Streamy: Rift Introduces Fancy Patch-o-Matic Client

Trion have introduced a taste of a future to their Rift client (at least if you are on a 5mbps+ connection) which streams the client as you play. You can still download patches and apply as normal, but if your connection is fast enough and you don’t want to have to wait, the option is now there. They explain: “Streaming Client allows you the option to launch the game from the patcher without having to wait for the full data download to complete. You’ll be able to start playing within a few minutes even after a large update, and the game will download the necessary data in the background while you play.” There’s even an in-game patchometer which states the progress, and tells you whether you aren’t seeing characters and objects because they’re slow to load.

Fancy, that.


  1. applecup says:

    How is this “of the future”? Guild Wars has always worked like this, and WoW introduced it for their trial client forever ago.

    • Irony says:

      WoW Clone plays catch-up, more at 11.

    • piratmonkey says:

      I think he means that it’s the future client, not that the client itself is from the future.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Champions Online has also done it for months, if not a year by now.

      Come on, RPS. Bit of research before parroting PR releases please; you’ve got way higher standards than this.

      • hap says:

        EQ2 has been doing it for at least a couple years, they may have been first.

        • El_Emmental says:

          the interwebs are telling me that :

          – EQ2 introduced that kind of “streaming client” in September 2009 (game will launch with the minimum files required and will prioritize the next files to be downloaded), like the one mentioned in this article on Rift.

          – Guild War 1 had this feature on day 1 and really focused on streamlining the patching/download, it was even explained in July 29, 2004 in an interview : link to

          – Steam had a similar feature in its beta stage (it started in 2002-2003), but the prioritization of files wasn’t as advanced as in the later “streaming clients”.

          I think Rift developers were just announcing “hey guys, we got our streaming client out of closed beta, check it out !”, they never claimed they invented it.


          Read the “They explain” link.

          => It’s in fact a forum post of a developer, simply detailing the changelog of the latest patch, explaining what they mean when they say “streaming client” (with OnLive! out and fully working, “streaming” can also be “pure” streaming). In these 4 sentences, there isn’t any word on OMG AWEZUM or OUR INNOVATION, it’s just explaining how their streaming client works.

    • MondSemmel says:

      The Diablo 3 beta client did something similar, I think. At least the option to start playing appeared long before the download was done.

    • aiusepsi says:

      People forget this, but Steam launched with this feature when it was in beta back in something like 2002.

      By and large, Steam’s download code today is still a lobotomised version of that feature that’s been tricked into thinking the minimum set of files that a game would need to start at all is actually the whole game.

  2. daphne says:

    How is this anything new or even fancy? This was Guild Wars’ innovation, let alone WoW after WotLK.

  3. PPOY52 says:

    Everyone! Calm the fuck down!

    • Hendar23 says:

      NO! Somebody on the Internet said something which may not be 100% literally true! He must be vocally corrected immediately, or Who Knows What could happen!

      • Ahtaps says:

        Damn Who! Always knowing what could happen. And Nobody, with his all knowing omniscience.

  4. piratmonkey says:

    At no point did the release say that it was “the future/from the future/we’re first to do this, suck it everyone,” just that it was a streaming version of the client (ala “future to their Rift client”). Sheesh.

  5. aliksy says:

    Oh, neat. I was complaining about how annoying it is that you need to download a huge client for an MMO where I’ll probably only see a tiny portion of it. This is win-win for everyone.

  6. Dakia says:

    Game improves features. People bash it regardless. More at 10.

    I don’t even play Rift and I’m laughing at the hate. You people are are so predictable.

    • Caiman says:

      In our dark future, all comment threads will look like the YouTube comment threads.

    • f1x says:

      People will bash in 99% of the news and then go speak wonders about their loved overrated game of choice which is the other 1%
      true history, I do it myself from time to time, I’m starting to think its because we are all too passionate ;)

      regarding the news, as much as WoW and others before included it long ago, its cool that Rift did it aswell, not all companys invest in this kind of features, but after WoW, Rift and GW doing it, it will become mandatory for any MMO so thats the good news about this

      On the other hand Rift is a really cool game, and Trion has been continually releasing new content so kudos to them

  7. Njordsk says:

    Might not be new tech, but it’s still pretty cool to implement it. What’s more frustrating than watching a progress bar when you just want to click the damn greyed button.

    • jrodman says:

      Of course, you don’t really need this tech as much as it might seem. Most MMO players play regularly. Seed patches, fools!

      And I don’t mean the style of seeding the first 500MB and then leaving the last 500MB until patch day, that’s dumb.

  8. Aardvarkk says:

    One new feature they included (and didn’t mention for some reason) is, if you right click on the Rift icon on your Windows bar it shows a list of your characters you play. If you click on one it will log you into that character after you put in your password. If you click on another character it will auto-log you out and log you into the new guy you clickyed on, so there is that.

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