So: Skyjacker’s Space Combat Looks Impressive, Demo

It’s been a long time since I got properly stuck into some un-MMO’d space combat, and I think it’s about time. Skyjacker could be the one, with some spectacular visuals and giant asteroids with lava boiling out of them. All space games need those. So few remember to include them. To give you some sense of the ambition that the team are attaching to their project, it’s worth noting that they’ve taken it to Kickstarter with a target of $200k. It’ll be interesting to see if they hit that, what with space combat fans so often complaining that the genre is neglected.

What more do we know? Well, there’s even a demo for you to play. That should answer a few questions. Also colourful space-biff video below! Jolly good.


  1. says:

    Space combat? Not an MMO? Giant space vaginas firing… something? (@0:40)

    Sign me up.

    • mentor07825 says:

      Giant space tacos? I’m so in.

    • enobayram says:

      That’s why the game is called skyje… Oh no… it’s not.

      It’s looking good though.

    • iGark says:


      • acnaugh says:

        Me to go out camping and prepared! Portable solar charger! So in the evening, I can still game! link to

        • Veav says:

          In space, no one can hear you spam.

        • noom says:

          Can you tell me if your solar chargers will work on stars other than Sol acnaugh? Might be tempted to buy some but I don’t intend on spending much time in this system.

          • Veav says:

            Yeah, if all it’s good for are G-types I won’t be able to use it in like 95% of solar systems. Give us some tech specs!

    • Fearzone says:

      One fighter taking on a capital fleet? Hmmm. Screw the demo. I backed this for the voice work alone. This was probably a mistake but, what the hell, I’m having more fun giving money to Kickstarter than actually playing games nowadays.

  2. Hensler says:

    Crazy… I JUST found this game through a random Google search a few minutes ago. It’s open in the other tab, and I saw that RPS had a new post :) .

    Turns out the game I was looking for was Novus Aeterno (upcoming space mmorts) but this looks great too.

  3. FrellPumpkin says:

    Well, looks interesting. I didn’t found a download link first. But their are some on there Kickstarter Page:
    link to

    For US located recipients:

    link to

    link to

    link to

    For Western Europe: link to

    Torrent link: link to

    For Eastern European backers – you can download the demo here

    RapidShare link: link to

  4. Godwhacker says:

    The Kickstarter is here: link to

    Looks a bit bobbins though. I miss X-Wing and Privateer 2 terribly, but playing a slightly shoddy rip-off would probably just make that feeling worse.

    Still, could be fun. I’ll try the demo.

    • RakeShark says:

      I feel this way as well. After being left with a “…meh” feeling when I played SOL:Exodus, I’m hesitant to try another indie space sim. There’s just something they all seem to be missing, if not multiple things. I can’t tell at this point if I’m being deluded by my nostalgia, or I’m seeing things right.

      • MisterT says:

        I’d say it’s equal parts they can’t seem to create a universe as compelling as the ones we love, but also things like juggling power between weapons, shields, and engines, taking and dealing out component damage, detailed wingman commanding, and for me personally an actual cockpit is a must since it’s not 2001 anymore.

  5. Orija says:

    Laser shooting vaginas, yea!

  6. xGryfter says:

    This and Grim Dawn are my most anticipated projects on KS right now. Thankfully Grim Dawn is in the bag, unfortunately SJ has a ways to go.

  7. Veav says:

    I put together a fan trailer for this myself. I’m really hoping this gets off the ground.

  8. Haystack says:

    The actual links to the demo currently reside in a kickstarter update here: link to

    I haven’t played a good space sim since Freespace (has there been any good space sims since Freespace?), so count me as interested.

    • Zancrowe says:

      well freelancer was alright from 2003ish and Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos (from 2001) + its predecessor are really nice but since then there was basically zilch.

      oh also another nice kickstarter is Kinetic Void (link to

      its randomly generated galaxys with a really nice shipbuilder and you can download a demo of that too

      goal seems reasonable too with 60000

      • Brise Bonbons says:

        Kinetic Void looks amazing! They might be the first KS project I actually break out the wallet and give my money to. Unfortunate they’ve gotten off to such a slow start.

        • KDR_11k says:

          I’m more interested in KV because I enjoy capital ship combat more than space dogfights but I think KV still has to prove itself more before I’ll spring for it. I’ve seen Blockade Runner at a similar state but instead of making a space combat game they went off and made a game about making pretty star ships.

