Tears Of Joy: Binding Of Isaac DLC Now Available

Binding of Isaac binges always give me the most fascinating nightmares.
This is quite bad for me personally. Binding of Isaac, you see, unhinged one of its many grotesque orifices and devoured my life last year. The number of hours I sank into Edmund McMillen’s blood-sweat-tear-and-excrement-based roguelike could be described as substantial. Conversely, activities that failed to receive that designation during a similar timeframe include eating, sleeping, and not being presumed dead by most of my friends and family members. So, while you say hello to Binding of Isaac’s Wrath of the Lamb downloadable expansion, I say goodbye. Probably forever.

Among, like, a million-zillion other bits and bobs, Wrath of the Lamb includes 100 new items (for a total of over 235), 5+ new chapters, 15+ new bosses, 20+ new enemies, and – perhaps most enticingly – “tons of new random happenings, curses, blessings, npcs, fortune tellers and more.” Oh, and that doesn’t even include the last bullet point, which is dedicated to “more super secrets than you’d probably expect… good luck finding them all.” All of that adds up to roughly 50 percent more content, according to McMillen. So basically, there could very well be another hundred or so hours worth of stuff to dig into here – depending on skill, luck, etc.

It’ll run you a whopping $2.99 (£1.99), and – if you’re only now looking to get in on the demented Zelda-esque action – Steam’s put Binding of Isaac proper on sale for more than 50 percent off. So that’s my bit, then. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play it until I reach the end of my natural lifespan. And then, after I’ve died cold and alone – but rich in totally rad items – I’ll write about it for all of you. So, uh, don’t go anywhere for the next 80 years or so. I’ll be right back. Promise!


  1. Gnoupi says:

    “It’ll run you a whopping $2.99 (£1.99)”
    And 2.99 euros, because that seems like an appropriate conversion.

    I know it’s only 3 euros, and clearly nothing when compared to daily life things (I probably spent more on a jar of pesto, last shopping)… but it’s still pretty annoying to see that kind of conversion for mainland Europe.

    (Although to be honest, clearly not the worst I’ve seen these last days. That would have to be Alice: madness returns on sale, 5.99 usd, 2.99 gbp, and 9.99 eur)

    The original game was interesting, although disturbing (not a huge fan of the “dirty/gross” side of McMillen). Might get that once I go down on the “I have this to play” stack.

    • Nick says:

      you should make your own pesto.

      • stahlwerk says:

        …Which could easily get into a similar price range, good pine nuts and good olive oil aren’t exactly cheap.

        Tasty, yes.

      • Gnoupi says:

        As a matter of fact, I was thinking about it. Any recipe to propose?

        • Nick says:

          Its very easy, just basil, toasted pine nuts, parmesan, garlic, olive oil and some seasoning. And a food processor. You can get creative and add other stuff, but I like good old green pesto the best.

          Just mix the solid stuff up then add the olive oil whilst mixing.

          • Gnoupi says:

            Yeah, but I’m not really good with proportions, mostly. Any pointers? At least for the beginning, the adjustments to taste can be done.

          • Nick says:

            link to bbc.co.uk

            Is pretty close to what I do, I never really measured the oil though.

          • Gnoupi says:

            Thank you, I shall give it a try.

          • Baboonanza says:


          • sneetch says:

            Cooking Mama confirmed for PC?

          • Nick says:

            What, not like puns are particularly on topic either. Enrich your lives, make your own pesto!

          • Dances to Podcasts says:

            Pesto Papa, the new McMillen game. You play an Italian chef lobbing meatballs at foreign foods invading your kitchen. Ban those burgers, squish that sauerkraut, eviscerate those escargots!

        • Kefren says:

          For variety you can replace the basil with rocket or watercress, and the pine nuts with cashews or walnuts.

      • Ondrej says:

        This is what the internet is good for. Offering bulletproof advice against something nobody asked in the first place! I’m loving it…

    • Vartarok says:

      Actually, here in Spain at least, the price is 1’99€, not 2’99€.

      • Hvr says:


      • Antar says:

        Spain gets cheaper Euro pricing for some reason or other.

