Funcom Illuminatis Slight Secret World Delay

Did John’s latest glimpse into The Secret World entice you? Did it make you (skeptically) ponder the possibilities of an MMO with diabolical puzzles and authentic female characters that finally offset the catastrophic damage Tera did to the balance of the universe? Well then, you might want to sit down. Ah, you’re already sitting. Well then, I give you permission to eat a cookie or something – even if you’re on a diet. But just one, because honestly, this isn’t that big of a deal. The Secret World, you see, has been delayed. By a couple weeks. And you’re getting more beta weekends. Actually, you know what? Give me back that cookie.

Funcom explained the brief blip on Secret World’s launch radar in a blog post:

“Funcom today announced that the company has made a small adjustment to the release date for The Secret World. Due to market reasons, the ship date has been moved by two weeks to July 3rd, with Early Access starting June 29th. The new launch date places The Secret World in a more positive launch window which will benefit the launch of the game.”

Meanwhile, the Longest Journey (which I can only assume is some kind of double-length sequel to thatgamecompany’s Journey) developer also outlined two more beta weekends – one beginning June 15 and the other June 22. First up, Templar and Illuminati starting areas will open up, and players will have the chance to nonchalantly stroll through the gates of hell. The dungeon’s called “Hell Raised,” and it’ll totally rip off Diablo by being filled with demons. Gosh, the nerve.

And then, a week later, the final beta weekend will focus on PVP, including “massive warzone gameplay where over a hundred players clash together in persistent battle.” I’m not entirely sure how they manage to keep their organizations secret when their hobbies include wars of a very un-secret variety, but OK then!

So then, who’s counting down the days until July 3? I definitely plan on checking it out, if only because there are so many ambitious ideas on display here that – even if it’s a big, cringe-inducing bellyflop – at least it’ll be an interesting one. How about you, singular reader who I always refer to? (You know who you are.)


  1. Senthir says:

    Starting a sentence with, “Meanwhile, the Longest Journey” and then a parenthesis made me think there was some TLJ related announcement I hadn’t heard of and I was really excited throughout the entire parenthesis only to have my hopes of another game in the series dashed.

    That’s just cold, man. Ice cold.

    • tormeh says:


    • Contrafibularity says:

      One more joke like that and RPS will have eliminated my need for air-conditioning this summer.

      I should really learn to ignore any mention of TLJ here..

  2. Hardmood says:

    “…Due to market reasons…”

    sure. market wasnt ready at 3 of july or what?

  3. Tridae says:

    Why are the lights on that ruined car still on? Seems batteries in the Secret World never run out

    • GT3000 says:

      Bumper cars aren’t run by batteries…Any case, it’s possessed, and in the encounter they move around the arena, crushing friend and foe. Does massive damage.

      • Tridae says:

        oh yes. I failed to see it’s a bumper car, seems the possession solves that “being alive” question then.

  4. caddyB says:

    3rd of july huh? it’s my birthday, and I’ll check this out on beta to see if it’s any good for me.

  5. povu says:

    I blame Dowd and Everett.

  6. Unrein says:

    Frankly, this game could use a delay of two more MONTHS instead of weeks judging by my BWE experience.

    • Vorphalack says:

      Funcom – We release games before it’s done!

    • Morte66 says:

      It’s just not near ready, and shouldn’t launch for months if they have a lick of sense.

    • Hardmood says:

      the only thing customers can do is comparing earlier products of companies with the new ones in terms of release-quality.
      and if u sum up EAs release policy with the quality of FCs former MAIN products (especially MMOs!), what r u capable of expecting from the releases which these companies call “gold”status?
      i dont think that anyone will nerdrage if they go on for another THREE month minimum to polish evrything.

      if funcom knows what polishing means (and i dont mean our coins haha).

    • bakagundam says:

      Apparently its worse in the closed beta too, the game needs at least two months minimum, but four or more are what is really necessary. Unfortunately this looks like yet another Funcom MMO, full of promise, short on polish.

  7. Nyst says:

    Well good, more time will hopefully mean more polish and attention to the small things.
    I played in the last beta weekend, and while I had a lot of fun, there were lots of small bugs and areas that could use a little improvement.

    It’s a shame their forums didn’t allow me to post past the beta weekend, I had written up a list of bugs, ideas and small fixes.

  8. Smashbox says:

    Cookie > biscuit

  9. elfbarf says:

    Good to hear, they definitely need a bit more time based off of what I played in the first beta weekend. I’m still not sure if it’s enough time though, the game had quite a few issues that needed fixing.

  10. TehK says:

    Has anyone any info what so ever about the item shop?

    As interesting as this game sounds I’m really concerned about their business model. I mean… full price + subscription + item shop? A preorder, for which you can spend up to 350€? Including xp boost potions (which I certainly expect to see in the shop as well)?

    Doesn’t sound that great anymore, does it?

  11. Lemming says:

    I’d love to try this game, and I wish it all the best (so hopefully it still exists when I finally get around to it), but Guild Wars 2 is going to be putting a serious dent in my free time and the reason, I suspect, it may not do as well as it should.

  12. Morte66 says:

    Speaking of games that might be better as singleplayer, what is the closest thing to a singlelayer TSW? Is there anything on sale with this kind of Whedon-esque setting/mood and dialogue?