      • Veav says:

        I’ve got my fingers crossed for Kinetic Void too – I love what he’s doing with the shipbuilder mechanism.

    • Nikos says:

      I think the best space sim I’ve played in the last few years is the FreeSpace mod Blue Planet: War in Heaven (and less so its first instalment, Age of Aquarius). Simply jaw dropping, very good writing (!) and very well balanced missions.

  9. Zyrxil says:

    Looks nice, not amazing, but certainly interesting for a $15 game. The UI aesthetic is hideous though; the bright neon colors just scream “East European Developer” in such an obvious way.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      Here you go. Oddly I linked this just a few days ago in some thread. People might think ill of me. :P

      • Zancrowe says:

        haha that vid is unbelievable xD future space russians are op

    • Veav says:

      Feedback cheerfully accepted! There will be different color schemes for the UI.

  10. blacksun_redux says:

    Fun audio design!

  11. AntiDanilevski says:

    This is a great game, and I hope it will gain necessary funds!
    Backed, told my friends, shared link. Keep Skyjacker alive!

    • Veav says:

      Thanks for helping out! We definitely need to spread the word – Skyjacker is Kickstarter’s best kept secret (well, until RPS let the cat out of the bag today }:D )

  12. Tufty says:

    How come you guys are mentioning Skyjacker but not Kinetic Void? It too is a space combat sim kickstarter with a playable demo and has almost as many backers, but with a much more modest goal and also features ship building.

    Even better, it isn’t doing what Skyjacker is doing in terms of their weird Kickstarter backer DLC system. Did you guys even look at their reward tiers? It seems like the kind of stuff you’d be posting about how much it sucks. It boils down to “pay $15, get a stripped down version of the game. Pay $40 and choose between the editions of the game where you can either play as a pirate or as a non-pirate. Pay $50 and you get the full game”. You don’t even get the bloody story in the $15 ‘edition’, you have to pay an extra $5 to get access to the ‘special edition’ of the game which includes the story (“with movie intro, multiple video-cuts during the game, and other aesthetic in-game add-ons”).

    The worst part is that “[These editions are] EXCLUSIVE to the Kickstarter campaign backers and won’t be available in the further official release of the game SKYJACKER”. Ridiculous. The game looks good but I don’t want to support this crap in ANY way.

    • Brise Bonbons says:

      I didn’t look into the funding levels because the gameplay looks pretty bland, but holy shit is that a fucked up business model. No way in hell does that deserve to be funded when Kinetic Void seems to offer way more interesting ideas on a much more modest budget.

      Dunno, maybe I’ve just been won over by their unique implementation of flight physics, but KV seems like a potentially visionary project that, as you say, is much more deserving of mention on RPS.

      Maybe because the playable demo isn’t as far along? I suppose that’s fair enough.

      • Veav says:

        Just to make sure it’s on your radar – we’re putting all that reward stuff to bed. We relaunched the project with community-suggested rewards at link to . Take a look at the video that’s up front and let us know what it needs to grab you. :)

    • Veav says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way, especially since Skyjacker themselves gave a shout out to Kinetic Void (take a look at update #3). The reward tiers on Skyjacker are terribly phrased, but Kickstarter won’t let you change the wording after it goes up so we’re stuck with it… anyway.

      What’s going on with the editions? $20 gets you the game, full stop. The entire storyline. The $40/$50 stuff involves “what if” scenarios, expansion packs with missions that have nothing to do with the rest of the game – some fun stuff for players to do, planets to explore, ships to blow up. Yes, it’s the carrot they’re dangling in the hopes of getting additional support; no, there won’t be a gaping hole in your game if you don’t go for it.

      As for the worst part: they’ve retracted that, very early on. The expansion packs will absolutely be available to non-backers. I hope this helps!

      • Brise Bonbons says:

        Well that makes a lot more sense. Best we all go take a good close look at their latest updates before bitching them out, of course.

        It’s certainly a very slick looking game, and I agree with another comment here that the audio design is crazy good. I guess there was just nothing to grab me in that gameplay video.

        • Veav says:

          Try the demo, see how you feel? After that – if it’s just not your thing, that’s how it is. }:D

          • Brise Bonbons says:

            You’re right of course – sorry for the lack of constructive criticism, I know it’s not very helpful.