        Check out: store.steampowered.com/?cc=es

        As against


        RPS should totally write an article on this for their euro paying readers.

      • felisc says:

        I can understand that pesto is cheaper in spain but… Oh you’re talking about the game ? What a strange idea.

        • Antar says:

          There are two pricing tiers in Europe, Ireland, France, Germany and a couple of others get the high pricing while Spain, Portugal and (I think) Italy along with a few more have cheaper prices.

          We live in a cruel, cruel world.

          • Òscar says:

            it’s not that unfair given our unemployment rate… our people need more games to play in our spare time!

    • sneetch says:

      Didn’t know that about Alice: Madness Returns, I’m so, so glad I didn’t buy it now. Still trying to sell your game to us for €50 when it’s $30 and £15 (undiscounted)? You can stuff it up your fundament.

    • DrGonzo says:

      That’s some pricey pesto!

  2. caddyB says:

    I’ll be buying this when I have the time play it, I don’t know if I liked the original but the hours and hours of playtime means I probably did.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Same impressions a bit. I’m not really liking the ambiance, but yet it was compelling to play.

      • B1A4 says:

        I am na opposit. I like the ambience but it really isn’t fun to play. Can we trade it somehow?

  3. davidek says:

    Is it still ruined by slowdowns or have they fixed the issues with flash?

    • saturnine says:

      Yes, this. I’d love to know if they’ve updated to the Flash build that uses full hardware acceleration, if there even is such a thing…?

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      It feels significantly worse.

      • Latterman says:

        Same for me. Shame really but now I get slowdowns on the first floor already; without the DLC it usually started to happen in level 4 and lower with dozens of bullets of tears,piss and blood flying everywhere.

    • povu says:

      Those slowdowns are terrible. I have to play at medium quality, and then it still slows down when I got in a room with 4 enemies that each fired 4 blood balls around them. That’s just not acceptable.

      I normally don’t complain about games being coded in Flash, Machinarium is great and that’s coded in Flash too, but when it leads to bad performance that’s a bad thing.

    • nerdook says:

      Unless they reprogrammed the whole thing to use Flash Player 11/Starling, I don’t think it’ll run any faster. Though I found lower resolutions and lower quality does reduce the lag, somewhat.

    • djbriandamage says:

      Sorry to be that guy but…

      *eyes dart around*

      *sweats profusely*


      I put an hour into the DLC yesterday and have played for about 4 hours total and never experienced any slowdown anywhere. I had as many as 10 enemies onscreen during a Lord of Flies fight with goo and puddled tears all over the arena and my framerate remained golden.

      • MaXimillion says:

        Are you perchance using a 7-Ghz nitrogen-cooled CPU?

      • Jackablade says:

        Yeah, my game slows down eventually, but only when there’s a pretty vast number of sprites on the screen at once. I’m assuming that all of you people who complain about slow down every time Binding of Isaac is mentioned have in fact played the game since it was patched not long after release to alleviate much of the slow down issues, so I’m wondering why my laptop that’s getting a little long in the tooth now is running the game better than so many others.

      • ceriphim says:

        On my home PC (Core i7, too much RAM, 6970, etc) I get no slowdown at all.

        On my laptop (i5, 2 gigs, dedicated nVidia card) I get slowdown frequently. For comparison, I also play Diablo 3 on it, max settings, smooth as butter (except for occasional lag – eat shit Blizzard).

        I love this game but it was coded/optimized terribly.

    • Savagetech says:

      Slowdowns haven’t been fixed, but it’s arguable whether they’re worse or not. My system very rarely had issues with vanilla Isaac, only slowing down to a (still pretty fast) “bullet time” speed when the screen was awash in enemies and projectiles.

      With Wrath of the Lamb I get slowdown more often, but paradoxically it’s mostly in areas where little is going on. I can leave an empty room for another empty room and get 2-3s complete stops, then later fight scads of enemies without so much as a dropped frame. It’s not like you slow down with 10-25% less crap on the screen, but if your computer was crying more than Isaac before Wrath then the DLC won’t help.

