So I Want To Be A Hero! Quest For Glory I to V On GOG

So, so pretty.

Twas only yesterday I was letting everyone down by wishing for more Space Quest instead of more Quest For Glory. But as if the mighty Horace felt the need to restore balance to the universe, have just announced they’ve released all five of the classic Sierra adventure/RPGs for ten bucks. Sure, it’s not a new one, but you try getting the original versions working.

That’s four really decent and one slightly less decent games that were pretty damned innovative in their day, which even let you take one character through all five. Something that so closely resembled a point and click adventure, but had meaningful RPG decisions, was almost unknown. Certainly the reverse – RPGs that had adventure elements, were extremely common, but this was something else.

The fourth was definitely the series’ peak, but why not play through the previous three first, to take that character through? Oh boy, I wish I had time to do that. And the package contains both the original EGA, and the VGA remake, of the first one, just in case you’re not feeling that retro.

I am pleased about this.


  1. Mr_Hands says:

    I actually really thoroughly enjoyed QFG V. So excited to see them all bundled on GOG.

  2. Giant, fussy whingebag says:

    I’ll just pop in and post the obligatory link to the AGD Interactive remake of the second game.

    It’s free and I’d actually consider it the definitive version of the game. It looks better, plays better and you don’t have to suffer the tedious mazeness of the city so much (although you still can if you are a masochist).

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that characters import and export from and to the other games perfectly, so yay!

    • Jahnz says:

      Yeah, after playing QFG1 VGA it’s jarring to switch to the QFG2 EGA then back to the QFG3 graphics.

  3. kubikalbo1 says:

    I really really hope they managed to patch up the bugs in 4, totally sucked when it started crashing out at the penis shaped rock :(

    • Richard Cobbett says:

      They’ve included a fan-patch for QFGIV that cleans up the major issues – that one included. Though IIRC it doesn’t fix the Domovoi bug. This is a character you need to meet with within the first 5 days or he stops appearing and the game becomes unwinnable. That’s not a huge issue as long as you know about it – just go downstairs at the Inn after midnight – but… yeah.

      • Ninja Foodstuff says:

        So Richard, is this the best news you’ve heard all week? ;)

        • Richard Cobbett says:

          I already owned the Anthology and QFGV separately, but I’m glad to see it finally on GOG, and even more pleased that they’ve done such a great job of it. The whole series (usually the final part gets left out of these things), all the manuals, both EGA and VGA versions of the original – it’s excellent news. Bought it immediately, since my old discs are scratched to non-literal buggery after so many years.

          (Though if I was to be picky, like a few of these games, I’d have liked to see a very quick cheat-sheet to highlight anything in the manuals that you need to know about, like the Thief Sign in QFG1, just to make sure people don’t get stuck. The lack of a car journey to read the manual can be a pain sometimes :-))

      • sqparadox says:

        As Richard Cobbett meantioned above most of the major bugs and timing issues were fixed by fan ‘NewRisingSun’ many years ago… like something around a decade.

        I hunted down a link to the original page (well a mirror of it anyway – the original was on geocities) that has the fan patches if anyone wants to apply them to original copies of the games: link to

        I have no idea when that page was last updated (those’ new’ signs next to some of the updates are at least 5 years old) but the patches are available in various places such as

      • kibertoad says:

        Thanks for the warning! After I’ve talked to him for the first time, am I safe? He won’t stop appearing after that or you won’t need him anymore?

        • Richard Cobbett says:

          I’ve not played it for a long time, and always got it out of the way to avoid running into the bug once I heard about it. I *think* you just have to talk to him the once, but I’m not sure. Never tested the alternative.

          To be safe, when you go to town, rent a room at the inn, rest until after midnight and go and meet him on Night 1, then in the morning head over to the old Monastery in town to help out another domovoi who’s inside. There’s a guardian, but you can get past it very easily, and the only other thing you need to help him is also in the town. (He said cryptically to avoid spoilers). Once you’ve done this, go back to the inn, rest until midnight again and go back downstairs to meet the domovoi again. He’ll tell you a story about the innkeepers’ daughter, Tanya, and about a doll. Take that, and you’re done with him whether he shows up again or not. Either way, without the doll, you’re screwed later on, so make sure you get it early.