            Guess I was feeling cranky this morning. D:

        • Veav says:

          …maximum nested levels on a thread? Is that why I can’t reply? Aaanyway it sounds like you’re gung-ho about Kinetic Void. You’ve been plugging for it and doing what you can to get it noticed and getting frustrated that nobody cares, when you’ve got so much to offer. You’ve got gameplay vids up, proof of concept, you’re more than just talking heads and empty promises! So it becomes very frustrating when it looks like you’ve been passed over yet again for some other jerkface.

          I might be way off base here, but if this sounds familiar, we’ve been there for the last two weeks.

      • D3xter says:

        So, they’re basically trying to do Launch-Day DLC for a crowdfunded game?

        Tell me again when they’ve come to their senses like these guys: link to

        • Veav says:

          We came to our senses like those guys. The reward tiers have been thoroughly redone based on community feedback, and relaunched at link to . Tell us what you think!

    • wccrawford says:

      They were going to be exclusive. They appear to have changed their minds, and non-backers will be able to buy them sometimes after launch, but with a delay.

      I agree that I don’t like the tiers only have part of the game, though. I signed up for the $15 tier thinking I was getting the whole thing. Now I stubbornly refuse to go any higher. (And it may be the first pledge I pull. I’ve been trying very hard to avoid that.)

      • Tufty says:

        That’s not as bad as I thought then but it still leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth (the $15 vs $20 pledge levels in particular). I’ve changed my mind on completing writing off Skyjacker but I don’t think I’ll be pledging :/

        • Veav says:

          I know where you’re coming from, given how gamers have been dicked around by day one DLC shenanigans from the major players. When the guy put it together he wasn’t thinking “I can charge them $15 for the game, then another $5 to unlock what’s on the disk”; he was thinking “$20 for the game, but if you want to save money, here’s a cut-rate version that’s cheaper for us to host downloads for, and cheaper for you to buy”.

          When I came across the kickstarter it didn’t have the co-op tiers. I messaged him saying “hey, any chance of a bundle tier?” Five minutes later they were up. Best I can tell you man – he was going all-out on trying to offer something for everyone. Check out the comments section of the kickstarter to see how this has all gone down.

        • Veav says:

          Take a look at the new $15 vs $20 pledge levels and see if they’re more palatable. We’ve relaunched at link to – $15 gets the full game, full stop. $20 gets two full games. }:D

      • Veav says:

        Hey man. Not sure if you pulled your pledge (I don’t have access to that), but as you can see elsewhere in this thread I’m spreading the word – we heard what people had to say and we followed through. $15 now gets you the whole thing. Hope to see you rejoin us at the new launch!

    • Veav says:

      We beat the crap out of the rewards! Kickstarter wouldn’t let us change them (standard policy, can’t change a reward tier someone has selected), so we’ve relaunched at link to . Tell us what you think!

  13. Phantoon says:

    Look, do either of these games allow me to spin in any direction, and move in any direction like Descent while looking in any direction?

    • Veav says:

      Hmm… I was going to talk about control schemes (Skyjacker is doing something that makes physics cry, different ship parts let you move in different ways – like an airplane, like a helicopter, etc.) but you’re asking about a freelook? I’ll check on that one.

    • Mistabashi says:

      For that you want Miner Wars – kinda like Descent but with fully destructible asteroids.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Try Independence War 2 if you haven’t already. It’s the best attempt at a semi-Newtonian space flight model that I’ve seen, so far. Star system are *big*. Speeds are *fast*.

      You can do fun things like lure mobile mines into following you, then spin around (without losing your velocity) to shoot them down before they catch up. Aiming gets interesting when spinning to fire sideways, because the bolts from your gun (whatever it is, I forget) retain the same sideways velocity and vector. A very cool game, although hampered by being locked into a linear mission structure and story line.

  14. Unfettered says:

    Looks and sounds like an obnoxious arcade game from a roller rink in the late 80s.

    Then again, I’m awfully biased (and jealous because I haven’t put together a video to submit to RPS yet):

  15. catmorbid says:

    I can’t believe they managed to put in four different flight models but not the real one (i.e. newtonian flight), i.e. the most important one. Bye bye! Next…

    • Veav says:

      Try requesting it? Although you might be referring to the inertial model, which it already has.

      • catmorbid says:

        No, I immediately checked the demo out: the “inertial model” or whatever its supposed to be is some kind of perverted bastard that sometimes resembles the real thing. Still not close to the real thing. And that should be the default thing you start with when making a space “sim”.

