The Other End Is Nigh – Mass Effect 3 Actors Return

Freddie Prinze Jr will bring in his second paycheque of the last ten years, then

This may well be an example of the dread medium known as UnNews, but I post it purely because it at least allays fears that the forthcoming extended cut of Mass Effect 3, which fleshes out the game’s notoriously damp-squibby ending, will simply be a montage of still images with captions like ‘Garrus Vakarion retired to found the first inter-planetary branch of Gregg’s Pasties’ and ‘Tali discovered her mask had a hole in it all along and she had only 2.8 seconds left to live. She spent them playing Minesweeper.’

Instead, it transpires that many of Mass Effect’s voice cast have returned to the studio to record new lines of dialogue. One of these is Lance ‘Bishop’ Hendriksen, who offered perhaps the most succint yet accurate encapsulation of just why the internet lost its rag a couple of months ago.

They were saying there’s a little bit of a problem with the abruptness of the ending,” he told G4TV. “…And it was just an oversight.” Truth, brother, simple honest truth. You can see him hinting at what’s been involved in the new recording below, together with NON-EXCLUSIVE UNNEWS that two more ME3 actors are known to have revisited Bioware’s mics.

Here’s a disturbingly aged Lance talking to G4TV on the reason for his recording new lines. Extract what hints you will from it:

Also confirmed as returning to the studio are Tricia ‘the skinny one with the never-again-mentioned glowing spine in Battlestar Galactica’ Helfer, who played EDI, and Kaidan actor Raphael ‘you sure picked the short straw, buddy’ Sbarge. Sbarge is a funny name, isn’t it?

No doubt there will be more, given the sheer number of crew members and arguably unresolved story threads in the Mass Effect trilogy. I must admit that, after initially thinking ‘well, that was a bit naff’ and having a few too many super-earnest pub conversations regarding ME3’s original ending, this far down the line I can barely remember what happened, let alone coax myself onto tenterhooks to find out what happened to that guy and that lady and that dude from Robot Chicken in several more months’ time. I am incredibly fickle, though. Why, just this morning I made myself a cup of tea than thought ‘I wish I’d made coffee instead.’ I’m kerrayzeee, me.


  1. Eukatheude says:

    Is that Judge Dredd on the left?

  2. Skeletor68 says:

    For the sake of the internet I hope the new ending is good…

    • caddyB says:

      Any ending that doesn’t end with a massive orgy is bad at this point.

      • ineffablebob says:

        “Any ending that doesn’t end with a massive orgy is bad at this point.”
        What do you mean, “at this point”? That was always the preferred ending!

    • TormDK says:

      They are not making a new ending. Bioware already said that.

      They are going to explain things a bit more though, but the ending stands.

      • pilouuuu says:

        But by expanding they could say the ending was all a dream, thus creating the real ending as a new and definitive ending.

        • Brun says:

          But that would basically be an admission of failure, and we know BioWare won’t do that. After all, BioWare doesn’t make mistakes – it makes ART.

          • Manco says:

            Calling it art just makes it bad art.
            Honestly I can understand their intended argument, I just come to a different conclusion. Instead of just being unhappy with the plotline of a blockbuster franchise while still having enjoyed the gameplay ( meaning I in some way have gotten my money out of it) , I can now say it’s the work of a few hacks who’ve done a disservice to all of gaming’s aspirations in the cultural sphere and have now been unmasked as talentless frauds thriving on a borrowed reputation more than quality.
            Ultimately making them a Salieri rather than a Mozart ( film versions of the two, the real Salieri actually was pretty damn good)

          • aystiauw says:

            Which although everyone raged over FF 13-2 possibly doing this (can’t say why it might not be that without spoiling things) i still have a feeling when a western developer does this hte internet is a bit more forgiving :

        • Marik Bentusi says:

          If they say they don’t change the *ending*, then I assume by *ending* they indeed mean *ending* and not “DLC gateway”. BioWare wouldn’t be so defensive about this issue if it this ending was just a fake. And as MrBTongue over at YouTube stated, even “loljk it was just a dream xD” has problems of its own.

    • povu says:

      Whatever they do, it probably won’t be enough. I think they could’ve gotten pretty far by simply not having the relays blow up and not crash landing the Normandy, but I doubt they’re actually going to change anything. It’s probably just extra stuff after the end.

  3. StranaMente says:

    I think they will have at least to rewrite the “and all the relays exploded” part if they want to salvage something.
    EDIT: mandatory Angry Joe top ten: video

    • FluffDaSheep says:

      The relays going ker-pow is the one thing that absolutely killed it for me, so yes, I agree.

