The Weight Of The World: Gravity

Ludum Dare is the gift that keeps on giving, the jam that keeps on jamming. The latest jar full of sweet goodness to spread all over your monitor is Gravity, picked out by the observant folk over at IndieGames. A tiny island floats above lava, which is rather silly of it, and blocks slowly fall from above. If they hit the island, all life ceases to exist immediately and the final score is tallied, which is what happens when you die. A leaderboard appears. At least here the objective is clear; survive as long as possible. This is achieved by shooting the blocks and either deflecting them into the lava with your bullets, or shoving them off the island once they crash. They’re heavy, you see, and they’ll drag you down if you’re not careful. Play in your browser now.

There’s not a lot to Gravity but it’s executed splendidly. I particularly like the lamp post on the island, it makes me feel it’s a place worth protecting. I also enjoy firing bullets that are so tuneful.

My highest score is pitiful so I’m not going to share it. I always seem to end up sweeping blocks off the edge of the island and then fail to notice that one has evaded my haphazard defensive volleys.


  1. Randomer says:

    The point of making a game browser-based is to make it easily accessible to everyone. It is, therefore, immensely frustrating to me when people make browser-based games that can’t run in Linux. Stupid Unity.

    On the plus side, I guess there are fewer distractions when I’m trying to work.

    • Terragot says:

      you really aren’t missing much. It’s space invaders using primitives that have rigidbodies attached. It’s about as basic as unity gets.

      • AndrewC says:

        Anything more complex than Space Invaders ISN’T A GAME!

      • Randomer says:

        Yes, but there are plenty of other Unity games I can’t play either. The updated version of Desktop Dungeons, for example.

        • Terragot says:

          Ah well with the next major release of Unity (4.0 I beleive), they are adding Linux support.

          Not sure when it’s due though.

      • Stardog says:

        Yeah, it’s a nicely made game, but it would take 5 minutes for even a beginner to make in Unity.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      Come on, everyone knows Linux users don’t play games, pfff.

      I kid, and seems Brian Fargo and co might be doing their part to fix this.

      • Sivart13 says:

        I’ll believe it when I see more shipped games on Linux and less “for $10,000 more we’ll make it work on Linux!” kickstarter promises.

        • rustybroomhandle says:

          I meant Unity support in Linux. The Linux port is being finished by InXile.

    • Sivart13 says:

      Luckily for them, the ‘point’ of making a game in Unity isn’t just so YOU can play it.

      Flash has problems in Linux too; it’s just not a well supported OS for gaming and you should know that by now.

      • rustybroomhandle says:

        Well there you go, the problem is obviously in proprietary technology.

        • jalf says:

          Well, if I had to choose between (1) proprietary technology which does not work under Linux, but which provides an excellent game engine, and (2) proprietary technology that everyone hates, which *also* frequently doesn’t work (or is painfully slow, or which the user just refuses to install) under Linux, and which is also unavailable on other platforms, and which sucks for making games… I think I might just go with Unity too.

          Feel free to rewrite the same game in HTML/Javascript. I think it’d have affected development time quite a bit… And, of course, performance would likely have suffered.

  2. udat says:

    I got 51. Is that good?

  3. Mr. Mister says:

    When can we expect a game engine capable of running non-Euclidien spaces?
    And Hazard/Antichamber doesn’t count, as it just uses portals and that stuff.

  4. Maldomel says:

    That’s hard. Nice, but hard.

  5. Amstrad says:

    I don’t know where the difficulty is here, I didn’t lose until I got bored and let the game win.
    Just hold space to auto-fire which will effectively clear any red blocks that are falling and concentrate on sweeping the smaller ones off your island.

    If you had to actually hit space each time you wanted to fire or auto-fire was slower it’d be more of a challenge.

  6. Tacroy says:

    Really reminds me of Red, which is a much better game also.