Warhorse: War Of The Roses Shows Off Mounted Combat

The latest trailer for Paradox’s medieval combat title, War Of The Roses, is below. In it you can see horse-based combat for the first time. Players are going to be able to fight from horseback, wielding axes, sword, lances and so forth. There’s plenty more footage of archery, swordsmanship, and general stabbery, too.

Take a look!


  1. MrThingy says:

    Aaaaargh, it’s bad enough when the regulars put completely inappropriate heavy metal over Youtube videos, but now we have the companies doing it as well.

    Game, however, is looking lovely. :)

  2. Schmitzkater says:

    The trailer tells me to be excited. I must now be excited.

  3. Davee says:

    Bah, already two games today who have totally missed an opportunity to use the non-US spelling of “Dishonoured” when it seemed appropriate (Victorian-era-ish steampunk game? Check. Ye Olde medieval fighting game set in Britain? Check)…

    In any case, both of them look interesting – but this is the one I’m truly exited about! I really want to see how it compares to Mount&Blade.

    • Meusli says:

      I would have preferred it to have a single player like Mount and Blade but after having so much fun in Napoleon it’s not an issue. Also they permanently “borrowed” a member of the Taleworlds so it should have a good feel.

  4. StranaMente says:

    At 0:13 it’s clearly tf2 2fort map… :-P

  5. Artist says:

    “Warhorse: War Of The Roses Shows Off Mounted Combat” – what bull – nearly every M&B: Warband Vid shows more “mounted combat”… I wish they would actually “show” gameplay instead, because the question is: can it cope with Warbands combat mechanics?

    • Creaturemagic says:

      Mount and blade takes a lot more skill, even in Napoleonic. Whereas this is more ‘arcadey’

      Totalbiscuit has a good 20 or so minute video with gameplay if you are interested (It also involves hearing Lewis from yogscast scream as TB kills him)

      • BioSnark says:

        Did you get a chance to play it at gc or just watch the video?

  6. iZen says:

    Damn, this still looks like a polished Mount&Blade. Some of the animations are totally the same. Does it use the same engine, is from the same developer, anything? I mean, this is obviously Mount&Blade.
    Anyone whos played it should immediately notice.

    • wodin says:

      I agree it’s a slightly polished M&B without the single player sandbox game. Is it going to be F2P? As it looks like it should be.

    • Peptidix says:

      Different developer, different engine. Only the same publisher.

  7. wodin says:

    Still think the characters look to light and flimsy, think it’s the animations.

  8. lionheart says:

    I wish they’d focus on proper bloody animations and combat.

    Why is it that when they’re fighting it is possible for someone to back away at the same speed as someone lunging forwards? It’s ridiculous.

    Equally ridiculous is someone managing to dodge around the side of someone duelling them and stab them, in real life your lateral movement consists of one step at a time, rather than being able to magically float side to side.

    And all this is being done in full kit, if I can’t get around someone and stab an opponent in the side when I’m wearing fencing gear that weighs almost nothing, how can someone in full plate move fast enough to do so. Has anyone ever seen even the fastest boxer manage to walk all the way around their opponent without them turning to face, and then punch them in the side?

    Mount and Blade is just as bad for this sort of idiocy, but it’s frustrating that they’re not learning from its mistakes. Really once two people are engaged in combat there should just be some sort of lock on that automatically turns them to face.

    • iZen says:

      Check out Severance:Blade of Darkness. Its awesome and has what you wish for. Im longing for something like it ever since, but the genre (of skill-based combat) seems to have abandoned the world and returned only in beatemups, wich are agonizingly onesided.

      BOD is one of the best games ever produced imho. Seen relative to its time and budget of course.

    • Reefpirate says:

      I’m guessing if it was in the trailer it was for cinematic purposes. From the gameplay footage I have seen you are free to rotate your character as fast as your mouse will let you. If you let some guy run around beside you its your own damn fault.

      I’d prefer this to the ‘lock-on’ system you propose because unlike fencing, this sort of all out melee would not be nearly as graceful and would also frequenly feature more than one opponent… So as you’re locked on to one opponent the other one can work his way behind you unless you are free to try and angle them off.

      • Ancient Algae says:

        While the game is fantastically awesome, you have to admit– they still need to work a bit on the animations. For one, different animations for a sword swung heavily (or fully arced back, as a gameplay video shows) and one swung lightly would be helpful. You would know to dodge a powerful looking attack, because it moves slower. You’d probably have to block the quick, light attack because there’s no time, or simply just take the hit.
        Plus it would add variety to the somewhat bland “right swing, left swing, (the very same) right swing (again) series of attacks. Combat will be just a tiny bit more graceful because more animations = realism, and makes it easier for the player to get in the flow of combat; we respond to the accurate representation of human movement after all.

  9. MachineCode says:

    Noooooo paradox, why are they wearing Stechzeug helms on the battlefield? and even while dismounted. Don’t f**k us on this one paradox please! You can do better than this. Please don’t ruin this for me. I really want to like this game. I’ve been looking forward to it for some time now.

    • tannerbrooks says:

      Maybe their knights really prefer not to move their necks.

    • Davie says:

      It’s kind of funny how many video games base their plate armor off jousting armor because it looks heavier and more imposing, even though it’d be ludicrously impractical in combat. Admittedly, this is a case where they’ll have a tough time getting away with it.

      • MachineCode says:

        Don’t get me wrong this is certainly a step in the right direction: using references and historical inspiration over the total obvious nonsense we usually get (dragon age origins I’m looking at you, among others). They are so close though, so close to getting it right. Its a pity really.

        • Davie says:

          Mount & Blade did very well in that department, I thought. All completely plausible armor, and plate-anything was rare and extremely expensive. WotR has a lot to live up to with its obvious comparison.

  10. Hensler says:

    The title says Part 2… where can I see Part 1?

  11. Cytrom says:

    I wouldnt mind if this had a (good) singleplayer component… its not like there are tons of medieval sp games, but this looks cool in any case.

    I really hope its more than just tdm with knights in armor. Because i can play like that in TF2 too on the medieval servers… for free.

    • Erik Aurum says:

      Unfortunately TDM with knights is what we’ll get, I’ve seen some interviews with the developers of this game and they say that it is built with pvp multiplayer in mind.

      You’ll have to stick to Mount and Blade: Warband and the ton of mods available to enhance the single player experience.

  12. RizziSmoov says:


    There’s a one and a half hour stream there.

  13. Farsearcher says:

    Trailer Music: Terrible
    Trailer footage: Flickery jerky, not representative
    Actual game: Very exciting, will buy.
    Now we just need the trailer to match up to the game a bit more. Some decent classical would have gone down nicely there.

  14. sirdavies says:

    I’m pretty sure TotalBiscuit did a hands-on of the alpha version a few weeks ago. It already had some horse combat, it looked pretty cool (just not polished)

  15. Urfin says:

    This is pretty damn close to what a bunch of armored guys trying to kill each other with swords and stuff looks like in reality. And, for the first time ever, the controls don’t seem all that shitty.