      • JarinArenos says:

        What, the magical starchild asspull didn’t kill it for you?

        • StranaMente says:

          Well, everything did (see the Angry Joe video I posted in the edit and the longer and somewhat nitpicky Bookends of destruction series by Smudboy, still going)
          But, assuming that all the relays exploded, it means that all the systems they were in exploded too (as happened in The arrival dlc).
          If this is true it means that life in the galaxy is almost exitinct (starchild or not) and the few survivors are stranded and isolated.
          So reguardless of the idiotic starchild, there could be nothing after the explosion of all the relays, and no matter what, there could be no “and this guy/girl got back to his planet and did this” because there is no planet, no way of going back, and probably the guy/girl also died in one of the many relays explosions.

          • Archonsod says:

            Thing is the Normandy was travelling via the relays at the time, and was quite obviously not destroyed. So either the relays popping wasn’t that powerful, or the Normandy takes more power to wipe out than solar systems. In which case you’d think the series would have ended a lot earlier when the Reapers became roadkill.

          • Manco says:

            ME2 DLC’s explosion was an unforeseen one – from the Reapers’ POV – caused by a massive impact, ME3’s explosions were a planned and controlled scuttling. Not the same thing.

            Not that it excuses any of their many other faults.

          • jiasdft says:

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      • Keneb says:

        From what the guy at PAX East (or West, or whatever) said, the Relays going boom was meant to a positive symbolism of the races progressing with fast space travel on their own terms, rather than in the lines that the Reapers had defined for them. Oh, and that because the Relays spooge most of their energy passing on the signal, they don’t have the potential energy stored to do ‘The Arrival’ style system wipe.

        The major changes will, I suspect, simply be to put a far more positive spin on things. One detail I recall was that the huge ezo cores in the Reapers were reusable.

        So yeah, it’ll all be “Oh, and this happens, so all the Turians and Quarians totally do not die from lack of dextro-acid food sources etc. etc.”

        • pilouuuu says:

          I also felt that at no point was their intention to say that the relays exploding meant the destruction of many planets. It’s just that they stopped functioning and thus, different civilizations would have to rely just on normal space travel.

          I think that’s the problem with the ending. It’s too ambiguous. Why did Joker flee? What’s that planet where they were stranded? That and the fact that you don’t get to meet your companions after the final battle. Just expanding on explanations for those things would make the ending much, much better.

          • Apolloin says:

            Exploding the relays ‘just’ disrupted the galactic trade network? Take a look at the fate of the Polynesian island empires for what happens when you suddenly can’t trade between islands when your economies are kinda independent.

        • JamesPatton says:

          Spoilers ahead for the whole comment!

          I agree. The ending was full of logic errors (why is everyone back on the Normandy now?) and ambiguous events (what does Garrus eat on that planet? What is the actual result of the exploding relays? What happens to earth, filled with far too many species to support them all?) It’d also be good if they could explain why synthetic life (EDI, the Geth) seems peaceful and yet it will apparently always wipe out organic life. That’s definitely the biggest problem I have with it, because if that doesn’t work then the whole point of the ending is nonsense.

          If they just cleared those up, it would be a far better ending.

          Though I will say that I actually *liked* the ending. It had major problems but it was thought-provoking. I just wish they’d delivered it better.

        • JaccoW says:

          I never quite got everyone’s argument that the Quarians and Turians will die. I mean the Quarans have converted all theri ships into battleships in ME3 and you see their food production ships jump into the Sol system.
          Enough food production for those left on earth I think.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Yeah, Garrus Vakarion is going to have trouble opening the first inter-planetary branch of Gregg’s Pasties if all interstellar travel has been rendered impossible. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how they explain/rewrite the inferred holocaust of millions of aliens, some of whom cant eat earth food, being trapped on an Earth that has pretty much been destroyed.

      Although I’m kind of on the ‘past caring’ boat now, ea/bioware screwed the pooch and I’ll be cautious about buying similar games from them from now on. They will pretty much have to rewrite the entire ending from scratch (which they’ve said they won’t) for me to be bothered playing through the trilogy again or buying ME3 DLC.

      • Dreforian says:

        Not really the end of ~all~ interstellar travel but certainly the end of mass relay based galactic civilization (i.e. no cluster to cluster trade, extranet). I’m fairly sure there’s interstellar travel in the Mass Effect universe without the use of the mass relays. Relays help you jump from one area of the galaxy to another while ships use their own FTL drives to travel “locally”. In ME2 and ME3 you have to fly to gates to change clusters but you use fuel of some type to travel in between solar systems.

