

  5. dawnmane says:

    Congrats! Best games journalism site out there.

  6. Chris Evans says:

    <3 you guys!

  7. rustybroomhandle says:

    Oh no, I thought this was a hipster joint!

  8. wuwul says:

    > RPS isn’t shy, which is fortunate because it had over 2.1 million unique browsers staring at it in March.

    I hate to break it to you, but it’s because you left the zipper open.

  9. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Best games site on the World Wide Web, congrats.

  10. amishmonster says:

    You guys are wonderful! Glad that others agree.

  11. Stellar Duck says:

    Am I that guy?

  12. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    We love you too!

    … or at least I do. Maybe some other people really hate you and only come here, so that they have new material to rant about, on their hate-blogs (probably called “Rock, Paper, Suckgun”).

    Maybe some other people are actually really indifferent about you, and only come here because they don’t know much about internet browsers, and someone set their start-page to RPS.

    But I think most people love you.

  13. wodin says:

    Good stuff, well done lads. However where is Cardboard Children? Also get a female writer aswell.

  14. ItalicThatGuy says:

    It’s really heart warming to see you recognise us the fans as … oh… :(

  15. LionsPhil says:

    over 2.1 million unique browsers staring at it in March

    How many of them were spambots?

    • Lars Westergren says:

      I see you are a “glass half spam” kind of guy.

    • DiamondDog says:

      Spambots can like PC games too, you know. Maybe they come to RPS to relax, and all they get is banned.

      Whats with the discrimination?

      • Mattressi says:

        Yeah, it’s not their fault that the only English they’ve been taught are (mostly garbled) phrases for peddling cheap wares. Maybe they’re showing appreciation by giving us a good deals?

  16. nabeel says:


  17. Nameless1 says:

    No, thanks to you.
    I’m really happy about the numbers, I’ve even emailed you (questioning) about it some time ago.

  18. smokiespliff says:


  19. Solskin says:

    I love you too

  20. Sic says:

    So, there are about 100k users of the site on any given day?


  21. ironman Tetsuo says:

    Best gaming site on the web, came for the news, stayed for the humour.

    I want to know what happened/what was posted on the 30th to cause the spike?

    • westyfield says:

      The Ludum Dare article perhaps? I expect a lot of people whose games were mentioned sent the link to their friends/family saying “look wot i dun”.

  22. Nallen says:

    RPS is the best website :)

    By the way what happened on the 30th of March?

  23. kael13 says:

    Very swish. Had any offers from any media corporations lately?

  24. soundofsatellites says:

    <3 <3 <3

  25. Davee says:

    Don’t you go mainstream on us!

    Also thanks for keeping the site running with great articles. :)

  26. rocketman71 says:

    You’re welcome.

    (in a John Hodgman voice)

  27. atticus says:

    You really have a nice mix of writers to cover a wide variety of topics – and always with that all-important great sense of humour. Keep up the good work! :)

    A special thanks on behalf of Norwegian readers to mr. Walker for his features concering violent games in connection with the ongoing Breivik-trial. A proper counter to much of the ignorant sensationalism in the media!

  28. Tom Walker says:

    Good work chaps.

    These days I pretty much judge whether an upcoming game is worth considering on whether RPS seems excited about it. Everyone else is just so much noise.

  29. Deathmaster says:

    Love you back, RPS.

  30. mr.ioes says:

    I wanna be that guy.

  31. djbriandamage says:

    I could get RPS for free if I wanted to. But I subscribe monthly, voluntarily, for no tangible additional benefit. It’s worth it to me.

    Thank you RPS, current and past contributors. I have a busy day but you are always a part of it.

    • sonofsanta says:

      It would be nice to get a newsletter again, though. Just every now and then. More pretty words is always good.

      • Plivesey says:

        Yeah, I miss those witty e-mails from RPS. Now I just get rubbish “Click here to give all your bank details away” e-mails, whereas before I got those AND a witty one.

        As djbriandamage says, though, I still feel the subscription is worthwhile as RPS’ content is so fantastic.

        • sinister agent says:

          That’ll be because I offered them an extra quid to make sure that nobody else got them. RPS is nothing if not corrupt. And cheap. And racist. Etc.

  32. sonofsanta says:

    You’re welcome. <3

    Come up with any better names for the site yet though? I still remember Kieron's awkward expression when he was introduced in an interview as an editor of "Rock, Paper, Shotgun", completely undermining any serious debate on video games he was trying to have.

    • Reefpirate says:

      This is the worst idea ever. No offence.

      • sonofsanta says:

        Oh I don’t mean for them to change it, it could never be changed now. Just be interesting to hear if any inspiration ever struck after the domain registration.

