Thank You For The Day Zero: Surviving In Day Z

Day Z is the best thing I’ve played so far this year.

On my first go, I bled to death in the dark, alone on a forest trail.

I respawned on the beach. That’s where all the survivors start out, with a Makarov pistol, some cans of food, a shot of morphine, and few other supplies. Those wouldn’t last long.

My second attempt to stay alive in this brutal, zombie-infested version of Arma 2 was going to be a little slower. A little better considered. Or at least that’s what I insisted to myself. Sure, it’s a slightly broken alpha version of an unfinished mod of a game notorious for its wonkiness, but the challenge of it had already enthralled me. The potential for open-ended exploration, combat, and terror in the engine of a complex and sophisticated soldier sim were clear. The goal is simple: survive. And the chances of managing to do that are slim. Day Z (daze? daisy?) is a desperate, ruthless experience.

It was still dark – the game seems to have a 24hr day/night cycle – and I hoped that the shadows would give me some cover as I headed in-land. The vast Eastern European space that the soldier sim had created is now littered with supplies, and with zombies. An open world game of survival in a zombie apocalypse. A fantastic idea, made all the more compelling by a persistence of character, and permanent death. But what makes it all the more intense is that it is populated by players. They want to survive too. To not starve. To not bleed out. And they don’t all want to be friends.

I hiked up onto a ridge in the dark. Something glowed red in the forest ahead of me. Someone had set off a flare. Human activity! It could be a friend or foe, but it was hard to tell. I could ask on the global chat, but I already new that could bring merciless players down on me. I crept closer. Just the glow of the flare. No sign of anyone around.

Then I heard gunshots. Back down on the road, someone was firing a pistol. I crept down, closer, trying not to make too much noise. I moved behind some buildings, leaning out to see what was happening. I could make out dark shapes moving rapidly about in the road. Zombies. And the guy who had been shooting was already on the ground. I stepped closer and fired into the zombies. But more were behind me. I backed off, trying to reload. The shrieking, snarling creatures swarmed at me. I plunged forward, dead. I’d been alive less than ten minutes. Worse than my first outing.

Another attempt, this time with a random companion survivor from the beach, again ended in rapid misadventure. We were just two uncoordinated strangers, not saying much. We fled from some unseen assailant firing on us from the dark. With not enough bandages between us, and no decent weapons, we died after our third encounter with the undead. We bled to death in a doorway.

Now it was time to rope in a real-world friend. It was time to take this more seriously. To make a determined attempt to survive. Having joined the same sever, we’d have to try and find each other in the world. With no map or compass (these must be picked up in-game) that was going to tricky. We described our location to each other, and then set out to try and recognise the same landmarks. I saw the old industrial buildings he’d described against the dawn gloom. With some excitement I stood up and ran towards the location. Then the bullet came in. Someone else had been watching. Someone with a rifle.

I was dead. Ambushed by two or more players. Bandits. They were well armed. Assault rifles and camo-gear. Survivors were clearly their main prey. They’d pick over my corpse to resupply themselves. And I’d be back on the beach, with nothing. Bastards. I’d agreed with my chum that should one of us die, the other would stay nearby and hope their partner could return to that location. He would keep his head down, and try not to get killed. I trekked back to him, more cautiously this time. He watched me come in, skirting along the edge of the town. We try to get atop industrial buildings, and then, clumsily, I fell down a ladder and broke my legs. We climbed down to bandage me up and pump me full of morphine. And it was in this sorry state that we set out, limping into the world.

After travelling some distance, we both realised we needed to attend to real life, and so we hit one of the most impressive features of DayZ, which is its persistence. All the DayZ servers are connected to a central server which tracks the persistent achievements, inventory, and location of a character. By both logging out on the same spot, we could be sure we could log in together later on, and we could do so on any DayZ server, not just the one we’d spent some time in.

Later, when we came to resume our quest, we encountered the least appetizing feature of the game: the fact that all the servers are rammed full. 50 of 50 for everything in Europe. We had to wait for space to open up before the two of us could set out.

It was in-game daytime now, and we knew it would be essential to find weapons and food if we intended to survive for a long period of time. We headed down the coast to do just that. Then, after a couple of minutes, we encountered another survivor. A newbie from the beach. He turned to look at us.

