Words With Enemies: Word Realms

That's my favourite cereal.

The scarcity of good word puzzles on PC is a SCANDAL I tell you. But coming along to rescue this situation are the two fine men behind Kingdom Of Loathing. Word Realms looks like exactly the right game to exist, an RPG in which you use the magic of spelling to cast spells and magic. With a story! So, it’s a bit Bookworm Adventures, clearly, and that is only a good thing, because PopCap keep making more bloody match-3 games instead of only generating me more Bookworm Adventures, as should obviously be their singular task. Word Realms has been secretly in development for a few years, and is due to be released this October. And there’s inevitably a Kickstarter.

I’m frankly astonished that a Kickstarter from the KoL people wouldn’t instantly get its target quadrupled in the first half hour, but instead it’s modestly crept to $40k of its $100,000 goal. With 29 days to go, it seems reasonable to expect it will get there. But get where?

Originally intended as a single-player prototype for an MMO, the project has taken four years so far (developed alongside the upkeep of KoL), including eight mini-games, puzzles, cutscenes and extras, as well as an endless mode for when the multiple-ending story is over. And that project is almost done. So why the Kickstarter? Because the MMO plan is still in place. Soooo, this is slightly weirdly a fundraiser for the online version, in which the minimum pledge tier is $11, paying for the solo game. Pay more and you can get in the beta. Then they’ll take reaching their $100k as a sign that it’s worth pursuing the more elaborate version of the game, and use the funding to pay for that. And they’re making plans for what they’d do if they reached 400% funding, so clearly they’re optimistic.


  1. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    As if there weren’t enough words in video games already

  2. Jimbo says:


  3. elfbarf says:

    I think now is a good time to strap on my asshat and return to the Kingdom of Loathing.

  4. Joof says:

    I love these people. I think this will be the first thing I help Kickstart.

  5. yourgrandma says:

    Dear god… $100,000 for a half-assed flash game? Just look at that art… horrible.

    • Joof says:

      Have you seen their other game?

    • Phantoon says:

      Yeah, that’s basically terrible. Hopefully they spend the kickstarter money on art.

    • Fumarole says:

      Clearly the most important aspect of a word game.

    • starwed says:

      I’d suggest not bagging on the art style until you’ve seen the video. If you have watched it and still don’t like it, then fine! :) But give it that chance at least. (Also, just watch the damn video anyway, even if you couldn’t care one way or the other about the aesthetic.)

      • yourgrandma says:

        Wow I didn’t think the animation could be worse then the art but it actually is. No real animation at all with just animation tweens on their horribly drawn assets. $100,000 really?

  6. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    Every kickstarter should have a NUTSAQ

  7. PhantomBlade13 says:

    Check out: link to kickstarter.com Modest budget, cool game, and they’re stats have them generally more popular than most the kickstarters around their tier.

    How can you avoid Cybernetic Rocket Powered Laser Sharks ? It’s like they’re the “Ron Paul” of kickstarter right now.

    • Kiruwagaka says:

      I know right! Theres even contests going on to win a lazer shark plushie! Best part about it in my opinion is how close they are with the community so far and the modding API is going to be something like i’ve never seen in the gaming industry! realy hope Edge of Space gets funded! Anyone who wants to check them out: link to kickstarter.com
      Did you see the picture of the power system they’re working on? it’s so awesome :D They’re going to post an update on the power system today i’m guessing since they post an update every other day ^^

    • Oozo says:

      You guys do know that you sound like a slightly misguided attempt to emulate proper enthusiasm in the name of PR, don’t you? Either it might be because it is, or you have been watching even more commercials on Nickelelodeon than I have.

      (Don’t want to be rude. It’s just that I think you’d better told John about it, so he can include it in his round-up… looks like a bit of an attempt to hijack the post otherwise. )

      Or maybe it is my way to say: could we get back to talking about words? I LOVE words, and so should you. You can even make laser-sharks out of them!

      • PhantomBlade13 says:

        Was not trying to be all PRy, to be fair I just wanted to point out a project that I feel is being over looked Oozo.

        C’mon Nickelelodeon is pretty awesome.

        To talk about words for a sec:

        I think it’s a great change of pace for some of the games on kickstarters. It’s been awhile since there has had something like “The Typing of the Dead” , and I would love to see something like this get more adopted in educational settings. I think they are doing great, and hope they do well.

  8. Solutha says:


  9. volcano_fl says:

    “Bookworm Adventures” anyone? That was a perfect game. This one, however … hmmmm. I must admit that I don’t like the graphics either.

  10. DataVortex says:

    You can now purchase Word Realms for $11 at link to wordrealms.com