  33. Syra says:

    Aww, I liked you before you were cool.

  34. Deathmaster says:

    Love you back, RPS

  35. Plivesey says:

    As long as you keep writing puns, I’ll keep reading ’em!

  36. Ironclad says:

    Do these sort of audits have a purpose? I mean, can you wave this certificate around and get more ad revenue? Glad to be that one guy

  37. Freud says:

    Now the hipsters will stop visiting the site.

    • max pain says:

      If there’s so many of them to matter, they’re not really hipsters because they’re too mainstream.

    • Skabooga says:

      Now they’ll just visit the website ironically.

  38. Chris England says:

    You guys deserve it. Keeping up the quality of the work and posting at the rate you guys have for so many years can’t have been easy.

    You’ve also helped shape the indie scene, I think – I certainly know you guys were the ones who made me aware of the possibilities and pushed me over into games development from the realms of having a proper job.

    • Stellar Duck says:

      For which I, at least, am very grateful. Now finish the game already. :P

  39. That Guy says:

    I’m definitely hurt

  40. Premium User Badge

    MonkeyMonster says:

    That will help very nicely with the ad revenue. Well done chaps on making a site that really does have and deserve that many worshippers :D

    We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy *genuflects*

  41. felisc says:

    I really enjoy rps. Best way to take a quick break at work.

  42. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Do we qualify as a cult yet? I have the robes and everything.

  43. Mario Figueiredo says:

    I’m afraid I consider RPS on par with many other game news websites, with the exception I’m continuously annoyed by the website anti-spam code that sometimes tends to block posts or edits, thinking I’m a spammer.

    Throughout my… hmm, it’s been 3 years?… around there’s been plenty of situations where I strongly disagreed with the staff (turning XCOM into an FPS is just a different game with the same name. Really!? You think that’s all that is going to happen to the IP?)

    There’s been also situations where I disagreed with reviews. But that’s obviously a whole lot more subjective matter. Not everyone can agree. I just wished however that there was in RPS a more critical eye towards indie games and not everything was hailed as brilliant just because it’s different or a novelty, but because it is actually a good and fun game. I often feel that I’m being pushed into liking something simply because it s hipster to like it.

    Finally, very often the articles and news pieces overdo tongue-in-cheek language, to the point it becomes almost impossible to read by a non native speaker. Jokes sometimes also seem to fall into an insider joke pattern. Both things put together end up forcing me to just skim through the whole article hunting for any place where some real information is actually being given. It ends up becoming a hunt and peck reading experience. Not to my liking.

    That said, there’s plenty to like at RPS. The wealth of news and comprehensive treatment to games, often having them being revisited time and time again, is the reason why I visit. Naturally humor too, when its not overdone. But above all, despite the several situations where I was left with a sour taste on my mouth, I think the balance is positive on what comes to the credibility of the website. And that’s the number one reason why I would visit.

    • derbefrier says:

      i think we found “that guy” :D

      • Greggh says:

        I there was a like button in the comment section… It would be even more filled with idiots than it already is – myself included.

        But your comment, derbefrier, would’ve gotten a thumbs up from me :D

    • Reefpirate says:

      There’s plenty of counter-examples that came to my mind for your criticisms… The A Valley Without Wind article was a very good example of not all indie games being holy. Also that lengthy article doubting the whole ‘indie’ industry recently. Also, I don’t remember the last time FPS XCOM was featured, but there have been several great features about the more ‘pure’ Firaxis take on XCOM.

      As for the tongue-in-cheekiness… Well, there’s no defence for that.

  44. MichaelPalin says:

    Keep up the quality journalism, love you too.

  45. Maldomel says:

    That’s like, a lot of people. And yet at the time I write this, there is barely more than 50 comments!

  46. McDan says:

    Yeah, but don’t let it go to your heads! We still expect the same cut-rate journalism as there always has been. Wooooooooo RUPPUS. (that’s how I say it in my head).

  47. Lemming says:

    “Except that guy. Sheesh.”

    Yay I was included! \o/

  48. Fen_Mar says:

    Yeah! PC gaming 4evaaaa!!1111

    Seriously though. Its brilliant journalism; that’s why we keep reading.

  49. alexheretic says:

    Yeah you guys are the best, at least that I’ve encountered.
    But once the great backslap has ended, can RPS briefly turn its greatness toward some opinions on a released PC game or games. Like Risen 2, for example, I believe Quinns once asked: “Risen 2: Dark Waters! Will it be shit?”. So, was/is it?

  50. ninjapirate says:

    Wow. I almost feel shy to post a comment, now that I know a potential 2.1 million people will read it…