We looked at him.

“Let’s take him out.” A snap decision, but a horrifying one. We murdered him under a tree. He tumbled down, flopping backwards in the grass. The corpse twitched and shuddered. “This is hideous.” A pause to look at what we’d done. “Just get his stuff.”

We agreed not to murder anyone else.

But such ethical decisions did not bode well. A few minutes later, as we searched for supplies along the outskirts of another town, we met another player. Within a few seconds he had gunned down my wingman. I hit the deck, and he must have lost sight of me. I rounded the building, and fired on him as he stooped to search the corpse of my slain chum. The pistol was crap. Weak and inaccurate. I was too far away. He got up and stumbled away, returning fire as he disappeared behind a tree. I lay there in the grass. Waiting. Had I killed him? Was he just waiting for me? I crept closer, and eventually saw the blood on his body. He was down. Ugly. I was wounded from one of the bullets he’d slung my way. I used my last bandage.

Fortunately, the respawn point for my chum hadn’t been too far away, and he was soon back at our location to continue. We looted the bandit, and looked around. Even this guy hadn’t had a better weapon. We decided it was best to head in-land, avoiding murdering coastal newbies, but also the bandits who were butchering them for supplies. Perhaps we’d find what we needed in less trafficked surroundings.

The hike was foreboding. The misty landscape stretched out around us, and flickering shadows in the trees looked like potential bandits. We knew we were prey to some of the 48 other people on the server. We had to be careful. We began to visually scout the buildings we encountered before getting closer. Covering each other, realising vaguely military tactics would be essential to keeping both of us alive. Occasionally there was the moan of a zombie. We were meticulous about not letting these get too close. They move quickly, and it can all be over suddenly. Our supplies were thin.

We moved at pace. Woods and valleys. Farms and villages. Eventually we found a small hide, the kind that hunters might use, and in it was our prize: an AK-47. Now we had a machinegun.

The next village’s zombies were going to go down fast. A few in a shack. And then a howling zombie priest. Headshots to conserve ammo. We found a flashlight, bullets, food. We were getting more confident.

We moved onwards, back down towards the larger towns that dominate the island.

We stopped and went prone. Who was that in the building ahead? And why was he hiding from us?




DayZ is a mod for Arma 2: Combined Operations. It’s a work in progress. There’s not that much to it right now, but as you’ve read, that hardly seems to matter. It can be found here. It’s regularly updated, and sometimes quite tricky to get working. There’s plenty of advice on the forums. Good luck.


  1. Ateius says:

    This is the sort of game I love to read about adventures in, but quickly grow annoyed with playing myself. Looking forward to more!

  2. Greggh says:

    This was so well written that I just can’t wait to play it!

  3. rei says:

    This sounds really, really great. Guess I’m going to have to get ArmA 2 now. And a video card :|

    Edit: watched some videos. Oh god I don’t have the time to get addicted to games right now but this is probably inevitable.

  4. Karmakaze says:

    Steam really needs an affiliate/reseller program, its unfortunate that the modders aren’t seeing a dime from the sudden uptick in Arma2 sales. I’d have happily bought the game just now through a link on their site giving them a percentage on the backend.

    • Paul says:

      Actually, this mod is being made by a Bohemia Interactive developer in his spare time.

      So if you buy anything by Bohemia, you are directly supporting it (they are thinking about making it a full blown expansion/game).

    • Juan Carlo says:

      This game has suddenly been in the top ten on steam for the past few days. I’ve been wondering why as it hasn’t been on sale as far as I noticed.

  5. xaphoo says:

    Man, now I have to wait for a Steam sale – I can’t afford the $30 for Combined Operations. Hopefully the uptick in sales might stimulate a price drop…

    • Mattressi says:

      Yeah, I’m hoping they put on a sale soon so I can get it. I’ve got Arma 2, but not OA. I really don’t want to have to pay $20 just to play the mod.

      Also, does anyone know if the mod will work if I have a non-Steam version of Arma 2 and buy the Steam version of OA?

      • jaronimoe says:

        actually it’s 50% off at wihich would be 10pound.

