The RPS Bargain Bucket: Start Demanding

Let’s play some computer games. Better than that, lets play some cheap computer games. Computer games that cost less than you might expect them to are my favourite type of computer games. In fact, finding a games that cost not very much money is more fun than actually playing the games for me. That’s because I’m an fiscally obsessed weirdo though, so if you want you can leave the deal hunting to me, and you take responsibility of the purchasing and the playing of the games. Observe my ongoing decent into price-watching insanity over at, and read on for your weekly download round-up.

Thief: Deadly Shadows – £2.49/€3.89/$3.89
Or as it retroactively must be called, Thi3f: Deadly Shadows. I’ve stolen a little extract of that Kieron chap’s making of feature:

“On some very basic level, we were trying to do the right thing with game design,” Jordan notes, “We were pushing the right boundaries. The notion of simulation and free-play spaces, with prone to emergent, systemic design… that absolutely is the wave of the future. People are going to start demanding that the world behave as if it’s a collection of inter-reflection behaviours, rather than “Hey – look! These are our deterministic rules for how things works. If you don’t use the chainsaw on the desk, which we’ve told to respond to the desk, it’ll never, ever function”. But at this stage, we were sort of on the frontier and kind of stumbled. But we paved the way.”

NecroVision & NecroVisioN: Lost Company – £4.99/€4.99/$5.99
These are as trashy as you’d expect any FPS that recreates a historical conflict, except with zombies, to be. That doesn’t stop them from being jolly good fun, though. The shooting is pretty great, you get a solid kick attack that sends baddies flying, and there’s a scoring system that throws bonus points at you for killing the baddies in particularly brutal ways. It’s actually surprisingly light-hearted and arcadey considering the subject matter. A bit of a b-game.

Tropico 3 – £2.10/€2.62/$3.39
This is on sale all over the place, but the cheapest of all the places is Amazon. It’s a trend that’s always been around, but I’ve noticed it more and more recently, for a game to go on sale at one place only for it to then go on sale at lots of other places at the same time. Hmm. Were I an all powerful dictator, I’d make sure all games were on sale all the time. What would you do? You can probably find out by playing Tropico 3. Here’s wot Jim thought of it. If you’re outside of North America, you’ll need to add a US billing address to your account to be able to buy this.

Company of Heroes
These are all on sale at Steam, but depending on what region you’re in, it’s possibly cheaper to buy them all individually, rather than the Complete Pack. Good job THQ. That Kieron bloke reviewed the first one over at Eurogamer, and then Alec did the same for the second one too. Stick with RPS for news of the recently announced Company of Heroes sequel, coming probably next week or something.

Deal of the week
Batman: Arkham City – £7.98/€11.18/$11.98
This has been cheap a bunch of times recently, but not this cheap. It’s a bit of a belter of a sequel, even if I preferred certain elements of the first game, I’m very happy to live in a universe where we have both. Adam said these words about it when he told us wot he thought:

The most exciting thing about Arkham City, beyond the sheer joy of actually playing, is that it’s not just more of the same. It’s more of everything else as well, which can be detrimental. But despite perhaps sounding overly critical of some aspects, I wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s one of the best games I’ve played this year. There is an enormous amount to do and now that I’m finished, I feel free to do it, no longer constrained by the fate of Gotham I can solve all those side stories. And even though I have a redwood-like backlog, I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Also of note:
Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed – £4.99. UK only (I think). Optionall registers on Origin.
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum – £3.09/€3.86/$4.99
Dungeon Siege III – £4.49/€5.59/$5.59. Registers on Steam, and you can get it with the DLC for a little bit more.
Mutant Storm: Reloaded – £1.99

For more of the cheap games, click on this link to go to my website full of cheap games.


  1. Stellar Duck says:

    In these DayZ it’s perhaps also worth mentioning that Arma 2 and OA is on sale at GamersGate.

