Kinetic Void Hits Kickstarter Goal At The Last Moment

It's basically the same as make up for Barbie.

Phew, that was close. With literally hours to spare the Kinetic Void Kickstarter met its goal and has been successfully funded. Aiming for $60,000, and with only $40,000 raised with a day to go, it looked like the procedural space explorer would miss the target by a significant chunk. But then like in every basketball movie ever made, the coach called time out, pulled the Kickstarter into a huddle, and reminded them that the magic isn’t in their missing team pencil, but in their hearts. And with that they ran back onto the court and extraordinarily raised $26,501 on the last day. More than a third of the total.

Badland Studio managed to get to $66,528 before their time ran out, meaning the rather ambitious stretch goals won’t be happening straight away, but most importantly, the game itself will. Hopefully by Christmas this year.

You can read a bit more about the game and why Adam thinks it’s interesting here, and there’s a motherload of information about the game on its Kickstarter page.

There is inevitably going to be a post-KS Paypal option for continuing to donate to the project, with similar reward tiers. This will run for another month, hoping to mean some of those stretch goals can be realised.

Meanwhile, you can download the prototype of the ship builder right now to get a feel for things.


  1. Stranglove says:

    Good to hear! The devs are thoroughly likeable chaps, and it’s good to see this reach its goal.

  2. kalelovil says:

    “There is inevitably going to be a post-KS Paypal option for continuing to donate to the project, with similar reward tiers.”

    There already is:

    link to

  3. AmateurScience says:

    This pleases me mightily.

  4. kalelovil says:

    Worth noting that the shipbuilder alpha has just been updated in the last couple of hours.

  5. caddyB says:

    I’m going to be preordering it later ( couldn’t pledge due to.. financial reasons ) so I’m really happy it made the mark.

    • perruci says:

      I want a fun game, with good pacing, balance, and narrative. The graphics are good enough. If you want eye-melting video game crap, go watch any Michael Bay movie. Agen Sbobet

  6. Brun says:

    “Procedural Space Explorer”

    Noctis anyone?

  7. DickSocrates says:

    That’s good news. Shows how many people wait till the last minute before pledging. I still haven’t for Carmageddon.

    • kalelovil says:

      Not to diminish the efforts of those who wait until the last minute, but the project in its last few hours got a mention on TotalBiscuit’s twitter and in a project update for the Skyjacker kickstarter, which probably helped a lot.

      • SquareWheel says:

        The dev went into overdrive himself, making Reddit posts and trying to get the word out. I bet that had a much larger impact than some guy’s Twitter account.

        • kalelovil says:

          Agreed, the developers put a lot of effort into spreading the word and it paid off in the end, but TotalBiscuit is not just ‘some guy’.

          • chuckles73 says:

            He’s totally just “some guy”. Because everyone has over 88,000 twitter followers.

          • mbourgon says:

            Honest question: who is Totalbiscuit and why should I follow him or read/watch(?)/listen(?) to his stuff.

        • TechnicalBen says:

          I think it was both. The dev getting the twitters out, the news snippits to sites etc.

  8. LordShaggy says:

    I think this is awesome for these guys. I am very excited for them!!! Now I must get back to work on Edge of space lol.

  9. Lev Astov says:

    I’m so pleased this went through! I desperately want a space game in which I get to design my own ships.

  10. Om says:

    “You can read a bit more about the game and why Adam thinks it’s interesting here…”

    Did that article/whatever correspond to the spike in pledges in the game’s final Kickstarter week? If so, that should give pause for thought. I’m not sure whether good or bad

    • kalelovil says:

      link to

      It corresponded to the May 24 spike, and probably helped build momentum in the final week.

      What was achieved in the last 24 hours was just extraordinary though.

      • Quarex says:

        There is a very real pattern at this point where any Kickstarter that makes it to about ~60% of its funding within the last few days then gets a surge of people out of nowhere at the end to make it happen. Possibly from all those people who click “remind me about this” and then are reminded and realize “hey, this can happen!” and go for it.

        • Joshua Northey says:

          A more nefarious interpretation of that would be that on projects where the kickstarter creators can “donate” say $15,000 at the last minute to ensure they get the $45,000 that is already pledged, they have a huge incentive to do so.

          Particularly worrisome is what this might mean for their actual ability to fund further development since they would in practice have only $30,000 instead of $60,000, which they might see as a win since it is a year’s wages, but might lead the the game failing due to lack of follow through.

          • Unaco says:

            Not really. If the developers themselves ‘donate’ $15,000 or whatever, they have to actually donate that, at the end of the Kickstarter. So they would already have that $15,000. Plus the $45,000. Making $60,000.

          • Joshua Northey says:

            They would be donating it to themselves…

          • malkav11 says:

            This is a flagrant violation of Kickstarter’s rules and would get all funding yanked, even after it’s been collected.

          • Unaco says:

            Yes… they’d be donating it to themselves. But they would have to have it to donate it to themselves… so they’d have whatever they donate to themselves, not just what they’re topping up to secure. In practice they’d have whatever they donated, plus whatever they are securing from Kickstarter. In practice they’d have the full $60,000 or whatever.

          • Durkonkell says:

            This isn’t what happened in this case – the project gained fully 1000 backers in the last day, which is heading towards double what they had at the start of the day.

            The last minute success of this really blew me away. I was convinced that they weren’t going to make it! Congratulations to the devs, and let’s hope it turns out to be something special.

  11. mondomau says:

    I always meant to contribute, but kept forgetting. Then a last minute plea popped up on reddit last night – I wasn’t convinced they were going to get the last 9k but thought ‘fuck it’ and pledged anyway. So that’s good.

  12. Brise Bonbons says:

    I’m very excited to see what they do with this one. The ship builder is fantastic, but I wasn’t entirely convinced by the limited flight model that’s currently in.

    Can’t wait until some people get hands on the fancy Kinetic flight systems! If those are pulled off well, I think the game could be a real gem.

  13. Roquefort says:

    Reddit ftw! I saw this hit the front page at $40k, and not an hour later they’d already met their goal.

  14. architeuthis says:

    I’m pleased by all of the new space games that have been announced on kickstarter lately. Also in the vein of ambitious procedural space games Space Engine is jaw dropping in its scale. The developer seems to have big plans to gradually turn it into a realistic space exploration sandbox ala Noctis.
    link to

  15. RegisteredUser says:

    “the magic isn’t in their missing team pencil, but in their hearts. ”

    Clear eyes full hearts can’t lose?

    That wasn’t basketball though.