  6. SkittleDiddler says:

    Ugh, I’d be all over this if I didn’t have to buy another expansion pack for Arma 2 just to play it.

    • xaphoo says:

      One of the videos posted above mentioned that Operation Arrowhead is necessary only for the models used. If you don’t have it, you default to some kind of low-res models. I think.

      • Corrupted Heart says:

        Actually you need Operation Arrowhead. And it’s the PMC expansion that adds high res models. So you can play without PMC but you need Operation Arrowhead

        • xaphoo says:

          Thanks for the correction. Others, pay no attention to my misinformation.

  7. varangian says:

    Hope this gets to Kickstarter to allow it to be turned into a more polished product with more servers. Whilst I wouldn’t pay a WoW style subscription to play I’d definitely be OK chucking some money their way to allow this to fulfil its potential.

    • Optimaximal says:

      Why would this need to be Kickstarted?

      It’s developed by a core Bohemia Interactive dev, so just buy the main game and some of the revenue might find its way towards supporting DayZ, especially as BI have acknowledged the community interest AND it’s code-compatible with the upcoming ARMA3.

  8. genius_starship says:

    From reading, it sounds promising but doesn’t the instant respawn take away from a lot of the fear and paranoia aspects? I mean, what’s so bad about dying if you can just respawn a few minutes away, maybe your old corpse and items are still there even, and so…there don’t seem to be many true consequences to dying. Can anyone who played it elaborate?

    • magicpanda says:

      Respawning leaves you with nothing. A pistol, a few rounds and some meds and you never respawn a few minutes away. It’s bit like getting to the level cap in an mmo, gathering all the best equipment.and having someone come along and delete your character.

      When you’ve spent 10+hours gathering equipment and beans that someone can take away with the pull of a trigger from 500 yards away you get very protective and very paranoid.

      I’m currently holed up in some woods at what feels like 30km – 40km north of the spawn points. I have a very nice backpack full of goods and spend my time raiding small towns for food and water. You cant run in towns, you have to crawl and creep your way into them avoiding the zeds. Alert one and you alert many and they are fast. Last night i spent ten minutes just watching a moonlit town from a hill for signs of other people and I ended watching some poor sod get ripped to bits by a Church.

      His first mistake was running on concrete. This alerted 20+ zeds and they bore down on him in a pack from the front gate. At first he was running from them fine and I weighed up helping him but then a sniper shot rung out (which made me shit myself) The guy hit the deck bleeding from the legs unable to use them and the zeds caught up with and just ripped him to bits.

      Some utter fucking sociopath had shot him in the legs just for the pleasure of watching him get ripped to bits :)

      I melted into the woods onto the next town.

      It also gets bonus points because you can literally navigate via the stars.

  9. Resurgam says:

    How have I missed this? Hopefully this should show those developers that having a splash of sim in their games will make them vastly more interesting games than the garbage zombie games they keep coming out with.
    ARMA2 is on the top sellers front page on steam, now that has not happened for as long as I can remember, this thing must really be awesome.

    Got my ARMA in a steam sale ages ago for much less :)

    Downloading, can’t wait.

  10. alphager says:

    This is the kind of writing that sets RPS apart from all other gaming sites. Thank you, Jim!

    Also: An AK-47 is not a machine gun; it’s an assault rifle. ;-)

  11. ZX k1cka55 48K says:

    If the ARMA devs were clever, they would buy the mod and its creators (before valve does lol).
    I bet the sell numbers of ARMA have sky-rocketed since the mod was released.

    • Snuffy the Evil says:

      The developer is already a Bohemia Interactive developer. He’s developing Day Z in his free time.

  12. Maldomel says:

    This is looking very good, and very atmospheric too. Reminded me of Stalker, though with more multiplayer and zeds. Which is not a bad thing at all.

  13. Elmokki says:

    I bought Arma 2 for this a week ago fully knowning it’s buggy as hell (alpha version mod on notoriously buggy ArmA2), but god, it’s still worth it. Playing with friends I haven’t seen a game this intense in ages.

  14. Syra says:


    I love this mod so very much, however I’ve been killed by more buggy ladders and catwalks than zombies ><

    I'll go back to it in force when they patch it a bit.

