A Mod Of A Game Of Thrones: Crusader Kings II

I’m not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to all things Game of Thrones. I’ve only read the first book, I’ve only seen the first two episodes of the TV show and I’ve never even so much as flirted with any of my blood relatives. Even so, I declared Crusader Kings II “the best Game of Thrones game you will probably ever play” and in an effort to ensure that I’m correct, a sturdy team of modders have released a Game of Thrones mod. Someone was always going to make this, the fit is too perfect for it not to happen, but to release something so soon and with so many features is astonishing. Get it here.

For the initial release I was expecting a change of map and names but instead it’s that plus much more, including “Knights, Maesters…a new “Megawar” system for handling civil wars, the Night’s Watch, and a new system for plotting your assassinations”.

I’ve just loaded it up for a quick look and don’t have much to say beyond commenting on how professionally designed it all seems to be. There’s also a lot of war happening. It perhaps says something about my play style and character that I can go through generations in Crusader Kings without being involved in much fighting at all. It’s barbaric, all that swording and axeing, I’d much rather cultivate my small plots of land by letting everyone else do the fighting for me and only joining in when the tide has already turned and all that remains is to sweep away the dead.

Maybe it’s the “Megawar” system but Westeros seems more warlike than medieval Europe ever was and that’s saying something. Rejoice in this unexpectedly early release and the hard work that has undoubtedly gone into it. Just unzip this lot into the game’s mod directory, which is in the Crusader Kings II section of your Steamapps folder if that’s where you bought the game.

EDIT: As pointed out by a friendly comment below, the single scenario in the mod currently covers Robert’s Rebellion, “roughly sixteen years before the events of the books”, but the plan is to cover the ‘current’ period eventually as well.

Alec’s currently playing the Role Playing Game Of A Game Of Thrones so maybe he’ll be declaring that to be “the best Game of Thrones game you will probably ever play” in the near future. I doubt it though, even if it’s brilliant, because now I’ve got these wonderful to help prove me right.


  1. bladedsmoke says:

    Good to see this is coming along, I’ve wanted it ever since CK2 came out! I’ll still probably wait until it’s a bit more feature-complete before I download it, though. I want a scenario set in the War of Five Kings, dammit!

  2. SpoiledToast says:

    If you don’t have CS2, Amazon’s got a sale right now: link to tinyurl.dk. 9.99$. It activates on Steam. If you don’t live in the US just type in a fake address. link to fakenamegenerator.com works for me.

    • SirKicksalot says:

      Use Oregon because it has no sale tax

      • Ninja Foodstuff says:

        I could be wrong but I don’t think that affects the price.

        • ShineyBlueShoes says:

          If you used a California address or a state where they had a physical place of business, ie a warehouse, you would have to pay sales tax.

          • Fumarole says:

            I live in California and did not pay sales tax on the Paradox bundle.

    • Ninja Foodstuff says:

      You can also get several Paradox games bundled together: link to savygamer.co.uk

    • daggerbite says:

      Just did this.

      Used new amazon.com account and a credit card (in-case of shenanigans, you don’t want your regular bank account getting frozen by Team Fraud).
      Used my correct address however it wouldn’t let me select a country and wanted a state and zip code.

      So.. used my correct address but alaska as the state and a googled alaskan zip code. Payment has gone through…

      Downloaded, activated on steam and installing now..

      • Bostec says:

        Only two of my codes worked and that was Magicka and the DLC for it, the rest didn’t work for some reason.


        Just tried again after half an hour and the rest of the codes worked, must of been a timing thing.

        • ReservoirDog says:

          Did the code for SotSC worked for you? It´s the only one that is not registering for me, and I’ve been trying for a couple of days.

          • Bostec says:

            I already have Sword of the starts complete so I didn’t bother with that one. Only Victoria 2 doesn’t work on Steam for me but i’m not bothered, just have to download it directly.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Thanks for the tip on the Amazon sale! Someone’s going to be getting a present they weren’t expecting.

      Continuing to have a blast with this. Most recently my Breton Duke has risen to be King of Scotland, Ireland, Aragon and Jerusalem, Duke of Northumbria and Norfolk as well, and become English in the process!

    • Nameless1 says:

      Thank you, worked perfectly.

    • Blob-World-Eye-Weary says:

      Thank you for posting this SpoiledToast! I totally forgot about this was hoping to get this cheap in steam sale which would most likely be this December.

