Far Cry 3 Teaser Is Neat, Is Neat, Has Tiger Feet

Can I stroke him and make him be my friend? I don't want to kill him

And most of the rest of a tiger too! Yes, it’s Far Cry 3 footage time, in an excitable and heavily stylised trailer that offers snatches of what to expect on this new island other than shooting dudes. Includes a large tribe of angry-lookin’ natives, Indiana Jones-style temples, swearing, flamethrowers, a lady with a chin tattoo that looks like a beard, boats, more swearing and A TIGER.

A TIGER. And you know what big cats in an open world game put me in mind of? Oh yes.

Looks very ambitious, this does, and presumably much grander of budget than poor Boiling Point. Seems to be a bit of a (sweary) Heart of Darkness / Apocalypse Now vibe too, albeit rather less subtle in its ‘but who is really the mad one?’ theme. And all the guns and explosions, of course. I sort of want it to calm down a bit.


  1. reggiep says:

    Well that was quick. “This video is private”

  2. abigbat says:

    Private Eye of the Tiger

  3. magnus says:

    I didn’t see beardy chin-tattoo woman, I did see a man with a bad soul-patch though.

  4. Nalano says:

    I’m beginning to reeeeeeally dislike preview vids that tell you how great the graphics are instead of showing you how great the graphics are.

    • JB says:

      Indeed. Clearly, we cannot be trusted to see for ourselves.

      • Durkonkell says:

        Are you quite mad, Sir? Were they to go straight to showing you the graphics, your eyes could explode! The idea of graphics must be slowly and carefully introduced.

    • Roshin says:

      But it has an endorsement from Cheat Code Central. It must be awesome.

  5. wodin says:

    Big Cat in jungle experience reminds me of the scene in Apocalypse now…never get off the boat….

  6. 2PartReturn says:

    I don’t* give a damn about Far Cry 3, but that’s a wonderful headline.
    *Well, I didn’t, tigers might change my mind

  7. Jason Moyer says:

    Have they showed anything besides scripted action scenes? I’m cautiously optimistic about this based on how good Far Cry 2 was, but I can’t shake the feeling that this is probably going to be less open-world and more “really big corridors” like the first game. If so, that would be disappointing since all they really had to do to improve the second one was add some friendly NPC’s and tune the spawn rates better.

    • Donjo says:

      If there had been an sdk or some basic mod tools released we could have seen the real potential of Far Cry 2 explored.. might have given UBI some ideas…. BUT NNNOOOOOO

      • sPOONz says:

        Oh yeah. I forgot about them not releasing any mod tools for Farcy 2. That was a real shame. (Looks at DayZ)….. A REAL SHAME.

    • Runs With Foxes says:

      Here’s what the lead writer says about Far Cry 3:

      “So that was what we took to be the core of Far Cry, and the rest we’ve reinvented. Far Cry 3 is narrative-focused. You can think of it like an Assassin’s Creed game in first-person. We’re talking about a first-person shooter action/adventure game. Some levels don’t even have shooting in them at all.”

      So. There you go.

  8. KauhuK says:

    It’s like the marketing team for this game is trying too hard. The more I see about this game the less interesting it becomes for me.

  9. Yosharian says:

    This game is going to be a pile of shit, I’m calling it.

  10. Fox89 says:

    You know, it’s funny how you never notice until a post like this…but there really aren’t enough games with tigers in them!

  11. frightlever says:

    So Ubisoft and DRM and such…

    Anyway. Precursors is currently 50% off at Gamersgate.

    link to gamersgate.co.uk

    Still with good old Starforce.

  12. Carra says:

    I really love those Tiger Feet.

  13. LionsPhil says:

    I’m more interested in if they can make wild animals behave as something other than sucidial melee attack drones with moderate-low HP.

    New Vegas pleasantly surprised me by having its coyotes be territorial rather than outright psychopathic, even if it was a bit crude and your NPC comrades were all too eager to run up to them and start a fight.

    • Defiant Badger says:

      Red dead redemption had very convincing animal behaviour, at times at least. It certainly helps when you have the euphoria engine making all the animations gorgeously smooth.

  14. kwyjibo says:

    Pfft, if I wanted to kill endangered animals for fun, I’d be playing Tomb Raider.

  15. ninjapirate says:

    That was unexpected. I spent most of the trailer waiting for a wub that never came.

  16. Viper50BMG says:

    Despite the lack of wub, somehow that trailer was underwhelming. Even with proper music, a Tiger (always a plus), and some hints at the storyline, somehow being told how great it was going to be by colorful backgrounds and text just isn’t as convincing as showing us how great it’s going to be.

  17. Strutter says:

    This game looks amazing but I have a no UBI soft rule. Silly me.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      Sorry is that a “No Ubisoft” rule, or a “No Ubi” soft rule where you’ll buy sometimes but not others?

  18. Gabe McGrath says:

    Oh dear, not the old “HOLD THE BIG GUN IN FRONT OF YOU WHEN YOU PRESS FIRE” thing.

    Why on earth is that ‘the new thing’?

    Is there research somewhere, that says the modern/non-oldschool FPS player feels “more powerful” when they have A BIG GUN BLOCKING THEIR VIEW whenever they press fire?

    • YourMessageHere says:

      It’s the new thing because some people noticed that in reality, you have to put the gun close to your face and aim down the sights if you want to actually hit what you want to hit. When you put things close to your face they appear bigger, generally. Since the point of games like this is to try and appear real, they put it in the game.

      There’s also the thing whereby console players are further from the screen than PC player, and thus games tend to make the guns appear bigger to have them still be a reasonable size, which then carries over to PC if the lead platform wasn’t PC.

      • Gabe McGrath says:

        Thanks YMH,

        Your “it’s done because that’s how real guns work” make sense. But to those devs developing such games: I don’t care how real guns work. I’ve played most FPS games from Wolf 3D to Crysis (not so many recently due to real life issues) and yet I’ve never touched a real gun. Nor – do I want to.

        So I have no idea how the guns in Doom or Half life 2 or any other game compare to ‘the real thing’. Nor do I care. I just want to have fun. And if the dev is shoving something in my view (eg a big gun graphic) then they’re decreasing my fun in an FPS.

        I don’t want ‘realistic’ guns in FPS games. I want to carry 10 of them with hundreds of rounds of ammo. And I want them slightly out of the way when I fire, so I can see quite clearly what I’m doing. But that’s just me.

    • Schmitzkater says:

      What’s behind a gun does not have to be rendered by a console, if I remember correctly.

  19. kud13 says:


    I want to see some open-worldiness, instead of reading how great and epic and cinematic this FPS is gonna be.

  20. Sapper Gopher says:

    Apocalypse Now was a “sweary” Apocalypse Now.

  21. bear912 says:

    I was pleased with this trailer.

    Really, I think it would be excellent if there was a game where large jungle cats could drop on you from the trees if you weren’t aware of your surroundings.

  22. stahlwerk says:


    Tiger, Tiger, Tiger.


    birdy, birdy.