Vote With Your L33t: TERA Patches Political System

Oh the many ways in which games are better than the real world! MMO TERA‘s first update has fixed its political system, allowing “players with a level 50 character that also proudly serves as a guild leader will be able to run for office in 15 provinces.” The election results will be counted on May 23rd at 11 o’clock, in an election where “all characters level 20 and above will be able to decide which players will be the first Vanarchs to be immortalised in TERA‘s history books.” Interesting that a political system patch should be at the top of their priorities, but there you have it. More patch details here.

And I have to ask if any RPS readers are playing this? I know none of us have dared take a look yet. More importantly, I suppose, are any of you voting?


  1. mentor07825 says:

    I’ll be honest, I stopped having an interest in the game as soon as I looked at this: link to

    To be fair though, when a free trial comes out for it I’ll give it a go.

    • Milky1985 says:

      Ss youlose interest in a game because it has immature players?

      Your going to have a very dwindling interest list :P

      • mentor07825 says:

        I also play Eve Online a bit and I really enjoyed the beta to The Secret World. I’ve played a crap ton of MMOs and the only thing that Tera struck me as unique was a structured political system, but I’m not even sure if you can be a horrible dictator.

        Really not the MMO for me.

      • mentor07825 says:

        Oh, and it’s not the immature players, it’s the game design.

        • Ringwraith says:

          So you’re going to judge a game on what someone cobbled together from random slivers of game footage, which also includes bugging out animations, to make it look as bad as possible?

          Anyways, the combat itself alone is worth a look, as it certainly carries what it lacks in other areas like quest-dispenser NPCs.

          • mentor07825 says:

            Not the animations. It was the over sexualisation of characters and, to be quiet honest, little information on everything else. They paraded the political system and that’s fine and everything, as they should, but I just can’t seem to find press coverage on anything else such as story, how the interesting combat works or even dungeons for that matter. Let alone that my style of play in an MMO is “do whatever you want” which is why I immensely enjoy Eve Online.

            Not to say I don’t enjoy a structured MMO. They have a place in my child like heart, but I don’t have the money to spend on MMOs that are similar to each other and I know next to nothing about. IU’m also more critical towards structured MMOs because then it’s up to the designer to help create the fun in a linear fasion, rather than Eve Online which just gives you the tools to create the fun yourself. Also, sometimes, the over sexualisation of the characters makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s a personal thing.

          • Ringwraith says:

            Fair enough, it’s just it’s something that you certainly have to go at yourself, as the combat just… flows. It’s almost hard to describe. I got my chance to try it on the open beta weekend and enjoyed it a lot, even though I’ve never really been into the hack ‘n’ slash school of games (I own precisely none of the spectacle fighter variety of which this kind of belongs to with its snazzy animations).

          • mentor07825 says:

            Now, see, I love fighting games. I really do. It’s the only reason why I still have consoles. I’m seeing more and more fighting games coming out for the PC though, so I don’t know how much longer I’m going to keep them. As soon as they announce a free trial, and it’d be a silly business decision if they don’t, I’ll immediately download it and give it a go. Thank you!

          • hmncia says:

            How can I vote when I don’t even know the issues!?

  2. Raff says:

    The amount of coverage RPS gives these kinds of games continues to astonish.

    • nuttycomic says:

      And what kinds of games would you prefer they cover? For as long as I’ve been an RPS reader, they’ve always paid attention to the majority of genres out there.

      An interesting idea, I haven’t played TERA (Or the majority of MMO’s out there) but it brings a kind twist to the very best players. Would be interesting to see if these “Immortals” can actually have an effect (Politically) on the world.

      • zypnnjafss says:

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    • Lemming says:

      It’s a feature you don’t normally get in MMORPGs, so it’s worth mentioning.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I’d much rather see another post about Diablo, guaranteed to get hundreds of comments arguing about internet connections.


  3. Allafif says:

    I won’t defend the objectification, but the rest of the game is very good. It looks great, the combat is great, and it doesn’t waste your time.

  4. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    Hey could you guys kindly patch the pay out of it so I can play?