          (Note: The Monastery is a dangerous place, but you can at least do that part without any real risk whatsoever, assuming you get past the… cough… doorman. And you’re not sequence breaking or anything by going there immediately, so don’t worry about that. It’s a big scary building you’re repeatedly told to avoid – they knew full well people would make a beeline for it :-))

  4. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    Worth pointing out that I-III will work with ScummVM, and therefore Mac/Linux.

    • stahlwerk says:

      oooo! Thanks for the pointing out!

    • sqparadox says:

      Wow, I had no idea SCUMMVM had come so far in SCI1/1.1 support. Last I checked they only had decent SCI0 support. I remember when the SCUMMVM team used SCI support as an April Fools joke; I love it when such things actually come true.

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      I’d go as far as pitching SCUMMVM as the preferred way of playing the EGA games, owing solely to the graphics filter which un-dithers the otherwise eye-melting backgrounds.

      • LionsPhil says:

        I would disagree most strenuously on meddling with the graphics, but it’s worth using ScummVM anyway for four-channel audio, at least in King’s and Space Quests, and I suspect QfG too. Also for turning less battery into heat on portables by not having to emulate a whole 486…

  5. Jahnz says:

    This is so amazingly awesome! I will have to pick this up in a few weeks when I have the money. I already have all of the games on disc, but a digital copy would be great. I don’t think my QFG3 floppies work anymore.

    I wish there were more series like this with characters that transfer over. Or that were filled with such a perfect combination of silly and serious. That was probably the fifth game’s downfall. The tone felt odd. Sort of like the silly and serious weren’t properly integrated. That and the fact that there was too much unavoidable combat for the Thief. And nothing cool to do as the Wizard. There should have been a good Wizard game in the other titles after the first one. How can you go and set up an awesome Mage’s Maze in the first game and then no more for the rest of the series? I mean the WIT test was pretty cool, but…

    I think I should stop typing about this now before I start to seem like a crazy person. Like a crazy ‘ermit named ‘Enry that lives near a waterfall.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Yes, I think I’ll be buying these right away. It will be interesting to finally play the weird-arsed-fifth-game-which-everyone-told-me-is-rubbish-and-so-I-never-bought. Also a good opportunity to create a new character and put them through the entire series. Goodbye rest of 2012.

    Depressingly, this also reminds me that I once had original mint copies of the first two games, complete with all the manuals and feelies. Thrown out in a vigorous room cleaning years ago. NGGGGH!

  7. Skystrider says:

    GOG also released a bundle of the city builder Zeus and its official expansion pack Poseidon today. So yeah, it is pretty epic day on GOG!

  8. ryth says:

    What the heck? The 4th installment is most certainly NOT the peak. The second game was easily the best of the bunch, both from a story and a technology standpoint (for it’s time). I’d go so far as to say the first was the second best, if only due to it’s uniqueness… I still have my 51/4 disks from when it was still called “Hero’s Quest”.

    • benkc says:

      That’s more or less how I feel, too. The third was actually my intro to the series, but after playing the others, it feels… I don’t know, kind of bland?

      The fourth had a lot of potential but was way too buggy. You’d think that by then they would have figured out that it is NOT ok to have a game’s mechanics and puzzles only work at a particular CPU speed.

  9. Andy_Panthro says:

    I already had my copy (plus the authorised strategy guide! link to, but I’ll be getting a digital copy as well.

    Brilliant series, even if I don’t like the 5th and final game. I also prefer the EGA versions of QFG1+2 also, but thankfully with AGDI making QFG2VGA you can play them all in glorious VGA.

    Thanks to the character importing, a little bit of additional grind in the first game can make the rest of them much easier (the combat anyway!).

  10. Sheng-ji says:

    When you speak of the mighty Horace, do you mean the Horace who stared in games like Horace goes skying and the first game I ever played (I think) Hungry Horace?

    Or have I missed something?

    • MondSemmel says:

      You missed Horace the Endless Bear.
      EDIT: I guess it could be considered the RPS deity or something?

  11. RSeldon says:

    :D! Between this and the Portal 2 mapmaker, I am a happy, happy person this week.

  12. MadTinkerer says:




  13. DrunkDog says:

    The atmosphere in QFGIV really stayed with me since I originally played it. The classical midi tracks in it are suprisingly beautifully rendered and haunting. Never finished it first time around so now’s a good an opportunity than ever.

  14. sophof says:

    I stopped reading and bought it after the first paragraph, then came back to brag about it here :D
    How is this not kickstarted to a reboot?!