  2. GT3000 says: has a 1C sale going on.
    Tropico 4 has a free play weekend on Steam.

    Greenman Gaming has 30% off DarkSiders II with DEATH-ISMYS-AVIOR code at checkout as well as 20% off Nexiuz, Binary Domain and Risen 2.

    • phylum sinter says:

      Wunderbar! It’s so nice to find Darkstalkers 2 for such a good price before launch. Thanks for pointing this out… i forget about greenmangaming all too often – i bought Batman: Arkham City for a similar price through them as well pre-release.

  3. Unfair says:

    No new indie bundles this week, though Indie Gala did add an interesting bonus game DeadEnd, which is worth a look: link to

    (I reviewed the initial games from the Gala4 here, but most of you should have seen that by now)

    • ReV_VAdAUL says:

      Thankyou for doing these videos. I keep meaning to say thanks so I am saying it now.

      • mosajhiu says:

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  4. Njordsk says:

    Midnight club 2 for free is you join this steamgroup link to

    • Heresiarch says:


      • Gilead says:

        Really? If you look at the Rockstar Games group within Steam, there is an announcement posted on May 10th that says:

        ‘Join the Official Rockstar Community on Steam and Receive a Free Copy of Midnight Club 2’.

        The group has almost 100,000 members and certainly looks quite official. Is there a specific reason the people you talked to think it’s a scam? Obviously clicking on links straight from the internet rather than from searching for groups within the Steam client itself seems a bit silly, but other than that everything looks okay?

      • Heresiarch says:

        Arkham City looks good, but I refuse to touch any game with GFWL.

    • rei says:

      Oh, neat, thanks.

    • Radiant says:

      I’ve joined the group do I need to do anything else?

    • phylum sinter says:

      Nice! For those that just went to the steam group and scratched their heads, here’s the details (also can be seen on the midnight club 2 steam store page):

      “”Join the Official Rockstar Games Community on Steam by 10am Pacific Time on Tuesday, May 15, (6pm UK time), and receive one non-giftable copy of Midnight Club 2 in your Steam account by May 29th,”

      To qualify you have to have a Steam account with at least one purchase on it and, of course, to take advantage of the offer you need to not already own MC2.”

      …also, rather disappointingly from the same page though, it warns that the game does not work with windows 7 or vista. What to do?

      • ShineyBlueShoes says:

        I was like WTF really when I saw that, really disappointing since that was a really good game and seriously who’s still running XP at this point that’s not 90 and actually plays games?

  5. Naekh says:

    NFS Shift 2 works outside UK btw.

    • trjp says:

      Heads-up for how NFS Shift 2 works with savegames…

      It will ask you to register an account at the start – you HAVE to do this if you want to play online but I think you can play single-player without it. Whichever you choose, you’re locked-into that from thereon in.

      If you were to change the password for that account (I registered for SWTOR and it forced a password change, for example) – Shift 2 will be unable to login AND it’s unable to ask you for the new password -it will just fail to connect and you’re screwed.

      The only way to rectify this is either to
      a) reset your password to what it was before (doesn’t always work/isn’t always allowed anyway)
      b) delete your progress in the game completely and start a new savegame!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bonkers but true

      • Naekh says:

        Well that does sound lovely! Gotta admit that EA is pretty innovative when it is about annoying it’s customers.

  6. The Greatness says:

    What’s Get Games like for DRM? Do they require you to use a client for anything?

  7. Orija says:

    I would recommend not buying Necrovision if only because of the atrocious loading times.

  8. karthink says:

    GOG has King’s Bounty; The Legend and Space Rangers 2 (Dominators) on sale. If I buy just one, which one should it be?

    • MikoSquiz says:

      That’s a brutal choice to demand of a person. Both are brilliant.

    • Anthile says:


    • Caleb367 says:

      Having played them both, I’d say… Space Rangers. It’s goddamn BRILLIANT.

    • karthink says:

      I’ll buy Space Rangers 2. Isn’t there a new one coming out though?

