8-BitMMO Gets Playable Zombies, MegaMap, Hats

8-BitMMO is a super lo-fi player-driven sandbox MMO that is playable freely in your browser. We got excited about those facts a while back, but now there’s more: the game of building has upgraded to include a playable zombie plague, player-trading, an ultra-zoom map that allows you to move out and see the entire world, and also a bunch of character customisation options, including the ubiquitous head decorations.

This big update for the game is now available to play. Trailer below!

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  1. Anders Wrist says:

    Speaking of lo-fi mmo’s, here’s another in very early development:

    link to snake-oil.eu

  2. Big Murray says:

    When I read “8-BitMMO”, I thought it was talking about Realm of the Mad God.

    • Terragot says:

      The only game I need. A game with consistency and global rewards yet still deals you the emotional blow associated with perma-death (take note Blizzard).

      • DarkGoeie says:

        Isn’t that what Diablo 3’s hardcore mode is about?

        • Arglebargle says:

          No, hardcore mode is about waiting for their servers to glitch and kill you, and your hours of work. At least for now….

        • Lamb Chop says:

          I know this is why I will never be a good poker player, but how are people not gripped by a paralyzing fear when risking something that you’ve put 40+ hours of your life into? RotMG works for me precisely because you’ve invested like 30 min in a character.

  3. Alex I says:

    Looks epic and funny. Old school shit. Gona give it a whirl.

  4. Arglebargle says:

    Graphics aren’t everything, but this game appears to be working hard to look bad. I guess intentional lo-fi just isnt’t my thing.