Around The World In 80 Deaths: Round World

Silly monkey! Hats are for people! Just like souls.

I’m really beginning to dig this emerging rapid fire point-and-click adventure mini-genre. McPixel and Balloon both managed to delight in  unique ways, and now Round World‘s blazing its own stylish trail with a mix of relaxing simplicity and hilariously abrupt insta-death. Your adorable avian avatar instantly restarts right at the scene of its own death, however, so frustration’s more or less a non-factor. So basically, Round World’s an incredibly brief bout of click-everything-to-make-things-happen silliness, but there are plenty of chuckles to be had for the duration. Also, you get to wallop a shark with a giant hammer. Somewhat regrettably, however, it’s not a hammerhead shark, so no poetically apt battles between man and nature. Then again, you’re a bird, so I guess it’d be nature vs nature. But with hammers. Thanks, Free Indie Games.


  1. LTK says:

    Dropping a huge rock on the little bird reminded me of Limbo.

  2. Gnoupi says:

    It’s cute, but the fact that you have to click on the elements in order, even when order doesn’t seem like it would matter, it a bit frustrating.