  15. Grey2ham says:

    I’ve got admin on a Dayz server. If you need help getting in to a server I’m sure I could help.

  16. Fanbuoy says:

    Do supplies respawn? I suppose they should, as otherwise the world would run dry after a while, right?

  17. MrWeed says:

    I will be streaming a bit of Day Z with the RPS people over the day, so it’s a great way to get a feel of the gameplay!

    link to

    Here is a link, feel free to watch me killing zombies.

  18. dangerman77 says:

    Well, thanks, RPS. That’s $30 I just spent that I didn’t have to spend. Installing now.

  19. Howard says:

    What a great idea. Shame its hobbled right at the start.
    The decision to make the addon a requirement is just foolish, though it is no where near as bad as the decision to allow players to kill each other. Either its survival horror or its deathmatch: pick one. Allowing players to kill each other just grants everyone a permit to act like a total dick and that is something 99% of the internet is all to eager to do.

    • Jimbo says:

      Or have both server types. I agree that a lot of otherwise great game design doesn’t survive first contact with the internet, and that’s a shame.

    • sneetch says:

      Surely, Friendly-Fire is a server option?

      Edit: apparently not. Shame really.

      • Howard says:

        Astonishing isn’t it? Why make a cooperative zombie-survival game and then give people the option of not cooperating? Dooming your own game right out the gate.

        • UncleLou says:

          Sarcasm? Absolutely *everything* I’ve read about the game so far, whether here or on other forums, and what I’ve seen on youtube, suggests that “friendly fire” and all that it brings with it is *the* reason why everyone is fascinated by this. So, frankly, I think you couldn’t be more wrong. If people wanted to play a standard coop vs ai zombie game, I am sure they’d find a pretty obvious alternative.

        • Solskin says:

          Maybe it isn’t a cooperative zombie survival game, but simply a survival game. That is what made me purchase ARMA 2 just to play this mod.

          • Grey2ham says:

            It is a survival game. Not a co-operative survival game. You can co-operate but you don’t have to and neither does the other person. If you want to co-operate and they want your beans your not going to survive. And if you do co-operate remember the people your with can always back-stab you. The whole point of the game is there’s no rules.

          • Jimbo says:

            I like the idea of ‘survival’ being the objective, and in principle I much prefer that people can kill each other. It’s just a question of whether in practice, people behave like people (which would be fascinating) or if they behave like people who know that the consequences of not surviving don’t really amount to anything. Game people being game people isn’t fascinating at all.

            The latter is why team deathmatch is just a bunch of people randomly running around like idiots instead of playing out anything like IRL combat, why suppressing fire fundamentally doesn’t work in games, etc. etc.

            I haven’t played Day Z yet, so I don’t know how this is actually playing out.

    • monkehhh says:

      The add-on uses a more advanced / up to date version of the Arma 2 engine, which the mod requires.

      And for me, the ability to kill other people is key to the game. It’s what makes it incredibly popular and captivating.

      • Fanbuoy says:

        Agreed. Not knowing whether you can trust someone or whether they’ll shoot you in the face once you let your guard down is a fascinating aspect.

        • Howard says:

          But that is my point – its an online game: OF COURSE you can’t trust them! Any opportunity that a random person has to be a dick on the internet will be grasped with both hands (insert dick-grabbing joke here).

          I swear, people play MP games online now PURELY to fuck up other people’s games. The actual point of a given game passes them by entirely. They just want to screw with people. Its like they have turned bullying into an art form (and is also the reason I now longer play anything online).

          • BrendanJB says:

            Except I have yet to see that happen. I’ve watched 5 different people play through the game – about 15 hours worth of different games. I can’t afford it at the moment – and the whole “not being able to trust people” thing is paramount to the games tension. There has been an equal mix of people being friendly and aggressive; and none of it has been just to fuck with other peoples experiences.

            Sometimes a person will fire on you not because they want to, but because they just can’t be sure you wont fire on them first. It also adds a lot of fear, and gives you a very good reason to be stealthy and analyse/follow people before approaching them. If you manage to form an alliance with somebody, it’s extremely beneficial for both of you.