        I mean, c’mon! It’s space! If after you got the newtonian flight model allrgiht you want to introduce different levels of realism, sure go ahead! Besides, apparently no forums, so communication is a bit difficult. Oh well, maybe my standards for space games are just a tad too high :/

        • Veav says:

          There’s a comments section on every kickstarter that’s only open to backers, but there’s also a “send message” on the bottom and top of each page that pops one off to whoever started it up. I’ll make sure to mention it myself though.

          I’m not sure the demo is using the inertial model – I’ll double-check that one. But I do admit they’re probably cutting a few corners on absolute realism. That’s how we get FTL drives and stuff, by ignoring reality. }:D If it is the inertial model though, I’ll see if he’s up for a more gritty edition.

          Update: apparently the demo cheats and has all FOUR models, which you can switch between using V, B, N, M. Try ’em all, and if none of them are what you’re after, let the guys know what they’re missing.

          Update 2: a hardcore newtonian model is probably not going to happen. He wants to focus on accessibility over simulationism. (To be fair, a strict newtonian model would involve managing orbits and shooting solutions. You don’t dogfight in space.)

          • catmorbid says:

            I already sent a message asking about it, thought I’d at least give the benefit of a doubt here.

    • Sindwiller says:

      Well, you could just as well play Terminus then – it utilised an almost perfectly annoying Newtonian physics model. It was proper unplayable (IMHO, at least). I sort of liked how the peeps at Egosoft made maneuvering in X3 a bit more “realistic” with that momentum and sliding stuff.

  16. wodin says:

    I always find it funny when people bitch about a kickstarter and they haven’t read the comments so don’t know the developer is here answering questions in and in this case in a polite and informative manner. I hope those who have bitched feel a tad guilty.

    • Veav says:

      Negative feedback is still feedback, we’re definitely listening either way!

      I do hope people understand that we’re not the Kinetic Void killer, or the Unfettered killer (good work so far, definite Freelancer inspiration – and Freelancer kicks ass, that’s a complement). It’s okay to support more than one space game at once, especially when those games deliver different experiences for different tastes.

      • Unfettered says:

        Unfettered definitely is of a very different flavor than Skyjackers. Though you flatter me even pretending Unfettered is a competitor of yours at this point. I do hope you guys do very well and release a fantastic game. The space sim genre has been all but dead for a decade now and anything and everything to reinvigorate interest is good for all of us, as developers and gamers.

        • Veav says:

          Thanks! Maybe we’re not on the same level today, but that’s like comparing a load of iron ingots to a load of iron ore. You’ve got just as much potential – they just started earlier.

    • Brise Bonbons says:

      I do feel guilty, are you happy now?

      Even being a huge proponent of indie development, I’m still getting used to this idea that developers are people who might show up and read/reply to comments on RPS.

      SO YEAH, IT’S THEIR FAULT. If they want me to be nice, they should come and waste their time talking to us in comment threads more! Take that!

      Seriously though, I notice that my attitude towards a project can be easily colored by my preconceptions about bedroom versus studio development. If a project is low-fidelity and crunchy, I tend to personify it in my head as this personal project with normal people behind it. If it has slick high fidelity graphics and a fancy cinematic trailer, I immediately personify it in a more impersonal way, especially when commenting about it. It’s totally a failure on my part, but it strikes me as an interesting phenomenon that might be more widespread than just me. It’s definitely not a smart way to think about things, and isn’t fair at all when it comes to projects like Skyjacker.

      Anyway, going back to feeling guilty now.

      • Veav says:

        No worries. You monster. No, srsly, Skyjacker has startlingly high production values in some areas and endearingly low values in others (like, say, language fluency). But in the end they are just a bunch of guys with a dream who have put their own time and energy in on it, and have something to show for it.

      • wodin says:

        Only messing with you, you can cheer up now.

  17. xGryfter says:

    Skyjacker most definitely will have ship building. Here is a link to the disassembler demo link to

    This will give you a pretty solid idea of the building/customizing potential of the game.

    The gameplay demo is also very much in an Alpha state created for internal studio use but the SJ backers begged for it so DIGITILUS released it. The voices are just place holder, done by the devs themselves to give us the general idea of how the combat audio will sound. The UI will most likely be improved significantly before the release of the game. There will also be numerous different flight styles available.

    You guys really should read the whole Kickstarter page and updates before commenting.