      Don’t let that dissuade you from getting Wrath entirely. Florian+Edmund are hard at work patching the game, with one patch less than 24hrs post-release and another coming this weekend. I’ve had plenty of flawless runs as well, but if you’re worried about the slowdown, I’d wait until the bugs are ironed out.

  4. I_have_no_nose_but_I_must_sneeze says:

    I wonder what the game will feel like with those 5+ (6?) new chapters. Part of what makes the original so compulsive is that a full playthrough is conceivably short enough to make you go for one more try before you quit. Then five hours pass and you’re left staring into space, confused and hungry.

    • Terragot says:

      it’s still the same length as instead of tacking on more levels to complete, it actually selects what area you will go into at random.

    • Namey says:

      Most of the new chapters are variants of the old ones, that replace them. There’s only one new post-Sheol level.

      • I_have_no_nose_but_I_must_sneeze says:

        Thanks for the clarification, this makes more sense.

        • Namey says:

          And actually I was wrong about that too! The level is a Sheol-alternate. So the depth of the game is same as ever.

  5. golem09 says:

    One thing that I really realized when I starter playing is this:


    It’s genius, you play through the game with some slight changes and/or start conditions. Like having no map for the entire playthrough, or havnig only one heart with 9 cat lives.
    Aside from everything there already is in this addon, THIS is what really enhances playtime, because you WANT to COMPLETE them.


    the length of the game is the same, the chapters are only alternative takes on the known levels. Wether you get the normal level or the alternate one is randomized

  6. Pie21 says:

    I love this game so much, but I lost my save game data after playing for like 40 hours :'(. During exams! What kind of idiot game requires a file in the root of the install directory AND a file in %APPDATA%?? And why didn’t it support Steam Cloud from the beginning?

    Now it’s tears of pain every time something new comes out that I can’t motivate myself to enjoy.

    • saturnine says:

      I know how that feels. 60 hours of gameplay, assumed it’d be saved due to it being Steam Cloud enabled–formatted my laptop and reinstalled only to find a blank slate staring at me. And I’d even completed the damn thing ten times too.

      • Flowette says:

        (Not sure if this is replying to the right quote but here goes…)
        @Pie12 & saturnine:

        I started again last night with a “fresh” game, so I deleted all of my items (I was around seven items short of the full set) and started from scratch. It just felt like the right thing to do.

        Lots of the new items/features are available from the very beginning, so there’s no reason not to start a whole new save.

        Just my 2 eurocentsleftoverfromadrunkenholiday.

  7. golem09 says:

    Now that you mention it…
    I reinstalled windows after I 100% finished Isaac in february, and but my save is still here… weird.

  8. Hvr says:

    Not sure if I should buy this right now. A lot of people are complaining in the steam forums that it is still buggy and a bunch of people are not even able to install and play the game!

    Also: What about the guys who acquired the original game with the humble bundle??
    It seems like you have to rebuy the o. game before being able to play the expansion. :(

    • golem09 says:

      I bought it in the humble bundle and I have no problem installing the addon. I mean it fully registered on steam, the whole game is steam bound, so I excepected nothing less.

      And yeah, there still are bugs, but they are all cosmetic. Nothing I would want the game to be delayed for. I’ve been playing the addon for about 9 hours now, and I am completely satisfied.
      The only minor flaw so far is that some items are just combinations or simple copies of old ones.

    • ColonelClaw says:

      As a Humble Bundle owner it updated to the expansion absolutely fine for me

    • Hvr says:

      No, no! I mean what if I don’t have / don’t use steam?

      • golem09 says:

        I think you can still reclaim your steam key for binding of isaac from the humble bundle website, but I don’t think it’s possible to get the addon for the DRM free version

  9. terry says:

    Loving this – as someone said elsewhere, it plays more like a romhack of the original, partially due to bugs and partially due to the amount of new stuff. The challenges are a hoot and a great way of pushing Golden Gods to their limit. I don’t think there’s been a better expansion since Alien Crossfire.