        Just nitpicking; I fully agree that the ending at the very least is grossly underexplained.
        Also, now I want pastries.

    • SanguineAngel says:

      I didn’t mind all the mass relays exploding so much as the fact that they had already heavily established that this would mean the destruction of each system.

      In fairness, I don’t think it’s explicitly stated that they don’t – but it does give that impression.

    • Dlarit says:

      I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite post on this thread

  4. MiniMatt says:

    My favourite pasty shop on the citadel.

  5. Iliya Moroumetz says:

    Ya know, at first, I was initially optimistic about the ‘extended cut’. But upon retrospection, I then realized that they could hit it out of the park with the ending, and they still would not be able to regain the lost trust from the fans. A lot of people who would normally buy a BW product at the drop of a hat would not anymore, no matter how good it would be.

    Sorry, Bioware. You used to be cool, man. But you lost it somewhere when you defended that piece of dog turd ending by citing ‘artistic integrity’ and started to insult people that hated it on valid grounds because we didn’t ‘get it’.

    As for the ending, attempting to ‘clarify’ it breaks a vital rule of storytelling: If you need to explain yourself, you’re doing it wrong.

  6. Noburu says:

    “…And it was just an oversight.”

    What a pathetic liar.

    • oldmanbob says:

      He’s just an actor, he’s had as much say over what Bioware has done as any of the fans do. He’s saying something that sounds good to appease people who are watching.

    • mpk says:

      I think it’s quite clear that while Lance is aware of games in general, he’s not really aware of what Mass Effect really is.

    • Lord of the Fungi says:

      I don’t think he is a liar, he just tells us what BW told him. I doubt he had that much time to play games, and actors are hired to do voice acting, not actual game design, so how can he know what devs really did?

  7. jealouspirate says:

    I was really disappointed with the ME3 ending, but I’ve moved on. The book has closed. I really have no interest at this point in their new “better” version and doubt I’ll even bother to watch it. I’m not bitter or anything, my attention has just moved on to other things.

    • pilouuuu says:

      You don’t move on about bad endings! You complain. This is the internet!!!

    • Grygus says:

      Yeah. Entire series uninstalled, never to be revisited. BioWare can do whatever they like with Mass Effect, but I’m out. You can pull the rug out from under me one time; hope it was worth it!

      • Leosaurus says:

        That is simply childish and sad. I played Mass Effect from the beginning, from the day the first one came out. I collected DLC like a madman and pre-order bonuses on 2 and 3 both. I love this series, and I was terribly disappointed by the ending, but I wouldn’t deprive myself of the fun of the series nor of any product of the universe. Every time I see someone say “I’m done with BioWare”, I think of all the great BW games I’ve played over the years and honestly just pity their hyperbolic knee-jerk.

        • Grygus says:

          You are quite presumptuous. I do agree that the situation is sad; this is not where I thought I would be after completing Baldur’s Gate II, or even Mass Effect 2, or even an hour from the end of Mass Effect 3. Yet, here we are.

          The problem is not a lack of investment, as you imply; I also have played Mass Effect from the beginning; I remember when the free DLC for the first game was released, and I had a saved game to take into it. I have taken one Paragon and one Renegade all the way through both of the first two games, as well as various alts that didn’t make it all the way for whatever reason. Nowhere in my post is a single bad word said about either of the first two games, or even the bulk of Mass Effect 3, but I can’t enjoy a story when I know the ending is garbage. All the activity seems pointless when I know that a literal deus ex machina will show up in the end to make it all utterly irrelevant. How disliking that is “childish,” is a mystery to me; perhaps you believe that adults only like bad writing, or that adults do not care how their stories end? I can assure you that neither of these are true.

          I also never said I was done with BioWare; I clearly stated that it was Mass Effect I was abandoning, without ever even mentioning another game. Now that you bring it up though, Dragon Age 2 was another potentially excellent game ruined by design decisions that increased tedium and featuring another disastrously poorly written ending. So Dragon Age 3 has some misgivings to overcome, and if it is not excellent, then I may well abandon BioWare altogether, since I’ve already left The Old Republic and that would leave them with only one franchise I care about, my favorite iteration of which done by another studio.