    • Max.I.Candy says:

      lol….hopefully, coz thats the only way i’ll be playing this.
      i really wanna test out the combat thats getting so much love from ppl, but i aint payin full whack+sub for a grindy MMO.

  5. foodstamp says:

    I can’t stand the aesthetic of the game but it’s still the first ones I’ve wanted to try since not liking WoW due to the combat and I’m finding myself having good time with friends and the locales are incredible looking. I’m pretty excited to see how the political system starts to effect the game if at all.

    It’s a bit surreal to play a game like that and do things that would be considered a grind and for it to be fun enough that the grind doesn’t matter at all because the combat is actually engaging. It’s incredibly easy to enjoy if you don’t take it all that seriously. It’s a bummer that they’ve produced something so easy to overlook due to the initial leveling and character styles.

  6. westyfield says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, TERA: link to

    Edit: Buh, this should have been a reply to mentor07825’s comment, but I’m too dumb to click the right button.

    • mentor07825 says:

      Don’t worry, I still got it :)

    • mentor07825 says:

      Wow. The prostitutes in the Red Light district in Amsterdam wear more than they do.

    • foodstamp says:

      As much as I hate this sort of armor design, to be fair the men aren’t exactly wearing much either. Unless you choose a Baraka or human male you should expect to be dressing scantily or flamboyantly. There is no denying this is some korean high fantasy. I’ve had a good laugh with my friends as we’ve started to climb the levels.

      • mentor07825 says:

        Care to explain the gameplay to me please? Like is it fun or anything? Because with all the previews I’ve read I really don’t understand the story or the gameplay fully. A lot about the political system but little of everything else.

        • foodstamp says:

          The story is passable and drives things along, and the quests are the standard MMO affair. The difference is that all of the combat is in real time with little to no lock on abilities. You don’t have to slect a target to attack. You just go wail on it or shoot at it. You’ll see a lot of people getting the most enjoyment out of soloing the BAMs (big ass monsters) in the game because it’s actually skill based and very dependent on the player. There’s cooldowns on abilities but you’ll aways be moving and positioning on a scale that no MMO really has demanded yet. PvP isn’t all about strategy and button timing, you also need to make the stuff land. The combat really is the star of the show and the reason to try it. It has only gotten more interesting in that respect the more I’ve played.

          It’s definitely evolutionary instead of revolutionary. But it’s a step in the right direction when it comes to that. It does more right than it does wrong in regards to the current MMORPGs.

          And honestly the locales are just gorgeous. Definitely a good game if you are just a tourist. I’ve taken so many screenshots.

          • mentor07825 says:

            Thank you for your feedback! Honestly I’ll give this a go when there is a trial. Currently working through a backlog of games, other purchases higher on my list and getting back to Eve Online after my college year is over.

            I just dismissed it off hand initially because I don’t much care for the game design in terms of over sexualising the characters. Not my sort of MO. But if the PvP is good then I can stomach it.

          • foodstamp says:

            No problem. It’s definitely gets quite easy to overlook. It’s obnoxious at first but it’s so consistent throughout the game it gets harder and harder to complain about. It’s just really fun high fantasy.

          • Ringwraith says:

            Seeing as pretty much everyone is dressed in equally-ridiculous outfits, it is something you get used to seeing. Although I have to say they do a wonderful job of those armour sets, as every single race has a different set, sharing only the beginning armour’s design between them, which helps give each race their own sense of style.
            Of course, you can always modify any armour to look like another set with a bit of cash, and there’s a range of armour designs, so you can probably find one you like and stick with it.

          • mentor07825 says:

            Well, I like fun games! I’ll put this back on my radar. Kinda stopped playing Star Wars the MMO only because it stopped being fun. Not in the sense it wasn’t fun to begin with, but I got extremely frustrated with the party system and noobs on the server. The usual stuff, such as DPS people thinking they can tank and a crappy way of how dungeons was done so it was even harder to find a party.

            Tight with money and all that, so I’ll pick it up after a trial and form my own impression. Kinda kicking myself now that I didn’t use my beta key for the game when I had the chance. Oh well.