            The game is designed to make it hard for people to coordinate with each other, and if they die, they’re just as fucked as you are. It’s hard for a person to troll in a game where it’s so easy for themselves to die.

    • ukpanik says:

      I would like an option to search & rob someone of their possessions, rather then kill them.
      Also I think if you get bit by a zombie and survive, you should slowly turn into a zombie then have to be a zombie for a few hours before you can respawn as normal.

      • SexualHarassmentPanda says:

        You can rob people. Just run up to them and open their inventory like normal. It makes a sound if you loot them, so be careful. They need to be sitting still to do this too.

        • Skategodindy says:

          Often times I’ll see groups of 2-3 point their weapons at people and tell them to turn around and then search them for valuables. It benefits them because they aren’t labeled as bandits if they don’t kill non-bandits and they run less of a risk of getting shot by not shooting at people.

          However, I’ve heard of people getting robbed, then stalking the robbers, giving their position away for all the other survivors to rain down their fury. Often times if there’s a bandit, people will report it on Side channel and an influx of greedy bandits and survivors alike will hunt them down. It’s truly a frightening sight to behold when you accidently get caught in the mix of these situations in the big cities.

    • SexualHarassmentPanda says:

      The player killing aspect is what makes the game interesting. You get bands of players who know each other teaming up to carve out their own place in the server. If you’ve ever read World War Z, you would realize that humans are actually a bigger threat in a zombie apocolypse. People will kill you for your stuff just to get by, and if you come at it with a carebear attitude you won’t enjoy yourself. This game would be incredibly boring if they took away the player killing.

      • Howard says:

        And you are exactly the kind of person I am talking about and a perfect example of why I wont play this game.

        “carebear” – jesus – not everyone enjoys what you enjoy – grow up

        • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

          I hope for your sake you reconsider. I despise those who use dismissive, derogatory labels like “carebear”, but he’s right: the PVP, and the essential untrustworthiness of other players is a key part of this game. Unlike most multiplayer games, this game is better for having cunts and assholes to contend with—because you would expect to find such people in a post-apocalyptic world.

          I’ve only killed two other players in this game so far, both bandits. The first had ambushed friend of mine. I saw him too late to save my friend, but not too late to avenge him. (The bandit had some sweet loot too, as a bonus!). And the second was camping in a hangar, the bodies of his previous victims strewn across the tarmac outside. His intentions were clearly dishonourable—and he didn’t see me in time.

          Both those encounters were with unlikable characters. But the game is more valuable for including such players.

    • Unaco says:

      There are repercussions for murder (killing other survivors). It results in a loss of ‘humanity’, the value of which is calculated from the amount of humanity the victim had. Lose enough humanity, and you become a Bandit, which has some effects… you have a different model, so you’re instantly recognisable as a murderer, for example. Or, you can only get cooperative medical help from other Bandits, meaning you can’t get a random stranger to give you a transfusion, or bandage you up. You also have very low humanity, so other players can see that by your model and kill you indiscriminately, not having to worry about losing their own humanity (in fact, maybe gaining some, though they’ve been shifting around with the amounts of humanity gains/losses so I don’t know for certain that you do gain some humanity).

      All of these effects, and your humanity, are permanent by the way… dying and respawning won’t give you your humanity back and remove your status as a murderer. You have to get that humanity back over a long time.

      The game allows player killing… it’s one of the great parts of it, if it were to be removed the vast majority of the tension, and the emergent gameplay and events would vanish). But there are repercussions to murder.

      • yhancik says:

        That’s a really interesting approach, I’m surprised that I didn’t see it mentioned in other comments so far

    • cimota says:

      It’s incredibly authentic to the source material. Survivors should be the real menace and I love what they’ve done with this. While I think the game is a little harsh (and the blood spurting from folks butts is hilarious), I really think the potential here is in what they can do with metaphor and metaplot :)

  20. boundless08 says:

    After reading this I went and bought ARMA:CO! Downloading as I type.

    Its up on gamersgate with nigh on 40% off if anyone wants to know

  21. viper34j says:

    FYI… you don’t actually need ARMA II Combined Operations (ARMA II + ARMA II Operation Arrowhead) to play this game. You merely need to purchase ARMA II Operation Arrowhead. The trick is to download the ARMA II Free demo and then change the folder name from “/arma II free” to “/arma II” so that the mod knows where to find a few missing resources it expects.

