Lost Planet 3 Footage Raises Some Eyebrows

For those folks who would add themselves to a list entitled “got a kick out of the Lost Planet games”, of which I would be one, this video of the third game in the series will raise some eyebrows. Mine are raised right now. The reason for this is that while Lost Planet 1 was pretty, but a bit rubbish, it was a commendably over-the-top sci-fi action romp. Lost Planet 2 did more with co-op, and threw in some utterly absurd alien monsters and sci-fi situations for us to brawl with. Lost Planet 3 however, well, it seems to be heading away from bonkers alien-thumping action adventure, and towards survival horror and, more specifically, Dead Space. A rather cold Dead Space. Obviously the footage shown by Capcom Germany, which you can see below, is far from representative of what the full game will entail – these images certainly tell of mega-aliens – but the pace and tone here is certainly not evidence of the kind of craziness that made the first two games stand out, even if it is very pretty indeed. Go take a look. Go on!

Yes it’s in German. But if you don’t speak German try squinting with your ears, and might just be able to make out the meaning.


  1. eXtonix says:

    Why exactly should we care about Lost Planet 3 if there is no PC version in sight?

  2. Jimbo says:

    omg omg 3:45

  3. Vagrant says:

    I spent a lot of time at Quakecon one year playing the first Lost Planet (years after release). Nobody knew what it was, and it always drew a huge crowd because of it’s spectacular looks and boss fights.

    Game was crazy hard, though. I liked it but hated the health draining mechanic. Was never sold on the sequel based off the demo.

  4. bitbot says:

    Wasn’t Dead Space 3 supposed to be set on a snowy planet as well? Pretty funny if that’s the case.

    • Xerian says:

      Yes, the information thats been “revealed” (its more of a leak, really) points at the game being set on an ice-planet of sorts… So yeah, thats what I thought was reminded of whilst reading this article.

    • lurkalisk says:

      Well, fortunately (I guess?) for Lost Planet, Dead Space is easily one of the most derivative things I’ve ever laid eyes on (and does nothing better than those from which it takes). So to say this looks a bit dead space is like saying “looks to be a sci-fi horror sort”.

      • gshauger says:

        HAHAHAH…oh wait you’re serious

        • lurkalisk says:

          I take it you haven’t viewed/played too much sci-fi horror then? Everything about Dead Space has been done many times, and much better.

    • MordeaniisChaos says:

      Why is that in any way funny?

  5. Joe The Wizard says:

    Oh man, the ginger needs a haircut right away.

    • wodin says:

      I can never understand why other peoples hair bothers people so much, or clothes for that matter…live and let live I say and the world would be a better place.

      • Grim_22 says:

        I’m with you there. Why people feel the constant need to project their own image of how a person should look onto others is beyond me. Some don’t seem to realize that for every person they see that they think look like a tool, there are ten people who think the same of them. So why even bother caring?

        • RakeShark says:

          But… but… that HAIR! It’s like he’s trying to trap the soul he doesn’t have with a misplaced soggy tumor!

  6. Dominic White says:

    I always thought that the original Lost Planet was hugely underrated. It was a pure old-school Capcom arcade shooter, ticking time-limit, copious boss-battles and all, but with modern AAA production values. Lost Planet 2 was something different, but made for a very tight co-op experience.

    LP3 just looks like a mess. Unsurprising, as it’s farmed out to a studio that have never produced a good game.

    Edit: For the record, it’s by Spark Unlimited, who gave us such shovelware as Legendary and Turning Point.

    • FakeAssName says:

      I’m with ya, this looks like crap!

      while lost planet’s story was total gibberish (cut-scenes, what cut-scenes, I don’t remember any cut-scenes), the actual gameplay was fun once you got the hang of it.

      Capcom’s biggest mistake with the series was underplaying the fact that it was actually a mech game.

