Wax On: Project CARS Raises Over €1M Funding

Project CARS creative bossman Andy Tudor has dropped us a line to say that the company has raised €1,000,000 for their crowd-sourced racing game. As we explained previously, the game is relying on community commitment to making the racing game work for its funding, and for some of its creative content. Tudor says: “We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the passion, enthusiasm, and dedication of the gaming community so this is also a big thank you to all those that have contributed so far, and an encouragement to others with big ideas for games and want to see them get created.”

It’s interesting to note that there are plenty of community-driven projects, where large sums of money are being raised, which have no link to Kickstarter. The internet’s direct-funding revolution has many forms…


  1. Alien426 says:

    “Crowd-sourced” is a stupid term. It’s just a pun on “outsourced”. Does the crowd provide source (code)? No.
    Please use “crowd-funded” instead.

    • Calabi says:

      But with this they are able to provide more than just money, so its not just crowd funded.

    • RaveTurned says:

      From the article linked by “explained previously” (my own emphasis).

      “The project is Slightly Mad Studios’ first project to use its revolutionary crowd- sourcing meets crowd-funding platform WMD (www.wmdportal.com) which enables fans, enthusiasts and other members of the public to contribute to the development of upcoming titles by working on them or providing funding – or both – whilst getting to enjoy the game whilst it is being built. What is more, when the game is released all those who worked on the game will earn a share of the revenues earned.”

      Crowd-funded, but also crowd-sourced.

    • Baboonanza says:

      ‘Outsource’ has nothing to do with code, it’s simply a word used to describe getting a service from an external source instead of running that service internally (in terms of an organisation).

      ‘Crowd-source’ is a perfectly sensible phrase that means sourcing something from a large number of people, usually using the internet.

      And then crowd-saucing is something else together that is probably best not discussed here :)

      • Dervish says:

        Yes, but providing money doesn’t count as a service–we don’t use “outsourced” to mean “received outside investment.” The crowd needs to provide content. But, as RaveTurned said above, that seems to be the plan, so the term does apply here.

  2. Stiletto says:

    It looks beefy! Let’s hope that it does come out like a proper and fun Vroom-Vroom simulator.


    • Bonedwarf says:

      It’s bloody superb so far. Even in pre-alpha form it’s amazing. One of the best sims out there already.

      I chucked in about $80 in funding as I’m a massive racing sim nut. Basically my life consists of iRacing and this. RF2 is a shamefully poor third after the beta release which they’ve done pretty much bugger all with.

  3. Mr. Mister says:

    Aiming for a Wii U release too? It would be cool if it displayed the dashboard on the supercontroller.

    BTW anyone feels like starting a discussion on what is exactly “sense of speed” on videogames and to which extent it is something unreal?

  4. Mr. Mister says:

    Also I want flies to be able to splash on my visor.

    • Stiletto says:

      Would you like some windshield wipers on the side, sir? :D

  5. wodin says:

    Hurrah not an article about an MMO. Well, yes it’s multiplayer, but not a massively multi player game which drive me nuts.

    Please let the enxt couple of articles be MMO free. Thankyou.

    BTW This looks amazing and the funding is well deserved. Shame I’m useless at driving games, I can’t even drive in real life!

  6. Shortwave says:

    This game has been shaping up for such a long time now, but all in the right ways.
    The detail they’ve put into it seems astonishing and could be applied to so many other things likely.
    It will be interesting to see what they decide to work on in the future, or if it’ll just be a continuous upgrade process with a similar themed game. My father would probably kill for example to have these guys make a Nascar game, ha. Or am I out of the loop and this already has Nascars? I suppose I’ll have to search around. Heh.

    Either way, I understand the goal is pretty much the same as a kickstarter, but I somehow found the way these guys chose to represent themselves and fund their project to be much more acceptable and non-intrusive.
    Everyone can just tell how much passion they’ve put into this, which only attracted the people interested on it’s own it seems, at which point they more or less decided if they wanted to donate, with the benefits of doing so. There was no video created to tell us how awesome their idea is and that they need money to do it, as far as I recall. Only really impressive videos of the engine in action, and amazingly detailed screenshots of the car and engine models. And much more even in the forums I’m very curtain of it. That’s why these guys don’t need to go out of their way to get attention to draw money. They are doing it properly and it’s simply working.

    I’m not going to go out of my way to help fund this project though to by honest, but when it comes close to launch if there is a pre-purchase I’ll totally do it. I’m not worried about it being buggy or broken at launch with all the testing being put into it. : P

    • Bonedwarf says:

      It’s got minor bugs now, but really, it’s better than RF2 which is near release if ISI are to be believed.

      It’s my favourite sim right now. (That doesn’t take a monthly fee anyway…)

      It’s well worth chucking in at the lowest level to get a build and give it a try. I think it’s 10 euros. It’s already a tremendous sim. You may see a lot of folk bitching about the force feedback, but they’re talking bollocks. The FFB easily matches iRacing which is the benchmark IMO.

  7. Axess Denyd says:

    They added a stock car and the first oval track last month. The game is shaping up amazingly well so far, one would never guess it was pre-alpha by the gameplay, only by the unfinished interface.

    • grundus says:

      They added an actually licensed Zonda R a couple of weeks back, it’s awesome. Can’t wait to see the Huyara (never know how to spell that).

      • Axess Denyd says:

        Yeah, the Zones is sweet. I mentioned the stock car because I meant for it to be a reply to the guy who mentioned NASCAR. Mostly I am using the Asano Touring right now. It just feels right to me. I like the Caterham, but….understeer is my enemy.

  8. JustGamer says:

    Hi, basically I only made an account on RPS, which I have been using for the whole time to find out whever people who paid like 10 euros for minimal forum account will be given a copy of the game. Otherwise I will be pissed off, especially that I invested my money or shall I say I funded that game.

    • Axess Denyd says:

      For the minimum, you get to play a monthly build of the game, participate on the forums, and get a discount on the final game equal to what you paid up front.

      I started with that, but I wanted to participate a bit more (and drive on the locked tracks, of course), so I upgraded my membership after a couple weeks.

      The information was annoyingly difficult to find on the website, but you should be able to view this if you are logged in:

      link to forum.wmdportal.com