War Used To Be So Much Fun: Tiny Troopers

Tiny Troopers, which had previously been announced as a cleverphone game, will be bringing its Cannon Fodder inspired japes to PC and Mac later in the year. From Finnish studio Kukouri, the game adds mid-mission upgrades, inventory drops and specialists to the core of its spiritual forefather, which was, in the developers’ words: “commanding little soldiers that die easily on the battlefield and get promoted if they survive. That’s it.” Sounds about right to me. Hopefully the control system will be tailored to a non-touch interface and there will be a giant graveyard to contain all the Tiny Troopers who die under my command. As there’s no trailer for Tiny Troopers yet, below you shall find Cannon Fodder’s music video.

A different time, ladies and gentlethings, a different time.


  1. J-snukk says:

    That video is how I imagine Limbo to be.

  2. Jams O'Donnell says:

    Jon Hare is a vile person! Who picks up a dead cigarette and keeps smoking it!?

  3. PJMendes says:

    I appreciate the irony of a reggae music about war (which is fun!)

    You can’t post a link to that video without sparking a discussion about Cannon Fodder. Here’s a relevant interview with the long haired guy in that video (Jon Hare)
    link to youtu.be

    Proving that rockstars and nerds aren’t mutually exclusive.

  4. ananachaphobiac says:

    If we’re going to get nostalgic about music inspired by games from 90s, how about this one?

    link to youtube.com

    I remember the voice being deeper, for some reason.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      If you did not know already, you might be quite happy to learn that they have remade the entire Valhalla series to run on a modern Windozer peecee.

      link to vulcan.co.uk

      • ananachaphobiac says:

        Wow, nice. Although I’m suspicious of the claim that they’re rerecording the dialogue. I hope not, as the bizarre, monotone, voice-acting in the original was part of the charm, if you ask me.

        Cheers though, regardless.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Phasma Felis says:

    That toy gatling looks pretty sweet, actually.

  6. Eddy9000 says:

    Lovely little character models, I’ll pick this up on my apple-toy.
    Do iPads count as PC’s? I’d love to see a weekly iPad games column on RPS…

    • Brun says:

      iPads are the antithesis of PCs. Pretty much anything Apple is, primarily because of their “walled garden” approach to everything.

    • JFS says:

      Good Lord! You do know the “OH NO” cat, don’t you?

    • edwardoka says:

      @JFS – you mean this one link to youtube.com ?

      I must concur with your sentiment. RPS + iPad = …eh, naw.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Yeah, no they’re consoles really aren’t they. I just love my iPad…

      That cat is fucking brilliant by the way.

  7. Snids says:

    This is why I got into gaming really. Killing tiny mans.

  8. Snids says:

    “Tiny Troopers” is a funny title. It’s like looking at your car on google maps then saying you drive a tiny car.

  9. sinister agent says:

    The intro music to Cannon Fodder was never that amazing. It stops being worth listening to after 20 seconds or so.

    The boot hill music, on the other hand…

  10. JackDandy says:

    Hey, I really liked Cannon Fodder. Will give this a go, thanks for bringing it up.

  11. dx0ne says:

    smaller, undeveloped version link to ludumdare.com ;)

  12. kukouri says:

    One tiny clarification, we don’t have a graveyard, but we do have a list of all your soldiers who have died and who are still alive and stats for how they did. We’re very much inspired by Cannon Fodder, but we didn’t want to directly rip too much from it either. The Graveyard is a Cannon Fodder thing, we’ll pay homage to it, but not take it directly. Our homage to that is having all the soldiers who die in a players game appear in the credits as well.
    We also started a blog yesterday to start keeping the public in the loop about development: link to blog.kukouri.com
    We’ll be releasing a lot more information about the game at E3 this year.

  13. Morcane says:

    On the topic of wargames, I would give my left nut for a iPad version of the age-old Microprose game ‘Airborne Ranger’: link to en.wikipedia.org

    • kukouri says:

      Direct port? I’m not 100%, but there should be a couple working c64 emulators out there. Maybe without even jailbreaking.