    • mineshaft says:

      Thanks so much. It was on my steam wish list for $40 for months… Purchased and downloading.

    • suibhne says:

      That Amazon deal is even better than it first appears, because purchasing that mess of games for $12.50 also nets you $23 promo credits for *both* Europa Universalis 3 (complete with both DLCs) *and* Hearts of Iron 3. The promo credit brings each game down to about $6-7, and you can buy both or just one.

      • cptgone says:

        i don’t think i got any of those “promo credits”.
        are they sent by e-mail, or can one find them somewhere on the Amazon site?

        • suibhne says:

          I got a separate email for each of the promo codes (one for EU, one for HoI).

          Amazon customer service is usually pretty great about stuff like that. If you didn’t receive the codes, you could try emailing them and telling them that you bought the bundle partly because a friend clued you in about the two codes – they might fork ’em over.

          • cptgone says:

            thanks suibhne!
            allthough i haven’t contacted Amazon Support, a mail with promo credits finally arrived today \o/

  3. Jockie says:

    Lovely stuff, might wait a few iterations down the line, but that map has got me all excited.

  4. Nimic says:

    Someone was always going to make this, the fit is too perfect for it not to happen, but to release something so soon and with so many features is astonishing.”

    Not so strange, really. The GoT mod thread has been the largest thread in the entire CK2 forum since very nearly the beginning. By orders of magnitude.

    People will find out themselves, if they want to know, but you could perhaps mention that the mod is not about war that is going on in the books (and by extension the TV series). There are plans to do that later on, but right now the focus is on Robert’s Rebellion (when Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark led the rebellion aganst the Mad King Targaryen.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      Added the period covered by the scenario to the post. I got excited and forgot that that was actually worth mentioning.

  5. Kandon Arc says:

    After watching last nights amazing episode, I was just wondering how long before this mod was released. I look forward to Tyrion leading every single battle with his mighty axe!

  6. Maldomel says:

    Sweet, I will probably try it out when I got more time. CK2 is already amazing on its own, but with more Westeros…hummm delicious!!

    Is there a way for incest in this mod, by the way?

  7. BwenGun says:

    If, like me, the link given doesn’t work so well and people don’t already know where the thread for this is on the Paradox forum here is the link: link to forum.paradoxplaza.com

    • Duckee says:

      The modding forum is closed to people who do not own the game.

      • Jae Armstrong says:

        >wish to download this mod
        >do not own the game

        I fear these people may have missed a step in the process somewhere. ;)

        • mmalove says:

          Maybe he’s an on the fence customer, and a good example of what modding may add to the game could be a major selling point?

  8. kevmscotland says:

    Anyone have any videos or screenshots of this somewhere?

    Also, does it recreate Westeros, or merely a unit/graphical change?

  9. Antsy says:

    There was a Westeros Mod for the first game too.

  10. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    It wasn’t much of a stretch to imagine vanilla CK2 as a Game of Thrones game without any mods

  11. Ironclad says:

    “because now I’ve got these wonderful to help prove me right.”

    These wonderful what? Maps? Characters? Scenarios? I feel like there’s a noun missing here…

  12. Duckee says:

    I hope they will merge in some balancing and tweak mods too. Vanilla CK2 is just plain too easy. In 20 years you can easily get 200 coins a year as a small time duke.

    Also, I am not sure if I like the map. I understand its how the story and context is supposed to be, but boy it is just the Byzantine empire magnified by 500%, ie. a massive power blob that never will break apart. At least, that is how it was when I played 50 or so years.

    I will keep an eye on it though and I think it has great potential.

  13. ShineyBlueShoes says:

    I’m so torn at $10 for CK2, it’s the kind of game I want to lose myself in but like Football Manager I fear it will be too daunting and I’ll never touch it much.

  14. Lacero says:

    Is there a screenshot of the map anywhere? I don’t have the game but I’d like to see what the mod looks like.

  15. Werthead says:

    True story: Paradox Interactive were in talks with George R.R. Martin to make a GAME OF THRONES strategy game, apparently one that would have been similar to CRUSADER KINGS, but they couldn’t work out a deal for undisclosed reasons:

    link to thewertzone.blogspot.co.uk

    The fact that Paradox could have made the official strategy game but instead it went to Cyanide is somewhat depressing. I’m assuming Cyanide offered up a lot more money.