          Look, I buy games and if they are good then we had a nice transaction. If they are bad, we did not. Developers owe me nothing except what I pay for, and likewise I owe them no allegiance; if they do not keep providing me with good transactions there is no reason I should continue to fund them. I do not believe that any of these stances are at all controversial, and I think your reaction of insulting someone else’s opinion because it differs from your own is more childish than anything I’ve said.

  8. pipman3000 says:

    new ending spoilers:

    All the bad guys went back to school and became honor roll students

  9. Jimbo says:

    They need to one-up the original ending by having Neil Armstrong in it.

    • westyfield says:

      I’ll remain unimpressed until they get a new ending narrated by Alan Shepard.

  10. Luke says:

    As much as I’d like to see a bit of exposition telling me what whoever was still left alive after the ending was up to, I’d be happy enough if they just re-edited the final sequence of events.

    As soon as that “the Crucible doesn’t appear to be doing anything” message is broadcast, Shepard should crawl over to the console, flail ineffectually at it for a bit before collapsing, and everything should cut to the one logical end-cinematic right there and then.

    Or nothing should happen and the reapers win.

    Cut out all that nonsense up-top. Ghosts and all. It’s a machine even the best scientists in the universe couldn’t figure out. Do I ‘really’ need ‘it’ to explain to me how it works? Reapers go boom. Or not.

  11. Wisq says:

    Hint extracted:

    Lance seems to be talking in the video about the scene when the player “loses” the game. Which means either he’s talking about something completely different, or else he’s just confused / been misinformed.

    Or maybe winning is losing now?

  12. Author X says:

    Why is Kaidan’s voice coming back? He’s been dead for two and a half games now.

    • StranaMente says:

      Don’t know what you’re talking about. I only know that my ship has lost its most racist and pooface member during an explosion… :-P

      • David Shute says:

        Haha, this.

        Ahsley shooting Wrex in the back for absolutely no reason was the only point in all three games where I felt the need to reload a previous save to try a different dialogue choice. She was doomed from that point on.

        “Oh no! Ashley’s about to be killed by a nuclear bomb! You can abandon her to fiery death, or alternatively you can…”



    • kyrieee says:

      Better to let him live…

      so he can die by your hand

  13. rocketman71 says:

    Oh, I remember what happened. Bioware kicked us in the balls.

    A fucking oversight my ass. That was a rushed ending, and a bad one at that. They were probably too busy trying to sell on-disc DLC as Day One because it was their only option to fed the dev team, and trying to justify how the character in it and all the things he says in many missions, the Thessia one in particular, were not that important. Yeah, it only gives much needed clarity to a lot of things in the trilogy, who would want that?.

    It amazes me that Casey Hudson’s lazy pompous ass wasn’t let go after the ending fuckup. That in itself shows how little Bioware cares about quality anymore. And a big chunk of Mass Effect 3 wasn’t exactly up to quality.

  14. pilouuuu says:

    They can expand the ending and show that in fact all characters have been dead since that explosion from the first reaper attack during the beginning of Mass Effect 3. Then after the final battle which is really just the limbo, all characters meet again in a church which includes religions from all planets and go together to the after life, but just before that Shepard speaks and is interrupted midsentence. The End!

  15. Hug_dealer says:

    I have my doubts they can do anything to salvage this title.

    It has never been a fantastic story, always been full of plotholes, but the ending destroyed what little shred of dignity that had survived the Mass effect trilogy in terms of mature well written storyline.

    All i know is I’m done with Bioware games.

    Seriously. Any time i see something mass effect related in any way. My only reaction is uggggg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the worst ending to a game ever written, and a crime against all RPGs ever made. I regret thinking prior to ME3. Well the story cant get any worse that a Human Reaper………..Just goes to show Bioware took it as a challenge.

  16. woodsey says:

    I really hope they run with the Indoctrination Theory. Even if they didn’t intend it (which, honestly, I think they did), they’ve got themselves a half-decent escape route of saying they wrote a sequence which was pretty clever, but entirely inappropriate for an actual ending.

    Then they can just offer an extension/explanation – I do not want to see a complete rewrite, and neither should anyone else, even if they do think it’s complete shit.

    • Hug_dealer says:

      I would welcome it. The ending is literally that bad. Even then, i dont think they can salvage it, if they wrote it that bad to start with, i have my doubts they can improve it.

      You can’t talk about artistic or well any kind of integrity at all when you release an ending to a extremely profitable and loved series that is as low budget and filled with outright lies like this one.

