Lilly Looking Through Sets Sights On Kickstarter

It was in a sockless state that I last wrote of Lilly Looking Through, my footgloves knocked off by the exquisitely animated Amanita style adventure that has shades of Miyazaki in its tale of inquisitive childishness and fantastical worlds. The demo is well worth your time if you haven’t already played it and now the three-person team are seeking funds on Kickstarter. It should be noted that the funds aren’t needed to finish the game, this is still a thing that will exist, but hiring extra personnel would allow for more speed without sacrificing quality. There’s an endearing video, with special effects and actual fence-sitting, and the now standard series of pledge tiers. Here’s the trailer again for anyone who doesn’t know why I’m won over by this one.

$!0 is the minimum to secure a copy of the game on release.


  1. Sensai says:

    $!0? I’d give at least $@0.

  2. ZIGS says:

    I can only afford €ô² right now

  3. Blackcompany says:

    Dear developers:

    I know many Indie devs read RPS and visit the comments section regularly. One of my favorite facets of Indie development is the close and respectful relationship between indies and their players. I pray it never ends.

    And this is one reason I so badly want to support all of your games. I do. I mean it. I don’t like every genre, but I would still throw money at every indie I can, every time I can. And…that’s the problem.

    I have money tied up or spent on several kickstarter projects as is. Moreover I have rent to pay, and bills. I got bits fallin off my ship, not to mention a powerful need to eat sometime this month…you get the idea.

    I desperately want to see kickstarter work. I want to see it change gaming forever. And I think it can, or at least get the ball rolling in the right direction. If you wait just a little while. Let the fervor die down a tad. And most importantly…let some of us replace our primary buffer panels and such like before we spend more money on games that are not out yet. Because as badly as I want to support indies on kickstarter, I also want to support some of your brethren who are selling their releases now, while also meeting real life commitments.

    And I think I can do so. If we all just take a step back and slow down a little bit. Maybe let some wallets recover before the next round of kickstarters.

    Best Regards,


  4. Gap Gen says:

    Programmer acting!

  5. Blizniak says:

    Such a cute game.

  6. Jake Albano says:

    This looks lovely. I’m definitely down for the game + soundtrack edition.

  7. Skabooga says:

    Again, it is games like this one which make me feel that there is nothing wrong with buying a game for its looks. I mean, that’s why people buy paintings, right?

  8. Gnome says:

    Looks beautiful and definitely worth of our collective support. Think I’ll go for the soundtrack too…

  9. ScottHarrigan says:

    I am really digging the art style of this game. The soundtrack seems pretty neat as well. I imagine this will be heavily experience and atmosphere driven which is great for an adventure game. This really reminds me of Lucidity which was an adorable little game.

    link to

    Titles like this for only ten dollars are a godsend. I have been very happy with XBLA in recent years.