    • killias2 says:

      Just a warning: the Space Rangers 2 at GoG isn’t the newest “version.” That’s called “Space Rangers 2 Reboot,” which, as far as I can tell, is only available on disc and at GamersGate. Either way, it’s DRM-free.

      link to – Here it is. According to GG, the additions include:

      ” 5 new text quests!
      27 new maps for planetary battles!
      10 new maps for hyperspace battles.
      New government tasks.
      New equipment and unique hull designs, including three super spaceships.
      New game modes: step-by-step progress through text quests and planetary battles.
      Expanded interface of ship’s hold and information center.
      More than 50 new governmental tasks of different types.
      New unique equipment.
      Galaxy search system improved.

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      As amazing as both are I would pass on both for now. The Kings Bounty editions with all the exandalones has gone on sale frequently for about that price in the last few months and like it was already mentioned there’s already a spiffed up version of Space Rangers 2 out and an even siffiered one coming soon.

    • Sorth_31 says:

      Kings bounty. Space rangers is fun but forgettable.

  9. Heresiarch says:

    Not much of a discount for a game released last year, but Skyrim is going for $40 on Steam right now.

    • LionsPhil says:

      It’s only been half a year.

      • Heresiarch says:

        Reading comprehension fail…I said the game was released LAST year…NOT released a year ago. There is a difference.

        • LionsPhil says:

          “I’m not technically wrong, I was only actively misleading, you bastard.”

          • MD says:

            Actively misleading if you misread him, or mentally translate what he said into something else, sure!

          • Heresiarch says:

            …Sigh…Most people refer to something that happened in the last calendar year “AS LAST YEAR”. If you fail to grasp this concept, well that’s on you buddy.

          • LionsPhil says:

            Ignoring context does not make for a stronger argument. You’re whining that the game has not dropped in price as much as you would like for the duration it has been out. You have selected a misleading way to state its age, since it came out at the end of last year and you are effectively trying to double this time with a rounding error.

            So, is it the hot weather that’s turned “it’s only been half a year” into this retarded little scuffle, or what?

          • shitflap says:

            Nope, it’s you being an uppity little pedant, as usual.
            In no way is stating that something happened last year misleading, we’re all aware of how long ago last year was without your “help”.
            Back under your bridge, little troll.

          • Dilapinated says:

            Not knowing how to say “My bad, I misread that” by the time you reach adulthood must truly be a burden.

          • Koozer says:

            Well this got very silly and angry fast. For what it’s worth, I can see where LionsPhil is coming from.

          • killias2 says:

            “Not knowing how to say “My bad, I misread that” by the time you reach adulthood must truly be a burden.”

            100% truth

            Edit: Although the original response seemed needlessly hostile.

          • Heresiarch says:

            The only person being mislead is you, the only person whining about this is you. Everyone else seems to understand what I said except for you. The only thing “retarded” about this argument is your refusal to admit you simply misinterpreted my post. Really, the fact that you continue this silly argument is a little sad, and makes me feel bad for you.

          • jrodman says:

            Don’t feed LionsPhil.

        • nearly says:

          neither statement is wrong. they’re also neither mutually exclusive nor contradictory.

          the hostility is pointless and useless though.

  10. Delusibeta says:

    Also, if you missed the Steam version of the sale earlier on this week, Alan Wake is still $14.99 at GOG
    link to

    Also, if you don’t mind games in boxes, GfWL, 360 prompts and stupidly long names, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition is £6.85 from ShopTo
    link to
    (brazenly copying SavyGamer’s referral link)

  11. Alexander Norris says:

    Worth noting Tales of Valour (the last CoH expansion) is a bit pants and pointless. If you want the SP/MP/mods you are better off just grabbing CoH+OF and saving yourself a quid and a bit.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Also worth noting that it has activation-based DRM on top of Steam’s own account-based DRM.

    • thegooseking says:

      Which are conveniently packaged in Company of Heroes: Gold, which is cheaper than buying them individually. If you really want ToV, buy CoH: Gold, and ToV separately, I’d say.

