Ex-Call of Duty Folks Debut F2P Offensive Combat

Does that man on the far left have bird feet, or am I going mad?

When I saw the title “Offensive Combat,” I got really excited. Would I be offending my foes until their poor hearts became physically incapable of taking it any further – relentlessly barraging them with all manner of incredibly personal insults and hatefully ignorant comments about the things they hold dear? No, as it turns out. I’ll be doing nothing of the sort. But I will be shooting them! I suppose that’s a fairly offensive action, isn’t it?

For now, details are fairly scant. Developer U4iA is headed up by former Activision senior VP Dusty Welch, who helped launch Call of Duty back in the days when it lacked frightening realistic future war staples like horses. The goal is to repeat that widespread core-focused success in browser-based F2P form, albeit with more pretty colors. Here’s the basic (and currently only) rundown:

“Offensive Combat will feature the most competitive multiplayer action ever seen within a browser, enabling players to harness their skills and use their creativity and ingenuity to win the ultimate mash-up of first-person shooters. The browser version and the mobile/tablet versions of the game are interconnected, and work together unlike any game before. The full Offensive Combat experience will be detailed in the coming weeks.”

“The innovative gameplay, guided by industry veterans from Activision, Sony, and the Call of Duty and Guitar Hero franchises, will feature an irreverent mash-up of first-person-shooter archetypes, weapons and themes, including surreal fantasy, futuristic sci-fi, and modern military settings, among others. Offensive Combat launches later this year, but select fans will have an opportunity to be one of the first to explore the game during a limited beta this summer.”

Hooray for vague videogame announcements! I fully plan to pester U4iA for more details, but until then, my optimistic side can totally get behind the idea of a shooter that takes shots at the genre’s brittle, well-worn bucket of cliches. Granted, the press release is almost worrisomely focused on business acumen and “strategic private funding,” but chest-thumping is in no way a surefire guarantee of a lackluster game. Nor is browser focus, for that matter.

Right, then. Irreverent humor, shooting stuff… Offensive Combat! Oh, now I get it!


  1. Flukie says:

    As opposed to unoffensive combat?

  2. Fitzmogwai says:

    I really like the sound of a Call of Duty and Guitar Hero “mash-up”. That IS what they’re making, right?

  3. postwar says:

    I wanted to make a “yes, truly offensive” joke but this looks neat.

  4. McDan says:

    I don’t think it can be called a man with those bird feet, I hope part of the offense is making some genetically altered player character that’s an offence to natural selection, that’d be great. I’d make a half man half crab person.

  5. Amstrad says:

    Respectful Peace

  6. mentor07825 says:

    Good luck to it, as it’s going up against Quake Live.

    • Rymosrac says:

      “Offensive Combat will feature the most competitive multiplayer action ever seen within a browser”

      And they seriously think it’s going to be MORE competitive than QL. I’m going to enjoy laughing at these people.

  7. sneetch says:

    Bird feet man? Really, Nathan? You comment on bird feet man but not the lizard with tentacles for arms on the right?

    • JayeRandom says:

      Gecko head, tentacle arms, lovely Hawaiian shirt, and robot legs. All of which are available in the cash shop for a nominal fee, start customizing your avatar today!

      It suddenly occurs to me: If you can buy random arms for your avatar, does that mean they have to design 3-D models of each possible combination of purchaseable hands and player-perspective weapon views? Or do they just go “pffff, here’s your standard gauntlets”.

  8. Gloam says:

    The screenshot sure is offensive.

  9. Driadan says:

    Reading a bit through their blog I spotted this:
    “we wanted our game to be free, but we also wanted to let players buy and rent items to customize their experience”
    is this a new form of micropayments? the microrenting?

    Also, you noticed the birdie feet but not the chamaleon head? :P

    • thepaleking says:

      Nah, APB and BF: Heroes both did it. And yeah the system is just as stupid as it sounds, especially when , like with APB, the non-pay items are on a time limit too.

      • Driadan says:

        haven’t played any of those, well, I did play APB on beta, then I never went back to it. Glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like the concept

  10. zeroskill says:

    “Offensive Combat™ will feature the most competitive multiplayer action ever seen within a browser” Oh wow, those guys have SOME balls.

    Let me fix that for you:
    “Offensive Combat™ will feature the most competitive multiplayer action (small print: excluding Quake Live) ever seen within a browser”

    • ankh says:

      Yes that was the most offensive part. Thanks for fixing that, I am now less offended.

  11. RakeShark says:

    Wait, is this what Respawn Entertainment has been up to? Or is this another splinter cell of ex-CoD folk?

    Second, is this the innovation we’ve been looking for?

  12. Hoaxfish says:

    You fight like a cow?

  13. markcocjin says:

    Will this be locally offensive or globally?

  14. marcusfell says:

    “We can’t make the genre innovate anymore, so we’ll throw everything in at once”

  15. BrendanJB says:

    “innovative gameplay”

    “Call of Duty and Guitar Hero franchises.”

    I see.

  16. HexagonalBolts says:

    This looks like timesplitters 2…

    • IckyThump says:

      Why do you sound skeptical? More things should be like Timesplitters.

  17. lofaszjoska says:

    “The world’s first browser-based console-quality shooter.”
    Their words, not mine.

  18. Radiant says:

    Offensive Combat.

    It’s a kung fu game with both players’ characters wearing black face.

    • Radiant says:

      As opposed to In-offensive Combat where they are shocked at the faux pas committed by the opposing player and retire away to write long grammatically correct internet tete e tetes on each others blogs.

  19. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    the character’s costumes are pretty offensive

  20. Mayjori says:


  21. Shooop says:

    “The innovative gameplay, guided by industry veterans from Activision, Sony, and the Call of Duty and Guitar Hero franchises…

    Stopped reading there and laughed myself silly.

  22. Fumarole says:

    No reference to insult swordfighting? Huh.

  23. Smashbox says:

    “The browser version and the mobile/tablet versions of the game are interconnected”

    I, for one, would like to try going up against a whole team of tablet players with my mouse & keyboard.

  24. celozzip says:

    looks like brink for kids.

  25. MythArcana says:

    “Free to play” is the biggest oxymoron in the business and I wish it would go away…along with “DRM”, “DLC”, and “Always-On”. These terms are all misleading and inaccurate.

  26. El_Emmental says:

    This is gonna be a sad but hilarious experience, seeing this game being released.

    I just wish they’ll make enough money to try a DLC or two, so we can get more laughing material from the man known as Dusty Welch.

    edit: In the sequel [of the original movie], Dusty Welch joins EA and steals Bobby Kotick emails, and proceed to blackmail him, until some courageous moral-less lawyers save the day Activision.