    • pipman3000 says:

      paradox didn’t have enough cakes to satisfy gurm’s hunger

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Cyanide probably said something along the lines of “look we made Blood Bowl into a computer game & it’s ace & sold loads of copies”. GRRM & his advisers are unlikely to be PC Gamers & probably took that sort of stuff at face value without knowing how bad Cyanide’s games are.

  16. Ravelle says:

    I can’t get it to work, I placed the contents of the mod zip in the mod folder but when I launch the launcher it isn’t listed in it.

    • Duckee says:

      Dont unzip it straight to the mod folder. Put it on your desktop first or else Windows gets angry with you and deletes all the content because you tried to put it into a folder Windows prefers to keep for itself. If you move it from desktop to the folder it works fine, provided you got admin access.

      • JB says:

        I guess I got lucky then. I unzipped it straight to the mod folder, it worked fine.

      • Ravelle says:

        I have it setup like this, also tried to put the files within that map in the mod files but still nothing.
        link to i.imgur.com

        • Caleb367 says:

          In the /mod folder you have to put the A Game of Thrones folder and the A Game of Thrones.mod file. If you put them both in a subfolder, the launcher won’t find the .mod file.
          Goes like this:
          (CK2 folder)/mod/A Game of Thrones/
          (CK2 folder)/mod/A Game of Thrones.mod

  17. pakoito says:

    The Mount&Blade:Warband one is coming along good too. Fingers crossed for that one.

  18. sdmaturin says:

    I got this to work and already had a blast.

    Played as Littlefinger, who is 16 in this particular campaign. The Mad King killed Robert and won the war quickly, so I decided to lay low. Married, had five daughters, built a huge city on my tiny little piece of land, became a knight winning tourneys. Became Regent of the Vale when Jon died.

    And then… I had my wife killed, and married Cersei Lannister! She bore me a son and heir, and I then secretly had her little brother killed, giving her Casterly Rock. Now all she has to do is give me another son…

    • theblazeuk says:

      Unless you killed off Jaime too (or Aerys saw him coming), I’d take a close look at those children of yours.

    • Caleb367 says:

      I did a quick tour of it and MAAAAN. Played as Tywin Lannister, who decided to watch and see how he war was going.
      – Lyanna Stark survived and married Robert, who quickly won the war. Tywin then married Cersei to a Tyrell to secure borders.
      – Tywin died of illness, leaving a 11yo Tyrion as heir of Casterly Rock.
      – Cersei is regent, spymaster, and hates Tyrion’s guts.
      – Tyrion survives no less than SEVEN attempts on his life until Cersei finally snaps and tries to kill him with a dagger, is disarmed and thrown into a dungeon.
      – Jaime damn Lannister comes up to demand trial by combat, cuts Cersei’s husband – Tyrion’s champion – in two and frees his sister.
      – Lord Hoster Tully comes up and proposes to marry Cersei to his son Edmure, Ned Stark’s brother-in-law.

      I am in love.

      • Malibu Stacey says:

        I want this game so much after reading that.

        It’s like the “Make your own adventure” version of A Song of Ice & Fire.

  19. Sidion says:

    I’d bought this game about a week after it came out. The horribly inept tutorials, and sheer complexity made it a quick turn off. (Didn’t help I wasn’t a big fan of the setting.)

    Glad this mod is released. I could totally dig my hands into an ASOIAF setting. Guess I’m back to trying to figure out how to recruit an army!

    • Leosaurus says:

      Go to your military tab in the upper left hand corner, and click it. Then, scroll over the icons in the tab and click “raise personal levies” for your king’s forces, or “raise realm levies” for ZERG RUSH ARMY. Then, after you raise all of your levies, move them by clicking their shield and then right clicking on the province you want them to move to. Once all the levies are in the same province you want to combine, left click and drag over multiple shields. A box will popup. Find the tool tip in the top of the box that looks like two arrows pointing towards each other. Click it, and the armies selected will combine into one big one.

      You have recruited and combined an army.

  20. Carra says:

    I was having Game of Thrones thoughts while playing CK2 so I’m glad to see a mod.

    Spent an hour with it and it looks lovely. The map is great, they added custom portrets for the most important factions and the sides seem to be fairly well balanced.

    I’ll have to play some more with it to see how it all works out.