    Hope I saved a few people $10 bucks with this comment… (I play this mod last night for three hours, and I do not own CO or the original ARMA II, only Operation Arrowhead).

  22. SexualHarassmentPanda says:

    I had an interesting experience in this mod last night. We ended up finding a jeep and grouping up to pick up friends and get gas. On the way there we saw a guy with a rifle so our driver ran him down. It turned out to be one of our friends. We attempted to patch him up but he was pissed and gunned down one of us in a rage. We sped off in the jeep to avoid his wrath. When he calmed down we drove down to pick him up, but he got killed by zombies before we got back. We went inside to clear out the zombies and loot his stuff, and while we were inside someone snuck up and stole our jeep. All we wanted to do was get to the gas station, but the chaos of the zombie apocolypse cost us several lost us lives and a vehicle.

    • Skabooga says:

      Well, that checks the “ability to generate good stories” box of the judgement criteria list.

  23. DickSocrates says:

    I think the golden rule about hard-boiled writing is, if you think to yourself ‘this is a bit hard-boiled’ then it’s going to be irritating to read.

  24. Robin_G says:

    This seems like a really cool concept. I’d like to see more enterable buildings and maybe some kind of barricading or temporary construction mechanic. Maybe there is one and I just don’t know, I find it more engaging not to look up specific information about this and just be surprised by what I find or hear about.

    I wish there was more scavenging and looting, but I suppose they wish to keep items rare, which does “encourage” some of the more interesting encounters in the game.

  25. Fatikis says:

    DayZ is a good idea that is horribly implemented. It is fun for a while, but quickly grows frustrating.
    And don’t get me started on the community. I think the very nature of the game turns anyone in the community to an un-trusting sociopath with the worst communication skills or etiquette.

    Go to the forum and suggest that you have never seen a night that is this dark. Get a reply back saying “LOL GO PLAY CALL OF DUTY NOOBAS”

    Suggest that a zombie rushing at you should not be able to headbutt you and throw you to the ground and even if said zombie managed to do that you would not fall unconscious for any amount of time.
    “LOL SON THIZ GAME IS HARDCORE GO BAK T UR COD” I don’t even like CoD -_-

    • KikiJiki says:

      DayZ is a good idea that is horribly implemented. It is fun for a while, but quickly grows frustrating.
      And don’t get me started on the community. I think the very nature of the game turns anyone in the community to an un-trusting sociopath with the worst communication skills or etiquette.

      What the hell? I thought that was supposed to be the point?

    • Snuffy the Evil says:

      Don’t feel bad. The official forums for anything are always awful.

  26. RamoneSXE says:


    It’s to bad that I only have ArmA II.

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  28. Wizlah says:

    This is vexing. Most of my gaming currently can only be done on my laptop. I’ve purchased a copy of ArmaA: Combined Operations some time ago and was thinking at some point to put in on my gaming rig, but I think the odds of me getting the free evening/weekend time to play Day Z. Pish.

    Sounds fucking awesome.

  29. Joc says:

    Best rapper alive. Apparently.

    On a serious note, this sounds fantastic. Need to get involved.

  30. Swansen says:

    some one posted some gameplay of this mod under stalker 2… (i feel like that combination of letters and a number should be banned from use anywhere…) but, the point is, the spiritually successor that the stalker devs are working on, i hope its something like this. and yeah, there aren’t more games like this because people don’t have the patience to play this stuff, its to involved, my neighbor is the perfect example, its to “realistic” same thing with something like rainbow six vegas, there are to few hollywood elements..

  31. GanjaStar says:

    I traded a copy of cs:go for arma 2: CO just because of this mod. i could have gotten almost any other game on steam for it. but i went for arma 2 :D

  32. jo-shadow says:

    Jim, I hope you mean it when you say ‘TO BE CONTINUED.’, I’d love to hear more about this =)

  33. Nemon says:

    I’ve played a little now, in complete darkness. And the US servers, the only ones with daylight when I have time to game, kicks me due to a ping > 100. Meh, anyone want to adopt a few kids? And a wife?