      They promised a game that took our actions into account over all 3 games. we didnt get that at all. No matter who lives and who dies, we get another Generic NPC to take their place and say the same things, and do the same things. And regardless of that, All 3 endings are the same.

    • pilouuuu says:

      I think the Indoctrination Theory is great! It shows that fans can create a much better ending than Bioware, which is kind of sad actually. I used to think that BW were brilliant storytellers, but not so much anymore…

      I hope they include the IT in some form. Really, the fans did all the job for them. Take it, Bioware! They should expand more on the ending to deliver some proper closure too, of course.

      • Torgen says:

        Then someone would sue them for using their ideas without compensation, and other someones would sue that someone in addition to suing Bioware, the lawyers get fat, lives are ruined, and it causes more real-life problems that it ever would have solved.

        Money = corruption, and anyone passionate enough to go write an alternate fiction will want attribution and money. The fact it was an ad-hoc group creation means ownership could never be straightened out.

        • woodsey says:

          The Indoctrination Theory exists because there’s evidence there to support it. No one’s going to sue them for stealing an idea they thought BioWare had all along.

    • Milky1985 says:

      I want to think the the indocrination ending (and the fact that it was planned all along) is the correct one because it would make a good ending out of a bad one. They already say in the screen that you can further the legend through DLC so he must surrive somehow.

      The flipside of this however is basically them saying “well yeah its not actually finished, we wanted to get one last bit of blodd ouot of hte stone so heres one more bit of dlc after the games over, btw this is the proper ending”.

      Which although everyone raged over FF 13-2 possibly doing this (can’t say why it might not be that without spoiling things) i still have a feeling when a western developer does this hte internet is a bit more forgiving :/

      • woodsey says:

        Yeah, there’s always that.

        The way I look at it, you can think that otherwise competent writers lost their minds for the last 10 minutes, or you can step back, consider what’s there, and think that there’s more than what exists at face value going on. Like I said, that still means they created an inappropriate ending, but at least not one that was an incoherent mess.

        Oh, and the big black tentacles, screen distortion, and Reaper sounds that you see/hear in the final conversation (when there’s no Reapers about) is something of a clue too. So, there’s that.

  17. 0over0 says:

    Alec, you are funny–had I been drinking coffee–or anything else–I’d have spit it out at least twice. Thanks for my daily laugh–now I can be grim and serious the rest of the day.

  18. Hendar23 says:

    Ooh I could murder a Greggs Pasty. Pity I’m in Canada. A Timmys doughnut just isn’t the same…

  19. Wang Tang says:

    Okay, since I was pretty late to play the game I’ll say it now:
    I thought the ending was not only _not bad_, I thought it was _good_. Not outstanding or exceptionally good, but plain ol’ “good” good.

    But I also liked the ending to the Matrix 3, so there (yes, Matrix would have better stayed a unilogy than a trilogy, but that’s hypothtical).

    The only thing that struck me as odd is the already mentioned non-explosion of … everything … following the collapse of the ME-Portals.

    Edit: Did a quick read-up on the Indoctrination Theory. If I understand it correctly, it boils down to something “dream-like”? Well, THAT is an ending I would hate. I hope BW do not even spend one thought to this idea :S

    • Apples says:

      Indoctrination Theory isn’t a “IT WAS ALL A DREAM” theory; it’s an attempt to reconcile the nonsensical end choices with the themes of the games and Shepard’s personality and values. The question it’s trying to address is “Why do the paragon and neutral choices (identified by colour and position) actually correspond to the two villains of the piece and serve the Reapers more than the galaxy?” That is, Control is exactly what TIM wanted to do, and Synthesis is what Saren wanted to do. Destroy is what Shepard had been working for, but it is lit red and is on the right, conceptualising it to the player as a Renegade, ‘evil’ action. But Control and Synthesis, for reasons I’m sure other people will willingly blather about, are things Shepard would never choose, and that the game has been trying to tell you are wrong up until the last 5 minutes.

      So the idea is that the Reapers have been indoctrinating you into trying to make you take the C or S choice, which lets the Reapers/Starchild basically win (organic life is essentially eradicated with S – and remember that the Reapers were already turning organic lifeforms into more Reapers, so this is just an extension of it – and in C the Reapers still exist and it’s not clear to what actual extent Shep controls them, if at all).

      It’s a nice out for Bioware to have taken if they realised the ending was actually poor, as it would have allowed them to easily rewrite the whole thing. If you watch the popular video about it, a lot of the things it shows do tie up amusingly well with the ingame lore about indoctrination. But Bioware won’t use it of course!