          • Ringwraith says:

            I’m almost sorry I tried it out on the open beta weekend, as I wanted to play more of it for a couple of weeks after, yet can’t as the subscription kinda turns me off this kind of thing, especially one which is a tenner a month. Not to mention my lack of money to spend on such things.

          • mentor07825 says:

            Money is tight for me as well, but luckily I can afford to keep Eve Online because I can pay for my subscription with the in game currency. I’m hoping to get a job over the summer and when I do I intend to buy a monitor and then purchase a few games and upgrade the GPU.

          • Dragatus says:

            Wait, what? You can pay the EVE subscription with in-game currency? I’ve been interestedi nthat game for a while now, but can’t really afford to pay any subscriptions so this is VERY interesting news to me.

            How hard is it to do that, though? Can anyone do it or does it take a certain level of advancement in the game?

    • Hug_dealer says:

      And that is reason # 1 why I will never touch this game.

      The visuals couldnt be any more juvenile if they tried.

      Ad in the leading feature of the game is the political system. Big friggin deal. If i want to vote on a leader, I can do it in real life. Its not like its as big a deal as Eve’s economy.

      The combat interests me, but not enough to push it past the fact it is your standard mmo with grinding and a straight up holy trinity. Then Tack on the absolutely boring visuals, and the lame political system and you have yourself a game i wont play.

    • D3xter says:

      Oh no, the best thing about this game is somehow bad, because everyone needs to dress in burkas now to not piss anyone off :/

      • Hug_dealer says:

        thats sad if the best thing about a game is the weak art direction.

        I would probably have bought the game if it werent for the visuals. I truly go UGGGGG everytime i see a screenshot.

        • foodstamp says:

          The art direction isn’t weak. It’s actually incredibly consistent and there aren’t any clashing design choices or varying states of finish. They set out to make a Korean high fantasy MMO and it looks like one. It’s wonderfully put together in that regard. Here is the North-American launch trailer, and visually it’s a stunning MMO: link to

          You just don’t like it. Just wanted to point out the difference there.

      • pipman3000 says:

        did you just admit you bought this game to get off to 3d women with weird body proportions?

  7. jrodman says:

    Last I heard about the politics thing, it sounded kinda broken, as in there’s precious little that the elected official has to officiate, making it just a perk rather than an office. Which in turn means this is a glorified popularity contest.

    Or am I terribly misinformed? Insight would be great.

    • mentor07825 says:

      From my understanding it is essentially a popularity contest, which is why I prefer the political system in Eve Online.

  8. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    The only thing I know of this game is that RPS was plastered with adverts for it (which I ignored). I assumed some sort of WIT would be forthcoming but after reading this I think I know all I need to.

  9. caddyB says:

    The combat is pretty good, all told. Will be playing with friends, it plays sort of a 3rd person action combat game. And for the more powerful monsters you really need to be paying attention.

  10. Kartoffeln says:

    Okay, thats it. I will give this a try. If there is a trial Version of some kind.

    • Kartoffeln says:

      Another thing: My Avatar still seems to be the standard random one, although I made a Gravatar account with the same eMail-Adress. What else do I need to do to be special?!

      • mentor07825 says:

        You need to be as awesome as me. Then you need to upload a picture to your Gravatar account and then use that.

  11. Jupiah says:

    I was sort of interested in this game until I watched a video of the character creation screen and saw what appeared to be an 8 year old bunny girl wearing a tube top, tiny miniskirt, exposed panties, high heels and gyrating her hips like an exotic dancer. Immediately lost any interest in ever even looking at the game again.

    It’s a shame because I heard the game had a pretty good real-time hack-and-slash combat system, but there’s just no way I’m playing a game that determined to appeal to lolicons.

    • Salix says:

      I saw that video, and was seriously wondering how a game with an entire race of children dressed as prostitutes managed to make it past the censors.

    • pipman3000 says:

      i like to pretend the elin are a honeypot set up for pedophiles so they can all be perma-banned after a set amount of time. i know they aren’t but i can dream right :(

  12. zerosociety says:

    So I got peer pressured into playing TERA with some friends, despite the Elin creeping me out.

    (And man, their players are defensive. Creepily so.)