  18. Devan says:

    I couldn’t really decide on a sense of scale from the gameplay trailer. It looked like it took a long time for the lasers to reach a target but when they hit, the debris was almost immediately flying past you. And it looked like those other ships should have been much bigger than the one the camera was in, but it didn’t feel like it from the strafing runs. I don’t know if it’s just the speed/acceleration that makes the other ships feel small and close, or something else.

    • Veav says:

      Take a look at link to and see if that helps? Then watch the rest of it. Because it’s awesome.

      • Brise Bonbons says:

        If I’d watched that video first perhaps I wouldn’t be feeling so guilty now. Much more interested after having done so.

        Ah well, perhaps one day I’ll learn to do my research before spouting off in comments. Nice video btw!

        • Veav says:

          Thanks! I am super proud of that because I’ve never cut a video before.

      • wodin says:

        Watched the video is there no roll in the game? It looked alittle odd.

        • Veav says:

          There is, the guy just doesn’t use it. Try the demo for yourself (and in particular the keybindings menu). If you’d rather not, I can snag a clip when I get home from work – yes, I don’t actually work for these lugs. }:D

  19. Alextended says:

    Nice to see some positive coverage for a Kickstarter project that isn’t by big names.

    Too bad Realm Explorer missed out on that attitude and didn’t even get a video embed but oh well…

  20. Innocentbystander says:

    Yea, lots of good space games out there, check this one out! It looks like it would be a lot of fun.

    link to

    • Veav says:

      Hell yes Edge of Space, I’m in on that one too. Terraria in SPAAAACE!

  21. RyuRanX says:

    I love space sims, but this demo is so generic that I couldn’t get into (it reminds me a lot of SOL: Exodus).

    Wing Commander Saga was so much more enjoyable and it was released for free! Come on, change the unninspired interface/HUD art, make cockpit models for the ships and scrap the horrendous voice acting. Sometimes text-only is the better option, and this is the case.

    • xGryfter says:

      Seriously, do you people ever read these articles or the links contained within before commenting? It’s an early alpha demo just to demonstrate the basics of the combat. If you enjoyed space sims as much as you say you do you would have actually read the kickstarter page to find out what they are doing with this game.

    • Veav says:

      What can I say? Hopefully further down the development cycle you’ll change your mind. As for right now, if your conclusion is it’s not up to par, that just goes to prove they need the help… see also: the kickstarter. }:D

  22. LumberingTroll says:

    Hey all, Sean here from Kinetic Void, just wanted to say Congratulations to the Skyjacker guys on getting some press coverage. I know what it means, and I can only hope we get some press as well some time soon, to all the KV fans, I really appreciate it but try not to cause to much ruckus in Skyjackers comments. They earned it.

    • Veav says:

      Thanks, man. I hope you do too – just keep putting it out there, because you’ve got a solid game on your hands. You’ve got a good community too that cares about your success and there’s no way we can take offense to that!

  23. parallel379 says:

    Like Terminal Velocity in space

  24. Brise Bonbons says:

    So, I’ve played the demo now, and can report that it seems promising, although as I suspected from watching the videos it’s not really my cup of tea. I’m just looking for something heavier on the sim side I think.

    As an action-shooter it has a lot going for it. I think the controls, if not my style, are very smooth and controlling the ship is easy and intuitive for the most part. The variety of control schemes is welcome, but I agree that the “inertial” or strafing setup is frustratingly off. The destruction engine is great, I really enjoyed picking apart the big transport ships. I find the sound design and voice acting really charming, but I’m a sucker for accents.

    The weapons felt a bit samey at this stage of development, but that could be an alpha thing. Overall they felt OK, but didn’t excite me – I’d hope for more sense of power and speed from them. The colorful UI and graphics were fine, though they could certainly be cleaned up a bit. Things were clear enough when playing I thought.

    The ship building in the demo is mostly just part swapping, more customization than building I’d say. Personally I’d like to see the components offer more unique functionality – or perks and drawbacks – rather than just having more or less stats, but perhaps that’s an alpha thing too?

    I think the demo feels slick and easy to use, which is a great start, but again, it’s more action than I really care for. Hard to say much more about something at such an early stage.

    P.s. Keyboard only menus, or did I miss something? That was a little off-putting.

