Guns Of Icarus Takes To The Clouds

No, not The Cloud as in the internet, but actual clouds. Actual imaginary game clouds. Although it’s also an online game, so I suppose both interpretations are true. Guns Of Icarus is a massively multiplayer game of airships, you see, and the footage below is straight from Muse Games’ beta testing moments, complete with the player voice-comms captured for illustrative hooting. In it the airships batter each other with big steampunky guns, and watching them come crashing out of the sky is a joyous thing. The game is currently in closed beta, and you can sign up over on the website.


  1. Beef says:

    That’s two balloon-fighting games currently in beta. Fuck yeah!

  2. oceanclub says:

    Is that perhaps one too many? So far I’m disappointed there aren’t more playing Air Buccaneers HD. The few times I’ve jumped into a game, the most populated server had 4-6 people.


  3. mickygor says:

    I was in the second beta weekend – it’s an incredibly fun game! Very glad I backed it.

  4. MythArcana says:

    Holy leaping cows! Now we have another contender for our daily balloon fighter column!

  5. Mr. Floppyknickers says:

    All this messing about with derigibiles! Do it proper, let’s get a crimson skies sequel made damit! Prop planes of exotic design, Zeppelins armed to the teeth, a delightful romanticized 1940’s style backdrop with thrilling heroics and piracy!

  6. westyfield says:

    Oh wow, the scenery really is quite something. The rusting battleships and torn-up hulls make for some mighty fine post-apocalypse eye-candy.

  7. savagerose says:

    There’s something attractive and epic about controlling a large vessel from the perspective (and controls) of a crewmember rather than from a third-person you-are-the-ship perspective.

    Have some nice memories of a MUD (think it was acronymed SC?) that did that for spaceships; it just felt more real than flying a spaceship in something like EVE, where little details like locking your spaceship door get lost in the bigger picture.

    So color me curious about these immersive airship games!

  8. JBantha says:

    Tell Nathan Zachary send you!