      • Wang Tang says:

        I do not agree with you on some major points here:

        If you only rate the endings by colour and position, then sure, one could be confused. But of course you should rate the endings by what they would entail.

        The execution of the endings (i.e. mostly the same cutscenes in different colours) were lazy, no debate here. But what they actually _meant_, behind the colours, well, I thought that was a good array of consequences.

        Control corresponds to what TIM wants, okay. But the neutral (we can’t even call it like that) – the Synthesis ending can actually be considered the “good” (i.e. paragon) ending (YMMV), and has nothing to do with what Saren wanted. Saren (read: the Reapers) wanted to destroy civilised life in the galaxy to start another circle, which is what their mission was.
        Their means of “Synthesis” is in no way related to the “true” Synthesis as explained by Starchild and made possible for you to achieve.

        So I strongly refute the claim that “organic life is essentially eradicated with S – and remember that the Reapers were already turning organic lifeforms into more Reapers, so this is just an extension of it”.

        • John Connor says:

          “Saren (read: the Reapers) wanted to destroy civilised life in the galaxy to start another circle”


          Saren wanted to JOIN with the Reapers, believing it was the only way to save organic life (worked out great for the Protheans!) That’s what Synthesis is. In his own words:

          “My way is the only way any of us will survive. I’m forging an alliance between us and the Reapers, between organics and machines, and in doing so, I will save more lives than have ever existed.”

          That doesn’t sound like destroying organics forever to me.

  20. wodin says:

    Is anybody really that bothered to go all through the game again just o see the new ending?

    • Apolloin says:

      I’m not sure I’d play it through again, but I might actually start playing it and get my readiness score back up to 90% or so if I thought there might be a decent ending waiting for me. As it is, I rescued the Turian and cannot be bothered to go back to the game.

    • John Connor says:

      Maybe if I heard it was a significant improvement. I don’t really feel up to being kicked in the balls again.

  21. Ginger Yellow says:

    Tricia ‘the skinny one with the never-again-mentioned glowing spine in Battlestar Galactica’ Helfer,

    Sharon Valerii had a glowing spine too.

  22. Zenicetus says:

    This isn’t going to work. It just isn’t.

    I think the only thing that would satisfy the Internet hordes would be if they re-wrote the ending in a way that completely eliminated the “WTF is up with this Starchild?” factor from the story. And I can’t see them doing that. It would be too big an admission that the ending sucked in a very basic way, by pulling in a completely new character with no foreshadowing, and then a 3-button choice with dumb consequences. How do you fix that? You re-write the whole thing, but they won’t do it.

    Instead, we’ll get the same ending, but with more details. Which nobody will care about. It will be even worse, if they make you play through the last combat sequences to see the new ending, instead of just loading it as a standalone epilogue. I don’t want to go through any of that again unless I decide to play the whole game a second time, and that’s probably a year or two away, if ever.

    • Apolloin says:

      All it really needs is a Renegade/Paragon interrupt where you punch the Starchild in the face and then a short cutscene of Sheppard ‘explaining’ a fourth choice to the po-faced little deus-ex-machina.

      “No. Get your Reapers and get the hell out of my galaxy. No warnings.”

      • Zenicetus says:

        Yes, now we’re talkin’ about something I would gladly replay the game to see..

  23. Jackablade says:

    We all know that this should, nay MUST be how they resolve this narrative sac that they’ve written themselves into:

  24. mpk says:

    I could honestly lived the rest of my life quite happily if Bioware had decided not to do this. As disappointed as I was with the incredible let down of ME3’s ending, if they’d said that they were happy with it and that was the way it was going to be, forevermore, then, well, I’d just have gotten on with things.

    It would have forever tainted the experience of the three games for me, and I’d be less likely to trust a Bioware game with an emotional attachment again, but, y’know. I’d have gotten over it.

    I’m never going to play the trilogy again anyway. Shepherd – my Shepherd – died on the Citadel, and to try and tell that tale with another face, or even another gender would feel like a betrayal.

    That said, I will boot up ME3 one last time once this is released. I’m not expecting anything sweet enough to take away the bitter taste the original ending left but… we’ll see.

  25. TsunamiWombat says:

    Oh this shit again.

    I went through my stages of rage/grief. I’ll take a look when this comes out, but I refuse to care. They fucked this so hard in so many ways.

  26. Hensler says:

    Is that Shepard next to Vega? If so… what armor? I didn’t have anything that looked that cool in my game, and my Sheppard was an armor shop-a-holic.

