Celestial Gardening: Kyoto Is A Very Pretty Thing

I want to go to there.
I’ve never been a fan of designating things “games” and “not games” – primarily because that paints the uniquely minimal Proteuses of the world as somehow inferior to the rootin’-tootin’ shoot ’em ups, high-flying hop ‘n’ bops, and other more traditional genres that have so characterized this medium’s past decade. Kyoto, in my mind, occupies a similar space.

Part tech demo, part experimental homage to the Japanese city of the same name, it’s positively languid – but more like a peaceful, moonlit river and less like a half-salted snail. Basically, you interact with a neon-lit tree and the celestial landscape around it, poking and prodding to figure out how/if things function. Resulting sights range from barely noticeable to glorious rainbow eruptions worthy of the end segment from Peggle. However, a word of warning: Kyoto definitely requires patience. I really wasn’t feeling it at first, but I’m also terrible at relaxing. So consume it slowly – like a warm glass of milk. Maybe even consume it with a warm glass of milk. But don’t literally consume Kyoto. The game or the city, I mean. I should stop talking now.


  1. Tridae says:

    Anybody else having it crash with a ATI dll error? Keen to check it out but it’s not working for me

  2. Dyst says:

    I’m not crashing but I’m getting about 5-10 FPS which is making it not very pretty

    • baby snot says:

      Using a laptop here with dual gfx. The discreet couln’t handle it (low fps) so used the nvidia control panel to manually add the .exe to the list of programs run off the nvidia gpu. Solved.

  3. Hulk Handsome says:


    Also Proteus is totally a game now. They’ve added goals to the latest builds, according to their mouths when I last interviewed their faces.

    • Ed says:

      Hmm… We’re not adding (explicit) goals, but rather more content, forms, motifs, etc. There is a not-entirely-trivial “goal” in that you can get to the “end” and find all the content… that wasn’t the case in the old free version.
      Hard to tell which versions you’re comparing and what interview that was!

      (Might make a more goal-oriented game after this, but Proteus is unlikely to change direction in that way)

      ANYWAY Might take a look at this later… looks and sounds intriguing.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Whew, I got worried for a second there: Free exploration and discovery is a big part of why I love Proteus. (The music’s another big part, of course.) An “end” is fine, though.

        Looking forward to trying Kyoto!

  4. LTK says:

    So consume it slowly – like a warm glass of milk. Maybe even consume it with a warm glass of milk.

    I do not believe this is very good advice, given that at one point I was required to flail my mouse back and forth quickly in order to progress.

    Pretty game, though. Very Amanita Design. Is that a genre now?

  5. eddietree says:

    Thanks alot for posting my game, what a sight to see it up on RPS! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

    I apologize for the ATI crashes, the game is currently in “beta” as I am currently scrambling to try to fix it. For those who are getting crashes on ATI cards, please try to update your ATI drivers and please let me know the crash persists.

    I will try to keep you all up to date when the new fixed version arrives. Please check the site again or follow me on twitter (@eddietree)

    Thanks and cheers!

  6. Dances to Podcasts says:

    Why doesn’t this one have 400 comments? :(

  7. eddietree says:


    For those who have crashing on their ATI cards, please go to the official site and download it again!

    >> link to illogictree.com

    Not only did I fix the the ATI crash, I also optimized it to be 10x faster! Enjoy!

  8. eddietree says:

    ATI cards are known to have bad drivers, so it was hard to debug it since I didn’t have an ATI card.

    However, the crash is fixed now; so now it is “cost nothing, does something”. :)