Quite The Thing: Dead Space Teases “New Chapter”

But guys, you're not gonna believe it. This place has the greatest view of th-- oh. Shit.

I love how kitschy pulp sci-fi some aspects of Dead Space are. Sure, its exterior may be grimdark and gore-spattered, but this (fairly impressive) digital comic focuses around “Earthgov” and a planet called “Uxor.” That, to my mind, is admirably silly. Granted, that’s hardly the only influence poking through Visceral’s exosuited sleeve here. An overbearingly icy planet? Parasitic monsters crawling from every crevice? A poor, fleshy human struggling to come to grips with it all? A new main character whose name, John Carver, sounds suspiciously similar to John Carpenter? Yeah. I’m thinking the words “Wow, Dead Space 3 is quite the thing” will soon take on a whole new meaning.

Granted, while Dead Space 3 hasn’t had its official reveal yet, this comic sure aligns well with the limb-severing barrage of recent rumors. Also, it’s apparently “just the start of John Carver’s saga in the Dead Space Universe.” So jump past the break and watch as this post’s flesh bubbles and bursts, revealing a grotesque trailer creature not of this world.

All signs (especially the newly revamped official Dead Space site) point to this being our first introduction to Dead Space 3. There’s even an oh-so-trendy countdown clock, because the gaming industry apparently didn’t get the message when I mailed it a collage that spelled out “STOP IT” made from broken clock parts. So basically, an E3 reveal seems so likely that I’d stake the remainder of my priceless clock collection on it. For now, though, we have our probable co-op duo – the oddly law-firm-esque Carver and Clarke – and a more concrete setting than “space,” which is, granted, still technically correct.

At any rate, the potential’s here for a pretty tremendous departure from previous Dead Spaces claustrophobic corridor crawls, so color me intrigued. Admittedly, Dead Space 2 was more of a dread-soaked action game than true survival-horror, but it was still a solid tale of spiky death tails and eviscerated entrails. After two fairly similar series entries, though, now seems like just about the perfect time to change things up.


  1. Kollega says:

    The trailer looks… very, very shoddy, for the lack of a more charitable term. For example, the animation of the huge monster in the end looks like it’s a cardboard cut-out being moved by a seven-year-old child. To take a relevant example, the trailer for Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution DLC for Borderlands looks way better, despite actually showing us cardboard cut-outs moved by seven-year-old children.

    • PodX140 says:

      I would consider that relevant to say the least. (You made me laugh far too heartily).

    • CaspianRoach says:

      It’s a trailer for a comic, not the game.

      • Mr. Mister says:

        God, what have we become?

        • StoneMason says:

          They animated and voiced the companion comic for the original game. Saying animated is generous but it’s pretty well voiced.

          I assume they are doing a similar thing with this, hence the trailer.

    • Bostec says:

      Yeah its all looks so very static.

  2. PodX140 says:

    Somehow I could never finish either the first or the second. They are fun at first, but they get really repetitive, AND, if anyone plays like me -finding every item, searching everything, selling all items not absolutely necessary in order to get cash for skill points – the second became hilarious as I just telekinesised everything, looted every corpse, resulting in me getting IIRC, every mod for my pistol and suit and more I think. AKA: Unstoppable superpower.

  3. CaspianRoach says:

    Noooes, I want my Isaac Clarke back :( I don’t want to play as some dude with an assault rifle I have EVERY OTHER SODDING GAME ON EARTH for that, I want mah linegun and the plasma cutter!

    • db1331 says:

      This. I don’t care about this dude and his lame ass family problems. I want Isaac and his laughably terrible luck with women.

  4. Roshin says:

    Looks nice, but honestly, I wasn’t really feeling the Carpenter vibe at all. Sorry, Nathan.

  5. f1x says:

    If this is gonna be the new protagonist (if Dead Space gets released around this setting) I gotta say its gonna loose a good clunch of the game’s charisma, I’m talking about the space suit thing, the design looks crap compared to Isaac’s suit

  6. epwik says:

    Copy-paste these strange symbols from the countdown thingy and you will get the numbers.

    • end0rphine says:

      I think it’s in d/h/m format, how’d you get 5/12/12?

      My estimate is 5 days and 22 hours, working off my time 52 minutes from the hour and the repeated symbol.

  7. Sinkytown says:

    Here’s how to make Dead Space scary:

    Have fewer, more challenging enemies and have them roam like Bioshock’s big daddies. Limit ammunition so avoiding them is sometimes necessary/desirable and give the player tools to do so.

    This should make it at least as scary as Marathon!

  8. Synesthesia says:

    Ha! he said change things up, on a 3rd installment of an EA franchise!
    Oh, my sides!

  9. Eddy9000 says:

    the game of “the thing” was really decent I thought. Would love to see a remake with action punctuated with LA Noire style bits where you got to interview your team and try to work out who was behaving…differently. Would be a great co op as well, with one player as the thing trying to kill other team members as they carried out tasks, kinda like werewolf.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      You know what that interview thing would work well for? A Blade Runner game.

  10. golem09 says:

    you make the connection to Carpenter rather than to Carter?

  11. Vagrant says:

    Yeah new Dead Space! And they did the smart thing and have a new main character!
    (Assuming he’s not just the guy in this short, like the guy in the novel/light gun game)

  12. The Magic says:

    did they just blow up the gurkin? is this london?

  13. nimzy says:

    Wow, way to come up with probably the most boring name ever. “John Carver the security guard” needs some work. At least “Issac Clarke” was an homage to two great people.

  14. CorruptBadger says:

    after what co-op did to RESI 5, i can’t say im particularly excited. I’d much prefer a return to the claustaphobia of the first game, rather than Co-Op in a more open world (the second game). Perhaps it will be like F3AR, a fun shooter for co-op but with a weak, scareless singleplayer.

    I’m curious as to whether they can pull of the co-op. Would be nice to add some interesting meta aspect like actual trees in the node system for your suit rather than a nearly linear path. Better gun variety, as nearly every gun either pins down an enemy, or cuts everything infront of it in an arc. More weapons like the flamethrower, maybe a tesla gun (fires electricity that can jump between targets). And the thing i want most, THE GLORIOUS SOUND DESIGN OF THE FIRST GAME! Also, no more puzzles…