Tiny & Big Released Date Is Chopped And Lassoed

Tiny & Big is one of the oddest and cleverest indie projects I’ve had the pleasure to play in recent months. It sees you trying to rescue some pants, and chopping, lassoing, and rocket-propelling the scenery to do so. See the trailer below for the tone and feature-illutrative game footage. Black Pants have announced that they are expect to launch the game, via many of the usual digital distribution outlets, on June 19th. That’s good news. Better news: it’s available for pre-order.

Cheers to Pixel Prospector for the notification.


  1. shaydeeadi says:

    I liked the trailer to this on GOG conference yesterday. AND you can buy it on humble store to get multi platform DRM free goodness!

    • FFabian says:

      “buy it on humble store to get multi platform DRM free goodness!”
      URL please.

      • shaydeeadi says:

        Just go to their linked homepage, if you don’t choose a distributor on the right it’s a humble store purchase.

  2. Phasma Felis says:

    Has there been a demo release since the original Up That Mountain? I wanted to love it, it’s so gorgeous and wacky and physicsy, but the physics were kind of weird and floaty and giant boulders moved and sounded like they were made of styrofoam. Hopefully they’ve fixed that up since then!

  3. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    So! Steam?

  4. bit.bat says:

    The trailer reminded me of MDK… something about the landscapes and the colours I think.

  5. Larkington says:

    Even better news: there’s a demo on the official page Jim linked above.

  6. abraxas says:

    Oh man I’ve been following and waiting for this game for what feels like decades. I loved the beta demo and I think it’s genuinly interesting and awesome, from the graphical style to the gameplay and the ideas.

    Plus they’re releasing it on my birthday! :D Woohoo! I’m gonna be 31 :( Boohoo!

  7. Famout says:

    For those who want a first taste of it (the video made a fair while ago though) try this random British guy’s lets play. link to youtube.com