  27. Jason Moyer says:

    I thought the post-ending was abrupt but the ending itself was otherwise fine. I dunno what people are on about when they talk about not being able to talk to your friends after the last battle, when they stuck an entire level that’s nothing but walking around and resolving your relationships right before the ending. The big disappointment for me was having the hundreds of variables the game tracks through a playthrough of all 3 games boil down to “pick a color for your ending”. There’s no variation, nothing to give the ending a personalized feel. That’s the problem to me.

    My only complaint about the star-child stuff is that it’s pulled from the great book of classic science fiction cliches. Still, it’s better than any of the fanfic rewrites I’ve seen.

  28. Yglorba says:

    I don’t get why people are so upset about the Mass Effect 3 ending! I haven’t read the full details on it, but I glanced over a quick summary, and it seems straightforward.

    You go to this big final temple-place, you encounter the ultimate Big Bad in the form of a little kid, he gives you the trite speech about his insane ideology and gives you a “we can rule together” choice that leads to a non-standard game over if you accept… then you fight him and save the galaxy, right?

    • Hug_dealer says:

      nope. not at all.

      First of all there is no fight. 2nd none of the choices you have made in any of the 3 games matter or make a difference. 3rd the person you meet at the end of the game was never ever even hinted at in the first place. It just appears. 4th his appearance makes no sense, if he controls the citadel, then why did a reaper have to show up in the first game to open the gate.

      Basically the game is entirely filled with plotholes, retcons, and general nonsense that completely washes away any credibility the game once had.

      • TormDK says:

        Well, your choices do matter since you can only get the destroy ending with enough War Assets, which you can only get by playing the game and making choices that determine the assets value.

        • Hug_dealer says:

          Sweet jesus. No your choices do not matter.

          whether you choose kaiden or ashley. Doesnt matter the same things happen. Whether you save or shoot wrex, the same thing happens, whether you save or kill ther rachni queen, the same thing happens, whether you save or destroy the human reaper, the same things. If doesnt matter if anyone dies in ME2 because someone else who is basically the exact same person, with the same lines takes their place.

          The fact that the only actions that matter are war assets, and even then all 3 endings are the same.

          Now compare that to the witcher 2. That game is completely filled with events that change the course of the story and actually have a huge impacts throughout the story and even cause entire portions of the game to be entirely different. You dont learn everything about the story in a single playthrough either, you miss entire bits and have to play out a 2nd time and learn more, and then you start connecting all the dots from the first playthrough, and it works out gloriously.

          ME3 basically takes everything you did in ME1,2, and 3 and says Whatever, take 1 of these 3 generic endings that have nothing to do with anything you did in the game.

          one of the worst parts the entire series is the reapers, they could have done so much with them. Only to have them become nothing but puppets to the real bad guy who you have no idea exists until the last 30 seconds of the game, and then you dont even have to best him. The greatest part is the fact that he has been on the citadel since ME1. Why not have an indoctrination device on the citadel. Yep everyone who visits would be indoctrinated, and there would be no resistance because the heads of the entire galaxy were all indoctrinated.

          Oh and here is another kicker. The entire reason reapers are killing everyone is so that synthetics dont wipe out biological life forever. Give me a freaking break. Obviously synthetics havent taken over otherwise no biological species would be around. Its like Him saying that if he doesnt destroy advance species every 50,000 years a giant octopus will descent and devour everything everywhere. How and why did they come to that reasoning? Whats even worse is why does it matter if a synthetic race is wiping out life, or if its a biological race doing the same like the protheans, they destroyed anything that didnt do what they said.

          Hey how about how the information for the crucible survives every single cycle, and each cycle completes an additional part of it, but no one knows exactly what it does. How exactly do you finish building something that you have no idea what it does. Turns out, it simply reprograms the star child. and we needed this big thing plugged into the citadel to do that why?

          Plots holes, poor dialogue, retcons to the story, and poor overall story delivery and development turns ME3 into a meh game.

          • kud13 says:

            given that they didn’t plan to include any consequences for the future in The Witcher, I felt that TW2 did a brilliant job telling me a coherent story.

            I just want CDPRed to show us TW3, and make it obvious once and for all how choice+consequence SHOULD be handled in a game series.

      • Jason Moyer says:

        “3rd the person you meet at the end of the game was never ever even hinted at in the first place.”

        For most of the third game everyone is trying to figure out what the catalyst is. Then at the end of the game you find out.