  10. ColonelClaw says:

    It took me a long time to get into the original – it was only after watching a lot of Northernlion’s let’s play on YouTube that I began to understand how utterly brilliant it is. The Binding of Isaac has to be the ultimate example of what looks simple on the surface is actually incredibly (and almost infinitely) deep and complex. Very clever game making indeed.

  11. DotCom616 says:

    it’s buggy as hell right now. I can’t bring myself to play it again because one of the bosses bugged out and left me stuck in their room with nothing to fight and no way out.

    I’ve already finished it once and pretty sure the new last boss is buggy, too. It’s easier than Mom’s Heart.

  12. malkav11 says:

    I am absolutely terrible at this game. I rarely get past the first boss and don’t know what 90% of the things I pick up even do. But I bought the expansion so I can be even more confused!

    • cptgone says:

      i’m terrible at it too. not gonna buy any expansion unless it features an idiot mode.

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      If you like, go to link to bindingofisaac.wikia.com and there’s a list of items and their effects available. Makes it easier. I didn’t use it originally to keep some of the mystery, but now when I forget exactly what an item does I go check it. Pretty handy.

      Nothing I can do about how awful you are though, sorry! ¦¬{

    • djbriandamage says:

      I don’t know what any of the stuff does either. Doesn’t matter. It makes you better. Probably. Sometimes worse. Just go with it. The fun is discovering what random items you’ve been given to deal with random challenges.

    • golem09 says:

      I very rarely look up what stuff does, finding these things out is half the fun for me.
      Also, I used to suck at this game until I started to play it with my 360 pad.

    • Oozo says:

      I used to think that I’m an ok player – beat the game often enough to get all characters unlocked and all of the endings. But GOD DAMN is that DLC hard. I mean, partly it’s due to not knowing what the items do, but the special rooms are… brutal, sometimes.
      Plus, I just picked up an item which totally ruined a run and build that should have been enough to finish the game. Exploding tears, ok, but… there was an enemy that I literally could not kill without killing myself first.
      I guess it needs a bit of re-balance.

      Other than that, it’s great to have more content – half the game is the constant suprises and what to make of them.

    • ColonelClaw says:

      The best advice I can give for anyone having trouble with this game is go and watch Northernlion’s Let’s Play at link to youtube.com
      It taught me me than I could ever have worked out on my own. And he’s highly amusing, to boot.

    • aerozol says:

      I’m a bit late here, but just some advice- one of the most important things about a good (and fun!!) play through imo is strategic (early as well as late) use of money/ keys/ bombs. Every early area has one secret room and one item room that you should get. Save a key for item rooms, and try to use a bomb to get the secret room on each level, which gets you enough money (hopefully) to start getting enough item/ cash momentum to be sweet/ be extremely well off for the rest of the game. Secret rooms are always sandwiched between three or four other rooms (eg on your map the rooms are in a U shape, or a O, shape, it’s between those, if there’s more than one, it’s guesswork time). Try and get into shop rooms if you need to buy keys/ bombs or have enough money to start buying items. Remember that you can bomb your way into rooms if you don’t have a key but have bombs. Good luck! Don’t be scared of jumping in and out of the first or second level a few times to get a good start. glhf! (; p.s. haven’t played expansion yet, so things may have changed! but hopefully some of this is still applicable

      • ColonelClaw says:

        As far as I can tell, post expansion secret rooms are no longer always found in between the U and O shaped areas of the map. They can now be absolutely anywhere. Combined with there now being 2 secret rooms per level, this makes the items that let you see where they are on the map (Spelunker Helmet etc) far more valuable, and also changes the tactics of when and where to use bombs or save them.

        • sub-program 32 says:

          I believe that one secret room can nearly always be found in a U or O shape, but the other one can be anywhere.

  13. ScorpionWasp says:

    Picked it up and finished it on my very first try. Those new items are way too over-powered and the last boss is a walk in the park. That’s even though there’s no way to know what trinkets do right now (no help text!). There’s all sorts of weird bugs… I can enter fenced off rooms if I have wings, sometimes old items will simply refuse to activate, the game will sometimes show the wrong item sprite when you pick an item up in a room with various other items, etc. I’m waiting for a patch before venturing any deeper. As it stands, I think this expo weakens the original game.