      At least, that’s the case in the UK. You only save 41p over the complete pack doing it that way, but if you’re only paying £5 to begin with, 41p is kind of a lot.

  12. EdenCrow says:

    Both The Dream Machine and Spring Fling! have arrived on Steam with 20% off.

    • malkav11 says:

      Ohhhh, hel-LO…awesome adventure game that I’d previously refused to buy because of the way they were delivering it now on my favorite digital distributor? Why yes, you -can- have my money.

  13. golem09 says:

    you can’t get cheaper/happier than Binding of Isaac. I bought it for 1,49€ and played it for 200 hours.

  14. Freud says:

    Arkham City took a while to get into compared to Arkham Asylum, due to it being more sandboxy and you are exposed to so many things to do initially (including tonnes of trophies you can’t get yet). But after a few hours when you start to learn the city and the grapple/glide navigation system it grows on you.

    I still prefer the plot of the original but it’s good enough in the sequel and some of the side quests are entertaining.

    • Premium User Badge

      zapatapon says:

      I still don’t understand why some relatively high-profile games are priced at quite different rates on different services: Batman AC is at 28EUR on Steam/Gamersgate (regular price) and 20EUR on GetGames. (Another example is Mafia 2). You’d think that competitors would tend to align their prices.
      Is that a weird result of localized pricing?

  15. InsideOutBoy says:

    And Portal 2 is still £5.09p on Steam this weekend, which is cheap enough for me at last.

  16. sbs says:

    What a coincidence, I recently started replaying Thief DS! If you get it, make sure you get the tweaks and texture pack, they are quite essential.

    link to

    link to

    • Dilapinated says:

      I thought you meant there was a Thief game for the DS for a moment there.

      You cruel trickster. :P

  17. malkav11 says:

    They’ve added the second Avernum trilogy (Avernums IV, V, and VI) to Steam – $4 a piece or $9.50 collectively. On the one hand, that’s not really a sale price (they’re discounted, but only by a dollar each), on the other, they used to cost something like $25 a piece. And were worth every penny.

  18. sinister agent says:

    I need to get back into Necrovision, but it’s a solid bit of entertainment. Starts a little shakily, but soon improves. It’s sort of like Painkiller but a bit more nuanced (only a bit, mind), and with a more morbid, gory theme, and more conventional weapons. Lots of chaining kills and using combos of kill styles (e.g: headshot, followed by impaling, then smacking someone with a shovel, gets you more than just shooting un-dudes).

    Of all the billion or so games in the recent 1C package deal, I’d say Necrovision is definitely one of the best five or six.

  19. Davie says:

    And I just bought Deadly Shadows for ten bucks last week, of course.

  20. wcanyon says:

    If you ask me, IL2 Sturmovik is the best deal going right now:

    link to

    $50 marked down to $15.

    Saw it here: link to

  21. SkittleDiddler says: has the Double Fine Bundle (Psychonauts, Costume Quest, Stacking) for $9.99, or you can buy the games separately.

    link to

    Euros, you know the drill: American buyers only, but enter a US address and pretend that you are one of us. Not that you really want to do that, but we all have to humble ourselves sometimes.

    • ShineyBlueShoes says:

      It’s all Steam keys too so you don’t have to worry about it not letting you download from Amazon.

    • rareh says:

      Do you need a us credit card ?

      • Avish says:

        From my experience, no.
        Just a US address for buying and a US IP for downloading (not an issue for Steam and Origin games).

    • MrTambourineMan says:

      God damn it, I missed Double fine bundle, because I didn’t know that little white lie :/ grrrrrrrrrrrr. And now they have all Serious Sams on sale (latest one for 10 bucks). But fuck it, I WANTS DF bundle!

  22. Robmonster says:

    If you get the latest edition of PC Gamer it gives you a free Steam code for Company Of Heroes. At least, my subscriber version did. Its on a thick cardboard insert.