      LP3 looks like a non horror copy of Dead Space with poorly integrated Battlemechs and the wolverine look-a-like main character from Bulletstorm.

  7. CaspianRoach says:

    I always liked Dead Space more than Lost Planet. Maybe I’ll finally enjoy one of the games from this franchise!

  8. deadstoned says:

    Meh it’s Capcom it’ll be GFWL, buggy, a rushed sloppy port, half the game will be sold via overpriced DLC on the disc and now the games just going to be a clone of another game out there. No thanks >:(

  9. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    I found Lost Planet to be almost Metal Slug in 3D, with giant bugs mixed in for good measure. Though I still haven’t played Lost Planet 2 despite buying the game last year.

  10. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    The picture: Is that Michael Douglas?

  11. felisc says:

    meuuaahmpff, the mech fighting sequence is a qte.

  12. ThTa says:

    Why are they flaunting all those Quick Time Events?!

    Looks pretty, though. And I do like the atmosphere, provided the horror’s more subtle than Dead Space’s “Boo! Here’s a giant monstrosity that wants to eat your face! QTE it to death if it gets too close! Look at all this gore!”, it could turn out to be a great thing. (Doesn’t look like it, though. I was hopeful for the first few moments, but then all the QTEs started popping up.)

  13. OtioseNexus says:

    Urgh, QTEs and trying to mimic another game, bad design choices. Though taking inspiration from Alien would work for Lost Planet 2. I think the feel of the first film could work well with lost planets setting.

    QTEs almost never, ever sit right with me, they are arbitrary and disengaging. If you going to have a creepy crawly latch onto me let me deal with it, let me mash punch to throw it off with out the camera doing it’s own thing or throwing big ‘A’s in my face, let me roll around to shake it off, let me throw myself against a wall to crush it. Just do not take control away from me then ask me to do what you want in order not to die.

    QTE’s generally aren’t fun, don’t make then central gameplay features.

  14. LTK says:

    You know, when faced with small, skittery, annoying alien bugs I’d much rather deal with them with quick time events than with third person shooting. If my guy has a knife, let him stab it instead of allowing the thing to gnaw off my face while I reload my shotgun. For the rest, I think those QTE’s are made extra obnoxious by the hand-holding in each one of them. ‘Press RT to drill into the weak spot!’ Yeah, like that wasn’t bloody obvious by the glowy bits on it.

    Aside from that, it’s a good way to approach QTE’s: Not just giving the player a button to press, but also to give them a task to aim at a target, which at least makes you feel like you have a bit of agency over the situation. Though this is assuming that they’re going to use QTE’s in the proper way, which is in cutscenes where the player would have normally no control, or in situations where regular controls would not be able to suffice. And there is absolutely no guarantee that they’re going to use QTE’s in the proper way.

  15. BrendanJB says:

    As somebody who absolutely loved Lost Planet 1 and 2, despite some of their questionable design choices and ludicrous story line, this footage makes me quite sad.

  16. Roshin says:

    Where did this “survival horror” nonsense come from? Although abundant QTE’s and GFWL does fill me with dread.

    • Neurotic says:

      Exactly. If you can survive the horror QTEs and GFWL, then you’re clearly playing a survival horror game. :D

  17. Neurotic says:

    I got LP1 bundled with a graphics card years ago. I played about 5 minutes of it, got tangled up on a rappel line and gave up. Perhaps I should lug the disc out and try again…

  18. Xardas Kane says:

    Ha ha! I am not German, but I know German, I feel superior to y’all! Hmm, yeah, anyways, my point is, you German colleges actually liked it. I mean, they really, really liked it, which I really don’t get because, you know, it has literally nothing to do with the previous games Not to mention from this footage I get the feeling that there isn’t anything even remotely scary about LP3.

  19. echo_1 says:

    …Starring Steve Mariucci?..

  20. Felixader says:

    Can anyone tell me why i, a german citzen, feel so akward when i hear a german talk “on the internets”?