Carmandgeddem: Stainless Talk Kickstarter At Rezzed

Remember, remember the 6th of Julember. For that is the date that the two-day Rezzed game show, orchestrated by Eurogamer with lots of help from the nerds at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, kicks off in my current home town of Brighton, UK. It’s also my girlfriend’s birthday, which means I won’t be at the show until Saturday July 7th. And that I will very sadly miss the most recently-announced session, Stainless Games talking about how they’re bringing back Carmageddon with the forthcoming Reincarnation, and how/why they’re using Kickstarter to do it. A public chat about crowdsourced game funding only makes sense in these rapid-fire Kickstarted times.

Production director Ben Gunstone will take the mic, in just one of many fascinating and very much PC-centric events planned. Already confirmed: the Creative Assembly (Total War) and the Indie Stone (Project Zomboid). More will be revealed very soon! And I don’t use that exclamation mark lightly, I can assure you.

Tickets are on sale now (£12 for one day, £20 for both), and have a read of our last story about Rezzed for more on what’s planned for the show.

Carmageddon Reincarnation currently sits at just shy $300,000 of its desired $400,000, with 16 days left to go before funding closes. Might well come down to a photo finish, that one.


  1. Surlywombat says:

    The link to “on sale now” is a bit wonky.

  2. Orija says:

    Indie Stone, eh? You guys better double-check your insurance and have an ambulance on stand-by at the venue

  3. portchd says:

    sweet, this starts on my birthday!!!

  4. Llewyn says:

    I notice “my current home town” but “my girlfriend”. Most prudent.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    When you described it as a ‘game show’, for a second I thought that it really was a game show.

    I’m slightly disappointed now.

  6. Dave Mongoose says:

    I’m also going to be there on Saturday, and also missing Friday because of my girlfriend!

    In my case it’s because she’s landing at Heathrow airport, however… lol :P.

  7. mentor07825 says:

    I’m hoping I can make it. Honestly.

  8. princec says:

    I’m going too. Cliffski’s giving me a lift. Might get to show off Ultratron 3.0 while I’m there if anyone can find a spare PC and a 360 controller.

    Cas :)

  9. Crimsoneer says:

    I’m so there! Trying to get a press pass, but if that doesn’t work out I’ll just pay like a dirty pleb.

  10. Maldomel says:

    Shit, I wanted to go since it’s not that far from Normandie where I live, but I’m afraid the current state of my bank account is denying me that.