    The combat system is similar to DCUOnline’s, but it actually feels like there’s a bit more “weight” to it. Very actiony, very focused on blocks and dodges as well as attacks. Timing is very important, but it’s not always just twitch timing. Right off the bat I want to mention something that the American version of TERA does that needs to be mandatory in all class-based MMOs.

    In TERA, YOU START AS THE LVL 20 VERSION OF YOUR CHARACTER. Eventually you get knocked back down to 1, but you start the prologue and tutorial as lvl 20 so you can get a feel for the class right away without sinking hours and hours into it.

    Combat is fun – I enjoyed it more than the D3 beta – the graphics are lovely, though the art direction might be a bit too Final Fantasy-esque-over the top. Everyone is hypersexualized, including the creepy immortal chibi Elin. And that includes all the male characters as well, and I’m not saying this in the “well male superheroes are drawn provocatively too” sort of defense. Belly shirts, thongs, assless chaps, armor that has keyhole cutouts over the abs and/or nipples – the art design is as much about the promise of hot Bishonen action as it is about ridiculously scantily clad women.

    Questing is as vanilla and and grindy as it could possibly be – though level advancement is pretty fast. Dungeons and especially BAMs – Big Ass Monsters – are a lot of fun, though. The BAM fights can be really really intense and rewarding.

    The class spread is weird, but I also like that when you choose a class, there’s a rating for how hard it is to play correctly. (The hardest being the DPS/Tank dual wielding warrior who is an evasion tank. And in the game evasion tank means you can pull aggro but 99% of the damage mitigation is pure action game player skill. You tank by dodging.) There is still the DPS/Tank/Healer dynamic, however you can get by without a healer a lot. There are only 2 healer classes, and one if an off-healer. There are 2 tank classes and as I said, one is Expert Mode. There are 4 pure DPS classes, though.

    It’s a weird game, the political endgame has a lot of promise, the art runs from over the top to “I don’t want to be seen playing this” and it’s surprisingly fun. My little guild gave up on the GW2 beta because of how much FUN the general gameplay is. I’m going to stick around TERA for a while and see if the endgame is as promising as it looks. I know that, in the absence of faction, PvP leveling is brutal but rewarding. All the major PvP is Guild vs. Guild and not faction vs. faction. I’ve seen this turn into massive multi-guild skirmishes and brawls. PC Hunting Outlaw guilds have popped up as well as self-policing anti-outlaw guilds.

    It’s a weird game, but we’re having fun right now.

  13. Khann says:

    In-game politics you say? Makes me think of A Tale In The Desert.

  14. tungstenHead says:

    How can I vote when I don’t even know the issues!?

  15. Kuroko says:

    What a stupid game, how dare they show sexy females, women should dress like this:
    link to

    This game offends me to no end, it makes me want to have sex and become a sinner. Why can’t it be a macho game about strong military dudes massacring everyone in the name of freedom and god.

    • pipman3000 says:

      how about this instead

      link to

      but please keep beating up that strawman you made up

      • pipman3000 says:

        shut up stupid baka-jo gaijin you obviously want woman to wear burqas/ban women from vidyo games forever unlike the fine progressive folks like kuroko

        you can go die in a hole with your “reasonable armor” and “women characters who aren’t shallow wanktoys for virgins to spooge over when mom’s not home” with the other misogynist nazi conservative communists

    • foodstamp says:

      This really isn’t why people are upset. No one is offended by the female form, and if they are that’s a very small number. These are gamers.

      They just think that’s it’s really dumb way to protect yourself from getting stabbed. Immersion means so much more in games now, and that’s the sort of thing that just throws some people right out of a game. English speaking markets tend to desire more functionality in their fantasy and this game definitely pushes the boundaries of what western audiences will accept.

      Apologies if this was purely trolling.

    • jrodman says:

      How about scantily clad strong military dudes? I’m down.

  16. Mr. Magoolachub says:

    To everyone saying “I am not playing this game because the women are too sexualised”:

    What you are saying is analogous to “I will not listen to this album because the cover art features an overly sexualised woman” or “I will not play this video game because it has bad graphics”.

    You are judging the game on entirely the wrong thing and come off as ignorant and snobbish.

