Engines Of Destruction: Gas Guzzlers

Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage is sort of a 3D Death Rally, or at least that’s what it looks like and that’s reason enough for me to be quite eager to see if that’s what it plays like. Customisable cars with guns on top drive around and pretend to race each other while actually only really caring about exploding one another. It’s out in just four days today if the press release that just landed is to be believed more than the official website. Apparently it’s a “fast-paced addictive combat racing game”. A shame then that the trailer below spends two or three minutes adjusting its mirrors before actually igniting into anything that could be described as “fast-paced”.

The customisation garage baffled me because as the camera rotated around the car I had to chase the music from one speaker to the next. Most discombobulating.


  1. Rikard Peterson says:

    I was wondering why nobody was using the weapons in the video… then they drove into the fire zone. Interesting.

  2. TheIronSky says:

    Looks good, save for that one bit of annoying grass pop-in there at like 0:30.

    Reminds me of Full Auto, with a lot more customization and a surplus of chickens.

  3. dE says:

    It’s weird, all the trailer did for me, was to further intensify my craving for a proper Interstate Sequel.

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      Waltorious says:

      Exactly. I wish they would retool the game into something like Interstate ’76. But perhaps their engine won’t work well for large, open environments as opposed to closed-circuit tracks.

    • noom says:

      I got a strange nostalgia for Interstate 76 watching this as well, which is odd because it doesn’t seem the most obvious of the games this brings to mind (those games being Flatout, Death Rally, Supercars 2, and Interstate ’76… in that order)

    • Navagon says:

      Now that is an idea I can get behind!

    • Tom De Roeck says:

      I think it was the way the weapons were fitted on the cars, but yes, very interstate 76 feel, for a second.

  4. skyturnedred says:

    Flatout with guns? I’m in.

  5. Chizu says:

    well once the start o the trailer got out of the way, I really don’t care abut putting silly decals all over my cars, and the racing actually started and then came the shooting I actually started thing this could be my kinda thing.

    I hope theres a demo though, too made racing games I’ve never heard of before (and plenty I have) have turned out to be absolutely horrific.

  6. Turbobutts says:

    Now I finally understand why I’m afraid of the future. Environmentally friendly electro cars with gatling guns and rocket launchers on them SIMPLY DON’T WORK.

    Dear God, please don’t take internal combustion engines away from this world, for it would be hell without them.

  7. Ham Solo says:

    Reminds me of NICE 2. I like.

  8. Navagon says:

    Normally games like this are strictly second rate, but I see some promise in this one.

  9. MordeaniisChaos says:

    I thought this was being made by GamePies. I am disappointed.
    This looks like a well made but fairly generic car combat racin game.

  10. liquidsoap89 says:

    Was that actually in game footage? Some of those bits looks really nice!

  11. LuNatic says:

    This looks both terrible and amazing at the same time. Think I’ll keep an eye on this, and wait for a post-release verdict.

  12. zagor says:

    croatian game FTW

  13. Shadowcat says:

    The customisation garage baffled me because as the camera rotated around the car I had to chase the music from one speaker to the next. Most discombobulating.

    That was weird, but not half so weird as the chicken mechanic.

  14. Shouldbeworking says:

    Where is the nostalgia for death rally in this thread? I loved that game. Incidentally you can officially download it for free for win 7 (and others) here

    link to remedygames.com

    Edit: fixed link

    • Shadowcat says:

      Yeah, Death Rally was absolutely awesome. I’ve never installed it without getting addicted and playing through to the end.

  15. wodin says:

    I’d have preferred a in car view, with say a head up display similar to a jet fighter that is all in helmet.