  34. Enso says:

    Just played it for what must have been 4-5 hours solidly. Unbelievably amazing. The worst part was I was just disconnected from the server (I think it rebooted or crashed) then I joined another and when I spawned I was bleeding out. Now my vision is all blurry. No way am I gonna be able to get a blood transfusion. Slightly annoying, but it has kind of spiced up my routine of circling settlements, maybe picking off some zombos and looting the place. Now its a race to get some blood or some red meat, matches and a tent.

    Best mod ever!

  35. Redd says:

    I bought the full ARMA pack on Steam a couple of weeks ago because of this mod. I love it to bits, but at the same time I also hope people try the vanilla game online, because I’ve also had a lot of fun with that too, and it would be nice to see a few more non-DayZ servers heaving with life. Some of the RPG style mods are quite good as well. All in all, best purchase of 2012 so far.

  36. Synesthesia says:

    oh god yes. I’ve been waiting for something like this. I´m wondering if i will be able to play this, with lousy argentinian ping. A question: I own ARMA II from the bargain bucket of greenmangaming, if i get operation arrowhead do i need to get it through them or will the steam version work too?

  37. MaxNormal says:

    Ah yes PC Gaming – a new Mod that’s not for half life 2 – wonder if I can get it to work?

    I know the drill.

    Follow obtuse instructions and find the mod won’t work even through you’ve followed them correctly.
    Realise you need to re-download all of ARMA through steam – take an hour to do so.
    Run the mod again and try to logon to a server – Server not full – looks okay. Select the team, load mission files, all looking promising …

    Get message “You were kicked from the server – Battleye Client not responding”
    Google battleye errors and try every fix that anyone has suggested in the past 2 years.

    Keep trying different variations for 2 hours unsucessfully. Run steam as administrator, re-download battleye client dll, check firewall settings etc etc.
    Gaming time for the weekend done. Total play time 0 minutes.

    See you next weekend Computer !

    • PopeJamal says:

      In their defense, it is an alpha. Having said that though, what you’ve just listed is precisely why I haven’t spent $30 USD for the pleasure of play testing their mod. Considering I have 0 interest in ARMA, that’s a bit steep for me at this point for so much “risk”.

      • MaxNormal says:

        Fixed the issue with new router firmware. Much thanks to Battleye support.

        While trying to fix the issue on the weekend I saw that there are other routers that cause this issue – the fix is the same – installing new firmware.

  38. eridyn says:

    So, this article caused me to actually look at ARMA for the first time, which resulted in me going and buying the ARMA X pack on Steam.

    As has already been stated several times in the comments, modding keeps games on the radar years after release, and just as it has here, can lead to new customers purchasing your game or franchise.

    I hope more developers and publishers would take note of this.

  39. Davee says:

    Awesome. Will download ASAP.

  40. 0WaxMan0 says:

    For the dark night time where every thing is absolutely black apart from the sky and perhaps a building, increase gamme and brightness to max and set HDR to the highest, try going back to the game loginscreen (not the server selection) and reloading as well. Also make sure you that you have turned head bobbing off and mouse smoothing and set 3d res = game display res. Servers are very wonky and after a while up suffer from the old ARMA tick / fps drop affecting logging in, re-spawns and zombie reactions. On top of the ARMA engine issues they have an additionally master DB server that sometimes causes or contributes to various issues.
    Aside from that you will find a good solid server and end up with many many hours of intense fun (even running) every day we (group of people I hang out with from an eve forum) generate such awesome memories they will stay with me for years. So many 5am finishes Even an 8am one :o (the wife just looked at me and left it at that :/)
    But it is alpha you will loose every thing to bugs 3 out of 5 of us died in a castle due to bumping into each other on the stairs while de-synced or running.. and it may be out on ARMA 3 or a stand alone package at some point.

  41. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    Nope, I’ll pass, sorry. Gonna wait for something like this, but with slow zombies a.k.a. Real Zombies thank you very much.

  42. RegisteredUser says:

    Bit of a shame the mod maker actually won’t see anything of the additional Arma sales, I think.

  43. Fuzzy_Fenix says:

    If you guys need any more convincing that this game is amazing check out this video