    • jrodman says:

      Overt sexualization/objectification and poor graphics.

      These things are not even comparable.

      • Mr. Magoolachub says:

        They most certainly are. Neither of them define what makes a game fun to play. The difference between them is one is a moral issue while the other is not. In terms of ‘is this game fun or not’, they matter equally little.

        • jrodman says:

          Because one’s reaction to overt objectification and over-sexualization can’t affect people’s sense of fun?

          For bonus points, you apparently are implying that it is wrong to select entertainment products on other than the pure gratification they bring. Please note that this is in fact a moral judgment you are making.

          • Mr. Magoolachub says:

            I was unaware that “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is now considered moral judgement.

          • jrodman says:

            First, that’s not what you said. You said that judging it by any possibly substantive component is not reasonable if that substantive component is not a direct factor in the resulting gameplay enjoyment. In doing, you brushed aside whether those things could have an effect on how fun it is to play twice now. So your thesis is pretty shaky to begin with, and is not what you just paraphrased.

            Second, you said that it is *wrong* to do otherwise. This word is a clear implication of a moral judgment. There are so many other possible framings to use but you selected a moral one.

          • jrodman says:

            I guess I’ll go ahead and further add that “don’t judge a book by its cover” isn’t a terribly insightful phrase, but it is exhorting us to avoid making judgements in the absence of substantive information.

            It is *not* exhorting us to avoid making judgements about substantive problems which happen to be evident on the visual frontispiece of a printed novel.

          • pipman3000 says:

            as a man this game doesnt make me feel uncomfortable at all and in fact if someone portrayed me as a scantly clad woman with no room internal organs and spider-monkey arms i’d just laugh

    • Premium User Badge

      Harlander says:

      What people are saying, in fact, is “I won’t play this game because an aspect of it makes me uncomfortable.”

      “The heavily sexualised female characters in this game make me ashamed to be seen playing it”
      “The cover art on this album of a dog being chainsawed in half isn’t something I want to accidentally see glancing at my music collection of a morning”
      “The graphical style of this game makes me feel like I’m teetering on the edge of a seizure”

      Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

      • Mr. Magoolachub says:

        I have seen very few people refusing to play based on being uncomfortable as opposed to taking a moral stance. Additionally, I made no apologies for the game’s art direction nor the supposed album’s cover art, I simply made the point that they are not what the game should be judged on. I also at no point made any comparison to a game with graphics that could induce seizure, as opposed to simply visually below par.

      • pipman3000 says:

        NO you mustn’t ever judge a book by it’s cover because by doing so you invoke a dread curse that will end us all!!!!!

  17. Mordsung says:

    Being that I’m not a 15 year old anime fan, this game holds no interest for me.

    How “cool” my character looks in an MMO is important to me. Tera has nothing in the entire game that fits my definition of cool. At least of the bits they’ve shown.

    • Jupiah says:

      Agreed. Seeing throngs of virtually naked people stabbing each other with swords including dozens of female children dressed like strippers running around swinging greatswords and spears 3 or 4 times as big as their own body is not even remotely “cool” to me. If one of those fetishes appeals to you then hey, have fun with it. More power to you. But playing this game would only make me uncomfortable.

  18. Vandell says:

    I can tolerate the super-sexualization of the females. If you combine the high fantasy genre and Korea, the results are almost always going to be the same. It breaks immersion, but whatever; it’s ecchi softcore porn.

    What I can’t abide is that these rules also apply to the scantily dressed lolis running about. I could maybe see tolerating them if their animations weren’t so.. childlike. I mean, they skip, they giggle like schoolchildren, make silly faces, and for a race of creatures that are supposedly a few hundred years old each, they don’t act it. They act like children with giant weapons, whom are dressed in clothing you’d see on Toddlers & Tiaras, and it’s FUCKING CREEPY AS HELL.

    It’s indefensible. It’s the easiest thing one can point to and say “Nope, this game isn’t for me”.

    .. but then again, it’s the easiest thing for other people to do the opposite. 8|

    I guess the biggest lesson you can take away from my post is this: do NOT play an Elin on an RP server.