    • Veav says:

      Thanks for giving it a shot! Your impressions are on the ball – some rough edges and quirks due to the alpha state, some things that haven’t been implemented yet. And I agree about the voices. While they intend to hire professional voice actors, I secretly hope they end up using their own – the setting involves a lone human pilot in a universe of aliens. It works so, so well. }:D

      In terms of the action, the demo does drop you right in the thick of it. Some will be more so than others (like the ice boulder testing grounds, with the signal beacons; less combat, more room to breathe in the scenery, and blow it up). Buuuut like Tie Fighter, the final product won’t be a sandbox, it’ll be a series of combat scenarios with varying depths of context and buildup.

      There’ll be more screenshots and vids in the days to come, maybe one of them will catch your eye, or maybe this just won’t end up being your cuppa. IT IS A MYSTERY!

  25. Jabberwocky says:

    Thumbs up, Skyjackers!
    The game has a ton of character, and looks like a lot of fun.

  26. d10sfan says:

    Wasn’t too impressed with the demo. Really obvious spelling mistake and it crashed a couple minutes in. Curious to see where it goes, but not interested in support it

    • Veav says:

      The “demo” is actually an alpha build they threw together quickly by request of the kickstarter community, so yeah, it’s a little crash-happy and clunky in places. I’m going to suggest they have a popup about that in the game itself. Aaaanyway. You may notice from the kickstarter that english isn’t their first language, but they do intend to make sure someone who is completely fluent vets that content along the way. How did the gameplay itself feel?

  27. Stevostin says:

    Way too ugly for me, sorry. Looks more like a discotheque that anything space combat.

  28. Lemming says:

    I do like the look of the combat, I really do. But that HUD is disgusting. Functional, yes but it looks like Windows 95. Do people not do cockpit designs anymore? Look at Starlancer please!

    • Veav says:

      The HUD has already been revamped and will continue to change; like many thingseverything in the demo, it’s subject to change. Absolutely give us your ideas on how to improve it!

  29. brulleks says:

    I’ve given this a bit of a stress test and these are my thoughts. First the positive:

    1) I love the presentation of the menu screens, very professional and pleasingly quick transitions (I hate all the animated mucking about that comes with some AAA games nowadays, forcing you to wait to get from one menu to the next). Yes, a mouse cursor would be a must in the finished version of course, but it was easily navigable with keys.

    2) The ability to destroy pretty much every object is very satisfying, and begs to be used more in the gameplay. Perhaps you could have scavengable items drop from abandoned ships when their hulls are destroyed, or accrue bounty for destroying legitimate buildings.

    3) At one point, the explosion of a wrecked ship caused one of the mine things I was supposed to be targeting to spin away into the distance. I continued shooting the others until I had to track down this last one and, cursing my idiocy, realised I would have to travel a huge distance to catch up with it. Intentionally allowing player consequence such as this to play a part in completing objectives would be fantastic.

    4) I didn’t experience a single crash, despite having all options on full.

    However, this was somewhat tempered by:

    1)Tthe controls I’d mapped to speed up and speed down (w & s keys) failed to work in-game. I was forced to move around using thrust only. I tried remapping, but this didn’t work. After a couple of restarts, the mouse started to cause a few problems too, sometimes cutting out completely.

    2) The HUD. It’s already been mentioned above, but it’s far too in your face. I’m glad to hear you’re working on a new one.

    3) The colours, while not as glaring as I’d feared they would be from the screenshots, were still not to my taste. I prefer my space sims dark and sinister, like Freespace, or at least muted like X, but that’s my own taste. It wouldn’t surprise me if other space sim fans shared this taste, however. Even Freelancer seemed a little too cartoonish for my liking.

    I didn’t try anything beyond the first level because of the control issues, so can’t really comment on combat, I’m afraid. I would definitely be interested to see how the final product turns out, as it seems very professionally put together so far. Good luck with it.

    • Veav says:

      Great feedback, man! To address the downers:
      1) Weird, and certainly not intentional. We couldn’t really talk shop about it without getting into details on the hardware configuration and so on, but that’s a bug, not a feature. Bugs get stamped out. }:D
      2) Yeah, we’re going to have a few different options so people can pick the one that suits them best. I want to leave the current one in as one of the options though. I’m calling it “Discotheque”; Eugene’s calling it “Brazilian Summer”.
      3) That one – as you said, we’ll agree to disagree. Can always turn down the brightness/saturation on your monitor to get that feel, but I like wandering around the color wheel, being able to see what I’m doing, etc.

      Have you tried it with a gamepad? Maybe it’ll behave itself for that where it wouldn’t for your keyboard – I played on a 360 controller myself with no issues.