Crowdageddon: Carma Reincarnation Cashes In

Note: this is not grafficks

Carmageddon Reincarnation has been successfully funded! Which could have been a headline over a year ago, as the bally project was happening anyway, but having just reached its Kickstarter goal that means it’s double-funded. Stainless’ driving and murder simulator currently sits on top of a $425,000 cash-throne with nine days left on the Kick-clock.

I’d be very surprised if it didn’t reach half a mill before closing, and if there wasn’t some sort of concerted push (new rewards etc) to make that happen. They’ve already claimed Mac and Linux versions will be on the cards if $600,000 is dinged. So, yeah. Hopefully this hugely increases the odds of Reincarnation being a great Carmageddon game rather than merely an adequate one. Well done, chaps, and best of luck. We’ll see you at Rezzed.

Below: lots of developers saying thank you, and some com-ed-dee outtakes from their initial KS pitch vid.

One man says thanks:

Lots of men and women say thanks, in squeaky voices:



  1. Godwhacker says:

    I supported this despite the update videos. I hope my teenage self was right about this game.

    • Faldrath says:

      Ask yourself how often your teenage self was right about *anything* :) (I do want to play this as well, despite my better judgment!)

    • The First Door says:

      Yeah, that’s exactly my feeling too. Also, is it just me, or is it a little bit off-putting when people don’t use a decent camera when making their pitch video?

      • SiHy_ says:

        I’d rather they spent money on game development, not cameras and acting school.

  2. wodin says:

    I always feel alittle uncomfortable when geeks (nothing against geeks, I have an inner geek myself) try and show enthusiasm or be funny….sort of a like a geeky cross between David Brent and Alan Partridge…just more uncomfortable because here where dealing with real people.

  3. Paul says:

    I think Carmageddon still has not been surpassed in the hilarity/physics/fun department as far as driving games go, so I cannot wait for this.

    • Skeletor68 says:

      I agree. Big cars wot go fast crashing into other cars wot go fast hasn’t been matched anywhere else as far as I’m aware. The carmageddon on Playstation was horrible so with Stainless back on it I’m hoping it can’t go wrong.

      Had so many fun features with being able to unlock new cars, modify them, see the damage done to all other cars at the end of the race, that rear-view mirror and cunning stunts. Great memories…

      • Tridae says:

        “cunning stunts” . . ah. . my brain and automatic spoonerism = 0.o

    • starclaws says:

      I hope pinball mode is back. Along with all the other pickups as well as maybe some new ones. I remember accidentally picking up pinball mode while at full speed and slamming into a barrier and flying into the air for half an hour. Multiple times. Just take that time to grab a drink or piss break. Then if extra time just change the song to Iron Maiden – Man on the Edge and listen to him yell “Falling doooown!!!”

  4. Bushcat says:

    That second video was filmed outside my local pub,The bargemans rest, 90 seconds walk from my front door.Their office is just up the road ;)

  5. Nokterian says:

    I am happy that this is funded,one of my favorite games of the 90’s. Through this game i was getting to hear new music like Fear Factory and Iron Maiden. Also the exploration was amazing. So pledging 25 dollar that is around 20 euro’s makes me wanna help these guys out to make there game.

    For me the feeling of the 90’s are coming back throug these kinda things i love it!

  6. ashereize says:

    Kickstarter is clearly the way to go for fan-adored, long-lost and forgotten games which for whatever reason didn’t warrant a sequel at the time.
    I call for a new addition to the Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee franchise!
    2D Sidescrolling puzzly goodness with a lovable character and a beautifully odd world, populated by evil creepy looking beings that want to eat Abe and his people when times get rough and the worlds been farmed for all the other food sources…

  7. LionsPhil says:

    What a likeable gent.

  8. Navagon says:

    Congratulations, guys!

  9. 13tales says:


    Now we’ve funded this, Kinetic Void anyone? I would like some procedurally generated space blasting in custom-designed ships, I would. Thank you kindly.

  10. tehfish says:

    That bloopers video is ace! watch that if nothing else :D

    If only for the cute lady trying to seriously say “no!” but failing and cracking up repeatedly <3

    I think i'd happily remove limbs to work at such an awesome place :D