        • mpk says:

          Which would have been fine, had “The Catalyst” not already been a plot point of ME1.

    • TormDK says:

      I suppose, but saving the galaxy in this case also destroys the mass relays, meaning that galatic civilization as it is shown in Mass Effect likely cannot continue.

      It just means that a few thousand years has to pass before galatic civilization can re-occur.

      What I think people are the most upset about is that there is no clear “good” ending, which I understand why it cannot be allowed. One does not simply walk to Galactic Peace.

      Shepard has to die, regardless of the choices made. Otherwise people will whine when ME4 is being made that they can’t continue their story. Just like people do now with their DA-Origins Warden character, alot of people can’t seem to accept that their character is destined to be an NPC.

      • Hug_dealer says:

        actually, no one gives a crap about a good ending. They want one that wasnt full of plot holes, things that were left unexplained, and an end game character that was never ever referenced or even believed to exist until the final 99.9% of the entire trilogy.

      • Yglorba says:

        I was joking!

        But the real problem I had with the ending wasn’t the good / bad thing. I don’t even object to the fact that it ignored your choices up until that point (the downside to endings like that is that it can be unfun to be locked into one ending by decisions made earlier in the game.)

        The problem was that it felt like it didn’t really tie into the parts of the game that were meaningful to most players. It was the developers suddenly strapping you to your chair so they can give a Fountainhead-style lecture on their own personal beliefs about synthetic life.

        * Planescape: Torment spoilers follow*

        Compare to, say, Plainscape: Torment, which similarly had no endings that can really be considered purely “good” (in fact, the only ending where you survive is unambiguously the absolute worst thing that can happen to you; in every other ending, you either chose absolute and total cessation of existence or literally go straight to Hell forever.)

        But it didn’t feel like it was disconnected from the rest of the game. Your decision there felt like the cumulation of your entire journey. It made sense that you’d be limited to those choices, and any of them were a satisfactory answer to the core question of the game (whether the Nameless One could change and stop fleeing the consequences of his past crimes.) If you were at that point in the game, you knew that seeking a satisfactory death was your goal, after all.

        Mass Effect 3’s ending was just out of nowhere and felt disconnected from the rest of the story.

      • Zenicetus says:

        Anyone who was expecting a “good” ending wasn’t paying attention to the constant dialogue about sacrifice for the greater good in ME3. They couldn’t have telegraphed Shepard’s death more, if they had inserted scenes of Spock at the end of Star Trek II.

        What rankles, is wasting that sacrifice of the hero we’ve been guiding through 3 game episodes in such a shitty, throwaway ending. That’s what has people storming the Bioware castle gates with torches and pitchforks. They wanted Shepard’s death to mean something sensible.

        Oh yeah, and I got that Yglorba was joking. :)

  29. Messiah Complex says:

    The Mass Effect “experience” was, for me, long stretches of tedium punctuated by a few brilliant moments. I would have remembered those moments very fondly. But the denouement was just so flaccid in the way it was presented, I lost all investment. That goes for the conclusion, and sadly, everything that happened before it.

  30. KashikoiBaka says:

    The problem with the mass relays being destroyed part and a few other theories is that if you get the best ending, which involves having maximum war assets, which means you have to save Anderson, Shepard lives. Which suggests that bioware was planning an out/dlc/expansion/me4. Still though that ending is just b movie quality.

  31. gummybearsliveonthemoon says:

    I dunno, disturbingly aged? Lance H. has always looked (and sure sounded) sort of like a weathered longshoreman. Which makes some sense, he grew up kinda rough, son of a boxer/sailor. He couldn’t even read til he was 30. And he was 40 in Terminator. Guy was born before Pearl Harbor. The fact that he’s still rocking that gravelly voice is cool.

  32. p1r473 says:

    It didn’t sound like he had a clue what the controversy was about

  33. dudeglove says:

    I’ll figuratively tear my ear drums out if I hear “Hackett out” again.

  34. Jezebeau says:

    I eventually came to the decision that Shepard did not survive the blast just before he got to the portal. BioWare insists the game was always about loss, and that’s fine; it fits. However, I’d rather be stripped of victory than have a victory stripped of meaning.

  35. Ministry says:

    I wanted to play Mass effect 3 quite a bit since i invested so much time into the other two, but I can’t support the game because you need to play multiplayer to be effective in single player. That is just wrong. That is the sort of shit that will end up causing me to only play older games if this trend continues. If I am wrong about the multiplayer, let me know.